Report: Cowboys don’t want Manziel


Johnny Manziel could be getting the wake up call he needs.

At a time when many believe Manziel wants out of Cleveland so he can play for the Cowboys, WFAA in Dallas reports that the Cowboys don’t want him. Per the report, “a high-ranking Cowboys source says that Dallas is out on Manziel after the latest reports involving the quarterback and domestic violence allegations.” WFAA notes that the same high-ranking official previously expressed doubt that Manziel would be pursued.

The Browns will waive Manziel on March 9, and the Cowboys have the No. 4 spot on the pecking order for making waiver claims. The question now becomes whether a team below Dallas would squat on Manziel’s rookie contract. If he’s unclaimed, the question then becomes whether anyone will sign him as a free agent.

Earlier this week, Ed Werder of ESPN reported that Manziel has told people the Cowboys, Chiefs, and Rams are interested. But that was before the specific allegations of domestic violence arose, a dynamic that in the aftermath of the Ray Rice debacle is enough to make teams sour on any non-superstar.

Complicating matters for the Cowboys is the decision a year ago to take a flier on defensive end Greg Hardy in the aftermath of his own domestic violence issues. So even though owner Jerry Jones has made his feelings for Manziel previously known repeatedly, circumstances have changed enough to make the Cowboys not inclined to provide the 2012 Heisman winner with his next NFL home.

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  1. We’re talking about football (In my best Allen Iverson voice or coach Mora) football? We should be talking about him being released on bond. Manziel should have been arrested and football at any place other than prison, should not be an issue.

    He’s irrelevant, has been irrelevant from a football point of view, since he left A&M. The NFL has no credibility, law enforcement who didn’t arrest this clown, has no credibility and it’s time to put him in the dumpster, where he belongs.

  2. This is news? Jones could pick up RGIII, who actually wants to play football and avoid the headaches. Jones may be a meddler, but he wants to win. Manziel is an ongoing train wreck, a distraction no team needs.

  3. why wouldn’t a couple of teams that are totally screwed up want him? teams like the cowboys or the browns……oh wait now i get it …nevermind.

  4. He doesn’t realize but soon will, that the reason he gets VIP treatment in bars and nightclubs, is because of football. When all of that goes way, bouncers and door managers will take delight in turning him away and telling him, he is a nobody.

    He better get it together or he will be a cautionary tale, ala Ryan Leaf/Vince Young.

  5. This is probably just the Cowboys leaking misinformation to drive the price down even further than it would have already been. Make him come begging, happy to accept any lowball offer that Jerrah might lob his way.

  6. It’s just a ploy by Jerry to avoid a bidding war over Manziel

    Johnny Football doesn’t have the same “leadership” qualities Jones recognized in Greg Hardy – but he’s a close second in Jerry Jones’ view of the world

    Now if only Darren Sharper gets out of jail on a technicality Jerry Jones can finally bring ALL these great leaders together and truly have a team that embodies everything the Cowboys and their fans represent

    America’s Team indeed!

  7. Oh Gawd, please, please, please let this happen!!! Johnny Football in Dallas with Hardy, Dez, etc. would be mucho entertaining, plus they can trade tips on the best ways they keep females “in line” and compare backhanded slaps. And then they need Hard Knocks this year… Oh gawd damn, this has the makings of the best reality show EVER! Cmon, Dr. Jones, DO IT!!! Given your team’s mediocre track record for the past 20 years, it’s not like they are going to be competing for an SB berth so you might as well go all in on the entertainment/ tabloid headlines part…. DO IT JERRAH! You know you want to!!

  8. He’s Jerrah’s kind of guy. Good leadership skills and with an endorsement from the Rev. Michael Irvin. How can he miss? Oh! he already did.

  9. Chip Kelly and the 49ers could be a landing spot. A backup in Seattle could be another. The Rams in LA would be hilarious.

    Something tells me that even though he’s gotten so toxic that his agent bailed on him, we haven’t quite seen the end of this guy yet.

  10. Hard to believe any team would shy away from any player because of an unsubstantial charge from an ex. It’s not too late for some anonymous women to make a bet on SB L and claim a starting LB hit her.

  11. Of course not. Why would the Cowboys sign a guy who has domestic violence issues?

    Oh…well yeah…I meant NON-pass rushers…

    Hey, at least Johnny isn’t being charged, while they signed a guy who was convicted (before a cash settlement took place).

  12. They are just saying that so they don’t have to give a draft picked up watch as soon as he’s released they will grab him for nothing

  13. Manziel will be getting paid by the Cowboys or Rams this coming season.

    Both has shown willingness to give troubled players another chance if the talent is there. Throw in his young age, then both franchises will see this as a zero risk move.

    If he flames out then they gave him a chance and simply cut him. Yet if he succeeds then they are deemed total geniuses and how could so many other teams not make that move!

  14. Jerry has always liked the idea of polishing turds. He even tried to rehabilitate Ryan Leaf. So if he’s no longer interested in Manziel then I doubt that anyone else would be…even in the CFL. But then again Manziel was born with a silver spoon and really never has to work another day in his life anyway.

  15. steelerben says:
    Feb 5, 2016 10:31 AM

    Chip Kelly and the 49ers could be a landing spot. A backup in Seattle could be another. The Rams in LA would be hilarious.

    Something tells me that even though he’s gotten so toxic that his agent bailed on him, we haven’t quite seen the end of this guy yet.


    We wont get him Jed York says “win with class” Johnny has no class and cannot win

  16. In 2014 before the draft I said I didn’t want Manziel and everybody in Cleveland I talked to said I was crazy. I said that either Bridgewater or Carr were much better options – hell, even Garoppolo was a better option. Even a Cleveland Browns study that the team paid $100,000 for said Bridgewater was the best option. But we picked Johnny, and Cleveland went nuts. Amazingly, not a soul mentioned that he was kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy the summer before his final season at Texas A&M.

    Two years into this mess, Manziel has burned seemingly every bridge he can find. Teammates, team management, fans, marketing people, even his agent dumped him. This is a screw up of Ryan Leaf proportions, but even Leaf played 5 years in the NFL, and Johnny may not even see 4 years in the NFL. Just a sad damned case, especially since it involves my team.

  17. Let’s first see if the NFL suspends him. Would you sign a QB that is facing a 4 game suspension? To what end?

    That said, he apparently has all the leadership qualities that the Cowboys seek. Domestic abuse, check. Not as good as advertised, check. As useless as tits on a bull, check.

    Jerry will sign him in a heartbeat.

  18. Manziel will be getting paid by the Cowboys or Rams this coming season.

    Both has shown willingness to give troubled players another chance if the talent is there.
    Except for the fact that with Johnny, the talent isn’t there.

  19. Reminds me of the scene from Blazing Saddles:

    “We’ll take Hardy and Bryant but we DON’T WANT MANZIEL!”

  20. It’s hard to believe the Cowboys don’t want him but if not, there’s always the Bungals.

    You know Mike Brown is salivating at getting him at a discount price.

  21. @ whatjusthapped says:

    “Jerry will sign him in a heartbeat.”

    Sorry to disappoint both you AND Florio on this one, but this kid has burnt his last bridge, and even Jerry knows this kid is a waste of talent. I absolutely knew he would be a bust, and his entitled behavior has been his downfall from day one.

    Florio was heartbroken when Zach Martin was taken over Johnny Foolsball, and now Florio has again been heartbroken by the second astute kicking of Manziel to the curb by the Cowboys.

    RGIII is a much better potential backup at a very good price. I think it certainly is a low-risk and low-cost move if they decide to bring Griffin in. He has a lot of tread left on the tires, and would be a nice fill-in in the event he is needed to play.

  22. He needs to go to a team outside of the continual media spotlight and back-up for a year — after a long period of rehab/treatment.

  23. Other posters hit the nail on the head. This sounds exactly like classic haggling tactics. Insult the product, pretend you don’t want it, bad mouth it and drive away other competitors. The seller will eventually give you rock bottom price. That’s what Dallas is doing. Why trade for him when they could get him off waivers?

    They know Johnny will never be prosecuted for any transgressions because he’s an Affluenza guy and has legal immunity in the state of Texas (j/k…..sort of).

  24. Does everyone really believe that Romo has another three years left in him? If Johnny or Robert is there answer, they will be starters by mid season. I think Jerry should be considering one of them and spending an early draft pick on QB. He needs more than one solution.

  25. I think at this point Manziel needs to focus on getting his life back together first before thinking about football and what team may or may not want him. Same goes for any team which may be interested in him.

  26. I think his girl friend is dumping him too so he obviously doesn’t take rejection well.

    Any team that takes him will do so at a low, very low costs and a contract that states, all bets are off, including money, for the next offense.

  27. He is done for a good while.

    Teams are fed up with team cancers.

    Regardless of talent the headaches of dealing with the media distractions and unreliability in the lineup is not worth it.

    Also, it sends a frat boy image to the rest of the team members who start to act out and get lazy in various ways.

    Percy Harvin comes to mind.

  28. Some team will be stupid enough to sign him thinking they can rehabilitate him. If they do it better be for the league minimum with plenty of incentives. The problem is, I don’t think this joker cares and probably won’t until he’s done something tragic. It just goes to show, you can’t fix stoopid.

  29. So, let’s see . . . you’ve got an undersized QB who doesn’t have an NFL- caliber arm, who has shown nothing when he has played and indication that he is willing to put invest the time and effort needed to improve, and he makes more (bad) headlines off the field than he does on. Gee, I can’t for the life of me imagine why teams won’t be lining up to sign this guy when he’s released.

  30. Playing in the NFL is an honor and a privilege.

    When you fail to respect the process you’ve relinquished your privilege to play in the NFL.

    Johnny Football is done.👌

    Where’s Dr Phil when you need him.😆

  31. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys take a flier on Manziel. Or is is “Man can I Schweel!”

    Just for the press it’ll bring the Cowboys.. The QB controversy stories.. The Press at training camp..

    Jerry Jones loves press coverage.. and taking a flier on Manziel.. would garner as much, if not more than Tim Tebow.

    (There’s an idea Jerry, sign both Manziel and Tebow)

  32. As a long-time Cowboys fan, I say “Thank you” to whoever made this decision, probably more so Stephen Jones and/or Jason Garrett over Jerry Jones. Whichever is the case, I hope this holds out to be true, no matter what Michael Irvin believes Dallas can do to help him.
    He ought to know, you can’t help someone who doesn’t recognize the problem as an issue.
    Stick to the plan…win one for Jason!!

  33. “Johnny Football”..Is anything but football ! This young man shows no interest in playing football and no ability to control his anger or emotions.Any NFL team would be crazy to sign him because he would be a far greater detriment than asset, at any price.!….Goodbye and best of luck…johnny football, cause you are going to need it !

  34. Johnny is not nearly good enough for any team to take a chance on him. A back up player with that much baggage, he will be selling cars in his hometown within 2 years…

  35. @ rcali says:

    “I call B.S. Jerrah is salivating for March.”

    You can call whatever you want. Jerry is no longer interested in this colossal trainwreck. Manziel is done, and could be in jail by March. The kid is a huge waste of talent.

    RGIII will be the most likely FA QB brought to Dallas, and Dallas will likely draft a rookie QB in round 2.

    As much as the rest of the haters out there want Johnny signed, it won’t happen. Stephen Jones is way too smart to let Dad’s man-crushes interfere. The Cowboys will be back to 2014 form in 2016.

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