Michael Bidwill confident Carson Palmer will be “better than ever” next season

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During a Wednesday visit to PFT Live, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson said that he thinks quarterback Carson Palmer will “bounce back phenomenally” after his six turnover performance in the NFC championship game loss to the Panthers and that appears to be the feeling all the way up to the top of the organization.

Cardinals president Michael Bidwill was a guest on Thursday’s edition of PFT Live and said that there were plenty of players who should share the blame for the loss beyond Palmer. He also said he isn’t worried that the meltdown in Carolina was the end of Palmer’s run as a successful NFL quarterback.

“I’m not concerned at all. He had a bad day, there’s no doubt about it. I think he was pressing, but I think he’ll bounce back. We had other players that didn’t play well that day. A lot of attention is always put on the quarterback, I’m confident Carson’s gonna come back better than ever.”

The Cardinals obviously aren’t going to make a change at quarterback, so Palmer will get his chance to prove Bidwill and Peterson right once the 2016 season gets underway. Check out the video below to find out what else Bidwill thinks about the team, the possibility of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas and more.

10 responses to “Michael Bidwill confident Carson Palmer will be “better than ever” next season

  1. Carson Palmer is basically an updated version of Jeff George. Slightly better stats and playoff experience. But the character traits are almost identical.

  2. I am a Cardinal fan on and I think that we have seen the best Carson has to offer…Actually can fix the interior of the offense of line you will continue to have issues as he is A pocket passer… Fitzgerald is a year older and I think he blew his load this year…

  3. Arizona has a great team but after watching Palmer’s performance against Green Bay. I was hoping Seattle could get past the Panthers and play him in the NFC Championship game because the playoff pressure looked like it had him shoot.

    There were throws that he made that so bad I only see them from career back ups. Even that final TD in the Green Bay game was a deflected INT the fell into Floyd’s hands. He was playing far below the level he has shown in the regular seasons.

    Up until winning his 1st game he was running toward the record for most career stats without winning a single playoff game. Not saying he can’t prove everybody wrong but some people shine under the big lights, some people crumble.

  4. Carson is who Carson is. A great play from ahead QB, and a lousy QB when pressured and in pressure situations. A very easy QB to rattle.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! That’s a good one for a Friday morning! The Carson Palmer who showed up in the Super Bowl is the real Carson Palmer. Four pics and two fumbles and they were all on him. Not poor route running or tipped balls. Flat out bad passes. It doesn’t matter what team it is. You cant win with him as your QB. Never have and never will.

  6. Palmer got bailed out so many times this season by awful defenses who couldnt come away with easy interceptions, including several drops in the end zone.

    With the exception of Seattle, Carolina was the first defense Arizona faced all year that was worth a damn and while the last two interceptions were a surprise to me, the first two to Kurt Coleman in the red zone were not at all.

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