Hospital fires two employees for leaking Jason Pierre-Paul records


Well, this isn’t going to make people want to tell us secrets.

Via Jordan Raanan of, the Miami hospital which was treating Pierre-Paul has fired two employees who leaked medical records to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The two individuals were fired from Jackson Memorial Hospital, which has been investigating the leak since shortly after the July 4 fireworks accident which cost the Giants defensive end a finger and other parts of his right hand.

“During the investigation of a breach that occurred in July 2015, Jackson Health System became a party to related litigation,” the statement from the hospital read. “It is our policy that we do not comment during pending litigation. That litigation has now been settled. As part of our investigation into the breach, it was discovered that two employees inappropriately accessed the patient’s health record. That finding resulted in the termination of both employees. Protecting the privacy of our patients is a top priority at Jackson Health System. Any time we have allegations of a breach, we immediately and thoroughly investigate.”

Schefter published the records, which included part of a record of another patient, while Pierre-Paul was having surgery to remove the right index finger. In the immediate aftermath, he hedged as to whether he should have published the records as opposed to just going with the information.

That decision led to two people losing jobs, and an apparent privacy claim settlement.

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  1. The NFL network should have fired Schefter too. He helped subvert the HIPPA law which protects people’s right to privacy in relation to their medical records so that he could practice “journalism”. Even worse he released info on another patient who had no connection to JPP.

    While very few people who work in media understand the word ethics it actually does have some meaning.

  2. I sure hope they got paid for the leaked information. If not that’s going to sting for a long time. No way they will ever get a job in the medical field again.

  3. And Schefter badgering them for info means nothing apparently. I realize he technically did nothing wrong but he had information illegally obtained, how is that ok with his employer or anyone associated with him?

  4. I think Schefter should be punished as well. It takes about 5 seconds to look up HIPAA and know that 1)the employees at the hospital broke the law by accessing and sharing the patients information and 2) it was at least in poor judgment, if not flagrant stupidity, to not only post the info, but post the actual records. He basically hung them out to dry knowing that they would face the music, since it not that hard these days to trace who has access to records and who might have shared them. Throwing them under the bus really doesn’t cover what he did to them.

  5. Hope they got paid accordingly for the cost of their jobs.

    Anyway, this is exactly why its no surprise that the pharmacy guy is recanting his story on Manning. If its true, he violated HIPPA and loses his job and license.

  6. Sure they were fired. Violation of HIPAA Privacy Rule. If you want to learn about it go to

  7. First, I am pleased to hear that the hospital investigated and terminated their employees.

    Second, I don’t think that Schefter should be held accountable for the willingness of two employees to violate the law. Those employees could have said, “no.”

    In this country, we want our news to be uncensored. So, we need to tolerate the actions of investigative reporters. However, I think that Schefter should have been more careful to examine the source materials, and remove information about the other patient. That error IS one for which Schefter should be held accountable.

  8. Solid work Schefter… you just cost a couple of people and their families their livelihood.

    Another shining example of ethics in journalism.

  9. I work in healthcare billing. All access to a patients bills and medical records is logged. If this hospital uses the EPIC system which most major hospitals do then finding out who leaked the info would be very easy. The employees deserve to be fired and Adam schefter should be fired or go to jail for displaying a patients medical records without their consent.

  10. eoyguy says:
    Feb 5, 2016 5:53 PM
    I think Schefter should be punished as well.
    For what? Asking for information? HIPAA doesn’t apply to him.

  11. I worked for a medical office for a year in 2013 and HIPAA is a big, big deal. I’m surprised that it took this long to figure out who accessed his records. And I’m also surprised there aren’t some sort of allegation against Schefter for publishing said records. He’s just a guilty as the two people that accessed the records.

  12. davew128 says:
    Feb 5, 2016 10:41 PM

    For what? Asking for information? HIPAA doesn’t apply to him.
    HIPAA doesn’t apply to him, but the PHI information he published is private information nonetheless.

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