Johnny Manziel’s agent dumps him


Johnny Manziel’s agent has had enough.

In the wake of the latest allegations that Manziel abused his girlfriend, agent Erik Burkhardt released a statement this morning saying he will no longer represent Johnny Football.

“It is with deep regret that, after several emotional and very personal discussions with his family, his doctors, and my client himself, I have made the decision to terminate my professional relationship with Johnny Manziel,” Burkhardt said. “Though I will remain a friend and Johnny supporter, and he knows I have worked tirelessly to arrange a number of professional options for him to continue to pursue, it has become painfully obvious that his future rests solely in his own hands. His family and I have gone to great lengths to outline the steps we feel he must take to get his life in order. Accountability is the foundation of any relationship, and without it the function of my work is counterproductive. I truly wish the best for Johnny and sincerely hope he can, and will, find the kind of peace and happiness he deserves.”

The Browns are expected to cut Manziel at the start of the league year on March 9, and Manziel is likely to clear waivers and become a free agent. At that point he’ll need an agent to help him navigate his options, although it seems unlikely at this point that many teams will have any interest. Manziel is increasingly becoming a player no one wants to touch.

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  1. Accountability starts in the crib.

    Aside from an act of God establishing accountability at this point in his life, after all he’s been given and how he’s been “worshiped” and enabled, is next to impossible.

  2. Good for this guy to walk away and please get some help Johnny.
    Football needs to be your last priority.

  3. He could absolutely light up the Vikings offense. Dump Bustwater and give Jonathan Football a chance to shine! SKOL!!

  4. More likely destination for Johnny in 2016?

    1. Canada
    2. Back in college station where he’ll party it up with his millions he “earned” from the Browns

    Thumbs up for #1, thumbs down for #2

  5. Gees . Johnny “Canadian” Football . I can’t see any team touching him . I really thought the way he talked after rehab that he was going to rebound . You know he had a couple of games where I thought he was going to make Merrill Hoge eat crow . I’m actually pretty saddened for him .

  6. He’s still got grade A tail all over him. He comes from money,the nfl is just not that important to him. So now he gets to spend his time golfing and straight chilling as he waits to inheret a boatload of $$$.

  7. how long before a “breaking news” interuption with the headline JOHNNY FOOTBALL FOUND DEAD IN A DITCH???????????????

  8. Cause he realized he’ll make more money off his book than he ever will shilling for this guy.

  9. Johnny Manziel hits/threatens his girlfriend: no police report, no suspension

    Peyton Manning has HGH sent to his wife: No suspension “non story”

    Tom Brady “more probable than not that he knew” about a deflated ball scheme: 4 game suspension. Appealed and upheld 4 game suspension. Court overturns and the Nfl appeals.

    Roger Goodell looking more and more like the sorry pos he is: Priceless

  10. What a bum for a an agent….just throw the kid under a bus during the worst month of his life….he didn’t have to do it publicly, now it looks like a very troubled young man has zero support….lost his team, girlfriend, family members, agent and career….I really hope you find the help you need Johnny, I dont hate you or wish failure on you and its time you found Jesus….

  11. This is an honest question. I don’t watch college football. I’m all about ‘Show me something’ once they get to the NFL. Basically, I’ve never seen the kid play except in his first start where he stuck up the place.

    For those who watched him in college, I’m asking is he really good enough to save? It took a lot for his to finally get the boot and Dallas seems interested in him.

  12. To ajgreenhof …… I feel bad for fans of teams that can do no more than criticize other players and fans in hopes of making themselves feel better.
    I assume you are a Bengals fan. You have a very good team with a deep roster …. but you should look at your own failings losing a game to the Steelers when even the Browns would have found a way to preserve that win.

  13. Manziel has nobody to blame but himself. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit and his parents should be ashamed of the son they raised.

  14. Another attempt at a wake up call?
    More and more it seems like this kid’s 15 minutes will end with him face down somewhere, you can save someone from almost anything but themselves…

  15. Wow …… this very telling …… HUGE.

    When the man whose income is derived from you, walks away from you, there is no way to “spin” this for Manziel. It’s clear that Burkhardt sees that Manziel’s career is spiraling out of control, and that this is going very, very badly for Manziel.

    It’s clear that whether he takes all of this seriously or not, he is helpless to stop the self-destruction of his career …, his LIFE.

    I would advise Manziel’s family to sit this guy – he’s no longer a “kid” – down, with Ryan Leaf, while there is still time to finally make the changes he keeps promising he’ll do.

    Everyone sees the train-wreck coming but YOU, Johnny. You’ve burned through whatever sympathy anyone ever had for you. You’re a sad, pathetic joke, at this point.

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

  16. I’m genuinely concerned for him at this point. If even your agent is dumping on you you have to be in bad shape. And it sounds like his family has had it too. Somebody better step in or the next headline is going to be a lot more serious.

  17. Johnny, the fans are done also. Listen to your agent, Dr., family, police and now us. None of us are with you. Anyone telling you different is setting you up for an unspeakably humiliating life. Decide – do you keep being a humiliating joke we all make fun of, or a man we respect for admitting mistakes, and doing the work to change?

    Totally your call, buddy.

  18. For those who watched him in college, I’m asking is he really good enough to save?

    He was one of the most exciting college QBs I’ve ever seen. Mostly street ball, scrambling, getting out of impossible situations and then firing a rocket down field. Some of that was his receivers, especially Evans. But he could just flat take over a game and score on anyone. Even better than Cam Newton or Tebow.

    In college that is. Pro defenses are too fast and strong for him, and I doubt he’d ever be a pocket passer, even if he stayed sober and gave it his best.

  19. He’s a kid that has made several mistakes… but he isn’t in prison (yet), hasn’t shot anyone (or himself), hasn’t arranged a hit on anyone, is young, and has shown promise.

    There is no way on this Earth that he won’t get at least two more chances in this League if he truly wants them.

    I still see the Rams as a possible fit.

  20. As much as I dislike John Manziel (and I greatly dislike his public personality and I also think he has no shot of being a starting QB), the fact that his ex-gf wouldn’t let the police document and photo her injuries makes me wonder if she is telling the truth.

    I know women who accuse others of rape usually don’t make the story up, but this one is hard to believe. If she is his EX-girlfriend, why wouldn’t she let the police photograph her injuries? Furthermore, if she really was worried about his mental state as she said to the police, wouldn’t she want the state to investigate and prosecute him so he can get the mental help he needs?

    I don’t like John Manziel, but the ex-girlfriend’s story doesn’t add up to me.

  21. The NFL is off the list of options. But the CFL is a viable option. His game is well suited to the CFL But it’s doubtful if he can make the necessary personal changes.
    I hope for anyone battling addiction problems.

  22. maybe it’s my cynicism, but without video, I still think that Dallas, or another team will bring Manziel in for a tryout. Jerry Jones will try to spin a redemption story…”media sizzle”. There are too many seats that needs to be filled to let a “bargain basement priced” QB sit at home when there are jerseys & tickets to be sold.

  23. … much as Dallas says they won’t sign him …they will. They fixed Dez Byrant but failed on Greg Hardy. That’s a 50% success rate. They also encouraged Romo to stop dating Jessica. Why not take a chance on him for a year & see what happens? Jerry Jones does what he wants, and dammm the fans & media’s negative perception.

  24. Affluenza must be a real thing. Johnny just can’t get a grasp of reality.
    Browns dumping him.
    LeBron’s agency dumped him.
    Agent dumped him.
    Think he will get the message, or will some leach enable him some more?
    The Affluenza thing was just sarcasm.

  25. glaedrfly says:

    Oh, he’s untouchable now……


    he was untouchable when the Browns were foolish enough to give a kid with that background a 4 year contract for $7.5M… of which he’s already taken $3.2M

    $3.2M for 8 starts, 7TDs, 7INTS, 7 Fumbles, 74.4 rating

    it’s amazing how NFL management keeps on talking themselves into hiring nutjobs

  26. Until there is toolbag rehab, he will continue to be a tool. He is a guy who doesn’t want to work, got his money and wants to coast. Blame it on substance abuse or addiction if you want, but the reality is he’s never been held accountable for his actions and always got away with it because his athletic ability trumped everything. It’s different when you’re a big boy.

    Him getting wasted is not the disease. It is just a symptom. Guaranteed he’d be doing toolbag things with or without alcohol.

  27. Can we stop with the he needs help crap?
    He’s more like the kid who won’t stop playing video games to go to work or school than the kid who found himself wayward with the wrong crowd. He’s not addicted to anything but his own inflated self worth.

  28. Though there are many great comments here and a few bad ones, Johnny is not reading them. Even if he did he would not care one iota what anyone says or else he would have changed long ago. He is what he is in life and most people never change. How he could have messed up so bad is beyond most of us and maybe someday he will look back and say “I wish I would done this all differently”. I would expect him to be out of football by the end of this year. He is accountable for his own actions, period.

  29. he doesn’t need an agent. all he has to to is call packers gm ted thompson go to green bay, get on his knees and beg him to sign with the packers. there in the football capital of the world he will find his only true chance to really be great. mike mccarthy is a QB guru who coached joe montana . in green bay he will be forgotten behind aaron rodgers by the public and the media. he will have structure there and be able to learn from the best aaron rodgers . if he is willing to pay the price Green Bay is the place for johnny football. In Dallas , Miami , LA or NY he will end up a freak show.

  30. Wow it seems like a lot of people have a lot of hate in their hearts around here. What on earth has Johnny Manziel ever done to you? Even if you are a Browns fan, it’s not like he had a hundred million dollar contract or something. it was one thing when he seemed to just be an obnoxious kid, but it is obvious now that the kid has serious problems and needs help.

    I’ve known a lot of people like JM in my life, and I always rooted for them to overcome their demons. And I will be doing so as well now.

  31. Someday, when standing around the oil drum fire with the other bums in some urban winter misery, Johnny is going to look up and meet the guy who told Haslam he was the Second Coming. But even that guy won’t recognize Johnny Manziel anymore.

  32. Will you guys stop calling him a kid? He’s a grown man and is responsible for his own actions. Frankly, I don’t blame the agent for dumping Manziel. It sounds like the agent really tried to help him, not as his agent, but as a fellow human being trying to help someone he cares about. Unfortunately, Manziel just stomped all over the hands reaching out to him.

  33. If only there were warning signs???????
    The red flags on this guy were flapping in the wind for years!!!

  34. I will not attempt to analyze or categorize this youngster because I don’t know how. However, I did make a tiny mental note to keep an eye on him every once in a while when I read a statement from his dad wherein he expressed “….he feared….” his own son when he “went off.” Call that what you want – I call it very sad and tragic.

  35. A people wondered why Chip Kelly did not take him in the draft. Howie was probably pounding the table to take him.

  36. after seeing the “money signs” on draft day, it didn’t take a famer’s almanac and a psychic to predict this would be the final outcome. Spoiled brat

  37. Haha…first time I ever hear of an agent dumping someone because they are an absolute trainwreck.

  38. Is it just me or does that comment from the agent look like he just changed a few words in what he wrote, for when he went to Manziel’s Intervention?

  39. Tebow is a first class individual, albeit a little to far right for me. Putting Manziel in the same sentence is abominable. Tebow may not have lit up the NFL but he certainly didn’t light up the gossip rags. Good luck to you, Tim. Can’t say the same for Manziel.

  40. “All jokes aside. I hope he get the help support and help he needs.”

    All jokes aside, I hope Johnny ASKS for the help and support he needs.

  41. The comparisons to Tebow are awful…Tebow had the will and want to play QB….he worked hard and was the best leader he could be. Tebow just doesn’t have the talent to play QB.

    As for Manziel, reverse the roles. Manziel has proven his talent is good enough, but he’s more interested in the nightlife than playing the game. If Tebow had Manziel’s talent, he’d be a playoff starting QB every year.

  42. I truly wish the best for Johnny and sincerely hope he can, and will, find the kind of peace and happiness he deserves.

    deserves….are you kidding me….deserves…He deserves
    NOTHING !….the wrath that is about to descend on him because of his actions..nobody elses ! !…These prima donnas should be accountable for their actions and not coddled !

  43. OK, so this man-child is the NFL’s version of Josh Hamilton. With the exception of a relapse after the 2014 season, for which he did get treatment, Hamilton has been a (relatively) model citizen. Manziel would do well, I think, to have some face time with Hamilton, and get that specific peer counselling. Then again, I don’t recall so much as a single story saying that Hamilton was beating on anyone. That aberrant behaviour, though, is almost certainly related to his substance abuse.

  44. change will come when the person becomes sick and tired of being sick and tired. Only then, when he hits rock bottom and finds himself facing despair will he have a chance to change his life. As long as he is the martyr there will be no change and the downward spiral will continue, sadly. Johnny you will not die from terminal uniqueness my friend. Your story has been played out on numerous occasions.

  45. I live about 45 minutes away from where Johnny is from in East Texas. His daddy is a known drunk and party hound around these parts too. And thinks his shis don’t stink. And no. I am not kidding.

    In this case the apple does not fall far from the tree. And frankly the family does not see a thing wrong with what they are doing. Regardless of what pops is saying now.

  46. I’ve never been a “Johnny” fan and never believed he’d make it in the league but the agent;s move to publicly disgrace him is nausiating.Burkhardt could have simply filed papers with the NFLPA withdrawing as his agent, he didn’t have to call a press coference to publicly humiliate Johnny. It shows what type of agent Burkhardt truly was. The message to all potential clients is clear; Burkhardt is the type of agent you want to stay away from as he will put HIS interests ahead of his clients!

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