Animosity regarding Al Davis still influences owners

In most businesses where decisions are influenced by factors that for any number of reasons shouldn’t influence decisions (in other words, in all businesses), discretion is exercised. When it comes to the NFL and decisions made involving the Raiders, discretion flies out the window, apparently.

An excellent, thorough, and at times biting portrait of the modern NFL and its Commissioner from Mark Leibovich of the New York Times Magazine includes new details about the January 12 ownership meeting that resulted in the Rams getting the first L.A. golden ticket.

“Everybody wins in this deal,’’ Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross said to reporters while leaving the meeting.

‘‘What about the fans of St. Louis?’’ he was asked.

‘‘Well, somebody has to lose,’’ Ross said.

The Raiders also lose, and for reasons not entirely related to business merit. The Raiders lose because their partners hold a grudge.

‘‘Oakland gets nothing,’’ Texans owner Robert McNair. ‘‘Al used to sue us all the time.’’

McNair didn’t even join the league until 2002, and yet his feelings about the litigiousness of a man who had been dead for more than four years are blunt and raw. How do the owners who actually lived through the worst of the legal battles feel?

The comments from McNair underscore a sense that has been percolating around the league for years. The Raiders won’t move to L.A. as long as Mark Davis owns the team.

For his part, Davis seems to think his status comes from a perception that he’s not nearly as rich as his billionaire colleagues.

‘‘Everyone thinks I have no money,” Davis told Leibovich. ‘‘But I’ve got $500 million and a team.’’

As long as Davis still has that team, that team likely won’t have a spot in L.A., even if the Chargers decide to stay in San Diego. And the league, based on the attitude expressed by McNair, won’t be likely to do Davis any favors as a result of the perceived sins of his father, who if anything was decades ahead of the curve in pushing back against a business model that, as it always has been constructed, potentially violates multiple federal antitrust laws on a regular basis.

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  1. as long as its not kraft that dude is a slimeball that cheated on his wife then memorialized her death. but thats the patriot way

  2. thats why Mark Davis should just be like his father rather then be like all these fake owners . Especially these new Bozo owners. Al didn’t need anything from any other owner. He never voted on anything with any of them. He was a commissioner, and did things his way.

    I know one thing , if Mark wants to hook up with Sheldon, let the NFL try to him that the Raiders can’t move to Las Vegas. That guys owns the Supreme Court. After all it was him and his two friends that are brothers that convinced the supreme court that corporations are people.

  3. You can say what you want about whether a private business can move wherever they please. And I can respond that the NFL doesn’t have to keep any of those private businesses in their private organization. They don’t have to schedule games or broadcast you on TV with their lucrative TV deals. It has to work both ways, and Al David apparently didn’t like to play ball with his partners.

  4. I state the obvious. Mark Davis should simply sell the team to a billionaire who has the money and access to big money to do something with the team. The game has moved on from the days when his Dad got away with running the team on the cheap. The Raiders have the worst stadium in the NFL.

  5. Cowards…the whole lot of them. If a 50 year old Al Davis was alive, they would have cowered in his presence and The Rams would not be going to L.A. Pretty easy to stand up to a dead guy. Cowards.

  6. I think we may see another Davis suing the NFL under anti-trust provisions.

    And if NFL thinks they can win… Even though Al Davis lost his second Anti-trust case against the NFL, he won his first. AND even in the loss, the Jury Found:

    The jury found that Section 4.3 of the NFL constitution, requiring a three-quarters vote to approve a franchise move, violated the Sherman Antitrust Act by unreasonably prohibiting competitive movement of teams.

    Davis lost because he couldn’t prove the NFL screwed his LA stadium plans over. But he did win in that the NFL rules are, in fact, anti-trust violations.

    So, Mark, release the Lawyers!!!!

  7. Al Davis is dead and gone and it’s been over four years now. It’s about time for the animosity to go that way as well.

  8. I have recently had my hair cut in the same style as Mark Davis and have received MANY compliments. So there.

  9. So, what would be on the mind of the average football fan throughout the United States and even the rest of the world — the rams in LA or the Raiders in Las Vegas?

    Ha, ha, ha…..

    Ross, McNair are big powerful people. Pixie Cut moves the team to Vegas and lets see who has the last laugh.

    Do it Pixie! Do it!

  10. Get over it. Al Davis was a genius and a visionary and Bob McNair doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Are they mad about the LA lawsuit or are they mad that Al was correct and won?

  11. mikermiker says:
    Feb 3, 2016 10:55 AM
    as long as its not kraft that dude is a slimeball that cheated on his wife then memorialized her death. but thats the patriot way


    Could be worse, at least he’s not a second generation alcoholic/derelict like Irsay

  12. The lawsuits were absolutely ridiculous to the point of being frivolous. He’s the one who bent over the taxpayers left and right and moved his team like a ping pong ball, then had the nerve to claim that LA was still HIS territory after moving back to Oakland. Al Davis is the sole reason why the NFL hasn’t been back in LA in over 25 years.

    Al Davis is the equivalent of a terrible houseguest (he got free use of the LA Coliseum) who moves away but sues anyone else who tries to move in, not only the house, but the surrounding neighborhoods.

  13. “Everybody wins in this deal,’’ Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross said to reporters while leaving the meeting.

    ‘‘What about the fans of St. Louis?’’ he was asked.

    ‘‘Well, somebody has to lose,’’ Ross said.

    ‘‘Oakland gets nothing,’’ Texans owner Robert McNair. ‘‘Al used to sue us all the time.’’
    This is the state of the NFL under the guidance of Vince McMahon, er, Roger Goodell.

  14. grow some davis. think about it… wwad?

    There are a couple good big boy comments to make at this point

    1. tell them to “go to hell” and move to Vegas”
    2. Then say “sue me”…

  15. As a Colts season ticket holder since the Mayflower (1984) I have always hated it when we host Oakland. The Raider fans have been taught by their team that they are outlaws and should be drunken obnoxious idiots whenever attending a game – even when their team is not competitive. I think the owners know how the Davis family cultivated their fans and do not like it when they ruin the experience for everyone else.

  16. NFL and the Commish are looking more and more like they need to be taken down a peg or two. Maybe it’s time they face an anti trust challenge.

  17. I love that this is the European model slapped on its head—new money trumps old, “made” over “inheritance”. Kroenke, Ross, Jones, McNair all made their money, Davis, Spanos, Mara, and Rooney did not.

  18. Does he even get his fair share from the other owners? The greed of the NFL owners is getting sickening.

  19. All I know is Roger Goodell and his puppet master owners are really lucky Al Davis was well passed his prime when he became commissioner and dead once he started doing some of the silliness like penalizing teams for not maintaining a salary cap during an uncapped year.

  20. And where was the media to question the obvious? The raiders were the most penalized team for 15 years despite coaching and player changes. How about their constant early games on the east coast? Tuck rule? Conspiring to give a team a disadvantage and influencing referees is the same as fixing games

  21. This is not news.

    Rooney, Mara, Kraft, Hunt amd the others have always had a vendetta against the Raiders.

    It’s pathetic.

    Al Davis was one of the most influential people in their respective sport in the history of professional sports.

    He punched the old guard in the mouth amd did whatever he wanted.

    Old Man Mara once said: “I’m not going to let a Brooklyn street tough tell me how to run my league.”

    From the Immaculate Deception, to the Tuck Rule and everything in between, the league and its owners have stifled the Raiders at every opportunity.

    Once again, this is not news.

    This is how it is and it’s transparent.

    The other 31 and their owners can take a long walk on a short pier.


  22. Apparently, Raiders fans can’t take the truth about Davis. He was indeed a legend, but also made a LOT of enemies and angered a lot of people by moving the team TWICE from communities and making taxpayers pay for his work place.

  23. So as usual in Goodell’s National Integrity League, if you’re not one of his cronies or inside owners you get a double standard applied and screwed.

    But everything is supposed to be equal and parity, right ?

  24. @liquidmuse: The difference is that all the other owners made their money in something OTHER than football.

    Al Davis was a coach, GM, owner and commissioner who made his money and his reputation through FOOTBALL and FOOTBALL alone.

    Yes, Mark has inherited the team, but he father was a football man first and foremost.

    But, nobody built a brand and an empire like Al Davis did.


    Give the man the respect he deserves.


  25. I started following the Raiders as a kid and greatly admired Al Davis and the success he brought to the Silver & Black. Almost a reverence. Without question they were not only the most successful team in pro football in his first 20 years with the Raiders but also in all of pro sports.

    But as I approached and came into middle-age and saw the mismanagement of the Raiders in Al’s later years my opinion changed. He made many mistakes starting with his first move to Los Angeles and then especially in his last 20 years but since he wrested controlling ownership from Wayne Valley there was no accountability (i.e. he couldn’t be fired) for his later-life mishaps as GM and I resented it because it resulted in a horrible product on the field.

    So my feelings about Al Davis were/are mixed.

  26. Never thought the day would come, but based upon Goodell and the greed of these owners, in a fight between the NFL and the Raiders, my rooting interest is squarely with the Raiders.

  27. I am curious to know how Al Davis refused to benefit from the various benefits of anti-trust violations he received while he was an owner?

  28. Let me start off by saying I loved Al Davis. He took no crap from anyone. Him and Ralph Wilson kept the AFL alive. But

    Mark Davis is a different kind of man then his Dad Sure he should be able to move anywhere he chooses but simply put, he does not have the power to do it or the money to do it. You know they will slap the 550 million $ relocation fee on him. Then he will need his part due for a new stadium somewhere. He does not have it. Raiders belong in Oakland. He can save the 550 mil. Use the extra 100’mil provided by the NFL and take the dam 60 acres Oakland has been proposing for a new stadium FOR FREE. Raiders belong to Oakland and Oakland belongs to the Raiders

  29. That McNair quote blew me away, McNair didnt come into the league till 2002, Ross not till 2009. Regardless of what you think of Al as a person or an owner. He helped pro football a hell of alot more than he hurt it, which eventually benefited that jerk McNair, and many more. Al knew more football than about 80 % of the other owners when he passed. Mark Davis has to live with the enemies his father made, sucks but true.

    But as an aside, the gall of some of these owners, especially the “new guard” owners like McNair to give off the impression they are on the same level as the Rooneys, Al Davis, the Hunts, Maras, Halas/McCaskey, etc.. only because they have more $, some committee assignments and have Goddell’s ear.. disgusting.. and I’m not even a Oakland fan.

  30. Al Davis hired the first Latino head coach, the first African american head coach and the first woman CEO of any major sports franchise. He didn’t care about gender or a color he just cared if you if you were a Raider. When Art Shell was hired I remember someone saying,” He wasn’t hired because he is black, he was hired because is is silver and black”. The man wasn’t perfect but he made me proud to be a Raider Fan.

  31. If the Chargers stay in San Diego, the Raiders will be the 2nd team in LA. Even if they are tenant, it will be better than playing in that dump of a stadium in Oakland.

  32. Owners shouldn’t hold a grudge towards Mark, but at the same time, what has Mark Davis done in his life to earn any respect? Getting things done in life is about wielding respect and plain and simple, Mark has no resume, no track record, and no gravity to lean on when it comes to commanding respect.

  33. Mark should move them and never change his hair style… Be a maverick Mark! yeah lol

  34. Let Al Davis rise again, and tell the NFL owners to kiss his ass. Mark Davis needs to grow some balls and inherit his fathers spirt and attitude. Move the Raiders where ever he wants. Or sell the team to Donald Trump, he will give the NFL owners a fit. Its because of Al Davis that the NFL is what it is, it sure aint Roger Godell

  35. All of this backs my theory to the point where I no longer believe it to be “theory” but FACT. McNair’s statement is straight up DAMNING (Hey, Patriots fan… pay attention) It’s like this:

    If you’re one of 32 gazillionaire owners and you become the thorn (spelled, “EXPEN$IVE”) in the side of those 31 other gazillionaire owners, they will do anything and everything they can for payback. Pound of flesh, if need be.

    You want to know why the field isn’t level, beloved Raider Nation? It’s because for all his genius, Al pissed off the wrong people. People he needed. He didn’t play the long game, because Al never was all that patient.
    Look no further than every bizarre call in every bizarre instance (The Tuck rule; Charles Woodson’s Strip-forced fumble-slide-SAFETY?; what should be called the Louis Murphy Rule, not the Calvin Johnson Rule; the yearly rain of yellow flags; the “you could call holding every play” that just doesn’t get called; the list really does go on… and everyone knows it)
    This is not the result of jealousy. Maybe early on, but big picture? Nah. The owners aren’t jealous, they’re FURIOUS.
    Every time you gripe about giving billionaires new stadiums to play their games in, remember this, because it’s all about the money.
    You can’t cost your partners that much money and have it not bite you in the arse later.

    Best revenge? Living Well.

    I prefer the team stay in Oakland and a proper NFL stadium but would take Vegas ALL DAY over The City of Indifferent Angels.
    Make it happen, Mark. But don’t just plow ahead this time, get some back up. Make sure Sheldon is sitting in the chair next to you when the litigation starts. Let him take the punches… I guarantee he can take it and his counterpunch? Wow.
    Let the league forget the Anaheim Rams and the quietest riot ever during their initial departure. Let the league reap the due harvest of utterly screwing over the city of St. Louis. Let the league suddenly embrace moves, pimping them even, while absurdly still holding a grudge because Al started this whole thing. Let the league convince themselves that the Chargers have so much as one section of a stadium’s worth of fans in LA (Sorry, SD – hate your team but you deserve better treatment from these jakes!) Let serial-failure Bob McNair live in the past… (every time you start to forget why, just look at Derek Carr and smile) Let ’em. Let them eat their cake. Then quietly, gently and respectfully live well. “They’ll find someone new to hate and screw” soon enough.

    There is only ONE Nation: Raider Nation.

  36. I don’t see this as a surprise. I still call on raider nation if it even really exists build your team a new home in Oakland and stop trying to blame your problems on the other owners and teams. Raiders fans are less passionate than chiefs fans and Broncos fans and it gets proven everyday.

  37. From Wikipedia:
    In 1992, Davis was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Team and League Administrator, and was presented by John Madden. Davis has been chosen by a record nine Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees to present them at the Canton, Ohio ceremony: Lance Alworth, Jim Otto, George Blanda, Willie Brown, Gene Upshaw, Fred Biletnikoff, Art Shell, Ted Hendricks, and Madden.
    How many of the current owners get a sniff of Canton?

  38. I love that this is the European model slapped on its head—new money trumps old, “made” over “inheritance”. Kroenke, Ross, Jones, McNair all made their money, Davis, Spanos, Mara, and Rooney did not.

    Uh, no…. Kroenke married his money. That dorky looking goofball somehow managed to get one of the heirs of Sam Walton (guy who founded Walmart) to marry him. He did NOT earn his money.

  39. This shows you why the NFL doesn’t care how it makes money even though it can make more. There are more Raiders fans than Rams fans in Los Angeles, but it’s only about making it personal.

  40. Got to give Davis credit for having made his money just from football. And at a time when they weren’t gouging the average family like is being done today.
    I wish Mark had just a bit of his father’s business sense and chutzpah. He’d be partnered all over Vegas in a New York second and turning the $500 million his father left him into $2-3 billion. To top it off, he’d build a new stadium in Oakland and use it for a practice field and put in a huge jumbotron airing all their games back there so that he keeps that home crowd as well. Now that I would get a kick out of.

  41. brant76 says:
    Feb 3, 2016 12:32 PM
    Uh, no…. Kroenke married his money. That dorky looking goofball somehow managed to get one of the heirs of Sam Walton (guy who founded Walmart) to marry him. He did NOT earn his money.

    Uh, no…Kroenke made his money prior to marrying Anna Walton and has made considerably more since. The guy may be a jerk but he is a self made jerk.

  42. the whole LA thing as big of a crock of crap that it was, just might be a blessing in disguise. It really shows that these new owners (the ones that selected Goddell) are controlling the league. I think its great an owner went on record stating that.

    Hopefully it slapped Mark Davis strait across the face and wakes him up out of the delusion of thinking he can be one of them. You know the guys who act like they care about things, but all they care about is a buck, and more and most importantly their own buck. Al was never that way. He cared about his players so much that the league had to make rules against the Raiders because they were so dominant for so long….So along came salary caps, tags, etc….and other teams cheating just to be able to compete…and when they got caught cheating , it was merely a slap on the wrist. Al Davis knew if the league ever got the chance to catch him in any wrong doing , they would have thrown the book at him, not like others who got a slap, or lost a draft pick or two.

    So a message to you Mark….wake up and smell the coffee….you are not one of them, nor should you want to be . Your dad was great for the NFL, its just that he didin’t need to kiss backsides or be a politician in how he operated. No need to push the others owners away, but at the same time , no need to embrace them either. It’s not personal, its business. You have the DNA of your fathers, and two things between your legs…Grow some and use them, and do it your way…Be it in Oakland , Sacramento, or Las Vegas. One way, the Raider way, the same as there is only one nation, the Raider Nation!.

    All others are just wannnabees jealous haters.

  43. Oakland should derive its satisfaction by defeating and physically punishing opponents on the field.

    just like NE. everyone whines about belichick, brady, unsavory events at Foxboro, a culture of cheating…blah blah blah. just beat ’em on the field. win the game and beat ’em up. like denv in afc champ gm.

  44. Missed in all this is the fact that Al Davis moved the team back to Oakland after 13 seasons in LA. The real question that needs to be asked is why.

    Davis never got what he thought he’d get from the move to Los Angeles, and one wonders if he would have just been better off choosing to work with the owners instead of playing the rebel. I know he was ticked about having to play second fiddle to Pete Rozelle, after having been the commissioner of the AFL during its decade long existence.

    I’m not surprised by the animosity towards Davis. Not saying its right, but it might be time for Mark Davis to attempt to mend some fences, if that’s possible.

  45. billsfan1 says:
    Feb 3, 2016 12:00 PM
    Ralph Wilson loaned/gave mr Davis money to keep the team operational at one point. Just throwing it out there

    No he never. Al Davis was not the original owner (he didn’t become controlling owner until 1976, owning only 25% of the team) of the Raiders so he never lent Al Davis anything. Wilson became a silent partner (which wasn’t allowed, what a cheater!) for the Raiders after their first season because the team was about to fold, lending F. Wayne Valley (one of the original owners) 400K. If the Raiders folded the AFL was probably on its way out as well, in no time. So don’t try to think Wilson did it in the goodness of his heart and know the facts before you start spewing incorrect information.

  46. militantgod says:
    Feb 3, 2016 1:29 PM

    So don’t try to think Wilson did it in the goodness of his heart and know the facts before you start spewing incorrect information.


    spewing incorrect information while disregarding or being ignorant of the facts seems to be very common in the comments section

  47. pixelito says:
    Feb 3, 2016 11:45 AM
    That’s your Daddy’s money, not yours.

    The team too.
    Sorry to be the one to have to tell you this but AL Davis passed away about 4 years ago. Most of his possessions went to his son.

  48. Reading that garbage from McNair…made me appreciate Al Davis alot more than I did when he was alive.

    Al Davis, was about football and making money….Todays NFL owners, are about making money, and football comes later.

    Sure, guys like Kraft are great owners…as are owners of Giants, Steelers etc….But then, you read a comment like that, or the one from Ross [ a total clown]…and it makes you want to vomit.

  49. We should all pray to be hated when we are 80 years old and be a revolutionary businessman.

  50. Al got a little screwy in his final years but everything leading up to those “forgettable” years was absolutely inspiring. Basically he told the NFL to eff off and handled situations with brass and tenacity. Davis didn’t need to put on lipstick and pucker up like most of these owners.

    More money for owners means more yes men.

    Gotta applause Davis for sticking to his guns.

  51. This is why Kraft hasn’t sued, but Brady sure can.

    Give the Pats their picks back, Sheriff Goebbels, and then apologize, then resign, or Brady will sue you for defamation, where you’ll lose in court.

  52. My God is McNair a complete buffoon, what a clown. While I’m the furthest thing from a Raiders fan, I will say that McNair couldn’t hold Al Davis proverbial jock.

  53. Robert McNair wishes he had the smarts to be like AL Davis.
    In fact McNair is a good reason that the Texans don’t seem to go anywhere.

  54. McNair wasn’t even an owner when Al Davis sued the league. What the heck is his problem? And this is his son, who in the 4 years he’s been an owner has abided by the company line and made the Raiders more “family friendly”

    The NFL are a bunch of pathetic old men. One day, the amount of important people they alienate will reach critical mass and the Senate will have a look at the little monopoly they have.

  55. Writing the history of the NFL without Bob McNair is easy. Writing it without Al Davis is impossible.

    Yes I’m a long time Raider fan but frankly this kind of thing makes me more likely to root for a guy like Mark over these silver-spooned vampires.

  56. There’s a ship load of money to be made by the NFL and the owners in Vegas, including a privately financed stadium! You don’t get rich with a conscious, and these owners know that. It’s coming folks.

  57. I don’t believe that there are too many people who actually believe that there will be a second team in LA in any case. Kroenke doesn’t want another team there and it’s doubtful that people in LA even want a second team. I’ll believe it when I see it. LA is being used as leverage one final time by Spanos.

  58. senatorblutarsky says:
    Feb 3, 2016 11:13 AM

    Al Davis is dead and gone and it’s been over four years now. It’s about time for the animosity to go that way as well.

    It’s pretty clear that the owners will never stop being petty and vindictive.

  59. Mikermiker: What exactly makes you think kraft cheated on his wife? Because he had a girlfriend after she died? I guess you must be perfect, and you should be, because people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  60. So now we have proof… NFL teams are owned by a bunch of sniveling, whimpering 12-year-old girls.

  61. Mark deserves some credit for getting the ship straightened out and headed in the right direction. He was smart enough to hire a GM to run things and he’s done a pretty good job so far. He definitely knows how to pick em in the draft ala Mack and Carr and Murray, etc. I just want them to get a much deserved stadium somewhere. The league really screwed them over with the LA decision.

  62. I think in a similar way the league holds a grudge against Buffalo. RWJ always voted against all of their pro business decisions like relocations and CBAs because he looked at bigger picture. Wilson was the only owner that voted against the CBA that caused the lockout.

    Now they seem to be getting the short end in the media and came days away from relocating 2 years ago when the team was sold.

  63. Real estate experts predict Raiders lack of options will have them paying 40% over fair market value for a one year lease. The City of Oakland is smiling (“Leave Us Again Baby!”).

  64. Time for Mark to sell a minority share to Sheldon, hire Harry Reid or his bag man as lead counsel & dare Jolly Roger to prevent him from moving to LV or face a congressional challenge to their beloved anti-trust exemption. I’d love to see him channel Michael Corleone & tell Roger that in fact, he expects the NFL to not only waive the relocation fees, but also cover his moving costs & pay for his HQ & practice facilities. In all seriousness, it’s time to grow a set & challenge the NFL in court if they continue to block his business from freedom of movement.

  65. I’m not a Raiders fan whatsoever, and even I feel this is utter crap. Al Davis might have been nutty as a squirrel near the end, but his legacy is unquestionable and impeccable, the league wouldn’t even be what it is without him, other then a few remaining familial inherited owners none in the NFL can say as much. These new billion dollar owners like Kroenke and so on are a joke and are ruining the game, because they see the business only.

    I hope Mark Davis sues the league and moves the Raiders to a new venue, whether it be Vegas, Portland, St. Louis, Honolulu, San Antonio or Albuquerque, the league and these city’s need to learn, it’s not about them but the team and the fans, without either there is no league!

  66. Mark Davis can move wherever he wants, as long as he gets 24 out of 32 votes . There is no rule saying he can’t move to Las Vegas. All Jerry Jones and McNair can do is “vote no” to moving to San Antonio. San Antonio is far enough away from Dallas and Houston that it wouldn’t hurt the Cowboys or the Texans. Texas is a huge state that can support three NFL teams.

    Las Vegas and San Antonio are growing markets. They both are offering billion dollar stadiums. Davis was a good sport about losing out on Los Angeles. The league would approve his move. Davis can and should move the Raiders. Oakland doesn’t have the money to help him stay in Oakand . He would be better off moving to an area of growth.

  67. @mwatts1:

    You sir, have no idea what you are talking about.

    Al Davis did not roll over for anybody.

    If making your own way and doing what is right, no matter how frowned upon or how unconventional breeds animosity and bitterness….SO BE IT.

    The owners of the other 31 only grew a backbone once Al Davis had passed.

    Cowards, the whole lot of them.


  68. At least one journalist finally has the balls to print what has been patently obvious to any rational NFL fan since the late 70’s. From Rozelle, to Tagliabue, to Goodell, the NFL and it’s owners have gone out of their way to impede the success of this particular franchise both in the boardroom and on the playing field. From corrupt commissioners, to corrupt owners, to corrupt referees the Raiders have had an uphill battle for the last four decades. It needs to stop. For the good of the NFL it needs to stop.

  69. Where’s all those “it’s simply business” posters from the girl scouts article? Where’s your dispassionate businessmen here?

  70. It is time for Mark Davis to announce that his team is moving. He did not go to San Antonio and Las Vegas for vacation. Move the team. Tell Libby Schaaf “thanks for nothing.”

    You’ll get a billion dollar stadium and have the backing of all the major casinos in LV. That would make the most sense.

  71. mikermiker says:
    Feb 3, 2016 10:55 AM
    as long as its not kraft that dude is a slimeball that cheated on his wife then memorialized her death. but thats the patriot way

    Mr. Kraft’s relationship began after the passing of his wife. Get your facts straight and stay classy. He’s a first class individual deserving of respect.

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