49ers reach resolution with Girl Scouts after previously cancelling event at Levi’s Stadium


After cancelling an outing for the Girl Scouts at Levi’s Stadium in favor of a concert hosting opportunity instead, the San Francisco 49ers have now made things right.

The 49ers released a statement Wednesday night that they have successfully rescheduled the outing with the Girl Scouts, promised this date will not be changed and have agreed to foot the bill for the event. The new date is now May 21, 2016, one week later than initially planned.

“It is unfortunate that scheduling conflicts of this nature arise from time to time, but we are dedicated to working through all hurdles with our customers to deliver satisfactory options. The 49ers organization has had a great relationship through the years with the Girl Scouts and we are thrilled to welcome them to Levi’s Stadium,” the team said.

The change was set to cancel the event for the roughly 1,200 Girl Scouts from Northern California that sold at least 600 boxes of cookies during their annual sale.

Nice work by the 49ers for offering to foot the bill as well. However, it may be easier next time to not cancel a similar event in the first place.