Bruce Allen on Alfred Morris: If he gets a great contract, we’ll applaud him

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There are two members of the starting offensive backfield headed for free agency in Washington this offseason.

Members of the Redskins organization have been unanimous that the team is going to do whatever it takes to bring quarterback Kirk Cousins back for a second year as a starter after taking the NFC East title in 2015. President Bruce Allen said again Wednesday that the team’s confident the situation will “work itself out” so that Cousins sticks around.

The same can’t be said of running back Alfred Morris’ return. Morris saw his workload cut down in 2015 and was less productive than he’d been during his first three seasons in the league. He averaged 3.7 yards per carry, scored once (after finding the end zone 28 times over his first three seasons) and Allen said there’s no great contract offer coming his way from the team.

“Free agency is going to be a great test for him,” Allen said to former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley on ESPN 980, via the Washington Post. “If he gets a great contract, we’re going to applaud him. If not, we’ll see what happens with us.”

With backs like Matt Forte, Doug Martin, Lamar Miller and Chris Ivory also headed for free agency and Morris coming off a down year, a great contract may be hard to come by with any team.

28 responses to “Bruce Allen on Alfred Morris: If he gets a great contract, we’ll applaud him

  1. Come to Miami. We will probably loose Miller to free agency. Alfred Morris is a great guy, above average talent, humble and skilled. If I were building a team, I would go after good people like him.
    He will never be in the headlines for the wrong reason.

  2. He should sign with the Eagles. He deserves to win a SB ring, like they are in the habit of…..oh, wait. Say WHAT??????

  3. He should follow RGIII to wherever he goes and if the QB finds his game again in the pistol formation, then Alfred is the natural fit to create the dual threat. He’s got great burst, hits hard and runs north-south.

    He’d be great in Seattle, Buffalo, Tampa and others.

    Also, fringe benefits include that the guy would be a great teammate, good example for rookies and the community.

  4. He’s a hard runner, has good blocking skills, and pretty good hands. He’ll get picked up, but he wont break the bank.

  5. Sucks for him because he was a late round draft pick, vastly outperformed his contract, and put a lot of miles on his body. Now his production is slowing down, and he faces stiff competition from Matt Jones, a bigger, stronger, faster runner with low mileage. Free agency wont be kind, with the players mentioned having superior ability and lower miles.
    My guess is league minimum is the best he is going to get.

  6. He is an absolutely incredible back when the read option is in play. Not so great of a power back, which is what Washington runs now.

    If he (and they) are smart, he goes to Carolina to back up/replace Stewart. He would be absolutely deadly there.

    All that said, he is such a great guy. Everything you would want in a football player.

    You’re the man, Alf. I was there for your first home game and I knew from the get-go that you were special. HTTR.

  7. Correction:
    Chris Ivory is not a free agent until next offseason.

    As a Dallas fan I love this. I can’t wait to watch Matt Jones continue to fumble the ball once every 8 touches.

  8. Another ‘shining’ example of the lack of loyalty and class shown to Washington players and coaches. Unfortunately, long time W.R. fan is not surprised by the current ownership regime.

  9. 15YearsandBradyStillRunsYourTeam says:
    Feb 4, 2016 10:13 AM
    Kirk is a top priority, although Alfred was great, RBs are a much more replaceable position.

    Kirk showed he is the real deal.


    Should’ve been in the Pro Bowl, glad nobody watched it.
    Cousins = RG3

    Both surprised people to win the division on a down year for every other team. Both panic when the pocket collapses and Cousins will be figured out next season.

    They are so rare that all it takes is a division title to get all the Washington DC fanboys excited

  10. Kirk is a top priority??? Did anyone see him shrivel and die in the face of adversity after he blew a nice Washington lead in the playoffs to the Packers? You need a QB that stay focused under pressure, like crumble like a bag of potato chips.

  11. Chris Ivory is a free agent after the 2015 season, and the Jets have stronger priorities(MWilkerson for one) and not enough cap room to sign them all.

    When the dust clears and all the big ticket RBs are signed, AMorris is just the kind of bargain Belichick goes after. BB loves big backs, and he’s 2 yrs younger than Blount, who’s also a FA coming off an injury, and probably an upgrade.

  12. DaveKShape says:
    Feb 4, 2016 10:51 AM
    He is an absolutely incredible back when the read option is in play. Not so great of a power back, which is what Washington runs now.

    If he (and they) are smart, he goes to Carolina to back up/replace Stewart. He would be absolutely deadly there.
    Our backfield is currently full. We have Stewart, who will be 30 but has fresh legs since he split carries with DeAngelo Williams all those years. Cameron Artis-Payne is his backup and Fozzy Whitaker is the 3rd down back. Tolbert is a free agent, but even if he leaves, Morris can’t be a fullback. He’d probably go off if he lands in Seattle.

  13. As a Cowboy fan I’m hoping Washington is that stupid. We watched Dallas struggle to replace a quality back so the “backs are easily replaceable” meme doesn’t seem to be true. Morris has proven to be tough, a team player and very humble. Go ahead, Redskins….let him go and watch the struggles you’ll have.

  14. Alf is going to put up good numbers next year and generate positive press wherever he signs. I just cannot believe the Redskins would cut loose of Alf who stays healthy, plays like an animal, does not fumble and stays out of any kind of trouble. He is a class act. And they re going to go with two backs that cant stay healthy in CT and MJ and MJ fumbles quite a bit. Good luck Alf. Some team is gonna get a heck of a back.

  15. What Bruce Allen says is irrelevant he is not the GM anymore. Scot is the only opinion that matters when it comes to deciding who the Redskins want to keep or not. If Scot thinks Alfred is worth him a lot of money if he doesn’t he won’t. In Scot we trust.

  16. Not a big shock, esp if you ever listened to the breakdowns Cooley does after the games. He runs hard, but doesn’t wait for blocks to develop, doesn’t hit holes that plays are designed for, and misses gap quite a bit. Maybe he’d be better in another system, but this shouldn’t be surprising if Cooley was right (and like him or not, he does—hands down—the best, most informative film breakdowns. And I’m a Bears fan, not Washington fan, saying that.). It sounds like they’re already moving on.

  17. My post made no sense what I wanted to say was Scot’s opinion was the only one that matters. If he thinks Alfred is worth the money he will keep him if he doesn’t he won’t.

  18. Alfred is no good in a power running/blocking scheme. More suited for a zone scheme. It was frustrating watching him get next to nothing darn near every play this year.

  19. Bruce Allen is not very smart, hes good at running bad football teams. I like him better when he didnt work for the team I like. Alf is the best, they changed scheme a bit to in DC.

  20. I think the Skins did this on purpose… brought in Matt Jones to cut into Alfred’s #’s so he wouldn’t get a huge contract. Saves the Skins money.

  21. defscottyb – I have a hard time believing this. This would make sense if Alf was averaging over 5 yards a carry this year but he was averaging 3.7 this year and that has been declining every year since his rookie year. Also, the Average yards per carry is not far from the 3.4 that Jones put up. However from the eye test, Alf didn’t run with the same level of confidence and power he had shown in the past. He missed holes that were open and at times he lacked passion to fight off hits for extra yards.

  22. Almo is one of my favorites but they won’t break the bank for him. He is 100% class! Hopefully they can sign him to a reasonable contract.

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