Michael Irvin: Dallas can save Johnny Manziel, and I’ll help

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With former first-round quarterback Johnny Manziel on outs in Cleveland, there are those who think he needs a wake-up call. And there are those who think Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones’s constant pining for Manziel has only enabled the behavior that will make Manziel a former Brown soon.

But one Cowboys legend thinks Dallas could be the place that turns things around for Manziel, and has offered to help.

During an appearance with the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, Cowboys Hall of Famer Michael Irvin offered to help Manziel, if he ends up in Dallas.

“I love the game of football and the game of football saves lives,” Irvin said, via the Dallas Morning News. “If you can get a young guy, Johnny Manziel won a Heisman Trophy at 18-19 years old. He is still growing up. I don’t know why we think if a guy can throw a football it makes him the most mature person in the world.

“There will come a time when he will cross over that threshold and become a great football player, and I am willing to work with him on that and I hope the Cowboys do get him. I know this kid has worked hard to get where he is. Let’s give the kid another shot, he lands in a better spot and get around the right kind of people. Help him become a better football player and a better man. That’s what the game of football does.”

Of course, the spotlight that comes with being a Cowboy might not be conducive to that recovery.

“There’s a lot of pressure with coming to play in Dallas,” Irvin admitted. “When you are around people that are more sympathetic and have dealt with issues like the Cowboys or like a Jerry Jones who will get in there and talk to him on a man-to-man level and help him come along as a man. [Jones] helped me become a better man, and he will take his time.

“When you know there is somebody pulling for you in the higher office, it does make a difference. I think it can make a difference in this kid’s life.”

Now the question will become whether the Cowboys pounce and claim him off waivers, or look for a backup quarterback who has shown himself to be more accountable in previous stops.

83 responses to “Michael Irvin: Dallas can save Johnny Manziel, and I’ll help

  1. “I know this kid has worked hard to get where he is.”

    “worked hard”, not so much.
    “partied hard”, more like.

  2. …because the Cowboys have a stellar record of turning around troubled players.

    They’re the equivalent of handing an alcoholic a gallon of moonshine and saying, “We get you.”

  3. I believe that a lot of what johnny was doing was to try and get out of Cleveland and get somewhere else. that being said some of the things he did were just johnny being johnny. he can grow up by going somewhere where he knows he’s not fighting for a starting job because the pressure is off and theres no undo pressure placed on himself and no need to act out because hes not starting and frustrated because he thought he was the better option in Cleveland.

  4. This will be great. Jerry won’t draft a qb early, and it’ll change the first round entirely. Manziel will avoid a dui cause he’ll always have a driver. Which will lead him to drink more. Let the circus begin.

  5. Stop it. Manziel’s not a kid. He’s a fully grown man. He’s not the most mature person and is out of control, but he’s still a man.

  6. Manziel doesn’t need a stint in Dallas. He needs a stint in the military, that will straighten his butt out.

  7. Irvin is still immature and an idiot, but that does seem like a personality who can relate to the players Jerrah gets in Dallas. Wow, if Irvin is the guy helping you, welcome to rock bottom. The Dallas Cowboys really do deserve Manziel.

  8. Manziel is best served moving to an apt near his University, and getting free drinks every night from the adoring fans of yesteryear…

  9. Barring injury, let him SIT behind Romo for a few years and just monitor him. If he screws up big time…..cut him!

  10. In Texas, football is a religion, from grade school to high school to college. Players are coddled and shielded from any responsibility for anything they do. That goes for the Cowboys, too.
    They are an organization of enablers and protectors. If Johnnie Paycheck goes to Dallas, he’ll swathed in a layer of bubble-wrap by JJ & Co. so nothing will stick to him. Anyone who thinks the Dallas cops don’t love the Cowboys doesn’t know Dallas.

  11. I hate the Cowboys and I think Manziel is a punk, so I’d love to see this happen, but if the Cowboys had half a brain in their organization, they’d stay far, far away from him. They would be better off trying to get Robert Griffin straightened out as a potential QB, than trying to turn around Manziel.

  12. I wish I could be drunk and high on tv like Irvin… How does this scumbag still have a job???

  13. ck44sps says:

    Why does Manziel have to be a Cowboy for Irvin to help him out.

    Because Michael lives in the area.

  14. The problem with Irvin’s comments is that he assumes that Johnny wants help. He doesn’t.

    He wants to live his life and it simply isn’t compatible with being a starting QB, let alone an NFL player.

    Irvin also fails to realize that Manziel doesn’t need the NFL, he’s always been set for life.

    While the fame helps his partying ways, he’ll always be famous in Texas, so he doesn’t even really need that.

    You can’t force someone to change, they have to WANT it.

    People keep saying it’s about ‘maturity’. No, it’s about Manziel’s preferred lifestyle. He likes his life the way it is more then NFL. He’d prefer to have it both, BUT, since all these incidents are making it an either/or, his actions suggest he is choosing his party lifestyle.

    Sure some people tone down the partying a bit as they get older, but there are plenty of older ‘mature’ people who go to the bar everyday, or use cocaine. Plenty of people in their 40’s try to hang out at clubs, and of course plenty of older people engage in domestic violence.

    Most of these people saying they can change Johnny, are putting Johnny in their shoes. What THEY went through. Johnny’s life isn’t a rag to riches story. Or even middle class to riches story. Perhaps they should start looking at putting themselves in his shoes. He has always been rich, privileged, and no matter what he will always be famous for his college achievements. What the NFL offers really isn’t much to him. What it is asking him to take away, seems too much.

    Of course Manziel is a moron for wanting his lifestyle over the substance of a fairly meaningful life, but that’s how it appears to be, and it appears he’s at peace with it. Otherwise he wouldn’t be out and about like he is.

  15. “he lands in a better spot and get around the right kind of people.”

    That’s true Mr. Irvin.

    It’s also true that that better spot, around the right people, is not Dallas.

  16. yeah, he’ll help all right……..I seem to recall between 20-25 years ago when this guy getting out of a sports car with a long fur coat and a lady on each arm looking like the number one pimp in Dallas………yeah Irvin, you’ll help all right !

  17. Irvin has a point…why?

    Because Manziel will be in Jerrah World.

    Jerrah controls the Dallas media…want proof, we barely get a whiff of all the bone-headed crap Dez gets away with…think of all the stupidity w this guy when he got his 1st rookie contract…then they give this turd $70mil guaranteed. You think he isn’t being babysat???

    Irvin will teach Johnny how to locate the cameras first, not roll up bills…to use straws instead…u know, to really take him inder his wing.

    Remember the old Mike Irving saying, “You can’t win the Superbowl w a bunch of chior boyz!”

  18. “thenoshows says:
    Feb 4, 2016 11:12 AM
    So a guy acts like a total dick and will end up playing for the team he wants to.”

    Do you remember when John Elway came into the NFL draft?

  19. LOL Mike thanks for the laugh! The only person who can save Johnny Manizel is himself. He is a grown man he has to want to get help for himself no one else can do it for him.

  20. Why doesn’t Michael Irvin ask Chris Carter what needs to happen to Johnny Manziel. It’s obvious he needs to go back to rehab, forget the football right now. All we ever read about, is everything bad he is doing. What good has he done since he came to the Browns??? I don’t know why Michael suddenly thinks that he is the big saviour of this looser.

  21. I dunno Johnny and what his real intentions are.
    If he can be serious then I think it would be great to see him become an American football success story. We are a country of second chances or at least we should be. I’m one of the probably few who isn’t ready to give up on JM just yet.

  22. I think it’s nice that Irvin wants to be a mentor to Johnny who might need guidance in the NFL, but why not offer his services no matter what happens or where he goes?

  23. We all need to take a step back and recognize the work Irv has done to make Greg Hardy a better, err um, wait, oh nevermind….

  24. It is easy to make fun, but Dallas has one of the better player support systems in the league. They take on troubled players because they have a support network that can handle them. Randy Gregory is a perfect example of it at work.

    Dallas is an organization that understands and can deal with substance abuse issues and if Manziel is going to be able to succeed anywhere in the NFL it would be either Dallas or Cincinnati.

  25. Remember when this guy was stopped with drugs, and he claimed that he was helping out an “old female friend”? I think he was even suspended by ESPN. Between him & Cris Carter (get a fall guy) , I’m not sure anybody should hitch they’re wagon to them. Personally, I can’t wait for the Johnny Rehab to Dallas media circus!

  26. Manziel is primarily into boozing. But Irvin can diversify Manziel’s portfolio by introducing him to crack.

    Manziel will be a perfect fit for Jerry’s team because Jerry thinks that he can polish a turd.

  27. “I don’t know why we think if a guy can throw a football it makes him the most mature person in the world”

    People expect an NFL quarterback (and an adult) to be a reasonably mature person. He SHOULD be held to a higher standard. I’m not an NFL QB, but if I behaved the way he does, I wouldn’t have a job.

  28. Until or unless Johnny Manziel wants to be “saved,” no one–not even Michael Irvin–is going to make one bit of difference. You can’t “save” someone who isn’t interested or who doesn’t care, and Manziel has given no indication that he is interested or that he cares. He’s an average football talent that apparently believes he doesn’t need to act like an adult. So be it. Just don’t be surprised when he’s out of the league before too long.

  29. All Jerruh needs to do now is bring in Tom Heckert to work in the Front Office, and there won’t be enough cocaine or bourbon left in Texas.

    Hell, invite Irsay down for a party, too. Irsay, Jones, Heckert, Irvin, Hardy, Dez, Manziel, and the Dallas PD! Why not?

    North Dallas 40, anyone?

  30. If I was the Cleveland Browns, after hearing that I might keep him. Thanks Mike you just another perspective on the situation. After all Johnny Ball Ache owes them something.

  31. My boy the Playmaker. Michael Irvin is the bomb. One of my favorite Cowboys of all time. Johnny is going to blow up with the Cowboys. The Clowns do what they do best mismanage everything.

    Cant wait til Johnny shreds the Clowns next year in Cleveland.

  32. The local Dallas readers above are correct. Jerry Jones owns the Dallas media as well as the Dallas Police Department so Manziel will not get into any real trouble.
    (If anyone doubts that the Dallas Police Department is for sale, just take a look at the picture of the lawman holding Lee Harvey Oswald upright and steady while Jack Ruby approaches unimpeded and shoots Oswald right in the heart.)

    The Cowboys will hire a full time “babysitter” for Manziel just like they did for Dez Bryant to keep Bryant out of trouble

  33. The wake up call for Johnny would be Jerry Jones saying, “the Dallas Cowboys cannot take a chance on the most critical position player with someone who is erratic like Johnny Manziel.”

    If Johnny Football cannot have his dream job, then He’s got nothing.

  34. It’s sad to think that despite all his questionable behavior and choices, he might end up exactly where he wanted being coddled by Jerruh. This is why I feel like the Browns should just sit his butt on inactive for 2 years. Not even the bench because he’s a cancer in the locker room…and that’s not just my take. The Browns players have said it was way worse than anybody realized. The Cleveland Browns are NOT the reason Johnny Manziel is an idiot…that is his own choice and I really don’t think it will matter if he goes to Dallas because eventually his lack of commitment and work will catch up to him. That could be almost enjoyable enough to overcome the sour taste he has left in the mouths of Cleveland fans. Don’t y’all realize we really, REALLY wanted this to work. We are tired of this QB issue and I, for one, was really hoping we could use that 2nd pick on Joey Bosa…not another damn QB.

  35. I don’t know why we think a guy who has won a national title at age 19-20, 3 straight super bowls and name HOF at age 45 isn’t still growing up! Irv himself hasn’t crossed the threshold…just watch him on TV makes me think he’s on something!

  36. Dallas ain’t gonna fix this kid.

    People who’ve “been there before and know what he’s going through” ain’t gonna fix this kid.

    Johnny’s the only one who can fix anything. And, it’s pretty clear, he doesn’t want to.

    People are only fooling themselves believing they can help the guy when he clearly doesn’t want any help.

    Because why would anyone accept help to solve a problem they are convinced doesn’t exist?

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