Broncos defensive end Antonio Smith’s father died this morning


The Broncos had to deal with a distraction last night.

Today, they’re dealing with heartbreak.

According to Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post, Broncos defensive lineman Antonio Smith found out this morning that his 55-year-old father died.

“It’s rough. I just found out this morning,” Smith said. “It was my mom who called and told me. The call came in at about 6:30.”

Marty Christopher Williams, 55, has been in prison for more than two decades, and died as a result of complications from heart surgery.

Williams said he planned to stay with the team and plans to play in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

16 responses to “Broncos defensive end Antonio Smith’s father died this morning

  1. “Williams said he planned to stay with the team and plans to play in Sunday’s Super Bowl.”

    When did the Broncos sign Antonio Smith’s dad?

  2. Denver will be on an emotional high on Sunday. Playing for Ware, Manning, the team owner, and now for Antonio Smith. Can the Panthers match it? Especially since everyone is saying the Panthers are the favorites? We’ll see.

  3. patsxsaintsfan says:
    Feb 3, 2016 1:58 PM
    What was he in prison for? Regardless terrible news sorry for this mans loss and I hope he makes his dad proud on Sunday and plays well.


    Williams was in prison for stabbing a 69 year old man to death while robbing that man’s home. Williams also had prior convictions for narcotics violations and assault with a deadly weapon.

    I’m sure that doesn’t ease the loss for Smith in any way, however.

  4. Williams sounds like a real piece of garbage, murdering an elderly man in his own home.

    Hats off to Smith ( and likely his mother) for making something of himself….

  5. The guy has been in prison for almost all Smith’s life, he likely barely knew him. Death at 55 is a tragedy in itself but really this isn’t one where the mourning period will be that long.

  6. Tough to lose an old man.

    It’s been my experience athletes do better when they lose a parent. Keith Traylor single-handedly won a Denver playoff game tears ago when his dad died, and no one can forget Brett Favre’s performamance. Buster Douglas beat the tar out of Mike Tyson after losing a parent.

    This might be an indicator that the Broncs could dominate along the line on defense.

  7. prayers go out to Antonio Smith. No matter what the Sr. did, its still his Pop and you only get one Mom and One Dad.

    Lost my parents a long time ago so for all of you out there that still have ones that are alive, pick up the phone and give em a call. I smile when my kids call me. If you don’t remember this, one day after they are gone you are going to want to call them and they wont be there. Call them, it will make you smile

  8. that man aint no “pop” “father” what ever he wants to call him self. he has been incarcerated for 20 years? He dont know antonio. and antonio dont know him. (probably doesnt want to know him) good thing he didnt follow in his “biological” father’s footsteps. Antonio is a grown person with his step father and/or his great mom and family raising him.

  9. Walk a mile guys. He was doing his time. Good on Antonio’s family for working through it and giving Antonio the opportunity he has and for him working through it as well. Condolences to the family.

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