Panthers have full participation in practice, with owner watching

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Now that the Panthers are finished with their media obligations for the week, they can focus exclusively on their football.

And they did it Thursday under the watchful eye of owner Jerry Richardson, who arrived in town last night.

According to the pool report from their practice submitted by Jarrett Bell of USA Today, all of the Panthers listed on the injury report were full participants, with Thomas Davis, Mike Tolbert and Jared Allen showing no signs of problems.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said he counted four mistakes during the 80-snap team portion of practice, including backup quarterback Derek Anderson drawing the first defense offside penalty after he mimicked Peyton Manning’s “Omaha” audible.

“There were some things as far as detail that we needed to clean up,” Rivera said. “We had four mistakes. That will cost you. The game comes down to a matter of mistakes. . . .

“I told them that I thought it was exactly want we needed to do to go out and win a football game. I thought the tempo was what we needed.”

They’ll get one more full practice in tomorrow as well, as they prepare for Sunday’s game when the “Omahas” may be real, and may not be.

4 responses to “Panthers have full participation in practice, with owner watching

  1. If the panthers lose it’ll be a major choke. Still, I’d put my money on experience over youth on this one.

  2. Lol so you’re saying you’d get on them to lose, but if they lose they choke?

    Nice logic there… I love hearing non-Panthers fans try and act like they know something about the Panthers.. Lol

  3. Broncos are going to win. Not because the Broncos are a better team just because football is “entertainment” and Manning walking off in the sunset is a better story line.

  4. Don’t have any dislike for the Carolina franchise and they are extremely impressive.

    I’m a Broncos fan and they’ll need to play one hell of a game on Sunday, I’d never bet against my team, but if I were a betting man… well, I’ll just say Go Broncos!!!

    And should the Panthers win their franchise first Super Bowl, while I’ll be disappointed, I’ll be happy for all my family/friends that are Panthers fans/season ticket holders.

    Aside from a Broncos win, I’m just hoping for an entertaining game.

    Ready for this thing!!

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