Cam Newton exits post-game press conference


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton wasn’t smiling much on Sunday night. After the game, he wasn’t smiling at all.

Newton, sullen and subdued, sat at his press conference for a limited time, saying hardly anything before getting up and leaving. (The tweet from Cam Inman suggests it was less than a minute; others have said he was there for three minutes.)

At some point, Newton will face questions about his curious decision not to aggressively pursue a loose ball that he had fumbled late in the fourth quarter. It was a move that some called a “business decision” on Twitter, with Newton choosing not to risk injury over trying to save the game.

In his defense, he hadn’t been banged around and harassed the way he was in Super Bowl 50. After taking so much physical abuse, it would be hard for anyone to muster the will to take another big hit late in a game that likely felt like a lost cause regardless of whether Newton recovered the fumble.

The challenge now will be to accept the reset to 0-0 and start climbing again.

239 responses to “Cam Newton exits post-game press conference

  1. Cam showed tonight that he is a front runner.

    Happy to clown it up when all is going well but when the worm turns he reverts back to the sullen look of two yeArs ago.

  2. When some people ask why people don’t like his antics when he’s winning, part of it is he acts like a child when he loses.

  3. Newton needs to get his petulance under control. He is hurting his image by acting like a child when he should be standing tall and proud of his season

  4. I like Cam. I thought he’d be a bust coming out of Auburn, and he’s completely proved me wrong.

    But he has some growing to do still. He has to understand his role as a leader. When they were behind late in the game, he should’ve still been clapping his hands saying “let’s go let’s go we can get this”. Instead he seemed resigned to defeat. The team feeds off that; they undoubtedly were resigned to defeat as well.

    Hopefully he’ll learn from this.

  5. Very Immature.

    You can’t dab and dance and bring all of that attention to yourself when you win if you won’t face the music when you lose.

    It’s a bad look.

  6. Manning always stayed and answered the questions after tough losses. So did/does Luck, Rodgers, and a bunch of others. This was a 12 year old clown show out of him. Pretty back look for such a big talker

  7. Interesting what a team can do with a very good physical defense, a decent running attack and a old average at best QB! The Patriots and alot of other teams could learn a thing or two from that!

  8. Choke Newton is what he’ll be known as from now on, at least IMO. He was SOOOO overhyped going into SB50 by the media that one had to wonder why the Broncos should even show up.
    They made Choke out to be some sort of “Superman”, which he clearly is not.
    Lesson to the media, STOP overhyping certain athletes, especially ones that you are trying to exploit (i.e. the media tried their hardest to exploit Choke’s race)

    Go Broncos!

  9. You can’t Dab and take team pictures during a win then pull this crap. Gotta take it like a man. I heard the reporter asked “Are you wearing your Superman shirt under the hoodie?”

  10. Brady got hit twice as much as Cam and still came within a tipped pass of taking his team to the Superbowl.

    Guess we can’t expect all QB’s, when faced with adversity, to have the same stones as the GOAT.

  11. Im just as shocked and upset by the loss, but I dont appreciate Cam doing this, especially since he has a long career ahead of him. It is ok to be upset. Today wasnt our day. We didnt get it done, accept it.

  12. What a punk. And you think you should be mentioned among the greats in NFL history??? What??????
    Get better and buy some class if you can.

  13. It was a gutless performance on the field and a classless performance at the podium.

    Rewatch Peyton’s presser after Seattle crushed them a few years ago.

    Any other QB in the playoffs this year would have dove for that fumble. Manning dove for his and he’s 123 years old.

  14. Going for a loose fumble is risking injury. The guy dives recklessly into the end zone when he thinks he is going to score. Cam is all about showboating and that’s it. When the going gets tough, he slinks away and hides. He always has. He wasn’t concerned about injury, he just didn’t give a darn because the game is all about him and it’s all about him when he is winning and looking good. Funny he didn’t start “having fun” until this season when his team was 14-0 and clearly heading to the #1 seed in the playoffs. Cam is phony and that is why he gets criticized. But don’t worry the average idiot sports fans in this country is far too stupid to come to that conclusion, so the good news for Cam is he will be able to use any excuse he wants and get away with it.

  15. I watched the presser and he was back to his immature whiny sore loser antics. One word answers, rolled his eyes at one point and then just walked out. And people wonder why some fans can’t stand him. He’s all bravado and smiles when things are going great but is a complete sore loser. It was a joy to see the smirk pummeled right off his face this evening.

  16. So after all the moaning on TV about the persecution poor Cam has faced, and how you must be a racist if you don’t dig his act… Superman comes up with this.

    Wonder how Skip and Stephen A. will try and spin this one tomorrow?

  17. No class at all. He wasn’t able to perform for the Cam-cam tonight. NO GUTS. Freddie Coleman of ESPN wad a big defender of the kid and he said he should be ashamed of himself.

  18. the players who know how to win with respect also know how to lose with respect. Cam has shown neither and that’s sad. The league MVP acted like a spoiled child who was refused a lollipop before dinner. It’s too bad because he is the supposed “leader” of this Panther team and he showed no leadership tonight. He said earlier in the season, “if u don’t want me dabbing and doing the superman, then stop us from winning.” Guess he forgot he said that because he seemed confused his team wasn’t given the trophy.

  19. Cam is the best winner of all time &
    at the same time the WORST loser of all time!

    All we heard all year, more specifically this week is how Cam grew up and every time I heard that I threw up in my mouth a little! I DID NOT SEE THAT at all what I saw was winning clouding peoples opinions bc Cams great when he wins!

    Im sorry but Cam HAS NOT GROWN UP, you can pretend to give kids balls and be a team leader but then to turn around cry and pout and not stand up to simple questions on a stand! Get out of here with this nonsense!

    Cam disappointed me mainly bc his background is similar to mine and he has the ability with his celebrity and play to become a transitional player to our youth where any type of person can root for him but his sorry actions after losing RUIN his image as a whole!

  20. This is the kind of garbage that Cam pulls when things don’t go his way. It’s not racism saying that he’s a showboater when he wins. He proves it himself by not giving credit where it’s due and taking responsibility for his own actions when he loses.

  21. You know, a substantial portion of the country was rooting for the Broncos and especially Peyton Manning to go out as a winner. I’m a non-Broncos fan who was rooting for them to win. So, Broncos fans, you won. Why not win with a little class? Otherwise, you’re nothing more than another bunch of classless, trash talking jerks.

  22. not a big deal move along everyone handles a loss diffrently how wdo you want someone else to act? do you want them to tell you how to act

  23. Cam & Stewart were the only ones to show up on offense tonight and the Refs refused to call clear fouls or CLEAR catches(even the announcers called bs multiple times). It was clear tonight that Cam lifted the talent around him during the season and not the other way around. Getting Benjamin back helps with the drops but Funchess needs more playing time as he seems to be the most consistent one currently outside of Olsen. This game proved more than any other game that Carolina’s defense is amazing(played just as good as Denver’s even without help from refs) but Cam is the only one that takes them to the next step. Without help around him Cam can only do so much.

  24. Aaron knows this is right. Don’t get hurt. There’s always a commercial to do.

  25. I’ll take Cam Newton on my team… 14-2 was a good sample size as to what he can do…Age on his side… Not sure they repeat but good season overall…

  26. This has been the problem I’ve had with Cam and his celebrating. It’s all good and fine to smile and have a good time when you’re winning but a true leader is shown during the lean times. And I remember the sullen towel over his head when things weren’t going well. I think we’re seeing that now post game.

  27. Shocked we didn’t see the towel over the head. And while you’re at it, show some respect during the national anthem and stop hanging your chewing gum out of your mouth. Dang I sound like my grandfather, but seriously!

  28. Cam read Aaron Rodgers’ QB handbook. He doesn’t go for balls, though.

  29. Lost A LOT of respect for Newton….THIS IS THE SUPER BOWL, you may never be back again. Of course you try and get the ball back you fumbled!! Dude is just a FAKE Super Man. Russell Wilson would have dove for that football.

  30. What time is the scheduled Super Bowl parade Tuesday

    in Charlotte? Idiots…
    Certainly made a lot of sense to plan a victory parade BEFORE the game is played.


  31. This is a good reminder to the media. Cams has haters not because of how he wins – but because how he loses. Their record has protected him from himself this year.

    He’s always been a sore loser – who resorts to blaming everybody else and whining.

  32. Cam had a great year. He’s the league MVP. He hates losing like every other great competitor. Needs to handle himself better then that, but he’ll learn.

    As for the fumble play, it actually was still a massive play in the game. Not sure what he was thinking, but I don’t think he was protecting himself. That’s short sited. I think he just was watching where the ball was squirting out.

    Carolina blew it in the first quarter with the Miller strip. That was enough to do it.

    Way too many mistakes by Carolina in that one to win a tight defensive battle.

  33. Im glad u all are good not and i wouldnt want my QB to be a good loser either..this is whats wrong with youth sports today..participation trophy..when i was a kid the champs got trophies and everyone else was pissed..a good loser is a loser

  34. Cam…don’t let this game define you. Try to be the bigger man and accept defeat and commit to an even better year in 2016. No one wants to watch you be the sullen loser no more than they wanted to watch the over the top ebullient winner.
    Good luck.

  35. It did seem like reporters were badgering him with the same questions over and over, but the league MVP can’t answer questions with one word answers.

  36. I would have expected better from the NFL MVP. He has a lot to learn about being a standup guy. Brady, Manning, and all the other top-tier QBs may not like it but they do the post-game press conferences and answer questions like a professional. Newton?…not so much.

  37. Have all the fun you want when you win but also lose with class. In contrast, Manning’s comments in victory weren’t much different in tone than if they would have lost.

  38. Cam looked as bored as I felt watching that snooze fest. If I’d known the most exciting part of the whole game was going to be Gaga killin it singing the anthem and that epic, perfectly timed Blue Angel flyover I could have maybe used those 4 hours I’ll never get back more wisely.

  39. If the Broncos defense saw his dad on 1st Take last Friday they had to walk away with some extra motivation to get busy tonight. It was all about Team Cam, like all they had to do was show up, check. Game over.

    Cam is probably more upset about the potential endorsements he lost, especially after his near melt down in the end zone. He’s still got a long way to go.

  40. The REAL Cam Newton showed his REAL colors
    Every loss is tough, but dignified, classy players bite the bullet and act accordingly

    THIS is why Cam Newton has critics!!!

    You can’t “dab” & “Superman” when you win, dance & fly around acting like the most “unique” player in the NFL, yet act like a petulant whiners when you lose!

    With Cam’s loss, players voted league MVP who pla Ed in the Super Bowl that same year…are only 5-13!

    Dab that, Cam!

  41. You bunch of morons! All of you who are hating of the guy don’t have an ounce of his talent, skill, and character. What if you worked all of your life to become that good at anything and not only do you lose, but then 15 minutes later you have to sit there and answer a bunch of dumb questions from people who don’t know the type of sacrifice it takes to get there? You’re all weak minded losers who see a successful powerful young nan who likes to challenge this image of what you think he should be because when he speaks up he reminds you of the massive failures you are at life in comparison to him. Just appreciate that you get to watch guys like Cam who truly achieved athletic goals that you wish you had the talent and dedication to achieve… Clowns!

  42. Bunch of morons! All of you who are hating of the guy don’t have an ounce of his talent, skill, and character. What if you worked all of your life to become that good at anything and not only do you lose, but then 15 minutes later you have to sit there and answer a bunch of dumb questions from people who don’t know the type of sacrifice it takes to get there? You’re all weak minded losers who see a successful powerful young nan who likes to challenge this image of what you think he should be because when he speaks up he reminds you of the massive failures you are at life in comparison to him. Just appreciate that you get to watch guys like Cam who truly achieved athletic goals that you wish you had the talent and dedication to achieve… Clowns!

  43. Peyton, Rodgers and Brady have all endured very tough losses, it’s the nature of the game to have highs and lows.
    But all three have consistently shown great class in adversity.
    Cam will never be in the same class as those three.

  44. Gloats when he wins, pouts when he loses. Kids are watching and learning. I remember Jim Kelly after the 4th loss in a row answering every question and still mustering a smile and just appreciating the opportunity. Then after Cam, they show Luke Kuechly, who has a nice suit on, well groomed answering every question with positivity for Carolina football. A real example for kids.

  45. What an idiot. You AND your team had a bad game playing a very good team. No need to cry and throw everyone under the bus. If you think your oline and wr were bad today wait till next year when they let people hit you for fun.
    You think you are better than you are. If you get placed in David Carr’s shoes you would be Jamarcus Russell. Grow up and don’t become Vince Young.

  46. Cam could learn a ton from his coach. Rivera’s postgame remarks were all class right down to reminding his guys Denver was on the losing end a couple years ago. If they listen to him he will get them back there.

  47. All those times of taking team photos with the game still going on, running around the stadium like a jerk, dancing like a clown after every play….. Karma is a cold mistress.
    I can’t tell you how happy it made me to not be subjected to this bums antics for yet another game

  48. Just a lack of composure across the board. Pretty shocking 180 from the soliloquies he was dropping this past week.

  49. The Panthers D is outstanding – very, very good. They need a game manager for a QB and they will win some bowls. When you go back and watch the game, you’ll realize Cam lost this game with the two fumbles. Simple as that.

  50. Understandable to be salty after losing a Super Bowl but that was not a good look.

    The MVP still has a lot to learn.

  51. Entertainer and icon,everyone. He didn’t have an opponents jersey,sign,or flag to disrespect either, so he figures he will be disrespectful his recievers and o line.

    Real Cam is right,look at his meltdown when Seattle was coming on a few weeks back.

  52. I am tired of hearing people don’t like Cam because he is black. After watching him shy away from that fumble with the game on the line, I came to the conclusion he is actually YELLOW !!!!!

  53. Amazing! But they were such a FUN team! Oh so much FUN Cam Newton is having! What a role model! Oh wait…. The Denver Broncos KEPT POUNDING him all game long and he turns into the real Cam Newton.

    This is why people don’t like him. Not because he’s black… Not because he is “having fun.” It’s because he is very immature. Sure, he’s dancing and dabbing and taunting when he’s winning, but when he’s losing, he’s pouting and ignoring and … dabbing? No, no dabbing. Notice how much he celebrated the Panthers’ only touchdown of this game. He acted like he was the king, and they were still down by 3.

    When you dance and dab and celebrate so much, you better have a Super Bowl trophy to back it up. What a kid.

  54. Classless. Not suprised with his big mouth. It is easy to talk crap when you are winning..Cam played the race card and his true colors came out when things are.tough. He needed this himbling and where this leads to I really don’t know. I don’t know if he is going to grow up and gain some maturity and class.

  55. The guy is a horrible loser. He went straight to the locker room after the Falcons beat the Panthers without even shaking Ryan’s hand. So, I’m not surprised he walked.

    Like I’ve said, I don’t hate the way Cam acts when he wins, I hate the way he acts when he loses.

  56. I remember Joe Flacco doing a belly flop after an interception and people laughing at him. I would tak him over Cam, at least he tried.

  57. The couple of commenters saying how should he have acted after losing. How about act like an adult and answers the questions. Yes it’s not fun, yes you are probably upset that you lost, but act like a damn professional. You are paid to talk when you win and when you lose. He’s not the first QB to lose a SB. There were 49 QBs before him and I’m sure the majority of them didn’t want to be there and wanted to pout and not answer the difficult questions asked, but guess what, they did because they were adults!! The guys is very happy to talk and be in front of the camera dabbing and dancing when he’s winning but can’t be mature enough to take the heat when he loses. That is not a leader, and in the end, that will hurt the team overall if he doesn’t mature real quick.

  58. Just because you’re the QB–or MVP–doesn’t mean you’re the leader, or even one of the leaders, of a team. To lead, you have to BE something, not just DO something. And he wasn’t a leader tonight when he had the chance and perhaps the responsibility. Watch the interviews with Olsen and Kuechly–they showed class, leadership and respect for both the Broncos and the game. Too bad for Newton, because there are no guarantees, and this may be the only time he gets to the SB. For him not to just take it all in as the culmination of a great season and the huge accomplishment it is, win or lose, it just sad.

  59. Look at the schedules of these teams again and you won’t be surprised by the outcome. Broncos played 7 playoff teams this year. Beat everyone of them at least once.

  60. When thing start happening fast (like the Broncos pass rush) you have to be able to think fast. You can only get by so many times with your feet. Eventually you have to use your head, and Cam Newton isn’t going to win a lot of those kinds of battles. He’s a great front runner. He has a ton of physical talent and he plays on a very good team. The Panthers were on quite a roll this year, and Cam kind of liked grabbing all the attention. Now he has everyone’s attention and he gets up and walks out.

  61. This is the league MVP? Brady would have died trying to get that fumble. As much as everyone hates him, you know it’s true.

  62. Too bad the Panthers didn’t take team picture after the game, at least they would be pointing finger down. After all, African American quarter back is not that scary

  63. #PantherNation #KeepPounding
    I still support Cam. We will be back next year!!!!
    Happy that manning has his ring and can go to his retirement home!
    Panthers Nation for life. Straight out of Carolina!!!

  64. Love it – absolutely love it – Showed his true colors. There are some guys who are going to flame out – and this looks like Cam might be one of those guys. Dance baby dance – what a joke.

  65. Geez, Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings played the Broncos tougher than Newton and the Panthers did.

    TB got sacked 7 times, but was 27/41 for 269 yards and 1 TD. They were close to pulling off a win when TB got strip-sacked near the end. Denver barely won 23-20.

    Newton probably out-weighs Teddy by 50 pounds. TB took his beating like a man and never blinked at the camera after any loss; class all the way.

  66. I know he was upset but it’s better to say nothing than to say something stupid. However, I wish he had prepared some short one liners in the event of a loss. Give him a brake. He’ll get better at this as he spends more time in the league. I’m glad Manning got his 2nd ring.

  67. This is vintage Narcissist Newton. As a division rival, I’ve seen his BS for years now. So glad he not only lost, but everyone got a chance to see his real game. Without a run game & high school trickery plays, narcissist Newton isn’t very effective. Cam’s “great” season has been greatly aided by playing subpar defense who almost beat them all season. His entire game is built upon the fact that he’s 6’5/240. It takes more than genetics to be a true Super Bowl winning true MVP QB.

  68. I haven’t seen Peytons interview after the Seattle drubbing he took, but I’d wager he sat there and answered every question professionally until the media ran out of questions

    Cam’s in his 5th year and he can’t act like a pro yet…. really?

  69. It’s ridiculous that a team that has won 3 Super Bowls, played in 8 Super Bowls, and played in 10 AFC championships….only has 3 hall of famers.

    Total disgrace. Disrespect wins games.

  70. All you losers will be laughing until cam plays your team. Does it make you all feel big to cut down a man who has accomplished more in 26 years than you will in your entire life?

    I’ve been a panther fan for 21 years and I have THICK skin. Losing is nothing new to me or this franchise. That being said, I hope this loss stings and motivates our guys in the offseason. We will be back next year with a vengeance and with a true WR1.

    Congrats to the panthers and their amazing season. Unless your team has ever gone 17-2 or better, you have no right to speak on this team.

  71. No comparison? There’s never been anyone like you? McNabb wasn’t that long ago was he? But even though he was gassed and threw up he still didn’t give up. McNabb would have dove for the ball. Heck nearly 40 year old Peyton Manning whos neck is fused together put his body on the line and made a possible touchdown saving tackle.

  72. Get some class. I have never seen Brady or Manning give a post game like that. It’s a game, there is always one team that loses. 2 weeks ago my beloved Patriots lost in the final seconds, none of them sat around sulking. After seeing that I’m even more happy for Payton and the Broncos. Congrats Bronco fans your team was truly the BETTER TEAM.

  73. Essentially demonstrates why Brady’s willingness to throw himself on the ball like a grenade is just another reason for him to be in the goat category.

    Broncos fan.

  74. Peyton, Rodgers and Brady have all endured very tough losses, it’s the nature of the game to have highs and lows.
    But all three have consistently shown great class in adversity.
    Cam will never be in the same class as those three.


    I think you can add Russell Wilson to that list already after 4 years he has gone to back to back Super Bowls and won one of them in dominating fashion and lost the other in crushing fashion but was absolutely class all the way after both. Russell Wilson couldn’t wait to get back at it. After listening to his postgame press search all Seahawk fans are excited about the next opportunity.

    Meanwhile there is cam sitting under his towel.

    Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks were very impressed with Peyton Manning coming to their locker room to congratulate them after the game a couple of years ago after getting his butt whooped. I think that left an impression on all of them. It’s how the game should be played.

  75. The Carolina Panthers are the most polite team in pro football. Oh Mr. Norwood heaven forbid we try to stop your advance on a punt return by tackling you. Please proceed. Oh Mr. Football I would hate to see your lovely shape deformed by me jumping on you says Cam Newton. Yes indeed the Panthers are this year’s Miss Manners award winners.

  76. Great player with a breakout season.

    That said, I personally don’t like the showboating from Cam and the Panthers. I don’t mind some celebration, but they take it to the point it seems like they are showing up the other team. Taking sideline photos during a game is a JV move.

    Hiding in a hoodie, giving 1 and 2 words answers for 2 minutes and then walking out is childish. If you want to be over the top in celebrating when you win, then try to lose with a little bit of class.

    Oh yeah, Carson Palmer went 23/40 (58%) for 235 yards with 1 TD and 4 INTs. Cam went 18/41 (44%) for 265 yards with 0 TD, 1 INT and 2 fumbles. Is Cam a choker as well????

  77. Wow, listen to ALL of these weak minded anti-Cam commenters. Your jealousy is so apparent and sad. We get it, you hate that he will be a dominant QB for years to cone, that he challenges your view of how he should act because he reminds you of how weak you are at life in comparison to him. He out played old Peyton and if it wasn’t for the Denver D, this would have been a different game. So go ahead and have your moment old school haters. Cam and players like him are the future and Peyton and his God (Budweiser) can go off as the new Trent Dilfer who got lucky to win behind a good D. I congratulate the Broncos, but the rest of you commenting idiots can just shut up, you don’t have an ounce of the skill, character, or talent that Cam has. You all are just internet scum bags. I’m not even a Panthers fan, I just hate to see weak clowns judging someone who is WAY above them in all aspects of life.

  78. This is what Cam Newton is all about. It’s all about him. Part of being great is losing well, and holding your head high even after the most brutal of defeats. Cam is just a big kid. All of that talk about how he’s matured is out the window now. He showboats when he wins and behaves like a spoiled brat when he loses. You would never see Peyton Manning or Tom Brady behave like this.

  79. When Cam Newton is winning he continually rubs it in the face of the opposing team by his arrogant actions and dabbing. How is that good sportsmanship? I say again, he just loves to rub it in. Real men don’t act like that.

    Losing, instead of sitting on the bench studying defenses to work on winning, he pouts and like the pouter poster child, Vince Young, puts a towel over his head like, if he can’t see the game’s going south, it isn’t really happening. He is a big immature cry baby.

    Winners are gracious in winning and gracious in losing. Cam Newton is a gloating winner and a cry baby loser. That is not a leader of men. When I followed a leader into battle he was nothing like Cam Newton. The only thing Cam Newton would excel leading is a panty raid.

  80. Once again the ultra liberal Florio takes up the cross for the jive talking minority quarterback that got his head handed to him tonight and instead of smiling and entertaining and being an icon, Newton acted like a fool in post game press conference.
    It’s much more telling to see how a man handles adversity than how he handles winning all the time.

  81. Thorough *** kicking to the whole team. The Panthers embarassed themselves on a world stage. One of the worst Super Bowl performances in history. Nothing to see here.

  82. I have been supportive of Cam since he’s a home town kid but his immaturity is really showing. He needs to be a class player under all circumstances. Cam please grow up fast!

  83. not afraid, looked to me like Newton was hoping to pick it up rather than fall on it. Maybe even run with it.

  84. ctiggs says:
    Feb 7, 2016 11:35 PM
    not a big deal move along everyone handles a loss diffrently how wdo you want someone else to act? do you want them to tell you how to act

    How many of your posts last week ended with 43-8?
    Just like Cam, you can’t man up.

  85. If you were to gather 90% of the posters here and combine their collective IQ scores you’d probably end up with less points than Jacksonville produced this season.

    *GASP* you guys mean a dual threat QB who won 16/17 games he played was visibly happier during the wins than during a Super Bowl loss where he spent most of the evening getting hit or running for his life?

    You mean to tell me that a professional athlete had a different demeanor after losing a championship game?

    “Durr dat Kam be a fruntrunnar! He happey wen he winds but not so much when he loseses! See! See!”

    I mean I get that this isn’t a collection of the finest minds our species has to offer but wow…not too much critical thinking in this bunch

  86. Cam Showed his True Character Today! So did Peyton! It is a lot easier to root for someone Humble like Peyton as opposed to Superman I mean Fig Newton….. Society NEEDED to see this!!!

  87. So I guess Greg Olson should’ve given c-I-am his lucky tank (that’s right, there is an I in his name). Doesn’t he end that commercial with, “You brought this on yourself?” Yes you did, you class act, you.

    You know it had to be bad when Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin, of all people, said that was unacceptable behavior from a player, let alone the league MVP.

    And to think that Josh Norman’s post game presser was more professional.

  88. One thing that I have not seen anyone comment on is this: why is it that, after watching espn for 2 hours after the game, I finally had to get on HERE to even find out what Cam’s reaction was??? I hate espn and do not watch that network or listen to any of their jackass radio personalities, so I honestly do not know the answer to this question, but is it that espn is all over Cam’s jock and just decided to pretend that his petulant behavior in the presser never happened?

    That’s just further confirmation for me that espn is an absolute joke.

    As for Cam, I totally respect his ability but was really disappointed to see his body language during the game and and of course reading on here about how he behaved afterward. He needs to grow up for sure.

  89. Another of Cam’s big fumbles was swept under the rug. He was running up the middle, got hit by a tackler, and then a 2nd guy before he was down, and the ball popped out. A Bronco recovered and was taking off with the ball. The ref had blown the whistle, ending the play prematurely. To add insult to injury, the refs claimed that Cam was down and it was a late hit, giving Carolina 15 yards and a first down. I got suspicious after that play, and was concerned the fix was in. Luckily, Cam played so bad that the game couldn’t be salvaged for the Panthers.

  90. anomaly37blog says:
    Feb 8, 2016 12:54 AM

    I’m personally not looking for a role model, but it would be nice to have a Man, stand up there, take the cover off his head, answer some questions, and congratulate the winners. Not asking for very much. Being a Man is not just about how tall or strong you are, it’s about character. He disappointed millions of people, but hey, fix it up any way you like.

  91. Yes, I wanted Peyton and the Broncos to win, and I was really tired of hearing about how the Broncos weren’t going to win, actually had no chance to win (I actually wondered why in the world they were even showing up as the media had Cam and the Panthers beating them by at least 21 points!) I really didn’t think that was going to happen. I DO believe defenses win championships. I know how intelligent Peyton is. I felt bad for Cam. He will learn from this. I wish he would have handled this loss better. This will not be his last SB. Keep smiling, Cam, it will get better.

  92. tremoluxman says:
    Feb 8, 2016 12:05 AM
    Geez, Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings played the Broncos tougher than Newton and the Panthers did.

    Cam and the boys choked under the hot glare of the spotlights.

  93. Well superman Newton met his kryptonite and lost all his powers and cool. Von Miller is your daddy now Cam. You acted liked a first class jerk in the press conference afterwards. You don’t see Wilson, Brady, or Manning act like you did when they lost a super bowl. Get some character and manner to your personality. Pity Carolina has to put up with you, considering their owner and coach are first class individuals.

  94. I have watched Super Bowl games since it was started and as a older man near 71 next moth to the day I can only say patton and team just schooled this young star. While he ,Kam was jumping around at game start Mr. Patton was hydrating and walking around like he had not a care in the world? Yes COOL.

    I think perhaps the ole boy Mr .Manning , took the young man to school at not charge ? Great young man kam and very talented ,but , it was the cool Manning that ruled the field transcended his team with older coaches ? Yes maybe next year The jags will settle down and play ball ?

  95. A “franchise player” saving himself? For the good of the future? The future of what??? You mean, maybe someday they’ll need him for a chance to win the Super Bowl?? What do you call THIS?!?! What future game could he possibly be saving himself for that’s more important to the franchise than this one???

  96. If he recovers that ball, it’s Possession: Panthers in a 6-point game. I don’t know any “franchise quarterback” that wouldn’t love to be in that situation. Instead, he throws his hands in the air like a little girl, backs away, and a moment later it’s a 14-point game.


  97. Where was the DAB ? No more DAB ? What happened to the panthers you all NFL experts? Didnt you all keep on saying it wasnt a matter of “IF” , but how bad the ass whoop was gonna be. This was not an NFC team. Are you all gonna finally give any credit to the Broncos ? 2 weeks ago, seems like I was the only one here, who said that Carolina wasnt gonna score more than 20, actually I gave them to much credit. Go Broncos !!

  98. This is why my kids wrestle. There is no better character building sport out there. You learn at a very young age how to deal with disappointment, because it happens in life.

  99. Cam’s press conference reminded me of Serena’s after she got her butt kicked going for her Grand Slam last year. All smiles and happy faces when winning, then whiny, pouting, surly and obnoxious in a loss. Cam AND her have a lot to learn about how to behave after a loss. Both are totally classLESS! The “New Face of the NFL” huh. Hopefully NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Some people here need to learn to listen a little better.

    Of Course Cam’s upset. Whoever loses the SB will be upset. That’s expected, not a surprise.

    AND of course we could see that this game was a LOT more than a Cam problem… especially against such an amazing Broncos defense.

    BUT. What many people here don’t get, and it has NOTHING to do with whether I could do what Cam has done. (My job is to be a fan.) HIS job is to be a classy leader. A leader who is in it to the last second. He even talked about it in a pregame interview. How he wants to be the best in every aspect of the game…

    Cam, every single game has a loser. Time to learn how to lose well. Lose classy. Lose like a leader. Be there for and with your team. You have a long career ahead of you, or at least you could.

    Never Burn Your Bridges. You’re going to look back on this attitude and regret it. When you have a choice, NEVER do something you’ll later regret.

  101. Cam and Norman talking the talk all year but on the big stage on had nothing to say and the other cried like the little girl he is

  102. It’s stupid for the media to expect players on the losing side of the superbowl to want to stand there and talk to them.

    People saw how emotional it can be with Josh Norman breaking down and crying so much on the field at the end so why ask these guys to answer moronic media questions 30-60 mins after?

    I understand they are professionals and all but come on…they are not robots so don’t expect them to be able to mask their emotions so soon after losing what is usually the biggest game (seeing as most don’t get to multiple superbowls) of most careers.

  103. If you don’t like all these negative comments, maybe you should have won the Big Game ™…

  104. Cam just seems to be a product of what people have done to many gifted athletes since they emerged as kids. Set up for failure when things don’t go their way. He is bewildered and appears to have no concept of personal responsibility. But the great thing is that he has superior physical talent. All he needs is to grow up and become a man… leave all that ‘look-at-me’ B.S. behind. Otherwise, he’s just another one who peaked early.

  105. America saw the real Cam Newton in that press conference.
    Now compare his presser performance with that from a year earlier with Russell Wilson answering questions about a Super Bowl losing INT.

    Grow up Fig!

    And act like a professional……for a change.

  106. Lots of folks on here protecting Cam’s response by saying “How would you feel if you lost? I wouldn’t want a good loser on my team.” That is the thrust of their comments. I guess my take on this is, “Yes, it is tough to lose. Not everyone can be or should be a good loser. However, I think we would like to see a GRACIOUS loser.” Cam isn’t. Yet. Maybe someday.

  107. Everyone who slams cam newton needs to calm down. None of us know what it’s like to lose a Super Bowl. I’m sure not every person who commented on here would hold the exact same press conference if they lost the big game. Lets interview you when you get passed on a promotion and see how you would feel.

  108. Great game, first of all. I loved every play, really.

    And I am no Cam Newton critic usually, but that failure to go after the ball would be a telling comment about any player, and especially for one like Newton.

    He gave up, period. He quit.
    We all saw it in real time.

    If it was a lineman or a defensive player or a running back, they’d be on the trading block today.

    May be forgive a kicker. But, then again, maybe we don’t.

  109. Peyton is not humble. He loves attention as much or more than anyone. He has simply learned and been coached on how to mask his ego when being interviewed. BTW, doesn’t Tracy Wolfson sound exactly like the AFLAC duck?

  110. What a twat. Last year Wilson had his heart ripped out of his chest at the end of the game and was gracious to the media afterward. Sorry, Cam…you’ll never be that great. Good luck next year when you don’t have to play the easiest schedule in the league.

  111. Society needed this. Agreed! Cam has a huge amount of talent but it’s how you behave and react when things don’t go your way. If you want to be thought of like the legends and the greats…..WIN something. Then win again. Then talk! Everybody is the next Brady next Montana.
    I’m from Chicago and for years I’ve had to hear this is the new Jordan or he is better. Just like Cam. WIN! Then talk. And PLEASE stop with the racial BS. Just because someone criticizes you why is it always about race?! Maybe it’s your behavior and someone proved it last night when things didn’t go my way…..wha wah

  112. His demeanor during and after the game, when suffering a big loss, is why people don’t like Cam.
    Has nothing to do with race.

    It’s that Cam and the Panthers are bullies and sore losers who like to rub their opponent’s nose in their defeats. But the moment the tide turns on them, they become petulant cry-babies. Cam is the worst of them.

    You can’t run around dabbin’ with your cape and not expect people to be critical when you cry when things don’t go your way.

  113. Glad I wasn’t the only one put off by last nights press conference. As I was watching, I was pissed he had that damn hood up and giving one word answers. He needs to be a man….put your hood down and answer the questions. Greg Olsen did that….that’s how you handle a tough situation. What a spoiled brat!

  114. jimsnchz says:
    Feb 7, 2016 11:31 PM
    You can’t Dab and take team pictures during a win then pull this crap. Gotta take it like a man. I heard the reporter asked “Are you wearing your Superman shirt under the hoodie?”
    Exactly why he didn’t want to stay. People like you call Cam every negative word you can think of just for doing the same antics that have been done on NFL fields for nearly 100 years, but Cam is evil for doing them, and the reporters know that people like you want them to ask stupid questions like that.

    Like I said, Cam has done nothing that hasn’t been going on in NFL games since the birth of the game, but people like you have insisted Cam is the most evil man to ever walk the Earth for it. And he’s been hearing this crap since 2010. Hearing BS like this every minute of every day for 5 years has to get to you at some point. I’m sure if anyone wanted to ask questions about the game, he would have stayed. But with BS questions like that, it’s not surprising he walked out.

  115. Cam just flat out blew it on many levels but the one that hurts him the most is that he THINKS he is great yet he will be like so many other great QBs that never got back to the Superbowl……he won’t make it back

    He got his chance to be on the biggest stage in sport and he played terrible and will be forever remembered for his front runner attitude and the press is unforgiving and they don’t forget.

    Congrats Cam…’re legacy is now set in stone.

  116. Sports don’t build character. They reveal it. And Cam just showed exactly what kind of character he has. It’s easy to be a leader when things are going well. It’s when they aren’t that you’re tested. Well, he was tested today, and failed miserably.

  117. If he had just stuck around after the game in the presser and said something to the effect of “I don’t know what happened. I thought it was a forward pass, so I didn’t react. I should have done better,” 75% of these comments would be turned around, and the narrative would be different this morning.

    As it is, he didn’t. Because it’s simply not who he is.

    Cam has a long – LONG way to go if he wants to be mentioned in the same sentence as Russell Wilson, let alone Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. At this point, I think I’d rather have Teddy Bridgewater.

  118. The NFL might want to rethink having a pouting Cam Newton as the new face of the NFL unless the image it wants is a grown man who rolls on the sideline in frustration; a hoodie clad sullen child responding petulantly to questions; a “superman” who refused to contest recovery of his own fumble. If this is the new NFL I’m glad basketball is in season and baseball spring training is about to start.

  119. I could care less about Cam Newton falling on a ball or answering questions about comic book character analogies.

    I disliked Cam Newton when he used a nationally televised commercial to Defend Josh Norman’s Bigotry.

  120. 2 years ago Peyton Manning took questions after his SB loss, and handled it with class. Last year Wilson and Sherman took questions after their SB loss and handled it with class. This year…? Um not so much on the class thing.

  121. “Exactly why he didn’t want to stay. People like you call Cam every negative word you can think of just for doing the same antics that have been done on NFL fields for nearly 100 years, but Cam is evil for doing them, and the reporters know that people like you want them to ask stupid questions like that.

    Like I said, Cam has done nothing that hasn’t been going on in NFL games since the birth of the game, but people like you have insisted Cam is the most evil man to ever walk the Earth for it. And he’s been hearing this crap since 2010. Hearing BS like this every minute of every day for 5 years has to get to you at some point. I’m sure if anyone wanted to ask questions about the game, he would have stayed. But with BS questions like that, it’s not surprising he walked out.”

    PATHETIC!!! No defense for his childish behavior on the biggest stage in the world! None, Zero, Nada…

  122. Newton is no villain, but he’s no hero either.

    He’s a kid, a great talent and too much in his own head for his own good.

    The most memorable moment of Super Bowl 50: Cam Newton looking right at that fumbled ball on the ground and deciding to do nothing.

    He will be a LONG time living that one down.

    If they’ll make a poster of it, I’ll buy one.

  123. ESPN and other media outlets made it a racial thing.
    Cam is Cam, a frontrunner who hogs the spotlight when the goings are good, but pouts and shrinks when he’s a loser.
    It happens; (losing), just show some class and maturity when it does.
    Not a race thing why Cam is disliked. Cam is an egomaniac. Cam loves when people bow to him, yet when he is challenged and defeated, he cowards away.

  124. Lack of class is one thing. But not diving on the football is inexcusable. Maybe he just had a brain fart at that moment and it wasn’t about toughness. But still an inexcusable play for a team leader. If it was a fringe player who pulled a stunt like that in such a critical moment, he would be cut and probably never play another game in the NFL.

  125. If Cam Newton is Superman, then Peyton Manning is Doomsday.. AKA (The Death of Superman issue).
    Typical reaction from the generation of Riot if you don’t get your way!
    I’m surprised there isn’t rioting for the incomplete pass and the end zone personal foul no call.

  126. This is the same guy that got kicked out of one college for stealing an exam paper and only changing the name, exploited the system to receive booster money to his dad’s church to talk have colleges talk to him and the same guy that was accused of stealing computers from campus. When the cops came to question him, they found the computers outside his window.
    What did you expect? This is the real Cam Newtown.

    Keep It Classy Cam!

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