Marshawn Lynch tweet suggests he’s going to retire

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If you’re into reading way too much into tweets from athletes, then Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch may have just given a pretty substantial indication about his plans for 2016.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider is under the impression Lynch is considering retirement. Former teammate Michael Robinson said this week it’s “fair to assume” Lynch has played his final game in Seattle and Lynch himself is reportedly telling people he intends to retire as well.

So Lynch’s tweet Sunday showing a picture of a pair of shoes hanging from telephone line with a “peace” emoji could be as much of an official announcement as we’d ever expect to see from him.

Lynch played in just seven regular season games and rushed for only 417 yards and one three touchdowns this season for Seattle. He’s scheduled to make $9 million next season, which seems to be an untenable amount for the Seahawks to bring him back next season.

So Lynch may very well be retiring. Or he could be announcing a new shoe he plans to release at his apparel store. With Lynch, you never truly know.

32 responses to “Marshawn Lynch tweet suggests he’s going to retire

  1. gregbeau-

    Your tweet shows how stereotypical you are. Not once has he failed a drug test. Why do you assume he’ll be getting high now? If Peyton retires will you say he’s doing so to get high as well?

  2. So nice to see that the yutz can’t tell us with his voice that he is retiring. You’ll never be in the Hall of Fame. Hype over substance. Good riddance, jerk.

  3. discountdoublecheck says:
    Feb 7, 2016 10:23 PM

    look a me timing

    If you knew anything about this guy, you’d know just how ridiculous that statement is.

    He sent his announcement out within minutes of Peyton riding off into the sunset. There’s no deadline looming.
    Cmon man!!

  4. I think Lynch is a clown. Man, that tweet pretty much says “I’m done!”. Cleats hanging and a peace sign. If that is how he is announcing he is done, I am going to look at it and laugh again. Hilarious.

  5. Why do you assume he’ll be getting high now? Look at him. Listen to him.

    Look at his 50 mil he earned and never spent a penny of. Look at his profitable on-line business. Look at the millions he’s earned in endorsements. Obviously a very smart man.

  6. TheWizard says:Feb 7, 2016 11:00 PM

    Why do you assume he’ll be getting high now? Look at him. Listen to him.

    Wizard I think you left the grand off the beginning of your name. You say look at him and all I see is a black man. You say listen to him and I have never once heard him say anything referencing taking drugs. A lot of people have the heart to say things anonymously online that they are too cowardly to say in person. I see that you don’t even have that courage to do that.

  7. This is one of the Classiest things Beast Mode has done for us Seahawks fans. We love you, you changed the trajectory of our entire organization with your style of play. You’ve set a high standard and imposed your will onto others. We will forever be grateful and I am personally never going to forget myself nearly passing out watching Beast Quake in the playoffs.. Look forward to the day your inducted into the Seahawks Ring OF Honor!

    I’m grateful that it didn’t take an entire offseason for you to make your decision. Your allowing the team to make the proper moves based on your retirement and now have helped us allocate your funds elsewhere to help keep the Hawks contenders by bringing in and retaining talent! That was HUGE of him to come out and do at this point knowing the hawks have a chance to go into the draft and FA with clear focus and understanding!

    Forever will appreciate you! Much Love Big Homie!
    – GO Hawks!

  8. tbrown47 – Inaccurate statement! He has to fail the exact same drug test 3 times to get suspended. People always forget this when they complain about a player making a simple mistake “one time” or when they use the same poor logic you just did by implying since he has not been suspended for recreational drugs he MUST NOT USE THEM LOL. I can guarantee that 80-90% of football players smoke weed at least a few times a year and they’re are alot of guys who smoke every damn day, I know too many professional athletes for you or anyone else to say something this ignorant and imply someones being Racist!

    What players do is their business and risk but acting like he doesn’t smoke or implying that someone else is stupid when you’re totally disregarding how hard it is to get suspended to begin with makes you look stupid dude!

    If Lynch Smokes weed I WOULD BET MY LIFE THAT HE DOES.. DO I care? Helllllll NAWWW neither should anyone else care what a man does with his time. As long as he doesn’t put drugs above his team or show them off and cloud the youth who look up to him, I DON’T CARE!

  9. look a me timing

    If you knew anything about this guy, you’d know just how ridiculous that statement is.

    He sent his announcement out within minutes of Peyton riding off into the sunset. There’s no deadline looming.
    Cmon man!!

    If anything, he did it during the SB because it’d go under the radar with everything else going on.

  10. He posted it at the time he did because everyone would be so caught up with the Superbowl they wouldn’t pay attention to it.

    Had he waited until after the Superbowl it would have gotten a lot of press because there would have been nothing else to report on.

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