Terrell Owens announces he didn’t get into Hall of Fame

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The official announcement about this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame class is coming shortly, but reports about who is in and who didn’t make the cut are starting to surface.

Among those that didn’t make the cut is Terrell Owens. The former 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills and Bengals wide receiver announced on Twitter that he was not elected after making the cut to 15 finalists under consideration by electors on Saturday.

“Unfortunately I did not make it. CONGRATS to the 2016 HOF CLASS. Thanks to ALL MY FANS for ur unwavering love & support. #ONLYGODCANJUDGEME,” Owens wrote on Twitter.

Owens was in his first year of eligibility in 2016. It’s hard to argue that Owens’ on-field production isn’t worth a slot in Canton, but Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News reports that his candidacy was discussed for more than 43 minutes during Saturday’s meeting and that suggests his habit of making waves in the locker room worked against him in this year’s final reckoning.

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  1. Once again…sportswriters should not be involved in the voting process. It should be a consortium of hall of fame members, coaches and owners.. FACT

  2. Which is why I will never go there and support the place. Football is great; political pandering to the press (most of whom never played at the highest level, if at all) for recognition is not.

    That guy was crazy as hell, but his production is undeniable.

  3. By numbers alone TO is a first ballot Hall of Famers Too bad it’s a popularity contest. Now I’m worried about Randy Moss.

  4. Agree with Jax4.

    Besides, here’s what likely happened during the so-called 43 minutes.

    Intro for Terrell Owens: 1 minute.
    Clark Judge, Rick Gosselin, Len Pasquarelli, and Jason Cole spazzing out to make people pee their pants and thus not vote for Owens: 42 minutes.

    From 2008-2010, objective people at least exposed Brett Favre’s selfishness … Even Fran Tarkenton. Clearly, your candidacy is all about how well you drink a beer with the writers.

  5. This just shows why the “process” is junk. There is absolutely no reason why TO should not be voted into the HOF. And i’m not a TO lover… the man is the 2nd best wr of all time and people hold it against him that he was a bit of a diva? give me a freggin break. He’s better at his position than EVERYONE up for the HOF this year! If you actually think about that, it shows how stupid the process is.

  6. Jesus christ… What a joke! He is undeniably a top 5 WR, and one can argue he’s a top 3 WR of all time. You’ve got to be kidding me. How is this man not a first ballot HOF? His production was unbelievable, one of the best WRs to play the game. How is Marvin Harrison picked over him? It’s obvious T.O. will get in, but come on now… Show some respect to this talent please. These writers have no clue what they’re doing!

  7. Terrell Owens was a bad guy and doesn’t deserve to get in yet O.J. Simpson is still there???

  8. For a handful of years he was unstoppable. Its too bad that he was such malcontent, and an idiot with his money ( he’s broke ) but he was a heck of a player. Definitely one of the best ever and deserving of HOF induction.

  9. richardtroch says:
    Feb 6, 2016 8:27 PM
    Owens doesn’t even have a ring. Sit down.

    That’s not much of an argument. Dan Marino doesn’t have one either and no one can say he doesn’t belong.
    He is 2nd all time in yards and 3rd in TD’s.

  10. richardtroch says:
    Feb 6, 2016 8:27 PM

    Owens doesn’t even have a ring. Sit down.


    Neither does Dan Marino what’s your point?

  11. Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Marvin Harrison were the premier receivers of their era. It may be hard to rate how receivers of a different era ranked but it is fairly simple to rank from the same era. I didn’t particularly like Owens or his style but he is easily a first ballot HOF.

  12. If you think TO belongs in the hall, then you are young, dumb, or never played football. The point of football is to score more points than your opponent, not to get more yards or attention in the media. TO never made his team a winner, he was always me-first and all about his own personal stats and shouldn’t get in.

  13. TO will make it next year or the year after at most.

    Voters prob couldn’t look past some of the stupid things he did off the field.

    HOF credentials should be based on what a player/coach does on the field, not off.

    Hear that Baseball HOF? Let Pete Rose in!!!

  14. @Classyjacklambert…

    You DO realize that you just made yourself sound like an idiot, right? T.O is top 5 in almost EVERY Receiving category, ALL TIME. ..INCLUDING TDS. Soo when you state “It’s about scoring more than your opponent…. yeah, he’s scored only less than 3 guys to play the position. …EVER. Also, he didn’t help his team win? Look at his resume/ teams that he’s been on… usually winning records! Not to mention that year where, idk … he helped The Eagles make it to the SUPER BOWL against the Patriots? Which, was a VERY close game… A LOT to do with TO catching 11 or so balls, on a BROKEN ANKLE, with McNabb at QB. Even while he was Cowboy, the Romo – TO combo, was top 3 scoring tandems in the LEAGUE! So, yes he DESERVES to be in the HOF, anyone whom thinks otherwise, is clearly an up tight, overly sensitive moron that doesn’t know that the HOF is for numbers on the field, he’s not running for miss America, his personality doesn’t matter.

  15. This message is to all of you righteous forum posters saying that only the young and stupid think TO deserved to be 1st ballot. You folks should rethink your position on this. Do not let your emotions get in the way. TO’s statistics speak for themselves. TO made the media aspect of football matter in a way it had not before. His competitive edge was matched by few and the platforms on which he chose to showcase that asset changed the way we engaged in player specific fandom. For some, this entertainment may have been involuntary. You didn’t like him, but he entertained the ephing heck out you. In that aspect, Terrell Owens was revolutionary.

  16. I’m starting to wonder if the sports writers will screw over randy moss because they didn’t like him either.

  17. Why not have the results of each voter posted, so we’ll know exactly who to rip on when these selections are made. I’m sure many of the writers have enough of a brain to make the best selections, but apparently there was enough negative vote to keep T.O. out.

    Be a man about it, and go public with your vote, instead of being a PUNK hiding behind anonymity.

  18. richardtroch says:
    Feb 6, 2016 8:27 PM
    Owens doesn’t even have a ring. Sit down.
    I’ll give you a quick list of players that are more than likely to never win a SB ring.

    JJ Watt.Calvin Johnson.Antonio Gates.

    Not HOF worthy?

  19. His impact on his team, especially his second year in Philadelphia, should be considered and it is a major deduct from his otherwise HoF credentials. It was all always all about him. Football is the ultimate team sport and you can’t be great when you divide a locker room.

  20. He was a dominant WR during his era. TO belongs in the Hall. Sure his behavior wasn’t one of a boy scout, but he was also trying to maximize his earnings during his time in the league.

  21. I was a TO fan, even after he disrespected the star.TO was on the radio talking himself up and other WR down. Guy is his own worst enemy. Paybacks are hell. Honestly he will get in and deserved to but I think it is HIS fault it wasn’t 1st ballot.

  22. This was all caused by the log jam the voters started with receivers; Monk, Reed, Brown, Carter, Harrison, now TO, soon Moss. Of all the positions, the ones with the biggest egos!!

    It became a passsing game in the mid 90’s. The voters recognized the throwers but not the receivers, no fore thought.

    Soon RB’s will not be on the ballots. The voters are a day late and a dollar short.

  23. Terry Bradshaw is in the hall of fame he has two more TD passes than ints, he has four super bowl rings but if not for the steel curtain defense he’s a journeyman qb. He’s in there because he has those rings, not because of his ability. Dan Marino has zero rings, like T.O., he played in one super bowl and lost but he’s in there. So what is the criteria?? Is it Championships or is it players ability?? I don’t think Doug Williams or Trent Dilfer, or Brad Johnson are in the Hall of Fame but they have rings. The Hall is for the greatest players in this sport, period. Calvin Johnson didn’t win a playoff game in his career and he should be a first ballot guy. To put Marvin Harrison in and not T.O. Is a laugher. Without manning Marvin is a good wide receiver, T.O. On the other hand made the qb he played with look great. If we are going to judge on a players morals, the Hall will be somewhat empty. Brett Favre while married was texting photos of his privates to younger women etc. TO is top five WR ever to play.

  24. I’m a forty year season ticket holder for the Eagles. His first year here was amazing. They would’ve had statues in this city in his honor had he stayed. His performance in the super bowl 9 catches for 122 yard on a broken leg was the gutsiest performance I’ve ever seen and no one talks about that. He wanted to play that game, he did everything he could to make that game. Who cares if it was for him or if it was for the team. He was there. The Eagles number two receiver went out of the game in the first half and didn’t come back because of leg cramps. The next season his actions broke our hearts because it left you thinking what could’ve been. He is a mental case but a great football player.

  25. He was a drama queen and a difficult teammate. He didn’t deserve to get in. Doesn’t matter how many balls he caught. HOF should be reserved for people with decent personalities.

  26. For anyone who doesn’t think TO belongs is a true hater. This guy has broken many records and made alot bad teams good. The reason he hasnt gotten a contract to play again is because of the hatered the media has for him and NFL teams just follow suit.

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