Mariota didn’t want input on Titans’ coaching search


Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota basically has the keys to the franchise, but Mariota told PFT Live Thursday that he didn’t want to be involved with the team’s head coaching search.

“I didn’t want any input or anything like that,” Mariota said. “They did ask. They asked about Chip Kelly, about Coach (Mike) Mularkey. They obviously asked my opinions about people here and there but I wanted them to make their own decision.”

Kelly was linked to the opening because he coached Mariota at Oregon, and because Mariota’s athletic gifts fit Kelly’s scheme. The Titans ended up promoting Mularkey, who was the interim coach following Ken Whisenhunt’s firing, to full-time head coach. Kelly was hired as head coach by the 49ers.

Mariota said he’s looking forward to getting back to work with a revamped offensive staff and whatever new personnel additions the Titans make, which will include the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft.

But the reserved Mariota said he’s not looking to have any input on that pick, either, and is anxious to improve from his rookie season.

“I’m my hardest critic. I’d probably give myself a ‘C’ for my rookie year,” Mariota said. “I have to improve my ball security. Taking care of the ball in the pocket is one of things I can do better.

“I’m working on just digesting all the different defenses and getting more familiar with them. There are things I can build on and develop. The coaches want me to play how I know to play. I haven’t changed my mentality.”

Mariota started 12 games in his rookie season. He threw for 2,818 yards and 19 touchdowns and was intercepted 10 times.

19 responses to “Mariota didn’t want input on Titans’ coaching search

  1. Very humble man. Always been a fan, Tennessee has to get some protection and a WR threat. They do that and Mariota will have one great career for them.

  2. I guess you could say he played at a “C” NFL level but considering how poorly most rookie QBs play, hes probably a B+ or A- on that scale.

  3. I wouldnt even grade him that high. Newton, Wilson, Tyrod Taylor… QB position is becoming one for athletic strong armed people. 10 years from now, slow people will be stuck at kicker and punter.

  4. His humility may be his downfall. A franchise QB should have input. Mularkey is a terrible coach. If he told the front office: After playing for him 9 games last year I don’t want to play for him for the next 9 years. Mularkey wouldn’t have been promoted.

  5. While he seems like a well-grounded young man, I think it says a lot that he didn’t advocate for Chip on some level.

  6. ” QB position is becoming one for athletic strong armed people. 10 years from now, slow people will be stuck at kicker and punter.”

    How many qbs have succeeded in the league that match your analysis in the last 15 years? I can only think of a couple who have even been semi-elite

  7. I’m not humble but I’m willing to bet humble people never view their humility as a problem.

  8. It’s a shame that Mariota & Andrew Luck play for 2 of the most dysfunctional franchises in the league. They’ll never reach their full potential until they can get away to competent franchises.

  9. By Strunk hiring Mularkey, it is painfully obvious that ownership has no desire to win and is completely incompetent. Marcus deserves a lot better than this franchise. They should do the Titans fans a favor and sell the team.

  10. I hear an intelligent young man speaking from an insider’s perspective. I’m waiting to see how it pans out over a couple of seasons, with a new GM protecting him and raising the talent level around him, an experienced offensive-minded coach tailoring an offense to protect him and provided weapons for his special skill set, and a legendary defensive mind moving to shut down his opposition.

  11. He’s only a rookie, and I think he realizes that, so he knows his place. When you think about it, it is kind of crazy to ask the rookie’s input on a coaching search. I think he may become more assertive/vocal as the years go on and he becomes more confident.

    I am so happy the Titans drafted Mariota. Great guy and great player. The Titans are right in their plan to build the team around him – let’s just hope they build it right.

  12. Good guy. However no rookie QB should even be asked for their opinion on who to hire.

  13. Rdog Mariota’s rookie season is now behind him, and he already has strong leadership skills, just in a different way. He won over the locker room before the 1st pre-season game, including Mett (which says quite a bit about Marcus). He also has no lack of confidence. He said before he was drafted that he was prepared for this step & he proved it on the field! I’m also glad the Titans drafted him, and have no doubt Jon Robinson will bring in the right players to protect & complement Marcus & his skill set.

  14. I can understand Mariota not wanting to wade into that briar patch but the idiot Adams kids missed a bet in not hiring Kelly and instead promoting yet another assistant coach who will only assure that the Titans have another early draft pick next year. I only hope that Mariota can not get hurt due to the owners’ stupidity.

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