Aqib Talib would be ejected already under proposed rule

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to institute a new rule that would result in an automatic ejection for any player who gets two personal fouls in a game. Under that rule, Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib would have been ejected early in the second quarter of Super Bowl 50.

Talib got his first personal foul for taunting in the first quarter, and he got his second personal foul for facemasking in the second quarter.

Does the NFL want to kick a player out of a game for that? Goodell said at his Friday press conference that he does, but in the past the Competition Committee and the owners have been hesitant to pass new rules that would result in players getting kicked out of games.

Expect the owners to vote on Goodell’s proposal this offseason. And expect Talib’s Super Bowl penalties to be a significant part of the debate.

61 responses to “Aqib Talib would be ejected already under proposed rule

  1. Blantant foul, should have been tossed. One of many punks on this talented but classless D

  2. I think he should have been tossed. He threw the runner to the ground by his face mask.

  3. As soon as I saw him try to twist Brown’s head off with that tackle I was waiting for a story on it.

    I hope the rule passes if it cuts down on stuff like that.

  4. The facemask penalty at the 3 yard line is useless given the 1.5 yard actual penalty. In other words, Talib got a near free shot to injure. That was as vicious a face mask as I have ever seen. Some rule to sit the offender for a series at least.

  5. Well if that rule were in place the broncos staff wouldn’t have to make the decision to bench him. Talib is out of control right now. Better get his head together.

  6. Talib shouldn’t be tossed for that. This isn’t malicious like the Norman Beckham Jr. thing. Besides that with referees still having problems with the defenseless receiver penalties defensive players would suffer the most from this. And who wants to lose a game because their best defensive player was kicked out of the game due to a bogus defenseless receiver penalty?

  7. I wouldn’t have any problem with him being ejected. Maybe it’ll inspire him to get his head in the game.

  8. That first one was garbage seeing as how a Carolina bench player hits a Denver player with no flag.

    But that face mask was pretty bad.

  9. chesswhileyouplaycheckers says:
    Feb 7, 2016 7:38 PM

    That is why they need to limit it to personal fouls of the unnecessary roughness variety

    They would have to institute some kind of system like the NBA has where they have a classification for personal fouls.

  10. Most every penal system employs a scale of escalating punishments. There needs to be more severe consequences for in-game recidivism, not the same 15 yard personal foul penalty for the first offense or the fifth.

  11. jchipwood says:
    Feb 7, 2016 7:44 PM

    My new name is youwereinthelibraryplayingchesswhileiwasinthegame. Just so you know.


    Haha! When was the last time YOU or YOUR TEAM played in the game? 30 years ago??

  12. Taunting is unsportsmanlike conduct, not a personal foul. So he wouldn’t be tossed…. yet…. but yea he’s a guy who would be tossed alot.

  13. after 2 you should have have to hit the bench for either a set amount of time or the rest of that drive…A cool down period. # 3 and you’re out.

    No way Talib should be tossed already

  14. Well not a fan of either team but came into this game kind of rooting for Denver. Then tailib does his thing and the refs clearly showing who the league wants to win, so…. Go panthers

  15. jchipwood says:
    Feb 7, 2016 7:44 PM
    My new name is youwereinthelibraryplayingchesswhileiwasinthegame. Just so you know.

    Leave it to a ‘Phins fan not to appreciate the humor of a Pats fan having a user name from an old Rex Ryan quote.
    Whatever little guy, don’t forget your meds lol

  16. vancouversportsbro says:
    Feb 7, 2016 7:53 PM
    Talib must have the classless stench of clam chowder still on him.
    Sit him for the game so he feels what its like to be a Patriot today.

    Poor little 12 with the Pats envy. It’s been a year you still mad bro? It’s unhealthy for you sportsbra, for your own good please find a new hobby

  17. You guys all realize this would give more power to the officials that we all think can’t do the job? Terrible idea. Sometimes a guy would be tossed for the right reasons, most of the time there would be questionable calls and stars would miss big games.

  18. If this is the case then lets throw players out for dancing on the field after a tackle, or throw them out when they dance in the end zone or hell lets throw the refs out for missing a call. To many rules have taken the game backwards. How about a game that flows without flag after flag and reviews after reviews.

  19. Once again, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are not personal fouls. It’s really not a hard distinction. Personal fouls happen for certain physical aspects of plays during or after the play. Unsportsmanlike conduct is for taunting, excessive celebrations, running out of bounds on punts, and coach penalties.

  20. Let’s not jump the gun. It’s very likely that there would be exception for facemasking or that it may not be counted at all. The same is likely with roughing the punter, though if a special teamer gets tagged with two personal fouls he’s unlikely to be playing for the rest of the game anyway.

  21. vancouversportsbro says:
    Feb 7, 2016 7:53 PM

    Talib must have the classless stench of clam chowder still on him.

    How ’bout those Canucks bra…Like you, everything is a laughing stock in Western Canada.

  22. My new name is youwereinthelibraryplayingchesswhileiwasinthegame. Just so you know.

    Don’t quit your day job.

    Wait, that’s right. This IS your day job.

  23. I can see 2 physical penalties, but no one should get tossed for taunting.

    That goes too far. They aren’t physically harming another player. A PF and 15 yards is enough.
    Why the need to throw players out of a game for taunting?

  24. If the NFL did cards like soccer, the first penalty would just be a penalty. That facemask call warranted a yellow card, but not all would. Two yellows and good-bye.

  25. That was an awful penalty, above and beyond for Talib. I think refs should be authorized with a quicker trigger for kicking players out. Maybe not a hard and fast limit of two, and maybe make someone back in NY make the decision, removed from the emotion of the moment.

  26. It should be two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties not person fouls. Or remove the personal foul from face mask calls cause even a soft one is a 15 yarder since they removed the lower level accidental face mask call

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