Aqib Talib calls Levi’s Stadium turf “terrible”


The 49ers have had repeated issues with the quality of the sod at Levi’s Field. On Sunday, the NFL’s first stint as the caretaker of the gridiron at Santa Clara encountered difficulties, too.

The footing on the field was terrible,” Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib said, via the Associated Press. “San Fran has to play eight games on that field so they better do something to get it fixed. It was terrible.”

Talib apparently hasn’t been paying attention to the home team’s troubles with the turf. Because the troubles have been persistent for the team. The league has had troubles, too. And now the 49ers get the turf back, indefinitely.

Not everyone complained about the field, including the guy who won the game’s MVP award.

“I had to change my cleats,” Broncos linebacker Von Miller said. “It was a great field. We came out here [Saturday] and it was fast. As the game went on, I just needed a little more support. I was able to get the detachable [spikes] and real quick change them.”

Players from both teams seemed to slip on the field. Panthers coach Ron Rivera, however, went out of his way to say the field wasn’t a problem.

“We didn’t have any issues with the field,” Rivera said, via the Associated Press. “Both teams played on the same field. As far as I’m concerned, for me to be able to blame the field is kind of a cop out. The truth of the matter is we both played on the surface. The surface was outstanding.”

Outstanding is an overstatement, but Rivera surely wants to say nothing that would create the impression he is making excuses for the outcome of the game. His refusal to make excuses provides the league with an excuse it doesn’t merit, because the field wasn’t nearly as good as it should have been, raising yet again the question of why the NFL fails far too often to ensure that players get the absolute best and safest surfaces.

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  1. Dear Levi’s Stadium,

    Your turf is amazing. Don’t listen to the h8trs.

    The Departed Candlestick Park

  2. I love when football players complain about poor fields for a primarily played outdoor sport that is in the fall and winter time. What a baby!

  3. He should keep his mouth shut and let his heads up plays… oh wait, I saw him commit a few bone head plays out there. At least the face mask to save a touchdown when he got beat was smart.

    On a serious note – congratulations to the Broncos and all their fans.

  4. “…raising yet again the question of why the NFL fails far too often to ensure that players get the absolute best and safest surfaces.”

    Answer is too easy. Not sure why there is a question.

    The NFL does not own those fields. And they cannot influence, much less force, the stadium owner to provide what the league determines as the best possible field.

    The NFL has never failed to ensure the best possible field, simply because the only option they have ever had is to complain about it.

  5. It’s funny that the only player to complain about the field was the only player that was getting toasted by a small WR while the rest of the defense had no trouble swarming Cam Newton and the offense lol Talib needs to quit making excuses for his poor play

  6. turf or no turf , if that game had been only slightly different, Talib could have very well cost them the superbowl with his gangster routine

    personal fouls and then taking his helmet off.? he could have been ejected

    the guy straight up lost his mind during the one game you better never ever lose your mind in.

    this whole group of hothead players often do more harm than good

  7. Talib should’ve had atleast 3 personal fouls called on him in that game. TJ Ward not known for his coverage was all over the field and had no trouble with the field that Broncos D is legit for sure.

  8. Aquib needs to focus less on the turf and more on his temper and unecessary roughness penalties. You know it is possible to play well without beheading receivers. With the new rule Goodell wants implemented, Aquib may want to keep a few books in the lockerroom to pass the time during games.

  9. The more I hear Ron Rivera speak, the more I like him. I’m not a Panthers fan but he seems to say the right things. As an old school retired Army vet, I like how he handles things.

  10. I was surprised that at the Super Bowl both teams were having to make shoe/cleat adjustments during the game. Do they not get a chance to try cuts and the like during the stadium walkthrough? Or pregame warmups? In that huge of a game where a single play could decide the outcome it just seems bizarre that both teams would be caught wearing the wrong cleats for the conditions on a dry day.

  11. I love how some of you clowns claim to be experts on everything and now you are turf specialists…the field in candlestick park as well as Levi’s Stadium is a joke : why that is I don’t know but obviously there is a huge problem…. I don’t ever recall Oakland having any of these issues…. Talib and his play aside that field sucks

  12. The sod came from West Coast Turf in Livingston, Ca which is the same place where the 49ers sod comes from so if there were any issues that might explain it a bit. That said this is the 8th SB they’ve provided turf for, they do all the MLB teams in the state, plus the DBacks, the Rose Bowl, Stanford, so they aren’t new to this. Maybe the problem is the surface it’s being laid on and not the actually turf itself? And no I don’t work for this company it’s on their website.

  13. Denver 14-0 in games Referee’d by Hocholi – AFC Championship Game and Clete Blakeman – Super Bowl. Coincidence? Maybe. Bad optics. Definitely! NFL has lost all integrity.

  14. That turf has been jacked up since day one.
    It’s an ongoing joke here in the Bay Area.
    Glad you could all experience it.
    1.3 Billion and that’s the best they could do? Maybe sacrifice the WiFi and get the sod right.
    A joke of a palace.

  15. By my estimates, if Goodell’s proposed new rule was in effect, Talib would have been thrown out of SB50 in the first 3 minutes of the game. At least then he wouldn’t have had to play on the turf.

  16. Given that this writer said he did not attend the game, I’ll take the word of the NFL Coach of the Year that the field condition was outstanding for this game.

  17. Talib admitted that the facemask was intentional and thought little of it because he knew it would only be a 1 yard penalty. TJ Ward committed a similar penalty against New England when he speared a down man, helmet first, at the 2 yard line. The league needs to do something about that rule and find a way to make every personal foul worth 15 yards.

  18. As a Broncos fan I have to say I like coach Rivera. He is a classy guy. Cam needs to learn from his coach and he will be just fine!

  19. The field was terrible.

    So many slips the first 5 minutes and both teams switched out their cleats.

    But Rivera has a great point. Does not favor one team or another.

  20. “The NFL has lost all integrity” ??? Why, because some clowns like Aqib don’t like the turf?? Geez, give it a rest already. Or is this another fault of Goodell?

  21. Tide comes in in the Bay Area and you’re going to get some divots in any stadium within five miles of the bay.
    By the way, I really enjoyed seeing a Super Bowl played outside under the sun. First time in 12 years. It makes the flyovers meaningful and the shadows really add to the NFL Films highlights.

  22. If you think that was bad turf, and it is, wait until you see that cow pasture in Houston for the next Super Bowl.

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