Thousands of fans paid $27.50 to attend Super Bowl Opening Night

Getty Images

Members of the NFL media frequently heap scorn on NFL Media Day, seeing the whole event as a circus. And when Media Day transformed into Super Bowl Opening Night this year, members of the media saw that as the NFL taking the circus to another level.

But the crazy thing about the NFL’s popularity is that even something as seemingly as inane as Super Bowl Opening Night is quite popular with fans: The NFL put thousands of tickets on sale for $27.50 a pop, and those tickets sold out.

Those fans won’t even necessarily be Broncos or Panthers fans eager to see their teams. Many of the fans are just fervent NFL fans in the Bay Area who wanted a chance to be a part of the Super Bowl festivities.

Fans in attendance are given radios that allow them to listen to any podium, so they can hear from whatever player they wish. Whether that’s any better than staying home and watching Super Bowl Opening Night on NFL Network or ESPN2 is debatable, but the fans who are in attendance seem excited.