Panthers teammates circle the wagons around Cam Newton

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When things weren’t going so well for the Panthers, Cam Newton was often criticized for sulking after losses.

With that back in full force after losing Super Bowl 50, his teammates were trying to take the pressure off their MVP quarterback by pointing out the collective nature of their offensive failures.

“I don’t think we played well around him,” tight end Greg Olsen said, rattling off a laundry list of their problems moments before Newton conducted a solemn-and-brief press conference. “I don’t think by any means this is all him.

“We can’t turn this into the ‘What’s wrong with Cam Newton?’ show.”

Panthers coach Ron Rivera was also careful to note the protection problems (six sacks) and drops that plagued his team when asked about his quarterback.

“When he had the opportunity to make plays he had plays,” Rivera said. “I’d like to see what would have happened if he had more time.”

While the Panthers offensive breakdowns were multiple, Newton’s reaction to them is going to be dissected for weeks and months to come. While he had seemingly pushed through some of his early career PR difficulties, his reaction to a bad night on the game’s biggest stage is going to bring them back.

And clearly, that’s a concern for a team that for too long had to listen to talk about body language and questions about his leadership.

“We all have areas we can grow,” veteran wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery said when asked about Newton’s reaction. “He has his friends and his family and they’ll say what they need to say to him, . . .

“It’s hard. Guys are dealing with it the best way they can.”

Cotchery had his own issues, as his drops and the drops of others were alongside the protection issues that led to the beating that left Newton mumbling one-word replies.

But as the league’s MVP and the face of the franchise, Newton’s reaction will be a storyline until he has a chance to change it.

101 responses to “Panthers teammates circle the wagons around Cam Newton

  1. How can Newton’s teammates stand this BS? That kind of crap isn’t leadership.

    Congrats, NFL — this is the face of your new MVP.

    What a jerk.

  2. sorry for your loss but it is a team sport you win and loose as a team. panthers are a hell of a team I am sure they will be in the thick of it for a few years to come.

  3. Crappy game plan. At one point it was reduced to “fling it to Jericho.”

    I thought they’d run Cam a lot more in the first half. But nope…they were scared and their WRs looking incredibly pedestrian.

  4. The guy gets more grief than he deserves; however, he should make the same effort in post-game media sessions win or lose, and thus should get heat for acting like a big baby tonight.

  5. The only way Cam will give a decent press conference after a Championship Game is if it is after a win.He has been a spoiled,coddled brat since the first pee wee coach seen he was bigger and faster then the other kids.He is out of touch with reality.

  6. Avoidance is not leadership but I think this is something you handle in private. All year and especially in the playoffs every from analyst to thr Panthers players and coaches were saying to let Cam do his thing. Well tonight they did and Denver put a beating on him. It takes a team.

  7. It was long overdue, not having any receivers caught up with them. The Broncos were able to play man without much help and focus on getting to Newton. They Panthers had no chance against against a defense like the Broncos.

  8. What a classless jerk that Newton was at the press conference after the game. Better now the press doesn’t even cover him, he shows he’s arrogant when he wins and a poor loser when he loses.

  9. Cam, WHY did you get up and leave your post game presser?

    Uh, there is a losing team in EVERY Super Bowl.

    I don’t remember losing SB QB’s walking out of their pressers.

    Win with class…

    Lose with class…

    Teach the kids you give footballs to and your own child to be a sportsman, to exhibit class and grace, win or lose.

    I really like what you do for children and you’re talented too.

    But you do have much to learn yet young man.

  10. Check out Newton’s press conference. Everyone was right about him. No suit. No professionalism. No class.

  11. Many times this season, I’ve wondered what’s wrong with Aaron.

  12. Cam was fine. They just played a other worldly defense. He’s never going to beat you with his head, and pick you apart. He’ll make some big throws, extend plays with his legs, and rely on the run. If they were playing any other team, they probably would have won. Denver’s D is just that good.

  13. He was named MVP because of the efforts of his team mates. Without their protection Cam was exposed as a less than 50% passer. He really needs to step up and take some responsibility for his performance and not act like the unfortunate child that everyone is picking on. He is a mature adult with exceptional physical skills…needs to try to match those physical skills with some semblance of mental skills.

  14. Seriously stop making excuses for this petulant child.

    He is the QB, the MVP, the face of the franchise whether he likes it or not. He celebrates more than most when the going is good and this is how he reacts after a loss? How does he expect to NOT be challenged by fans and the media? Grow up young man. Show some class and leadership skills.

  15. From the head coach to the QB, the Panthers came in expecting a coronation, but instead they got a competition, one which they failed to play up to in shocking fashion. They were out coached, out hustled, out played in every way possible.

    I know people are sure he’ll be back, he’s young, talented, etc… I would bet all the same things were said about a guy named Marino as well.

  16. “I’d like to see what would have happened if he had more time.”

    Guess what Ron, as a Vikings fan I wished have “more time” was the case with Teddy vs Denver when the Vikes lost 23-20, but that’s the nature of what it was playing against Von Miller and Denver.

    Please, just no more “What if’s”, that’s for losers.

  17. Newton missed a lot of wide open throws, and had a few turnovers as well. He’s used to sitting back there with five seconds to throw every time. Tonight he had to play under pressure, and he couldn’t. Come to think of it, there haven’t been too many dumb QBs win super bowls.

  18. Reissue the MVP to someone who is gracious in victory and defeat. We know it’s a heartbreaking loss but you showed the ME player you truely are. Woe is me, sulking like a little child is not a role model, MVP and face of your team and the NFL. BRONCOS NATION showed what a fraud you are and you showed the world what’s really behind that fake, I’m blessed smile. Maybe next time the NFL will wait until after the SB to give that award because this little boy is not deserving in anyway. Cam you can learn a lot from people like Manning and Brady and that’s how to be a MAN cause you little boy are not

  19. Broncos fans especially appreciate Cam keeping an eye on that last fumble. I guess the Panthers’ must coach their guys to turtle during a turnover. I say that because we all know Cam for his competitiveness and his selfless devotion to his team.

  20. Yeah they fluked out some wins but had many signs of the bubble bursting,like vs the Giants and then almost blowing a bigger lead to Seattle. So the media hype on the Panthers themselves was overblown the last two weeks.

    If he was a different player, or personality, you could say a few more losses this season may have humbled him; but you’d be wrong, all that wouldve happened is that youmwpouldve seen his sulkish side more this year than you did.

    Panthers caught lightning in a bottle,played in a terrible division and caught some breaks. Newton room this as him suddenly becoming elite. This will bring him back to earth and his reeputation goes back in the dumps.

  21. The loss wasn’t Cam’s fault. Denver’s defense has the habit of making great QB’s look average. He made some tough throws under pressure and tight coverage and his receivers rarely came up with contested catches.

    Cam had a great season and I suspect strongly that he’ll be back in the big dance before his career is over. That Denver defense was just too much for Carolina to handle tonight.

    Tough night for Carolina fans but that team is built to contend for the next few years.

    Congrats to the Broncos and their fans. One of the greatest defenses I’ve ever seen.

  22. If Rivera does anything but show his team a highlight reel of all the stupid dances and strutting they did this year, and ask them how good it feels to watch it after having their lunch eaten in the Super Bowl, it will reflect poorly on all involved.

  23. The shot of cam laying in the end zone throwing a childish tantrum shows all you need to know about him…

    “Superman” thing is a joke… He would not go after his own fumble…

    Seeing the “dab” shut down was awesome!

    Hats off to the Broncos and Peyton… The best team won tonight…

  24. Karma! Newton got what he deserved. Immature, poor sportsmanship, bad winner and a worse lose. Petulant child. Maybe now he will develop some humility, treat other teams and their fans with respect, and just maybe put his head in the next plays while on the sideline instead of in team photos before the games are over. Nah, he’s too narcissistic.

  25. This was more about the epic performance of the Denver D than it was about Cam. I wondered going in if we’d see the defense that throttled the Pats, or the one that let Steeler receivers (minus A Brown) run free for much of that game.

    Now’s when you really find out about Cam, and this Panther team. Maybe he should make a phone call to Jim Kelly.

  26. Immaturity. He will grow from it. If you want to yuck it up with the media when you win, be a class act in defeat. Cam is a stud player who plays with passion. What’s wrong with him? NOTHING. He just doesn’t do why the PC thing for him to do is.. I kind of respect it because it’s real.

  27. To all you Cam haters, who care what you got to say or think? I love Cam the way he is I wouldnt want him to lose his Dabbing style. Sure, Cam didnt have a great night but he did better against tough defense of Denver than Peyton did against tough defense of Carolina. Both team have solid defense but Denver defense was just better and made more play forcing turnover. How many snaps were Denver offense on compared to Carolina. Well it was more of Carolina offense vs Denver defense the whole game.

    Losing Super Bowl is not something you take lightly so don’t expect a player to show some class act. Didn’t Peyton run off the field when he lost to New Orleans?

    I see Panthers have plenty of weapon to be back.. If we got this far without our key receiver Kelvin Bejamin then I imagine we can be back..

    I’m proud of Panthers and thank them for great season.. This team have so much talents and many are still young.. I see hell of Seattle-Carolina rivalry in the future to come.. Be ready for that!

  28. I don’t remember Wilson pouting and walking out of his interview after that horrible play call and his bad pass snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last year. THAT’S how you do it little baby Cam, you man up, take repsonsibility and face the fire.

  29. Denver’s defense had multiple non calls for them, that if even one was called, completely changes the game. offsides on FG, two different no calls on DBs, one being picked up for no reason, and the other completely ignored. Defense was good, but Carolina’s was just AS good and did not get help from the secondary sources.

  30. Ha Ha “Protection problems”

    Love how CBS crew – Cowher included – couldn’t help but say how humble and classy Peyton Manning always was, win or lose.

  31. I’d like to see what would have happened if Brady had had more time too. Instead he got hit 22 times yet because he is a warrior when things go good and bad he still put his team in position to tie the AFC Championship game in final seconds. Newton wasn’t putting points up early and turtled into a little man. Actually jumped back from the recovering his own fumble! Brady or Manning would have dove head first. They understand what it takes to be champions.

  32. How can a man be so afraid of fighting for a fumble in a superbowl? Tiny Russell Wilson would’ve been a pitbull after it, fighting to the last.

    I don’t understand. How can his teammates see that tape and want to dab with him? I know Jared Allen isn’t happy.

  33. Immature. Poor Sport. Smiling, dancing, showing up the other team when it’s going well. Pouts when it doesn’t. Don’t listen to spin: He’s a spoiled athlete that can’t handle adversity. Major talent, though.

  34. Dude got beat. He took a beating. You want smiles and humility from him after that beat down? Get a life people. Props to Denver. That’s the only story here. Cam was amazing this year. And lost the super bowl. Just like elway, payton, brad etc have done before him. Denver d was on par with chicago, Ravens and others who won with nothing from the o. Props to Denver. Keep it classy

  35. This was a total implosion and embarassment by the Carolina Panthers and I am taking nothing away from the Broncos defense. It was a debacle and one of the worst Super Bowl performances I have ever seen. The whole team was outplayed and outclassed. Period. Its going to be a long off season in Charlotte.

  36. Google their schedule. They played a ton of bunk teams this year and most of the games were very close. The only decent teams they played were the hawks, packers and maybe the eagles. No wonder they almost went undefeated in the regular season. Theyre paper champions. And Cam is going to have a heck of a time making up for his behavior at the post game press conference. I understand being upset, but at least act like a professional in front of millions of people. Think of your team and your family. Its not like you wont ever have a chance to make it back. Very childish and on the biggest stage in sports.

  37. Nobody expects Cam to be happy about this loss. NOBODY.

    But to the Cam Newton apologists out there, while Peyton may indeed have run off the field, and while there was never any doubt that he wasn’t happy, he NEVER stiffed the post-game interviewers. He didn’t try to hide his disappointment from them, but he answered all of their questions thoughtfully, just as when he won.

    That’s something Cam needs to learn. It’s called, no pun intended, “manning up”, it’s been done by 49 Super Bowl-losing QBs before him, and I hope it’s done 49 times after him.

  38. This guy reminds me of Lebron James. Both are arrogant beyond belief when they are on top but don’t you dare go near them once they lose. Still remember the big baby walking off the court when Dwight Howard beat him. Watch Cam Newton proclaim himself to be a winner too in a week

  39. Cam Newton – the good time quarterback. He has a great attitude when soundly beating an inferior team. Then he can dab, run around, grandstand all over the field, take selfies on the sideline during the game and ham it up in every way possible; all done at the expense and intent to denigrate the effort of the opposing team. And he calls himself a man.

    Real team men are selfless. They do for others. They give credit to others when it is due. They live by the credo they are all a team. No one person is more important than another, regardless of the difference in talent and responsibility. All for one and one for all. The smallest part is just as important as the largest part.

    No where does any of that show up in the actions of Cam Newton. To Cam the sun rises and sets with him. Everything revolves around him, for him and his grandeur. Listening to his father on 1st Take last Friday it is easy to see where this comes from. It is all a fraud. Cam Newton truly cares for only one person in this world and that is Cam Newton. All his actions are done to make him look good. Even giving footballs to all those needy white kids in the stands. Why is there only an occasional black child? There aren’t too many black people who can afford seats down there. He appears to favor white children for a reason.

    It is easy to lead when all is gravy. Leadership really shows itself in adversity, when the chips are down, when the backs are against the wall. A real leader is the fellow who has the coolest mind in the room, or on the field of battle. He does not hide out with a towel over his head ignoring the fight going on field of battle. He is the one planning with various options should one or two fail. He is always pumping up his troops. He will not allow any negative talk. He insists everyone think as one unit. Everyonesthonks for his mates, especially when lives depend on the actions of each. One mistake can cost the lives of some or all. There is only room for thoughts of winning and the will to win.

    This all applies to sports too. I want a leader like that to run my you team. What real QB leaders have there been in the NFL past and present? Good question. There is Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Warren Moon, Roger Stauback, Bart Starr, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Joe Theisman, Peyton Manning, Randall Cunningham, Johnny Manziel (hah, just kidding to see if you are still awake). Seriously, the list is very long. One QB however does not belong on this list and that person is Cam Newton. He has no professional attitude about football. His attitude is about himself and his team is second. He may make the change and turn for home but I have serious reservations about him. He is 26 and has been this way all his life, including 8 years as an adult. He has 10 years or so left in his career which is now 1/3 over. It will be a reach for him. He can do it but it would take a complete change in his value system from me first to others being of equal value and they come first.

    I am reminded of Gale Sayers book “I Am Third”. It is the story of Brian Piccolo who was Sayers teammate in Chicago who developed cancer and died. This had a huge impact on Sayers life. The title became Gale Sayers life motto. – God is First, Family, friends and loved ones are second and I am third. It is a powerful story and philosophy.
    Cam Newton is lost. If he finds himself and seeks a change committing to unselfish values he has a chance to be great. If he continues on as he has for so long, he will never find his true actuality.

  40. Can somebody direct me to where the Panthers team picture is with three minutes to go in the game?
    Funny I see one every time they win in a blowout where’s the one from last night?

  41. Newton Norman
    The face of your team

    Grow up kids you win some you loss some and you live to fight another day

    You got out played on all 3 sides of the ball
    The better team smarter team won

  42. Funny before the SB he was telling the world he was all that and that people didn’t respect him because he’s a black QB… I suppose you lost because you’re a black QB… I’m sure he’ll turn it into something idiotic.

    ON another note he wants to run his mouth and tell the world how great he is but when you do that you have to take the other side of it when things don’t go your way… grow up and quit being a little bitch.

  43. Win bragging and show boating, lose with a frown on your face and walk out of a press conference. This kid has a lot of growing up to do. Putting MVP and your Stats on your cleats? Way to fire up the opposing team dumbass.

    Carolina will not be back to the SB with this guy acting like he doesn’t have to earn the win.

    Old school Manning did just enough to not lose the game and knew his defense would save his butt.

    Congrats Denver.

  44. Newton made some really good throws. He also made some really bad ones-High especially early. The runs he had were nice.

    He really didn’t play that well and I felt the game was too big for him this time. Next time, maybe not. It’s not the end of the world Palmer looked like nervous Nancy compared to Cam in the playoffs. He’ll have another shot perhaps. Most of the let down from the Carolina perspective should be attributed to the media over playing Newton’s hype machine.

  45. What we saw Sunday was the real Cam Cheating – this guy is all show and no go – given any consistent pressure, he just doesn’t have the ability to do anything but run.

    His passes were off all night – he was lucky his receivers worked as hard as they did to catch some of those errant passes.

    The Carolina Paper Tigers had better realize that they have a mentally fragile lunk head back there – when he can be allowed to showboat, he’s as good as anyone. However, when he gets ANY pressure, he only can run – he can’t really do much more. His size and mass will not be kind to him as he gets older – he will become sluggish and as he starts to pack on the pounds, he’ll be 300 pounds and essentially become a mountain behind the line of scrimmage.

    Either this clown matures and starts to develop real skills as a QB instead of run first, or he’ll be lucky to ever have a winning season again.

  46. Ted Ginn is still running out of bounds at the first sign of contact. It’s disgusting how even on the biggest stage he still will go out of his way to not take a hit and possible gain some extra yards.

  47. I hope Cam saw all those Broncos dancing? How did it feel to watch the opponent dance and celebrate over you? Sucked, didn’t it? Maybe you’ll conduct yourself with a little more class on the field and be gracious in defeat. Walking out on the press conference was a horrible decision. Bye bye endorsements

  48. This would not be that big of a deal if Newton wasn’t so anxious to take the spotlight when things go right! As soon as he learns that football is a team sport and that you win and lose as brothers, he might be recognized as a great player. NOTE: Cam, THIS is what it feels like when your on the other side of your celebrations!

  49. Newton will never change…he acted the same way throughout college career. When things go his way he’s “superman” when they don’t he’s “superbaby.”

  50. Sorry Cam but you are a spoiled brat…only concerned about yourself. You win as a team and you lose as a team. You lost tonight….and yep, I’m sure it was difficult but grow up. Someone is going to lose and someone is going to win.
    Your time, tonight was to lose and you handled yourself in a manner that showed your lack of respect and maturity.

    Honestly, as a Seahawk fan, I wanted Denver to win…had solely to do with the fact that after our game a few weeks ago, I saw you rip a Seahawk flag from someone and throw it to the ground (you’ve done that type of crap before with other teams as well). Right then and there, that showed your arrogance, your lack of respect and your total immaturity. Glad that there are a lot of QB (and obviously other players as well) in the league who represent what it means to be an athlete. Take a cue from Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson. You want to be respected? GROW UP!

  51. The new face of the NFL – pouting in a hoody; rolling on the sidelines in frustration; refusing to contest a fumble recover; emotionally immature jock. The NFL might want to rethink Cam as their poster boy.

  52. This is why you don’t go over the top with celebrations, dancing, showboating, etc…because eventually one day you will lose and then you look like a buffoon.

    Take note of Barry Sanders sportsmanship. Stop the stupid dances and just professionally hand the ball to the ref and perhaps handshake with a few teammates and a nod to the coach. If you do that, I guarantee you won’t have such a big pile of egg on your face when you do lose.

  53. Geez I though Tom Brady was a big baby! Cam just raised the bar to a new low. I guess lying about the money he and his crooked dad took in college finally brought some karma home. Welcome to reality Cam. Grab a towel you just got served by the Orange Crush.

  54. We expected the immature attitude from Newton but throwing your offensive line under the bus was low even for Cam. He blamed everyone on the team but himself. He was without question the weakest link on Superbowl Sunday. The huge stage caused him to choke.

  55. He was named MVP because of the efforts of his team mates. Without their protection Cam was exposed as a less than 50% passer. He really needs to step up and take some responsibility for his performance

    lol you are right no protection six sacks dumb play calling receiver dropping passes.

  56. rutledge3197 says:
    Feb 8, 2016 12:17 AM
    I hear the comparison to Marino :::: however the difference is they will always talk about Marino ….. Newton will be a footnote if he’s lucky


    Who would ever compare Cam Newton to Dan Marino and why?

  57. In this day and age of political correctness, you can’t say anything bad about Cam. lol Same thing with his teammates.. Ridiculous ! I can’t wait for the fall of Cam!

  58. I love it when he turns into ‘Towelhead’.
    I can’t stand him for the same reason everyone else dislikes him – he is clearly in love with himself more than any other person in the world.

  59. I was close. I said 20-17 Broncos. Cam would get pressured and fumble. Most likely Von Miller would be MVP. Denver defense played better than expected. Cam looked like an average QB and not an MVP when the Broncs closed up his running lanes and he had no choice but to throw. Cam exposed. Other teams are taking notes. Panthers defense played great and lost. Humbled. Cam is a selfish player. And they kicked Steve Smith off the team for this guy to be a leader?

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