Josh Norman on Odell Beckham: “Shoot, that man’s crazy.”


Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman was angered by the antics of New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. when the two teams played back on December 20.

It seems the six weeks that has elapsed since have done little to alter Norman’s opinion of Beckham after the Giants receiver was suspended one game for his actions in the 38-35 Panthers victory.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Norman is still fuming.

Shoot, that man’s crazy. You all saw it,” Norman said.

Beckham was slapped with the one game suspension after being called for three personal fouls in the game and taking a running dive into Norman’s head late in the game. Beckham wasn’t ejected from the game, though he certainly committed several acts potentially worthy of exclusion.

“I told Coach [Ron Rivera] to take me out of the game, man, because I couldn’t be in there with that,” Norman said.

The Panthers and Giants aren’t scheduled to play in 2016. So unless the teams meet in the preseason or postseason, the two won’t have to face off again until at least 2017.

54 responses to “Josh Norman on Odell Beckham: “Shoot, that man’s crazy.”

  1. “committed several acts potentially worthy of exclusion.” ?
    How about ejection or expulsion?

  2. Multiple reports have Beckham with Big John Football this offseason. This explains the behavior.

  3. It was kinda nuts how Beckham went after him a few times. Almost like he thought nobody was watching.

  4. Okay, let’s be fair here. OBJ certainly deserved to be ejected and suspended (more than one game would have been justified), but Norman is far from innocent in this whole deal.

  5. Roid rage?

    I seriously wonder when I see things like this,that no one in their right mind would do, if there is a medical issue in the mix. Concussions, pain med withdrawal, steroid use, or something else. I am not sure it is as simple as this “that man’s crazy”.

  6. I have no respect for Norman because he instigated much of what transpired, and now he’s playing the victim. As for Beckham, he lost his cool and started playing street ball. That said, I actually have much respect for Beckham and little for Norman. Beckham’s team was getting pushed around and had all but quit. His fire, his competitiveness willed his team back into the game, and almost to victory. Watching that game showed me that he can be the GOAT… and this is coming from a Steelers fan who has the pleasure of watching AB every Sunday.

  7. Well considering Josh Norman isn’t under contract after this year with Carolina there’s no way to know if they will meet in 2017. They could meet next year if another team signs Norman in FA. He’s going to command a lot of money and we don’t yet know if Carolina will pay it.

  8. I was glad to hear Norman go after Deion Sanders, who applauded (as a son)Beckum Jr. after he speared Norman in the head from behind. Sanders justified his absurd statement by saying he wanted a son who “is a dog”.

    OBJ could have crippled Norman with his cheapshot and Sanders likes that? NFL Network should take the mic outta his hand. Can you imagine him saying that after an illegal hit on, say Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, on the very eve of the movie release of ‘Concussion’?

    I guess you have to consider the source, however. Dieon is the same guy who lauded Johnny Manziel for having, “a little ghetto in him”.

  9. Okay, Norman is blameless and a candidate for sainthood? C’mon, man, he’s the dude that took the first shot. Beckham was wrong but they both should have been kicked out way before the cheap shot.

  10. Dear qdog112,

    I will preface by saying I am a Giants and Beckham fan, but I am in no way a person like yourself who only sees through your Carolina Blue shades.

    I could never condone OBJ’s acts that day on the field, not one bit, and I could not believe Tom Coughlin did not bench him, he should have no doubt about it.

    Was the fine and suspension deserved, fine certainly, suspension maybe a little much, however to act and suggest as though Norman should not have received exactly what Beckham did is being a fool, Norman was as guilty and more so than OBJ, Norman started the whole thing.

    At least Beckham had the class to act like a man in the locker room versus acting like a child as Norman did – referring to OBJ as a “monster”, c’mon man – but in retrospect Norman probably was scared of OBJ, if you look past the incidents, OBJ toasted Norman every time they were lined up opposite the other.

    Stop being a fool and realize that average Josh is just a whiney attention seeking mediocre if that defensive back!

  11. Norman never said he was innocent..but the stuff between them was normal “extracurricular activities” that happen in Every game multiple times. What Beckham did has no place in today’s NFL. Seriously, no comparison to what Norman was doing andcehat Beckham did.

  12. tylereifertisunstoppable says:
    Feb 2, 2016 9:23 AM
    Beckham got one game, Burfict gets three. Makes sense.
    It totally does when you realize burfict has historically been dirty..

    Objs first offense

  13. Say what you want, yes norman played his part,but cmon guys what obj was just malicious and not even on the same level as Norman’s antics..I am no apologist..thats just facts.

  14. Both were having a battle. Nothing more until the blindside shot to he head. That was excessive. Norman needs to move on. OBJ does it again and he will get what repeat offenders get..more than 1 game.

  15. OBJ should have been penalized then ejected early in that game. Nevertheless, it takes two to tango. Odell may be “crazy”, but Norman’s no angel and he’s fully aware of his part in this whole thing.

  16. I like the idea bmoreb posted about celebrity MMA. That has to happen.

    And Andre Johnson v Finnegan? Finnegan asked for it repeatedly and he got owned by Johnson. Owned. Finnegan is not a “class act” but a classless act.

  17. A lot of people are oddly discussing a potential playoff matchup between these two next season. Yet, one player is the Superbowl, the other plays for an awful football team. I’m sure Norman will be back in the playoffs next year.

  18. Good. Think that he’s crazy. Now you won’t start crap next time.

    Seems like mission accomplished to me.

  19. elisnopunkbitch
    You started out trying to make a case like you were all objective, and saying Beckham was out of line.

    Then you lost ALL credibility with the idiotic “Norman is as much to blame or more.”

    WRONG. Sorry. Normal did not line himself up, take a running start and try to SPEAR Beckham in the head.

    That was all Beckham, and should have been an AUTOMATIC ejection.

    What are you a mommy breaking up a fight between 2 toddler? “Who “STARTED” it you two? That’s ALL I care about. I don’t care of Johnny took out the scissors and stabbed joey to death. All that matters is who “STARTED” it.


  20. @richie – Giants are bad but so is the entire division. Dallas is doomed. The Eagles are garbage. Every time Washington looks like prosperity is coming, they go 5-11. I wouldn’t be surprised whatever team wins that division next year.

  21. birdgang says:
    Feb 2, 2016 8:49 AM
    Well considering Josh Norman isn’t under contract after this year with Carolina there’s no way to know if they will meet in 2017. They could meet next year if another team signs Norman in FA. He’s going to command a lot of money and we don’t yet know if Carolina will pay it.
    In that case it would be absolutely fabulous if Norman signs with the Giants.

  22. Why
    Are we
    About this.

    It was almost 2 months ago. Odell was suspended. Norman was fined. That’s it.

    Norman needs to focus on Sun.

  23. Funny, we thought the EXACT SAME THING about Josh Norman. He’s gone after other receivers as well, but only OBJ fought back. Frankly, I would have loved to have seen OBJ do to him what Andre Johnson did to Cortland Finegan, who ironically was on the field and still instigating fights.

  24. Norman had his hand in agitating Beckham for sure, but Beckham took the bait – so Beckham’s fault.

    A vet deals with a Norman type’s baiting, sadly, by looking for flags, pointing around, and lots of complaining/talking to refs.

    People complain teams like, say, Pats or Green Bay get too many calls their way – but look at what a lot of their guys are doing when plays end, in between plays, etc. trying to interact with the refs. It works.

    And it definitely works a lot better than trying to spear a guy on a dead play.

  25. Remember that fight between andre Johnson and courtland finnegan? Johnson threw punches I think hes still labeled as a class act right?


    Johnson was also rightfully ejected, and apologized after the game. He didnt cheap shot Finnegan either

  26. If ODJ didn’t have to stop due to penalties, he would’ve stood in there and brawled to the death, because he’s a fierce competitor. After the game, he said his piece and moved on. Norman is so soft…. I’ll take OBJ on my team over Josh Norman’s crying arse any day of the year. OBJ outplayed Norman, beating him multiple times. Let’s not forget that Carolina fans.

  27. ^^^Yeah exactly. If he just stopped getting penalized and eventually thrown out for taking cheap shots like a scared little punk then he would of definitely stood in there and brawled with Norman. Good logic.

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