49ers cancel Girl Scout campout at Levi’s Stadium

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The 49ers just gave the old Do-si-do to a bunch of Girl Scouts, so they could make some more dough.

According to Mike Rosenberg of the San Jose Mercury News, the 49ers just informed Girl Scout leaders that a planned sleepover at Levi’s Stadium for the girls who sold the most cookies had to be canceled, so they could schedule a concert there instead.

The event scheduled for May was going to be a reward for the scouts who sold 600 or more boxes of cookies during the annual sale.

“There was a lot of excitement about it. I’m deeply disappointed,” Marina Park, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Northern California, said. “They’re running a business and I guess I’m sorry their relationship with us wasn’t valued as highly as some other things.”

The 49ers said their contract with the Girl Scouts stipulated they could opt out of the contract if something bigger came along. They offered to try to reschedule the event for the scouts in July, but Park said she didn’t want to get the kids’ hopes up again in case the team found another more lucrative event.

“With the fluid nature of bidding for major stadium events, unfortunately occasional conflicts arise between private events and public ticketed full-stadium events,” the team said in a statement. “Although it is an unusual occurrence, we notify private event clients prior to booking of that possibility and all private event contracts inform clients of such contingencies.”

Roughly 1,200 girls were expected to attend the event. The 49ers wouldn’t say who was performing at the show, which that artist is probably grateful for, since they might not necessarily want to be linked with crushing the dreams of a bunch of Girl Scouts.

49 responses to “49ers cancel Girl Scout campout at Levi’s Stadium

  1. I am beginning to think the 49ers don’t like children. First they pave over the soccer fields and now this. On the other hand, they did promote a child to run the team.

  2. They would be better off camping on some rugged mountain terrain. It would be a better sleeping surface then Levi’s field.

  3. They could probably use the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, since it isn’t being used for anything.

  4. The dream was crushed by the Girl Scouts Leader who decided to not reschedule, as was offered…….Seems like that would be a reasonable thing to do. In fact, I would think that with the bad press generated by the canceling that SF 49rs would likely set a firm date in July…..

    I hate to be on the side for SF 49rs, but I really don’t see a cancellation or rescheduling 4-5 months out as being that huge of a deal.

  5. They need to make this up to these kids. Want to know why it is that kids grow up not respecting grown ups?

    Well, it starts with stuff like this.

  6. What a classless act from a one time classy organization. We’re talking about getting little kids hopes up and them taking it from them.

  7. I hope the people of San Fran make a stand and dont attend that concert

    Also, thank u San Fran for your continued efforts to become the laughing stock of the NFL.

    Browns fan

  8. Don’t blame them. Why would they risk losing thousands of dollars for a bunch of girls who parents sell most of their cookies anyway. Trust me I know my daughter is a Girl Scout

  9. It’s unfortunate that the 49ers organization did not arrange another venue (and PAY FOR IT) for the Girl Scout camp-out. They can afford it. Considering the fact they reserved the right to cancel the second date offered, they’re not attempting to make things right at all.

    Amazing that an organization badly needing good PR did something like this. They must have some shining stars in their PR/marketing department!

  10. I’m continually embarrassed to be a 49ers fan by the inept, incompetent, egotistical, and greedy ownership under the Yorks, especially the son Jed Dork.

    Someone should start a petition to bring back Eddie DeBartolo.

  11. Seems like a quick TicketMaster/StubHub search would turn up a likely candidate for whoever is performing the concert. They might care about the PR hit, even if the 9ers don’t . . .

  12. Man, the comments on here are always so predictable.

    The contract the Girl Scouts signed very clearly stated that there was a possibility they could be bumped for a more lucrative event. They signed it anyway.

    It’s business. If the scouts were going to be so devastated if they got bumped, they should have picked a venue where they were guaranteed not to be bumped. THEY chose to take the risk, THEY are responsible for the outcome.

    I know that sounds harsh, especially in today’s no-accountability world, but it’s a fact. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

    Google it.

  13. orange and blue owns the AFC says:
    Feb 3, 2016 6:36 PM
    And to think, the Greatest of All Time once quarterbacked that team.

    Brady never QB’d that sorry bunch.

  14. How about rescheduling it DURING a 49ers game? The girls could then just sleep in the end zones. No worries labout the 49ers bothering them there….

  15. Jed obviously not seeing a link between bad publicity, bad reputation and ticket sales.

    But hey, a contract’s a contract!


  16. It’s amazing how this aholes words come back to bite him over and over. “Classy” is a term used very loosely in the organization that I used to love. Hopefully, some folks that dropped $5000 on a ticket kick down to this Girl Scout troop.

  17. Bet whoever is doing the concert has a cancellation provision in their concert too. Hope they use it.

  18. Wow what a scumbag move. 49ers are very high in the running for the worst operated team in the NFL.

  19. You guys all know that none of these teams care at all what we think, right?
    They’re running a billion dollar business. No matter what we think about anything they do, they’re going to make their money.
    That’s why they do what they do.
    Until you stop giving them your money, they won’t pay attention.
    At all. To anything you say. Girl scouts don’t matter. They’re not on the balance sheet.

  20. Wait a minute, do you mean to tell me these jerks built a billion dollar stadium to make money? And they’d rather have a concert that brings in millions in tickets and concessions rather than let a bunch of kids sleep on the grass?


  21. naes says:
    Feb 3, 2016 8:18 PM
    Wait a minute, do you mean to tell me these jerks built a billion dollar stadium to make money? And they’d rather have a concert that brings in millions in tickets and concessions rather than let a bunch of kids sleep on the grass?


    Much of the stadium was funded by public money so, I don’t know, maybe maintaining good PR with the public might be something the 49ers should consider.

    /not sarcasm/

  22. Who the hell tries to rent out a 70000 person stadium for a 1200 person sleep over??? No wonder the cookies cost so much!!! By the sound of it, the Niners offered to let them use the stadium for a HUGE discount but only if there are no other offers. Another offer came in. So the attempt at a good deed ( huge discount for the girl scouts if available ) is now being used as a huge PR nightmare. Best to just leave it empty when not in use rather than offer to help.

  23. CAVEAT EMPTOR was replaced by CAVEAT VENDITO when consumer rights were advocated by Ralph Nader in the 1960s.
    What the 49ers did was classless and downright disgusting. I am a business and marketing professor and I understand profit making goals but there is something called simple ethics and morals which this organisation lacks. It is sad to see the organisation with the greatest quarterback of all time Joe Montana, a man of class could have turned out to be one of the most classless organisations ever. This is the same organisation who made Eli Manning cry by making fun of him and embarrassing him on the field. two years ago with that happy feet incident with Colin Kapernick and company. Need I expect more from such a bunch of classless jerks to disappoint a bunch of Girl Scouts. Disappointing a bunch of kids is disgusting. I believe the 49ers should pay for another venue for these kids. As far as not accepting the July offer, what happens if the 49ers say ok for July and then something better comes along, then these kids are disappointed again. This is why kids do not trust adults. If you ever read the book the Petit Prince, the little prince refers to the “grande personnes” in a derogatory way. Ever wonder why? Instances like this prove that adults in business cannot be trusted. Poor PR for the 49ers.

  24. All due sympathy to the scouts for the shabby treatment, but am I the only one thinking: “who camps in a stadium”?

    They ARE in N. Cal for goodness sakes – there’s some pretty good camping to be had around there. Tell Levis Stadium to push off, and see some nature!

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