Malcolm Jenkins: A skills competition would be better than the Pro Bowl


Fresh off his first Pro Bowl, Eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins says the game will never be a real football game, and it would be better to turn it into a full weekend of activities, with skills competitions.

“We’ll never be able to get a real game at the Pro Bowl because the risk-reward is not balanced,” Jenkins said on PFT Live. “The only thing we can do is try to build the experience of the entire week of the Pro Bowl, how to get the fans engaged from a skills perspective and try to make a weekend out of it. The game itself, it’s really hard to replicate a real game.”

Jenkins would like to see one-on-one drills between receivers and defensive backs, and he thinks such drills could be competitive but non-contact, with a low risk of injury.

Jenkins did, however, enjoy the Pro Bowl, even if the game isn’t much of a competition.

“The opportunity to bring my family out to Hawaii and be around my peers,” Jenkins said, “it was an overall great experience.”

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  1. Move the Probowl back to a week before the draft. Starve the Fans of football. Gives injuries time to recover

    Go back to AFC vs NFC format.

    Have a Skills competition of Future Rookies vs Vets on Friday

    Rotate cities.

    Or cancel the game. Anything else would be too much of a gimmick or more boring than the game itself.

  2. Combine a NFL skills competition with the college Senior Bowl. Could be quite an event with the future stars meeting the current stars. Have the Pro Bowlers on the sidelines encouring the young guys.

  3. I actually enjoy the Skills Competition at the NBA All-Stars game. Slam dunk, 3-point shooting etc.

    The NFL could go with some football-related skill, such as fastest, strongest or such. Maybe a football oriented American Ninja Warrior type thing.
    As for the timing of the game, the week before the Super Bowl just doesn’t work.

  4. Anyone remember the “SuperStars”?

    When athletes from all sports compete?

    One year little Gregg Pruitt won the weight lifting and the 100 yard dash

  5. How about a spelling competition as well. That would be the highlight. Gronk, you’re up first.

  6. I’d like to see the Pro Bowl replace the Hall of Fame game. It would improve the Pro Bowl and the Hall of Fame game, which right now consists of two random teams’ starters playing a combined millisecond

  7. I completely agree with him! A skills competition would be very entertaining to watch! But move the whole weekend to after the Super Bowl to hopefully keep the bigger star players from dropping out.

  8. They should look back a couple Madden games ago for an example. The Mini Games on Madden 12 would be awesome in real life

  9. Funny thing is that they did do a probowl skills comp before and it was awesome. Kickers doing trick shots, fastest man was still going on, i remember there was a flag football game at the end with a bunch of hofers playing each other.


  10. Keep the Pro Bowl game, but have media members, talking heads, and former players turned commentators play in the game with real players. Ain’t carnage fun?

  11. Here’s what you do:

    You have an AFC vs NFC football Olympics.

    You do so by taking the best of the combine drills, and the best of the Senior bowl practices.

    For example, the best part of the senior bowl is the one on one live DE vs OT drills. You can go live in a pro bowl skills competition bc one on one never gets anyone hurt. Its all the trash around you rolling up on your ankles and knees in a game that gets you hurt. Ever see anyone ruin their knee in this drill during Senior Bowl practice? No. So you can go live here, with the best NFC vs AFC linemen, going live one on one for 3.5 seconds, the average pass play time, reps.

    The combine is mostly lousy, but you can take from it the 40. NFC vs AFC in different heats for points to win the fastest league. Also the bench press, NFC vs AFC strongest man.

    You can go live with DBs vs WR. You get nine reps, one for each route of the passing tree, in any order, so there’s a little bit of a strategy here, who to run what route and who will you put against them.

    A few more events and you can end with a 7 on 7 game, you get 3.5 seconds per pas play to matriculate the ball down the field boys, where you catch the ball or pick it off and the ball is dead right there; no run after catch, no tackling or missed tackles. All skill. And you do a number of heats and do it two minute drill style so it’s super fast paced and no time outs. Strategy involves go short and high percentage or long, but, there’s no time out for incompletion.

    Things like these, an Olympics drills event would get people tuned in and actually loving it.

    What say you PFT planet, thumbs up or thumbs down this post please.

  12. Take a good look at that pro bowl game. The way things may go with the CTE issue, football might devolve into exactly the sort of game we see each year at the Pro Bowl. A much less violent game.

  13. I want to see that competition again where guys drive golf cars around with targets on them, and QBs have to try to hit the bulls eye.

  14. he’s right. i remember being young and watching elway and favre have a competition to see who could throw it the furthest. i remember seeing mike vick, d’angelo hall, and allen rossum in a foot race to determine the nfl’s fastest man. i remember chad johnson, TO, randy moss etc…competing in a drill where footballs were fired at them from 360 degrees and they had to locate the ball in flight and catch it. why doesn’t this take place anymore?? it would be much more entertaining than the current format. FWIW, i also remember when the guys didn’t care about getting hurt and brian dawkins was laying huge hits on the likes of marvin harrison in the Pro Bowl, but its a new day and i respect the players for not wanting to risk serious injury for an exhibition

  15. cyberbucs says:
    Feb 4, 2016 7:54 PM

    Combine a NFL skills competition with the college Senior Bowl. Could be quite an event with the future stars meeting the current stars. Have the Pro Bowlers on the sidelines encouring the young guys.

    I like this idea a lot, except you will never get NFL players to spend a week in Mobile 🙂

    But having them there, doing a skills competition on the Sunday after the game, to finish out the week, and having them working with the prospective draft picks all week would be a really interesting format.

  16. Wasn’t there a skills competition on Saturday mornings in the 1980s? I seem to remember eating a giant bowl of cap’n crunch watching Mario and others try to throw a football into a moving target at 10 20 30 40 50 yards. Anyone else remember that?

  17. I don’t how much money the game generates, but what would happen if the winning team and coaching staff got a million dollars each for winning and the losers got nothing?

    Even though that’s not much money for some of the players, there are some players who would be highly motivated to play their best game. It might also encourage players who skip the game to show up.

    If they did this, I wonder if the ad revenue would increase because the viewership would grow. I don’t know anything about how much revenue they generate, but money in the NHL All Star Game did the trick. Best all star game ever.

  18. 7 on 7 game in shorts using the format that they use in the league that they have for retired football players (the one that Moon, Rice, Sanders and those guys have played in). In that same train of thought, they could then conceivably bring in some of the Hall of Famers who can still compete at a flag football level and then you could have Deion covering Antonio Brown, Jerry Rice against Richard Sherman, Warren Moon throwing against Eric Berry. I think that would really liven up the pro bowl. Then have some sort of strength and skill competitions for the linemen and running backs. The risk-reward is far more tenable for the players and the public is rewarded by seeing the skillset of quarterbacks and receivers on display in conjunction with another look at some former retired pro-bowl players.

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