Kubiak disappointed about Ryan Murphy situation, but “we’ve moved on”

Getty Images

The Broncos had to deal with an unplanned bump in the road to Super Bowl 50 on Tuesday when practice squad safety Ryan Murphy was questioned by police in San Jose as part of a prostitution sting.

Murphy was not arrested, but the team decided to send him home later in the day after deciding that “it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for Super Bowl 50 without him.” On Wednesday, coach Gary Kubiak was asked about that decision.

“Yeah, there’s disappointment, but it’s been dealt with and we’ve moved on,” Kubiak said. “I dealt with it yesterday and obviously disappointed for the young man, but we’re focused on what we have to do football wise, we’re on work this morning with our meetings and getting into our routine. So we’ve moved on.”

Murphy wasn’t going to be in the lineup on Sunday so his departure shouldn’t cause much of a disruption for the team over the next few days. As long as the rest of the Broncos and Panthers heed Eugene Robinson’s advice, it should also be the last prostitution-related story to require immediate attention from the teams.