Cam Newton helps area family check item off bucket list

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a game to get ready for, and more media responsibilities than he cares for.

But he took a moment this week to create a moment with a family who has followed his story through their own personal tragedy.

Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Newton connected this week with the family of Scot Sieczko, who succumbed to cancer in 2014, before he was able to check meeting the Panthers quarterback off his bucket list.

His mother Trae Sieczko was introduced to Newton on Monday, got a signed jersey which her son always wanted, and left with a connection.

“Once I saw Cam, I didn’t say a whole lot, but thank you and please beat the Broncos on Sunday,'” Sieczko said. “I still feel like I’m in la la land dreaming. He’s super nice, super sweet. I know he’s so busy this week, so for him to take a couple minutes is amazing.”

Scot Sieczko became a Newton fan when he was at Auburn, so became an immediate Panthers fan in 2011. His mother’s quest to check off her son’s list became a quest, and the story made its way from local officials through the 49ers to the Panthers, who made it happen Monday after the opening night festivities.

“I’m pretty sure a lot of people know about the criticism that I’ve received since day one, but as much criticism as I get, to have a heartwarming story that pretty much nobody wants to hear,” Newton said later this week. “But when it becomes news to me, it kind of makes me feel great. It makes me understand that it’s a lot of purpose to what I do.”

The Sieczko family isn’t the first Newton has met and encouraged over the course of the year, as the brand of joy he’s brought to the field has extended across his region and nationwide.

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  1. Frank Somerville is a Bay Area News Anchor for KTVU. He’s the one who made this happen by posting it on FB and asking all his followers to share. It was a long shot but the story made it’s way to the 49ers and Jed York made the call to the PR department. How awesome that a mother who lost her son to cancer got to cross a bucket list item of Scot’s list. Cam… I didn’t have a dog in the fight but now I WILL BE ROOTIN HARD FOR YOU TO GET YOUR FIRST RING!!!

  2. Pure Class!!

    Always disliked the panthers being a Bucs fan but how can you not root for this guy? This isn’t his first act of kindness either. What an amazing human being.

  3. People always gonna hate him and call him arrogant simply because they don’t like or understand his method of expressionism, or don’t grasp the fact that he simply enjoys life his own way. The people who ACTUALLY know him says he’s a great guy, a misunderstood guy, a genuine guy, a caring hard working guy, but some dances and first down signals means he’s nothing but an arrogant show off according to some people. I’d say THAT is far more arrogant than anything. Personally attacking the character of a man because he doesn’t act the way you assume he should is pure flat out arrogance. He’s probably the best thing the NFL has going right now on several different levels, haters gonna have a hard time accepting that over the coming years. Everyone whines about the “No Fun League” then hate on a guy who’s found a way to have more fun than anyone else. People will always find a way to complain about anything i guess

  4. I mean, there’s a snake over there. And I don’t know if it bit a guy, but I don’t want to be that close to it.

  5. a kind gesture…happy for the Sieczko family. I’m sure that ifif Goodell & the owners had their way, they would’ve charged the family for the jersey & charged anyone who was there to witness it.

  6. No matter what he does on the field, the man is good for the community. I couldn’t say it when he was drafted, but I’m happy he’s a Panther. Keep pounding!

  7. No dog in this fight, but I won’t be mad if either team wins. Cam has turned out to be a good human being and I am happy for D Ware for having a chance to win a SB that he couldn’t get in Dallas.

    Best of luck to both.

  8. I was fortunate enough to meet Cam at the fan experience during Superbowl 47 in New Orleans. The line of fans for his autograph was very long and his time ran over. His father tried to pull him away from the area and he said “No, I’m staying until I talk to everyone in line.” He gets it. He loves his fans and continues to show it. I am a huge Cowboys fan, but this Sunday I will be wearing Carolina blue. He is the definition of League MVP. GO PANTHERS!!!

  9. Way to go Cam. A good guy all around. Exactly what the NFL needs while their image crisis is ongoing.

  10. pantherpro says:
    Feb 4, 2016 2:59 PM
    What a guy and soon to be Super Bowl champ! He’s too good for all the rednecks in Charlotte. You belong in SF CAM!

    Dude, Just an FYI, Charlotte may be in the heart of the South, but it is far from “redneck”. Come check it out sometime, you will probably never want to leave.

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