Report: Manziel’s ex-GF says he hit her, seeks protection order


The ex-girlfriend of Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel told police that Manziel hit her and dragged her into a car during an altercation last weekend, WFAA in Dallas reported Thursday.

Citing sources with knowledge of the investigation, WFAA reported that Colleen Crowley has asked for an order of protection from Manziel. Crowley reportedly told police that she jumped out of a car to avoid Manziel, but he followed as she attempted to hide in some nearby bushes.

“He grabbed me by my hair and threw me back into the car and got back in himself,” Crowley reportedly told police. “He hit me with his open hand on my left ear for jumping out of the car. I realized immediately that I could not hear out of that ear, and I still cannot today, two days later.”

A Dallas Police helicopter assisted in the search for Manziel after the incident, but he was not arrested. Crowley told police she feared Manziel had been on drugs and that he’d threatened “to kill us both.”

After an October incident near Cleveland, Crowley told police that Manziel had pressed her head against a window. The NFL investigated and did not discipline him.

The Browns used a team statement earlier this week to separate themselves from Manziel. They can release him next month.

91 responses to “Report: Manziel’s ex-GF says he hit her, seeks protection order

  1. It is clear that Manziel’s problems stem from a mental illness, not drugs or alcohol. I’m not being sarcastic or witty but he should get in touch with Brandon Marshall even though Manziel will never play another down again.

  2. If the allegations are true and can be substantiated, under the new NFL domestic violence policy, my understanding would be that Manziel would face an 8 game suspension, even though he not have a team by then.

  3. No big deal. Happens every day here. Especially after happy hour.

  4. When Manziel said he wants to “wreck this league”. I think he meant one team at a time.

  5. Manziel allegedly threatened to kill her and himself. We could only be so lucky he did the latter. Seriously, though, who cares about this guy at this point? I could care less what his issues stem from, whether or not he needs and/or gets help. He’s just some shmo that I won’t even remember existed in 20 years.

  6. Bring Johnny to Green Bay! He’ll fit right in and the sheriffs around here make up the laws as they go.

  7. All these Jerry jones Signing Manzel Jokes are becoming Dead! They Needed a pass Rusher so they got Hardy. They can find better backups than Johnny.

  8. Sick of this guy. I kept putting off Manziel’s actions over and over again, condemning them but thinking he’d change eventually… I was wrong. I don’t think he’ll play ever again. He’s literally Ryan Leaf all over again.

  9. I guess now we know why Sashi Brown, Brown’s GM, basically said they will be releasing this DB asap.

  10. Anything that keeps those two apart can only be viewed as a positive. Now if his 15 minutes could be up and he gets whatever help he needs that would be ideal.

  11. On March 9, when Johnny Affluenza is no longer in Greater Cleveland, I’ll break out the Jameson to celebrate.
    I can hold off until March 9. Johnny can’t.

  12. Bad quarterback, worse person. Anyone who signs him is a moron. The media hype is worse than Tebow, and at least Tebow was a good guy and won a couple games.

  13. The NFL turns a blind eye to it’s players abusing women.
    Unless there’s a video that happens to surface a few days
    after the fact!

  14. Dallas police always give free passes to football players. Any of us would have an outstanding warrant for assault if we did this.

  15. I always maintained that Manziel would never make it in the NFL because he lacks the talent. It turns out I am only half right, he wouldn’t make it in the NFL because he’ll be suspended for half a season and then nobody will sign him.

    Can the Browns get part of their signing bonus back? I would definitely try.

  16. Pretty messed up – but he didnt Ray Rice her, so will probably get another shot somewhere. Im not sure why he didnt just leave her wherever she was, drive off an never call her back. That pretty much solves every problem with girls. No need to rough them up if they piss you off, just leave and break off communication.

  17. I don’t take back what I said about it possibly being white privilege. I will add, however, that rich kid privilege is apart of it too. Likely, a combination of both.

  18. Its only domestic violence. In Goodell’s National Integrity League that’s a 2 game suspension at most.

  19. What good is a fresh start when no one respects you, because of constant foolish and idiotic behavior

    Many were willing to give him a pass sayimg “he was just doing what college kids do” at A&M

    After two yeard out of college he is a concern to people around him including himself based on the statement and actions above.

  20. Johnny Manziel is Johnny manhandle. What a joke this guy is smacking women around. I hope somebody takes him out at the knees.

  21. It’s painfully obvious that Johnny’s football career in the NFL is done. No owner will sign him. He’s too much of a train wreck personally.

    The bigger question isn’t about his career at this point, it should be about his mental state and the fact that this continued downward spiral is going to unfortunately have a tragic ending.

  22. He thought he was going to the biggest Brown in Cleveland since Jim. But he can’t hold a candle to what Jim did on the field or off the field! Call me when Johnny tosses Colleen out of an apartment window.

  23. Crowley might have the right idea. Actually, all 32 NFL teams should file PFA’s to keep Manziel away from them, too. If this is true, I hope someone smacks him around until he realizes that hitting women is not OK. And whether or not this is true, I hope, and honestly don’t think, any team will ever sign him again.

  24. Those clamoring for him to be released and banned from the NFL from this day forward are only telling a half truth.

    If the dude were playing like an all pro, opposing teams fans would be bickering about his behavior but fans of the team he were playing well with would be defending him left and right.

    I find it ironic that if a player is struggling fans will rip him apart but if he’s playing well they’re the first to his defense.

    Take Adrian Peterson for example. Dude plays well on the field and their fans still try to justify his assault of his own 4 year old and act like he’s just misunderstood.

    Johnny, you messed up here. You failed to realize it’s only ok to be a bad boy if you’re playing well on the field first.

  25. There’s a few girls I dated that really deserved a good earhole shot. Wish I had sometimes. But I didn’t……..thanks dad for warning me!

  26. Exactly what happened? Any witnesses, phone videos, bruises to her body. Wasn’t there some kind of mix up with her story about the altercation with Manziel in Cleveland? And how long did she go with him? Didn’t she know if he was a loose cannon or not? I think she’s just looking to be on the next T-shirts along with Johnny.

  27. I have a daughter.

    If I was Mr. Crowley, I would be en route to Manziel’s residence with a blowtorch and pair of pliers so I could get medieval on his ass.

    Disgusting behavior by the young man.

  28. I hope Ms.Crowley is alright and I also hope she sues Manziel, the Browns and the NFL, who knew his issues and did ZERO about it.

    Oh and she should also sue the police departments who never charged this clown, allowing him to continue the brutal assaults on her. Those who persist in denying this guy’s privileged life are as sad as he is.

    Johnny has a Napoleonic Complex. Lock him up NOW!

  29. Ryan Leaf said earlier this week that watching Manziel unravel was like looking into a mirror. If Leaf says that about you, then it is time to completely re-examine your life.

  30. The article indicates that JM was not arrested. Everything else in the article indicates that he committed battery. The lack of arrest is a disconnect. If there was evidence of battery, he would have been arrested.

    If JM committed battery, he will surely be out of football. I think he is out anyway. His talent is marginal. His antics are a major distraction.

  31. Another wasted 1st round draft pick by the Browns and the league is so starved for qb’s he will get another shot and a budweiser commerical to go along with it….smh

  32. All I see is an accusation with not much to substantiate it. As someone who had a crazy ex, you would not believe the outrageous claims a lunatic woman will make to get attention and sympathy. Show me signs of physical injury and I’ll give this a little more credence.

  33. We all know he is a whackjob but I would like to know what SHE is doing to set him off??? A guy just doesn’t start slapping a woman around for no reason.

  34. This is perfect storm for a shakedown of Johnny Manziel.

    Women know that public will assume guilt and put a lot of pressure on him.

    Women want his money.

  35. How do gold diggers get away with lying?

    Easy…all the focus is what a bad guy Manziel is, nothing is back on the girl as potential liar.

    How easy does this make it for a girl to grab some money?

    You will likely only realize this when it happens to you
    or your son.

  36. So do y’all finally get it? My son who was a huge Johnny fanboy finally got it…no more arguments. This kid is a disaster, was from the get go but my team seems to find the crap and draft ’em high. He obviously suffers from severe affluenza…as well as probably a few other mental health issues and he needs to get out of the limelight and get some serious help. I truly hope there is some way the Browns can get out of paying the rest of his salary because he’s reneged on his contract or his actions were not consistent with his position…something.

  37. The girl claimed she was hit, yet police didn’t file any charges? Either the girl is lying or the police are covering up for Manziel. Both scenarios are entirely possible.

    I don’t like condemning anyone without hard evidence, but it’s clear Johnny needs a change in life. At the very least he needs to cut ties with this “girlfriend” of his.

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