It’s warm and sunny in Santa Clara for Super Bowl 50

The weather isn’t going to be an issue for Super Bowl 50.

It’s warm and sunny at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara and expected to stay that way for the rest of the afternoon as the Panthers and Broncos vie for the NFL title. The condition of the playing field has been issue at times since the 49ers moved into the stadium, but the league put down a new playing surface and field director Ed Mangan said this week that things should be fine.

“I think we’re in great shape,” Mangan said, via the Washington Post.

The PFT team is here and in (mostly) great shape as well. We’ll bring you everything from the game and all of the postgame reactions from both the winners and the losers. It’s been a blast sharing another season with all of you and we’re planning to go out with a bang on Super Bowl Sunday with the readers that have helped us grow over the years.

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28 responses to “It’s warm and sunny in Santa Clara for Super Bowl 50

  1. Well, that will be helpful to the quarterback with the old lady throwing arm. You know, the one who injects HGH then lies about it and lets his wife take the fall.

  2. And this is why, unless you have a dome or roof, the Super Bowl shouldn’t be played in any other states outside of Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California.

    Fans want to see the best possible game straight up without weather being a factor.

  3. Both teams should be able to chuck it down the field. Broncos secondary has struggled against speedy WRs so I expect Ted Ginn Jr to have a big day. However, Cam will be under duress the whole game. He will need some mental toughness to win this game.

  4. It’s not about Cam being black. Wilson is black and he’s the true face that the NFL wants. It’s that Cam’s celebrations are unsportsmanlike. That’s it. Simple as that. He can clown all he wants on the sidelines, wear what he wants in pressers or tarmacs. But when he starts boogying because he gets a first down and gesticulates and starts passively aggressively facing other teams, than that’s the issue. He’ll be wearing a towel over his head at the end of the game, looking glum and not grinning.

  5. 1969nflchampionskansascitychiefs says:
    Feb 7, 2016 4:51 PM

    It’s cold and snowy in Minnesota and….

    The Vikings still have ZERO Championships.



    Oh look, Packer troll alert.

  6. The current over/under on the number of on air audible orgasms Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will have while talking about Peyton Manning today is 9.5.

    I am betting the over, what are you betting?

  7. Little time left till kickoff. Here are my thoughts on the game. In roman numeral terms it’s the Super Bowl with the letter ‘L’ so I thought it would be fitting if the event returned to Los Angeles, to hold the milestone 50th one. I was thinking about this game a few years ago with all the talk of having a Super Bowl in London which has no NFL team and I felt it they could do that certainly one can be done back in L.A. even without a team there (that has just changed in the past few weeks).

    The league decided to bring the 50th back to CA, the first in 13 years there, but in the Bay Area, the 49ers stadium the site. I guess that’s fitting too, given the gold rush took place there and this is the golden anniversary Super Bowl.

    This is Wade Phillips’ 2nd stint in Denver. He came in his 1st stint in ’89 to revive the defense, 2 years after Elway won MVP but got demolished in Super Bowl XXII. Elway wasn’t as good but in Phillips’ 1st year the defense carried the team back to the Super Bowl but losing big again to the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV. 26 years later Phillips came back to Denver in such a familiar story, 2 years after Manning won MVP but got demolished in Super Bowl XLVIII. Manning not as good but in Phillips’ 1st year back the defense carried the team back to the Super Bowl. Sounds familiar, but now comes Super Bowl 50. Will the Broncos again lose to a dominant NFC champion? Or will Phillips finally get his 1st ring in his 2nd try?

    Other things to look for. The warm weather will help the Broncos’ offense more than any other unit on the field. In addition, you can’t get forget that Denver will have the home field advantage given the proximity as the Panthers have struggled in their last 3 games outside of Carolina.

    This is Vernon Davis’ 1st trip back to Levi Stadium. Will he be a factor?

    And after all these decades there has yet to be an overtime Super Bowl. Will we have the first one in the 50th edition? Enjoy the game.

  8. orange and blue owns the AFC says:
    Feb 7, 2016 6:15 PM
    Did Hines Ward get booed? Lol

    Heck no. That was tom Brady who got booed. Steeler fans traveled well and cheered

    Lord of the rings. Steelers. Here’s to another Denver SB loss.

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