Peyton Manning likely didn’t want to take attention from teammates


After the Super Bowl, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning supplied the same message about his future every time he spoke. He’s waiting on the recommendation of Tony Dungy, who advised against an emotional decision.

It’s clear, then, that the emotional decision would have been to retire.

There’s another benefit that comes from waiting. By not announcing his intentions on Sunday night, Manning didn’t take attention away from his teammates and coaches.

During a pregame interview with Bill Cowher, which had been taped at some point before Sunday, Manning became emotional when talking about the importance of being known as a good teammate. And but for one slip after a 2005 playoff loss in which he said, after explaining that he’s trying to be a good teammate, the team had problems with protection, Peyton has always been an impeccable teammate.

If he knows he’s retiring, his decision to keep the decision to himself becomes a genuinely selfless act, allowing the aftermath of the win to be all about the team and not all about Peyton.

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  1. When he was asked about his legacy in CBS, with tears in his eyes, he said that he wants to be remembered by two things: being a good teammate and being respected by his opponents, that’s his legacy.

  2. ……Manning is a good teammate but I’m not sure if Mike Vanderjaunt agrees…..I still laugh at that ‘idiot kicker’ comment. I was a pleasure watching play in the NFL Peyton ! Omaha !!!

  3. Class act. Seems just like yesterday I was watching the hyped up show down between the young gun Manning and old dog Favre. Man time flies. Respect. One of the greatest to ever play, happy retirement field general.

  4. Not a Broncos fan but a Peyton Manning fan, and it immediately seemed pretty obvious to me that Manning wasn’t announcing his retirement Sunday night specifically so he wouldn’t take any attention away from the team and towards himself. He’s a class act all the way.

  5. Surely he’s retiring. I even heard some of his teammates refer to this game as “his last game” over the last few weeks. Whether that was on accident, or they know what we don’t – who knows.

  6. I think he retires- Then halfway through the season a top contending team loses their QB and gives him a call. Then it will be decision time all over again

  7. Right way for Peyton to go out. Good to see players that recognize their role and contribution within the context of the team. Lots of respect for what he has done and how he has always handled himself in public.

    Some of Denver’s defensive players should take note.

    They looked as bad as Peyton looked good.

  8. Or maybe it was because he wants to have a special event press conference that will generate tons of ad revenue that he’ll pocket his % of….

  9. Everyone knows he’s retiring.

    He and Papa John are going to get a nice place in Omaha and spend their days playing eating chicken parm and drinking lots of Budweiser, Tracy. Lots of Budweiser.

  10. Brinke says:
    Feb 8, 2016 2:58 PM
    OK, I read the article. Time for a Budweiser.

    Lots of Budweiser, Tracy.

  11. every team mate he has ever had gushes about how much they have learned from the guy.. I think that alone speaks to the type of person he is..and while I think physically he was far from the best at any point in his career (he even was known to have a lack of arm strength in college, that’s why many said Ryan Freaking Leaf was better) I don’t think any player ever has had the football IQ

  12. Funny how every “analyst” from NFL Network were saying that the Broncos had no chance to win the SB, Deion “The loudmouth” Sanders said that the only three teams with a chance in the AFC were the Chiefs and Patriots, and he even said that the Broncos were done (he used his giant fork), yet yesterday all of them were praising the Broncos. What’s more funny, though, was Kurt Warner’s analysis, such a cry baby loser, guess what Kurt, the only QB to have two rings with different teams is Manning, eat some of that.

  13. “And but for one slip after a 2005 playoff loss in which he said, after explaining that he’s trying to be a good teammate, the team had problems with protection, Peyton has always been an impeccable teammate.”

    and if anyone says otherwise he’s got a couple of acquaintances that would be more than happy to pay a visit to their parents to help explain his impeccable-ness to them.

  14. Head Coach Peyton Manning…..

    Can’t wait to see it.

    And I am sure he will be awesome as such. Guaranteed to be better then the Tomsula’s and Chip Kelly’s of the NFL.

  15. If that were true he would have retired years ago. One of those inflatable arm waving car dealership puppets could have won this SB.

  16. patslovecheating says:
    Feb 8, 2016 2:49 PM
    Peyton will be the most talked about player in this game, but everyone knows Von Miller straight up dominated that game. It was like watching LT in his prime.
    Miller had a classic performance yesterday, but, he did not dominate like LT did when he was in his prime.

  17. HGH won Peyton another Championship!…Think he can do it again? Maybe, let’s see if his ball and chain can score another shipment.

  18. Peyton changed a lot. When he was young he pointed the finger more than just that one time. However, he learned in 2006 what it takes to be a winner and became a much less selfish player(although he still likes his individual records too).

    Peyton certainly deserved this win and it’s moves him into a much more select group of players who have won multiple Super Bowls. 12 to be exact. Also, having appeared in 4 and winning 2 puts him in the top 7 guys, at par with Roger Staubach.

    He’s in the legend category now in terms of Super Bowls.

    Staubach 2-2
    Manning 2-2
    Elway 2-3
    Aikman 3-0
    Bradshaw 4-0
    Montana 4-0
    Brady 4-2

    That’s a short list… and a little bit of extra credit for being the only guy to win with two different teams.

  19. Do you think after Tony Dungy has had that little talk with Peyton he might have some time for a talk with Cam?

  20. Knowing Peyton its more likely he didn’t want his team to take away from his moment. He wants all eyes on him. He’s going to make his retirement press conference a huge deal. He’ll probably pay networks to air like a Presidential address.

  21. The thing about him just being a good regular season qb is ridiculous. To have 13 playoff losses means he went to the playoffs at least 13 times. Do people expect him to have 10 rings or something? If just 2 of those 13 losses were wins, he’s the clear GOAT. Likewise, last night’s playoff win is NO indication of what kind of QB he is yet he won a ring. Would you rather have the 15′ QB who won the ring or the 13″ QB that lost who obliterated every record imaginable. See how ridiculous bringing up his post season record is.

  22. Manning is a class act all the way. That’s why he’s such a huge winner. It’s the same thing with Brady. Brady is saying he wants to play ten more years, just so people leave him alone and allow his team to focus on football. It wouldn’t surprise me if both Manning and Brady decide to hang em up this off-season. Neither of them have anything left to prove.

  23. The guy owns two Budweiser distributorships. So even though their stadium is named after another sellout foreign beer, you couldn’t expect him to plug them.

  24. I have no idea if Peyton Manning is retiring but I think it is obvious that he will not be a Bronco next year. If I were Peyton, I would capitalize on my success by doing a Billion dollars worth of advertisements. Next, I would negotiate a deal with one of the networks. I suspect that Peyton would be able to change his name to PAYton. If all else fails, Peyton can always play for the Browns. I heard that they need a quarterback.

  25. In all my years on Earth, I’ve learned that only squirrely people use the phrase “captain obvious” and think they’re being witty.

  26. Denver 14-0 in games Referee’d by Hocholi – AFC Championship Game and Clete Blakeman – Super Bowl. Coincidence? Maybe. Bad optics. Definitely! NFL has lost all integrity.

  27. As another poster mentioned, the story line may be about Manning. But the meat and potatoes is about Von Miller. His play was reminiscent of past greats like LT and DT. Players with a history of taking over games.

    Grats to Manning. But kudos to Miller and that defense. You guys put on a helluva show.

  28. Von Miller was awesome. He won the game for the Broncos.

    I believe that Peyton will retire on top, ride off into the sunset, and he will take a coaching or administrative position with either the Colts, Broncos, or the Giants, the latter because of Eli.

  29. In an emotional interview about teamwork and sportsmanship with Jon Gruden, Peyton Manning said “I never want to take the attention away from the accomplishments of my teammates, which is something I learned from Papa. That’s Papa John, who also taught me how to make and eat the best pizza…the secret of which is a nice splash of Budweiser.”

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