Thomas Davis on arm: I haven’t tried anything I can’t do yet

Getty Images

The Panthers held a light practice on Monday before making their way to the SAP Center in San Jose for Super Bowl Opening Night and linebacker Thomas Davis was able to take part after having surgery on his right arm last week.

Davis said he “really felt good” during the practice and that he’s testing out different braces to wear on the arm during Sunday’s game. Davis reiterated that he has no doubt he’ll be on the field against the Broncos and doesn’t think he’ll have any limitations as a result of the brace or injury.

“I haven’t tried anything that I can’t do yet, but if I get to something, I’ll definitely let you know,” Davis said. “But right now, I’m able to do everything.”

Davis admitted he might feel differently about playing if he were in his first or second season, but that he knows he may never have another opportunity to play in a Super Bowl at this point in his career so it’s about “taking advantage of the moment right now.”