Tom Brady, 39 other Super Bowl MVPs expected to attend pregame ceremony Sunday

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Before the start of Super Bowl 50, the NFL is holding a ceremony to honor the previous Super Bowl MVPs on the field at Levi’s Stadium.

Tom Brady has won three of those awards, but his ongoing legal battle with the league over Deflategate has led some, including Brady’s father, to wonder if he’d take part in an event celebrating the history of the NFL. According to a release from the league on Thursday, Brady will be there.

Brady is one of the 40 past MVPs expected to attend the ceremony before the Panthers and Broncos square off on the field. Bart Starr, who was the MVP of the first two Super Bowls, and Chuck Howley, who became the only MVP from a losing team at Super Bowl V, are expected to take part via video.

Harvey Martin, who shared the Super Bowl XII honors with Cowboys teammate Randy White, died in 2001 and is the only winner not scheduled to be involved in some fashion.

58 responses to “Tom Brady, 39 other Super Bowl MVPs expected to attend pregame ceremony Sunday

  1. I hope Brady doesn’t shake hands nor acknowledge Roger Goodell. Lets hope the fans boo him mercifully when he is introduced. He is the biggest reason the NFL has so many problems both on the field and off the field.

  2. I wish if Brady has to shake hands with Goodell he just licks him up the side of the face and laughs at him. Or make rabbit ears behind his head, but that wouldn’t be as funny.

  3. including Brady’s father, to wonder if he’d take part in an event celebrating the history of the NFL.

    Well, Brady likes the NFL enough to receive paychecks from them.

  4. Are Patriots fans genetically superior to Patriot Hater? I think so.



  5. Brady will video in like Starr and Howley.
    Bet his video gets loud chorus of boos……will be fun to watch .teehee☺️

  6. Regardless of Goodell giving him the shaft, this isn’t about Goodell. This is about the history of the game which existed before Rog and, barring anything Earth shattering, will exist after him.

    The final nail in the #Deflategate coffin is the fact that the league recorded PSI randomly all season and didn’t release any of it to the public. If it condemned Brady, we’d all have seen it plastered all over the media.

  7. Looking at the list of Super Bowl MVP’s stay close to Riggins if you want to finish the night at the best parties.

  8. I hope Brady can find all his SB MVP trophies for the ceremony. It’s so hard to keep track of them all. Don’t forget to check the upstairs closets!

  9. Greatest of all time..led league in TD’s this year..thought he couldn’t throw an inflated ball. How about those fumble stats? Least in the league AGAIN…It’s called Coaching!

  10. factman66 says:
    Feb 4, 2016 4:01 PM
    Please stay home Brady. America hates your cheating face.

    Yeah, he’s been hated all the way to the number one position in both the NFL player’s poll and jersey sales. It’s a tough life being a 4 time champion, 3 time SB MVP, holder of almost every post season QB record, super model marrying 6th round draft pick with the highest winning percentage of any QB with 50 or more starts. I can’t imagine how the poor guy gets by…

  11. MIT and Wells both said they estimated Patriots footballs to be in the range of 11.2 to 11.5 that day. Averaging both gauges, Pats footballs were at 11.3, perfectly acceptable.

  12. unbreakable02215 says:
    Feb 4, 2016 5:21 PM
    He’s 38. Not 39.
    He couldn’t even tell the truth about his age!?

  13. Brady is the goat and it’s not even up for discussion. 22-10 in playoff games is all you need to know. Haters hate because of jealousy that one man can have it all while they have to exist in their meaningless, useless, boring lives.

  14. Not sure if non patriot fans know this or not but this site is really a support group for fans of patriots that can’t accept their team cheats.

  15. Brady is associated with two biggest cheating scandals in NFL history, that a fact. That disqualifies him from any GOAT conversation, another fact.

  16. Never mind all that cheating stuff, worst than that Brady is rumored to be a Republican; how come the President’s IRS didn’t put him in jail for that?

  17. I think the league is not happy about the Patriots being eliminated, so they’re trying to work Brady into the game somehow.

  18. Jchipwood and factman66 are known to be aliases for two of Goodell’s brothers so you have to take anything they say with a grain of salt. And not the thin grain sifted salt but the heavy grain kosher salt. And what’s sad is that their brother is pleading with them to make comments about Brady during SuperBowl 50 week, when the Patriots are not even playing. There has been do little buzz concerning the Panthers and the Broncos, they have been forced to use Patriots stories to use as fillers just to keep the press coming to all the “parties”.
    Sad but even when the Patriots hand over a perfect parity passover, the Panthers and Broncos can’t generate enough interest to keep the focus on the SuperBowl. Couldn’t do it. Needed to bring in Patriot filler stories to fill the week. Sad.

  19. If NE cheats and it bothers chippy and fictionman (and it quite obviously does bother them deeply since they comment on EVERY post about NE), then, I think we’re all OK with that. Just sayin’.

  20. I live in Boston and can’t stand the Patriots. But I am glad he is going and proving the game is bigger than him.

  21. Awesome to have SB MVP Tom “I got us in field goal range” Brady there. Maybe he can deflate something besides footballs.

  22. as is usual when postseason football is the subject… NO Viking players will be involved…. skol…. get well and god bless to bart starr…and brady needs to be there if for no other reason than to irritate the commish

  23. Tactless and jchippers have lost on all fronts when it comes to facts so they have reverted to name calling. Its good to know my taxes are paying their wellfare checks, otherwise I wouldn’t get in a good laugh everytime I read a Patriots article.

  24. baltimorons says:
    Feb 4, 2016 4:14 PM
    GCOAT…I like that.
    Me too, Greatest Champion Of All Time.

    Haters, Brady owns your minds and souls.

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