Johnny Manziel’s father fears for his son, tried to get him into rehab

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It’s one thing to be cut by a team, or even an agent.

But when your own flesh and blood begin to worry about you, it’s a whole different sign.

According to Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News, quarterback Johnny Manziel’s family is concerned for his well-being, after he twice declined trips to rehab facilities in the last week.

“I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,” Paul Manziel said.

Earlier in the day, his agent parted ways with him, and the Browns have effectively washed their hands of the former first-rounder.

But the family has different concerns, trying to get him into a pair of Texas rehab facilities. Paul Manzeil tried to get Johnny to go to the Enterhealth Ranch facility in Van Alstyne. Then they tried to have him admitted to Carrollton Springs Hospital, but he was allowed to leave there.

Manziel was born on December 6, 1992.

130 responses to “Johnny Manziel’s father fears for his son, tried to get him into rehab

  1. Yikes. You knew it was bad for Johnny Football, but I didn’t know it was THIS bad. Sad story – I hope he can turn his life around, but you can only help those who are willing to accept help…

  2. Every story that comes out about Manziel, I think it can’t get any worse. Every day, a new story comes out and I’m proven wrong. Wow.

  3. No matter how you feel about this kid, it has to be devastating to his family to see him in such a spiral. Hopefully he can pull out of it and lead a normal life.

  4. To anyone that doesn’t feel sorry for him at least feel for his family . This story is stunning to me . I mean domestic abuse in this current climate ? Its now drugs instead of alcohol ?

    He even looked like an NFL qb when he got the starts . This is so sad to me from his girlfriend to his family to yes even him . If he does get himself straight I would have to think it will be extremely hard for him to forgive himself .

  5. And yet Johnny Doorknob will continue to have apologists lined up to defend away his behaviour as just another kid simply having a beer.

    Last night I had a beer with a buddy. It didn’t involve nineteen beers, two dozen Jagermeister shots, a police chase, helicopter, allegations of assault, being fired from my job or having my family fear for my life.

    Johnny isn’t the only one who needs to wake up.

  6. I can feel empathy for those who have been dealt harsh blows in their life through no fault of their own. But in Manziel’s case he’s a selfish lowlife who was born with every advantage and who is the author of his own demise. So no sympathy from me whatsoever.

  7. Oh NOW it’s time for his family to get him on the right path. Where were you guys when he was in college and being enabled at every turn?

  8. Great father. Let me throw more cash at the problem. Toss him in rehab. And let strangers deal with the problems.

    Wow. It’s so surprising that your kid turned out to be such a self absorbed jerk.

  9. I’m 32 years old, if and when my Dad tells me to do something I do it. The only thing my dad would say to media is I beat him down and dragged him into rehab.

  10. The Story in ESPN the Mag 3 years ago was very much foreshadowing of how his life has turned out.

    However, his family is VERY much responsible for the way they raised him.

    His father bought him liquor on a regular basis, even going back to high school, according to the story.

    From the story, his dad bought him a Mercedes when he went away for college. Johnny wanted $7500 dollar rims for it. Because his dad was ‘afraid he’d do something stupid’ to get the rims himself, his dad went out and bought him the rims.

    I’m sure his family does truly fear for his well being, but they very much put him on the path he is walking down now.

  11. he’ll b fine, just growing pains. my parents said the same thing about my 18th and 21st bday’s but here I am still alive and kicking almost 20 yrs later!!!!

  12. Ok this isn’t funny anymore. Someone needs to do a welfare check and lock him up somewhere. Might help if the media backs off too for a bit. Your just ratcheting up the pressure he perceives is there…

    I thought there was a thing where family can do a civil commitment. Not sure though…

  13. I’d like to think this will be the last article I read about Manziel. Alive or dead, he is completely irrelevant to me.

    He clearly doesn’t care about his safety and well being so why should I?

  14. Maybe the Browns should take responsibility for something and get their player some help instead of curbing him, I mean the guy is gifted but obviously unstable. Some players don’t translate well to the NFL, maybe another Leaf situation can be avoided with the proper help?!?

    This is becoming more of a tradegy than a sports story, pretty sad actually.


    A Bills fan

  15. Don’t worry Johnny Boy,
    Jerry Jones and Michael Irvin can’t wait to “save”
    Then you will be able to do what you do best, drink all you want, sell a few jersey’s, sit on the bench and hit the police blotter every other week….

    Go Manziel, Go Cowboys!!!

  16. To the father/family you are the ones enabling him. Where do you think he got the alfluenza sickness from?

  17. Johnny Football should spend a couple months with John Lucas.

    It would be better if a straight jacket were not necessary to make that happen, but his family might want to consider it.

    Or maybe they can sedate him and schedule an emergency competency hearing.

  18. Maybe you should have not let him carry on the family tradition of being a jag off because you inherited money that you did nothing to earn.
    The Manziel family has been screwed up for a long time and if Johnny Football ends up in the ground before he is 24 then you can consider it collateral damage for your own stupidity and lack of guidance.

    Does that sound harsh?
    Reality can be that way.

  19. after hearing all these things about Johnny, i started to dislike him. but as a dad, i can feel for johnny’s dad. such a hard thing to go through. wish you and johnny the best sir.

  20. As QB guru George Whitfield Jr. said the other day…

    “You can’t ride both horses.”

    Party All-Pro
    Football All-Pro

    Can’t be both.

    I honestly don’t believe Johnny will “live up” to his potential. You can’t change who you are on the inside, and who he is happens to be all about the party life.

  21. patslovecheating says:
    Feb 5, 2016 11:09 AM
    meanwhile josh gordon is suspended for some weed


    Ding ding ding!!! Here’s the winner!

    What a backwards business. Just because weed is such a bad word in America. This is coming from a guy who doesn’t even like to use it.

  22. Unfortunately, you can’t MAKE anyone get their ish together. You can forcibly throw them in rehab, you can lock them away in prison, you can try every trick in the book. Until that person has hit their rock bottom and decides that they need to get help and get clean, it won’t make any lasting difference.

    Hopefully he gets his head on straight and gets the help he needs.

  23. spin5150bc says:
    Feb 5, 2016 10:56 AM
    Trust me, he’ll enter the Jerry Jones treatment center before the draft.

    Cowboys be Cowboys.
    So the Cowboys have distanced themselves from Greg Hardy, Joseph Randle, and already been quoted they don’t want Manziel near Valley Ranch (their practice headquarters), yet morons want to keep trying to speculate.

  24. Another spoiled brat who have gone to the “Dark Side”. First there is Art Schlichter, Ryan Leaf, and now Johnny boy. Waste of talent and opportunities.

  25. Rehab for what?? It’s clear that he has some issues with alcohol. But is that the driver here? Or is Johnny Football on the IV drugs. What’s his deal? And why isn’t that the story?

  26. Seems that anyone associated with Manziel “professionally”
    has jumped ship. Well, the Browns will whatever the date is, March 3rd I think? If his own folks are concerned, there
    is definitely something to it albeit they’re partially to blame.

    The kid better wise up before something happens that even
    “Daddy’s Money” can’t get him out of.

  27. As a parent, I feel for Johnny’s parents. I couldn’t care less about Johnny’s welfare. I simply don’t care. He has made his bed, along with numerous facilitators and should be solely held accountable for his transgressions.

    First off, he should be arrested and charged, then he should be banned from the NFL. He deserves his day in court, but law enforcement should be handling him differently from others and they clearly are.

    That said, that’s where my sympathy for the parents, stop and it’s for one reason: they also need to be held accountable for “bad parenting.” They’ve watched him circle the toilet bowl for years, so where have they been with the plunger?

  28. Sadly, not everyone can be helped. He has to decide to get better. Until then, nothing anyone does, including his family, will matter.

  29. That’s great. He’s gonna drink himself over the edge and suddenly we’ll all have to be like “oh what more could we have done to help? It’s so sad…”

    Not me. You play with fire, you get burnt. You sleep in the bed you make. No sympathy here.


  30. This is getting a little dramatic. Does he have the discipline to be a pro athlete? Doesn’t sound like it. Does that mean he’s going to wind up dead within the next 6 months? No.

    Did none of you guys like drinking and going out to the bars when you were in your early 20s? Do you guys think every person who’s gotten in a domestic dispute with their girlfriend or gone to Vegas for the weekend is on a rapid fast track to death in their early 20s?

    Not justifying his actions by any means, just pointing out that what he’s doing isn’t uncommon by any stretch, except for the fact that he’s screwing up his chances to be a pro athlete. Doesn’t mean he’s on the verge of winding up dead.

  31. Call me a terrible person, but I really don’t feel bad for him or his family. It’s not like this just sprung up overnight. So many examples of guys coming from garbage and turning into fine, upstanding people than to shed a tear when Johnny eventually ends up dead on a dank motel room bed with a strung out hooker laying next to him.

    I simply don’t care. And neither should any of you. Johnny is doing what Johnny wants to do… had he been required to have been an adult at some point in his life, maybe this wouldn’t be happening. But even then, being a functional human isn’t rocket science. It has, however, seemed to have proved too difficult for Johnny to do.

  32. Eff him, I could care less about him. You’re a professional football player PLAYING a game as your job & you get paid handsomely to do it. If you’d rather drink & hit girls then be a professional, then you deserve to lose your job & all the backlash that comes with it. Loser.

  33. Interesting comment by father ……if THEY can’t get him help”
    Sounds like he’s putting the onus on people other than his family and Johnny himself!! A strange perspective on who needs to be responsible to fix this guy.

  34. A person who has an addiction must hit bottom in order to face the reality of exactly what they are…he hasn’t done that yet and nobody can MAKE him do it.

    Hope he doesn’t have to kill himself or someone else in order to do so.

    As a Browns fan, Im glad we are cutting our ties…as a human being, I will pray for the kid.

  35. This has obviously taken a bad turn.

    At this point the “structure” of a football team may be the only way to save him.

  36. Unless you WANT to quit the drugs or booze, rehab is worthless.
    Unless he gets sober, either jail or a coffin await him in a few years.

  37. Someday, when standing around the oil drum fire with the other bums in some urban winter misery, Johnny is going to look up and meet the guy who told Haslam he was the Second Coming. But even that guy won’t recognize Johnny Manziel anymore.

  38. @ spin5150bc says:

    “Trust me, he’ll enter the Jerry Jones treatment center before the draft. Cowboys be Cowboys.”

    Sorry to disappoint you, but the Cowboys will pass on him again, just like they did on draft day a couple years ago.

    Trust ME, haters be haters. Try some salve on that very severe case of butt-hurt that will be forthcoming when Dallas decides to sign RGIII.

  39. Johnny’s problems are Johnny’s fault and nobody but him will be able to fix them. That being said, there’s been a steady string of enablers dating back many years with this kid.

    His last season at A&M they let him take all his classes remotely. He never stepped foot on campus except for a monthly meeting with an advisor and any bets he skipped half of those meetings and they just let it slide? Nobody wanted to challenge him on anything.

  40. This is way beyond football. This young man needs help…I hope he gets it and can make something of his life, football or not.

  41. It’s not rehab he needs, he needs a good shrink & probably meds for mental illnesss.

    He is either bipolar or he has boarderline personality disorder.

    Both of these can lead to addiction & erratic behavior.

  42. Daddy Man-squeal’s words:

    “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,” Paul Manziel said.

    Who are ‘they’? This is your job, buddy-boy. One you were never ready to accept, and still aren’t. Your kid hits women and does irresponsible stuff – all on you.

    Be a man – get your little boy some help.

  43. “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,” Paul Manziel said.

    THEY? SOMEONE ELSE is responsible for saving your son? Maybe this is why he is a mess in the first place. Poor Parenting. It’s not to late to read parenting 101 daddy…

  44. I know most don’t want to hear it. But there are a lot more behind Johnny who are going to fail because they are being trained to fail. Starts before high-school with that nonsense swagger they learn from the pros like Cam. They don’t know how to tie their shoes yet but boy can they Dab. 10,000 go through every county in the US for every 1 that gets a scholarship. And for every 10,000 scholarships, there’s 1 Heisman trophy. And very few of them actually benefit from the scholarships they earned. But every one of them can party. And every one of them can swagger. And every one of them can dance. And few of them are “Johnny Manziel” famous.
    So it’s not going to change. Ever. And sadly, we don’t want it to. And that’s on us.

  45. When a situation escalates to this, it might be time to go light on the vitriol and heavy on the compassion. Healthy, high functioning human beings don’t take a wrecking ball to their lives.

  46. snakeskinsoul says:
    Feb 5, 2016 12:10 PM

    A person who has an addiction must hit bottom in order to face the reality of exactly what they are…he hasn’t done that yet and nobody can MAKE him do it.

    Hope he doesn’t have to kill himself or someone else in order to do so.

    how can you hit bottom if you are rich? I wouldnt

  47. “Maybe the Browns should take responsibility for something and get their player some help instead of curbing him, I mean the guy is gifted but obviously unstable. Some players don’t translate well to the NFL, maybe another Leaf situation can be avoided with the proper help?!?

    This is becoming more of a tradegy than a sports story, pretty sad actually.


    A Bills fan”

    So now it is your employer’s RESPONSIBILITY to make sure you show up to work on time and sober? That is the very minimum, even for a McJob, let alone the NFL.

  48. One commenter on here hit the nail on that head perfectly square. “That demon Rock has him”. I bet Johnny doesn’t even realize how hard the ish has hit the proverbial fan. All he’s concerned about is keeping up this high and anyone that gets in his way will suffer the consequences.

  49. Hey, Johnny… Doesn’t that fork sticking out of you hurt?

    Actually, based on the picture above, I kind of wonder if he was a fetal alcohol syndrome baby. Hard to say, of course, but he maybe has some of the facial feature markers of it. That might explain (not excuse) some of his behavior. Or maybe lead poisoning, but naaaah…. I’m sure the water quality in TX is thoroughly monitored and regulated by the state, right? right?

  50. glenuendo says:
    Feb 5, 2016 11:00 AM

    No matter how you feel about this kid, it has to be devastating to his family to see him in such a spiral. Hopefully he can pull out of it and lead a normal life.

    his family is uber rich. im sure they don’t care that much

  51. I have two young children. I can only imagine the stressful nights his patent are having worrying about there son wellbeing. Praying for them

  52. Manziel doesn’t think he has a problem. Until the day comes where Manziel thinks he has a problem, he will continue to live a dangerous lifestyle. There is no helping anyone who doesn’t want help. If the Manziel family is lucky, Johnny will realize he is out of control before he kills himself.

  53. The kid needs real friends who can help Johnny get back into rehab. But it also has to be something he decides to do. One of my family members had problems with addiction and she said addicts end up a few places. Rehab, Jail or in the morgue.

    Let’s hope it is the first two. Prayers for him and his family.

  54. This isn’t the ‘beginning’. Manziel’s dad has been sounding a siren call for years.

    He warned the NFL that his son had anger issues before the draft.

  55. “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,” Paul Manziel said.

    If THEY can’t get him help? Paul, if HE won’t accept the help that has been offered and is available, it’s on him, not THEY or THEM! Not you or your family, not one of his girlfriends, not the Browns, not the NFL/NFLPA, not his agent or anyone else can help at this point because he clearly doesn’t want it. So, hard as it is for a father, accept the reality that until he realizes everything he supposedly wants and has worked for is gone, that he’s in danger of killing himself or going to prison, until the hits the proverbial “bottom” where there is no hope except in himself, there’s nothing anyone can do for him.

  56. You know why you don’t read about Britney Spears going off the rails anymore? Because her parents were able to set up a conservatorship, and she’s been aided by a sympathetic father taking control.

    Johnny needs similar. You can mock and ridicule him, but substance abuse is a chronic condition, one he is unable to manage on his own. Because he comes from money, and has a poor attitude doesn’t make him unworthy of a chance at a positive life free from chemicals.

    Who cares about football at this point?

  57. You can argue that his Dad enabled all these years due to their wealth.

    But having to put the final nail in the coffin of his kids dreams must have broke his heart.

    Furthermore, his Dad is not saying he has issues, he is saying he may not live much longer. Very strong words publicly from a concerned father.

    Johnny may play somewhere down the road. But when your own Dad says you are a mess, what team would touch him anytime soon?

  58. Alot of people who know better here. Giving lectures to parents concerning a grown man. Tip, Johnny has been a adult since the age of 18. He has been a NFL professional for 2 years. His parents aren’t the problem, the Browns aren’t the problem and his agent isn’t the problem… Johnny is the problem.

    Would the Marines call mommy and daddy? How about the Army? Microsoft? NBC? Seriously people.

  59. What did daddy think was gonna happen? He raised a spoiled brat that didn’t have to worry for money or want for anything BEFORE he signed an NFL contract.

    Apples don’t fall from the tree folks. Been proven a billion times. If the people that drafted him don’t understand this about human nature, then seriously… They should be replaced.

    Johnny “Walker” Football has none of the redeeming family values that other great players have had. And at the risk of taking this too far in this post. Do your own due diligence on him.

  60. At first I thought this was a ploy to get released so he could easily go to Dallas, but now I think it may be a serious issue.

    I don’t like the idea of his agent dumping him and this is part of the reason agents are just the worst. If Manziel does get things turned around and ends up being a solid starter and gets endorsements, IMG will have no problem collecting their 15% of all his money. But the minute he struggles, they don’t provide support, they just kick him to the curb.

  61. When a kid gets a chance to play a professional sport like football and still does this stuff it’s not likely he will ever stop. It’s hard enough to get someone to stop when they have nothing but when they have an opportunity to play in the NFL and make some serious money, it medically means their brain is not functioning in a reasonable normal way.

    Opioids if that is what he is on, more than often becomes impossible to break from if you have a mind set like this kid. He has no real understanding or humility that he needs to get clean. He could be done forever.

    I’ve seen guys like him with parents like his, who have lost everything trying to get their children clean and they all too often fail and are left with total defeat and frustration, not to mention losing their life savings. Johnny boy is totally lost and it’s a crying shame he will lose everything very soon. He needs a miracle, but it does not look good.

  62. Even though his parents and everyone around him have enabled him his whole life, this it ultimately Johnny’s own fault. HE makes his own decisions. HE is responsible for his own failures or successes. Everything wrong with him now is a result of HIS own bad choices.
    And no matter who wants to help him, that, too, is ultimately HIS decision.

    You can’t force an addict into rehab and expect them to get better and stay better. They will NOT do it until THEY are ready themselves! So, until this kid hits rock bottom, nothing will change. HE has to want to put the work into his own recovery, and it IS work. And right now, he wants nothing to do with working….at anything.

  63. For all of you bashing the parents: do you really know how they raised him? I know some people that were raised in horrible and dysfunctional family environments who turned out to be exceptional people and role models. I also know people that have had the best parents in the world and had everything going for them yet still turned out to be low-life turds. We all have our demons we live with and the skeletons in our closets are relative to some extent…it’s how YOU respond as an individual that matters. We all must play the hand we’re dealt.

    Ironically, by blaming the parents, you’re only further enabling this kid’s behavior by giving him yet another excuse. He needs to look at himself in the mirror and take responsibility for his own actions as an ADULT. Until that happens, blaming the parents, the girlfriend, the money, whatever, is only putting a band-aid on the real problem, himself and his OWN decisions.

    And don’t get me wrong, I clowned on this guy since the day he was drafted, but we’re now watching someone slowly kill himself. It’s no longer funny. How surprised would anyone be if the next headline announced his death?

  64. Would someone tell me what he needs rehab for? I keep seeing posts that he needs it but I don’t remember seeing any reason given other than he’s a completely selfish, boorish, spoiled rich kid that likes to party more than work.

    Seems to me that his parents suddenly realized his future earnings are in jeopardy so it’s time to use the addiction/rehab excuse.

    And before all you people out there accuse me of being heartless I’ve seen real family addiction first hand and it didn’t take this long to recognize it or try to stop it.

  65. Anytime certain QBs enter the draft, meatheads flood the internet with Jamarcus Russell comments but Manziel is a true Jamarcus Russell.

  66. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to accountability, does it?

    “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,” Paul Manziel said.

    they can’t get him help-hell, your the father, the guy that is suppose to care more about his son than anyone else on the planet. Do your damn job, accept responsibility, and quit acting like it is someone elses!!!!

  67. Johnny is the problem but he has also spent his entire life having people suck up to him so why should it be different as an adult. He’s a spoiled brat in the body of a man. Maybe if his parents hadn’t always enabled him he wouldn’t be in this position. However, he is a grown man and needs to start acting like it. What a colossal idiot. He’s making Ryan Leaf look like a stable person.

  68. I remember years ago Martin Sheen had Charlie thrown in jail in order to help him get rehab. Maybe that’s a possibility.

  69. I have no sympathy for him. He was given everything in life and has drank it away.

    His parents were enablers that are now regretting their actions. For their sake I hope he can get clean, but they made this bed too.

    Society should learn the lesson, he’s already made himself the example. Reap what you sow, kid.

  70. I don’t know Texas law but in California if someone is a danger to themselves they can be put on a psych hold. It can be 48 hours or more, depending on the circumstances.

    It also sounds like the family should explore a conservatorship for him as well (which might allow them to put him in rehab whether he likes it or not) with a non-family member as conservator since apparently his family has enabled him to act this way.

    No matter what, the kid needs help.

  71. It is a tragic situation because he has a disease. Without rehab now I believe his father, and if he is suicidal that’s very bad.
    No one here who is not an alcoholic understands how he is right now. We don’t think the same way as him. It’s critical he gets help now, or it may well be too late. Just because his parents have money, has nothing to do with it now, except they can pay for the best facility. So they have enabled him along the way, but now it’s very serious, and I wish him luck and hope he listens to someone. Obviously for his agent to leave him, and he has turned down 2 facilities this week, he is at rock bottom.

  72. IanFlfan you are right. In Florida he could be Baker Acted and that puts him legally in a facility for 72 hours at least. He could also be Marchment Acted, which requires 3 letters to the judge about their friend, being a danger to himself. That could be done by any of his friends who fear for his safety.

  73. We all assume it’s alcohol abuse he’s suffering from, but what most people don’t realize is there’s a lot of different types or rehab you can go to. With his erratic behavior, and the worry from the family I’d be it’s some sort of poly-substance abuse, where he’s mixing alcohol with harder stuff.

  74. “Apples don’t fall from the tree folks. Been proven a billion times. If the people that drafted him don’t understand this about human nature, then seriously… They should be replaced.

    Johnny “Walker” Football has none of the redeeming family values that other great players have had. And at the risk of taking this too far in this post. Do your own due diligence on him.”

    My dad was abusive both verbally and physically. Verbal was worse btw. It was very hard for me to care about myself, and included A LOT of pain in overcoming the subconscious self-sabotage I wasn’t even aware of for so long, but I managed to get through grad school and have had a productive career as an engineer for over 30 years now. I’m sorry you can’t understand unless you’ve lived it, but none of us has any business saying what we think is wrong or whose fault it is. Obviously something is, but that’s as far as we can speculate. Hopefully he figures it out, because at this point he is the only one that can change it.

  75. I feel for any family going through this type of thing. From what I’ve read, however, it appears that his family enabled Johnny Manzel to get away with things for years.

    I hope it isn’t too late for Manzel to get the help he needs. Unless he really wants it, and is actually willing to change, it won’t do any good though.

  76. first things first, i feel for his family. i dont think they’ve done enough early on in his life, but it’s sad that he’s not listening to his own mom and dad.

    now to Johnny, i do NOT feel sorry for him and i’ll give you one name for the reason i dont feel sorry for him, Tim Tebow. That is who i feel for because as hard as he tries and as hard as he works to try to play Quarterback in the NFL, he just doesn’t have the ability to do it, yet, he’s a great man off the field and works hard at it, even if it’s unsuccessful, he’s trying hard.
    Manziel on the other hand has the talent to be a good to even great nfl quarterback, but he’s not trying hard enough. a guy who is trying hard would never have rumors of him being in Vegas with a wig and mustache. if Tebow had the talent that Manziel has on the field, then i bet he’d be a good, maybe even a great quarterback. that’s why i dont feel sorry for Manziel, i can’t feel sorry for a guy who’s doing this to himself and is turning a deaf ear to anyone who is offering to help him.

  77. I do hope that he gets his act together at some point,but this is how you turn out when no one has ever told you the word “no” in your entire life.

  78. There are different types of drunks: those who get sleepy, those who get giggly, those who become socially gregarious, and those, like Johnny, who fall into despair and then violence. Don’t think about getting help, dude… JUST DO IT!

  79. Back when he was in college his father felt it was the responsibility of the coaches to teach Johnny how to behave and focus on football. He partied all through college and has been coddled by everyone in his life. If his parents would have set limits and stopped making excuses and pawning their responsibilities off on others…maybe Johnny Football wouldn’t be spiraling out of control!

  80. Goodell needs to suspend him for a year for repeated violations, Browns still have a 1st round pick invested in him. He is doing this because he wants out of Ohio.
    Manziel is spitting in the face of the NFL.
    If a team wants to trade another pick as good or better than him fine..
    I feel for the great fans of Cleveland!

  81. I recall being 21 or 22 and going to school, drinking a lot and going to class, graduating and getting a job, that I still have. Now imagine being 21 with million’s of $$$ and……being 21. Does he have a problem, or is he acting like someone who is rich and 21?

  82. It’s about time he holds himself accountable. If he were not ‘Johnny football’ how many comments would show concern. Just questioning, lets say he were a ‘homeless’ Veteran, what would the comments be then ???? He is and always been ‘spoiled’, ‘privileged’ & given the ‘golden key’ in life, it’s his decision to throw it away. As I mentioned before – it’s about time he is accountable for his actions. Just my opinion.

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