Sean McDermott says the Eagles called, never went far

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Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott did get a pair of head coaching interviews, with the Browns and Buccaneers.

But in an offseason in which all the jobs were filled by guys with offensive backgrounds, it wasn’t the right time to be a young and upcoming defensive mind.

Via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, McDermott said he had a conversation with Eagles vice president of football operations Howie Roseman the day after the regular season ended, but it became clear he wasn’t the kind of guy Roseman was looking for.

“We did talk,” McDermott said. “We had some preliminary talks. It was clear from the beginning they wanted to go offense.”

The Eagles only interviewed guys with offensive backgrounds, before settling on Doug Pederson to replace Chip Kelly, and McDermott said nice things about him, but the 40-year-old McDermott would have clearly liked a shot at a job with his hometown team.

“You can go out there and throw your line out there and not get an invite and say, ‘Hey, well,’ or you get the feedback and it’s negative or you didn’t handle this right or that right,” McDermott said. “The feedback I got was very, very positive. And I think it was more a result of the process. It’ll come at some point. . . .

“It runs in cycles. Maybe next year some defensive guys will get some love.”

If the Panthers win Sunday and they continue to play well on that side of the ball, McDermott should continue to get opportunities. And by waiting for a time when the job market is more open-minded, he might have a better chance.