Cam Newton says Super Bowl media requirements get under his skin

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had his fill of the media this week.

Newton noted at his media availability today that he’s been asked the same questions over and over again this week. He said it was particularly strange to meet the media on Tuesday, then meet the media again on Wednesday without having a practice in between, meaning there was absolutely nothing new to talk about.

“You know what’s confusing? How can I reword questions I’ve been asked so many times? Golly,” Newton told reporters. “Nothing pretty much has changed since I’ve seen you guys 24 hours ago. I had an unbelievable sleep, but yet I’m up here again. It’s cool. It’s like I don’t know how you want to say it. I sound like a broken record.”

Newton said there’s really not much going on this week that’s any different from any other week, and he’s not sure why he’s spending so much more time than usual talking to the press.

“It’s not necessarily the media pressure, it’s just media requirements that is getting up under a lot of people’s skin,” Newton said. “I think I’ve got to meet with you guys another time and nothing’s going to change. I’ll be walking out in this room, walking up those stairs, going to another meeting, going to practice, probably playing a couple of video games, talking to my parents, making sure they make it here on time, waking up, brushing my teeth – obviously – go to another meeting. Depends on what the breakfast looks like, if I may eat it or not. Go to the team meeting, come back to you guys and talk. I don’t get it. I don’t know what you guys want to know, man, but it is what it is.”

Newton makes a fair point that the media hype in the week preceding the Super Bowl gets a little ridiculous. But that’s the nature of the game, and it’s not going to change.

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  1. Here is an idea, have RGIII take your place for the media stuff and you will be all set. That guy would talk to the media while he was talking to the media.

  2. He’s right how many times can you answer the same exact questions…Carolina and Denver are there to win a Super Bowl let those guys prepare for that game…Instead of wasting time answering stupid question over and over again…Media week is nothing more then a all star weekend for the media…

  3. Dude… really?
    Stop being a showboat if you don’t want the media attention.
    I happen to support you. But many people don’t.
    You can’t have it both ways.
    That should actually be obvious.

  4. ********************************************
    There’s plenty of other quarterbacks that would appreciate the moment if you don’t like it.
    They may appreciate it but they need to earn it.

  5. Makes sense but that’s the deal. You never hear anything like this from guys who have been here before. Experience is always valuable.
    Cam will be fine.

  6. They posted this same story on the NFL site.

    They want to put this out there to neutralize the clip of this idiot reporter who was badgering and baiting Newton yesterday and now today he’s sarcastically wording one of Newtons previous answers in the form of a question.

    Media are vermin with the exception of a rare few who have actual integrity bit the good ones are far too few in this TMZ era.

  7. It is what it is…. Now add we’re on to the SB… There you go. You’re on your way to be another media grump.

  8. Agree. All you need is one, maybe two media session and let these guys get ready for the Superbowl for Lord sakes

  9. Basically, he is reiterating what real Panthers fans know…. He does all the dancing and antics for the fans and his team, not for the media attention.

    Ironically, all of the media attention this week will probably (hopefully) clear up misconceptions of Cam, that is, if you are actually paying attention.

  10. I don’t blame him, how many times does he have to answer about being a black QB. It’s got to be sickening to keep answering the same dumb questions from the press.
    He is what he is, a black QB, that can run, can score, can pass so
    get on with it everyone.
    I hope he shows them on Sunday what he can do, because it has to be very difficult to deal with some of those dumb press guys, who ask stupid questions.

  11. Didn’t he enter the league, claiming his goal was to be an entertainer first?

    Given his snapping at the coach as he started to see the wheels fall off vs the Seahawks, and his new tradition of grabbing opponents fans signs and jerseys and flags and stomping on them, but then not wanting to answer questions, he’s got a long way to go yet to manage the media.

    Good thing he’s played in Charlotte; if he was in NYC or Chicago he’d have to deal with this weekly, and not jave the pushover beat reporters not wanting to upset the boat, as he has in Carolina.

  12. So sad that their sad little teams and sad little quarterbacks aren’t there…. No Tom, no Ben, no Drew….just Cam and the Sheriff……..keep hatin boys……. We’ll keep pounding!

  13. Stop whining Cam. I’ll bet you Peyton has been asked the Question about if he’ll retire more than you’ve been asked any other question.

  14. Does he not know that speaking to the media is part of being in the Super Bowl ? Lots of guys would love to trade places with him right now,so he needs to suck it up and roll with it. Maybe he’s still that immature baby that people thought he was.

  15. He just wants to put on a show when he gives away touchdown footballs to most likely rich and spoiled kids who sit in the front row end zone seats. “Look at what a great guy I am”. If he really cared about the kids, he’d give the footballs away in private to underprivileged kids from the upper deck or kids who couldn’t attend the game period. But that wouldn’t be on TV so “naw man”.

  16. No he’s not right. He’s paid to do this. Let him spend a few minutes thinking about what Brady was going through last year at this time and then talk about the media getting up under someone’s skin. Man up Cam. Besides, he doesn’t have a problem dabbing every time he gets a yard or two during a game which gets under a lot of people’s skin.

  17. I have payed attention to about three minutes of Super Bowl media hype for the last week and a half, Because you have heard everything in the first two days. It is silly. But like Florio said, it’s not going to change. We don’t hae to pay attention , and I don’t.

  18. He’s Right But This is what he signed up for. As Sixers GM John Nash Said When asked About Pressure on His Job. John Laughed and Said What Pressure. I Get Paid Millions Of Dollars Doing What Live. You Know What Pressure Is. Feeding a Family of 4 On $50,000 A Year. That’s Pressure. Cam It’s Ok I Think You’ll B Fine

  19. It’s pretty simple, the reason for the mandatory daily media days are for these players to say something controversial, or something stupid. Cam and all players need to just go out there answer the ridiculous questions and get back to preparing for football.

  20. I don’t like Carolina or the dances. But he does have a point except it’s all year like,,,,how do you feel about losing,,,,take a guess some of the questions are retarded and then the next guy asks basically the same question ,it’s irritating to watch so I don’t ,,they don’t get to chose

  21. Russell Wilson has been there two times and never complained once. Suck it up and dream about your checking account balance.

  22. Mr. Showboat doesn’t like the excess media attention?

    Yet any other day, there’s not a camera he doesn’t like (or need to be in front of).


  23. Cam’s right. The media is just trying to ruin everyone’s lives for the sake of a story.

    I’d hate to be interviewed by the devil.

  24. The players should not have to talk to the media if they don’t want to. The media act like clowns because they really have nothing new to write about until the Superbowl. When is the last time you actually learned something interesting or important from Super Bowl media day.

  25. It IS stupid to have a massive media event on one day, and then have the players have another media event the very next day. There is no point in it–it’s not like there are going to be any new questions, new answers, new revelations. It is just more Super Bowl /excess/.

  26. All the trolls come out for this one. He’s very politely saying “are you going to ask me the same stuff you asked me yesterday?” and “what’s the point of that?”.

    He didn’t yell, he didn’t refuse to answer questions. He actually threw in a “well golly”. Couldn’t ask for more, but everyone that hates him will use this as a “quit being a showboat if you don’t like media attention” moment. Get over yourselves.

  27. Starting QB in the SB. It comes with the territory. Does he think Manning really wants to answer more ‘rodeo’ questions? It is what it is.

  28. This does not help him on the field and his emotional weakness could be exploited in the game by the Broncos. A sign of emotional cracking by Newton before the game of his life is not a good sign, so late in the week.

    Tom Brady was being assaulted from the end of last year’s conference win over the Colts, every single day, right up to the Super Bowl and in a much more aggressive and grievous way, for a crime he did not commit and the NFL could not prove in any way shape or form.

    Panthers are favored to win this game but now I see where they could lose if Cam does not start to focus. Sounds like nothing but this is how you lose games that you should win.

  29. Fortunately I have not watched a single moment of the media frenzy. I don’t care what the players favorite color is or what music they listen too.
    So I’m with Cam on this one…too much media nonsense just to sell advertising. I’ll tune in about 30 seconds before kickoff.

  30. There have been hundreds of players who have complained about the NFL Media day. And overall, even the media would tell you that it is a circus event. We all kind of agree that it is a joke… but because it is Cam Newton who has a not-nice thing to say, we all of the sudden have an issue with it.

    Just can’t win…

  31. Glad he called out how stupid it is. They need to just ditch the media week pointlessness. I doubt most in the media enjoy it as well and would be pleased if it went away.

  32. There have been hundreds of players who have complained about the NFL Media day. And overall, even the media would tell you that it is a circus event. We all kind of agree that it is a joke… but because it is Cam Newton who has a not-nice thing to say, we all of the sudden have an issue with it.

    Just can’t win…


    Wrong, when Marshawn didn’t want to talk to the media people already knew Marshawn hated talking to the media. Cam on the other hand loves to talk about himself any chance he gets so it’s ironic that the guy that can never seem to talk enough about himself finally broke down.

  33. and the immaturity continues… 5th year and it’s dabbing, whining about having to talk to the press, dancing the sideline when he’s supposed to be working

    maturity and experience will edge out dabbing

    Broncs by 5

  34. It does sound stupid to have a media session when there hasn’t even been a practice in between.

  35. Cam is a great QB. But he has ALOT of growing up to do. If he thinks the media is getting under his skin just wait until Denver’s powerful front four start knocking him down and sacking him all game long Sunday! I don’t believe he will ever win a Super Bowl. EVER! Geaux Saints!

  36. >”Didn’t believe there was that much hate for Cam, but look at these comments. So much jealousy.”

    Seriously? I doubt there’s a single person on here that is jealous of Cam. He’s just not likeable. When you’re a rude, pouty @$$, then you make yourself unpopular.

    Let’s see… do people think this of Manning? Rodgers? Brady? Brees? Wilson? Luck? Bridgewater?… I could go on and on. How many QBs do we feel this way about? The list is pretty darn short. And it has nothing to do with jealousy.

    Good try at stroking your fan ego about it, though. I actually tried to like him this year. Couldn’t do it. If you had almost anyone else as a QB, I’d be rooting for Carolina to win SB50. As it is, I might expect Carolina to win, but I’ll be rooting for Denver (not really happy about that, either, tho’).

  37. maybe the media should come up with some different questions or angles. he’s right, no matter how much he’s being paid, it’s ridiculous to answer the same questions over and over again. us “fans” don’t want to hear the same thing again and again either. quantity is not quality.

  38. Cam is spot on. The coverage is ridiculous, boring, and repetitive.

    I’m usually an avid listener to NFL Radio and watcher of NFL network, but I haven’t turned it on since the post-game coverage following the conference championship games.

    There’s nothing new to say. They go here and there to media events but there’s no new substance. I guess some people gobble up the fanfare, and maybe if it were my team playing I’d feel differently. But as a general fan of the NFL it’s not worth the time to consume what they are putting out this week.

  39. I don’t blame Cam or any other player for being tired of the non-stop media barrage. It’s ultimately the fans that drive it and the fans thirst for football has become absurd.

    The release of the schedule is on prime time tv now.

    Eventually we’re going to see at least one day of the combine on prime time tv.

    And mark my words, within the next 5-10 years, we’re going to see Tuesday night football added.

    And the quality of play, especially the first half of the season, is worse than ever. I’ve loved football since I was a little kid, but I’m amazed at the unquenchable thirst for the NFL in this country.

  40. By the way, the media attendees include essentially any slug willing to buy a press pass. The first question to both Manning and Newton on Monday night was asked by a guy wearing a super hero costume, a copy of which he gave to Newton. I’m sure all of the players can think of something else they would rather do than continually talk to that crowd.

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