Report: Eagles haven’t had discussions about Nick Foles return

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On Sunday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Eagles are interested in turning back the clock and bringing Nick Foles back to Philadelphia a year after trading him to the Rams for Sam Bradford.

That report also indicated that the Eagles are leaning against using the franchise tag to assure that Bradford, an impending free agent, remains with the team in 2016. Another report from Philadelphia indicates that thoughts of a reversal of course are premature at the moment.

Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Eagles have not had internal discussions about pursuing a Foles return. As of now, any Foles pursuit would require another trade as he is under Rams control. He’s due a $6 million bonus three days into the new league year, which starts on March 9, so that status could change in the coming weeks.

Berman also reports that the Eagles have made no decisions regarding Bradford. New coach Doug Pederson has spoken well of Bradford since getting hired last month, although there’s certainly a big difference between saying nice things and putting yourself on the hook for a salary around $20 million for a quarterback who hasn’t been consistent enough withe either the Rams or Eagles to justify that price.

20 responses to “Report: Eagles haven’t had discussions about Nick Foles return

  1. I’d love to have Foles back ONLY if he is released. Stop gap QB familiar with the team while we draft our franchise (hopefully) QB at #13

  2. For those of you not from the area, Berman is quite literally the Eagles front office’s lap dog. He’s their go to person to get their spin out to the masses so take it for what it’s worth….

  3. Adam Schefter needs to quit making up stories just for the sake of reporting something. This would make as much sense as NFL Network wanting Schefter to return.

  4. The ONLY way getting Nicky Franchise back makes ANY sense is if one of two things occur:

    A) you take him prior to March 9th, take the $6M cap hit for the RAMs and you also get your 2nd round pick back that you gave them in exchange for a 6th or 7th round pick. Even @ $7.25M total cap hit, thats very low for a QB thats going to be starting for you.

    B) you take him after March 9th, get no pick back and give them a 7th for him and only owe him the $1.25M salary. ABSURDLY low for a guy thats going to start for you.

    The Eagles should be giving up NOTHING for Foles, as it would be a relief to the Rams to get him out of there.

  5. This denial is no surprise. If the Eagles publicly confirmed internal discussions about re-acquiring Foles, that public confirmation would constitute tampering. That’s the mistake Woody Johnson made a few years ago when he discussed Darrelle Revis with the media.

  6. Helping the Rams out of a bad contract (again) is embarrassing but giving Bradford 20+ million per is ridiculous. Build the D, run the ball, pick a young QB and see what you got. There’s no quick fix here.

  7. Foles looked good in Kelly’s first season when they were leading the league in rushing. That set up lots of favorable passing situations. The next season the run game started to falter and he struggled throwing almost the same number of passes in 8 games as he had the entire season before. He isn’t going to win games on his own but if their plan is to pound the ball he might be their guy.

  8. After Foles is cut, I’d take him back for 2MM.
    Even if he sucks, it’s not like Sanchez is any better, and any QB they draft won’t be ready for 2016.

    It makes sense to try and keep Bradford, for a reasonable salary, not 20MM.

  9. Just don’t do it! Foles was so bad on the Rams that he couldn’t even stay the starter there. Why would anyone ever want to bring him back? He’s slow to make decisions, takes too many sacks and isn’t accurate at all. In case anyone noticed Philly is going back to a west coast offense which needs a quick minded and accurate QB.

  10. Sam Bradford is not a good QB.. This guy is a glorified backup in reality… You will never win a superbowl with Bradford, you won’t even go to the playoffs. Nick Foles can launch a good deep ball. I would rather have Foles than Bradford.. I think the hottest QB free agent will be Raiders backup Matt McGloin. Some team is going to pay him a ton of money. McGloin is a proven starter in NFL and can win games for you. McGloin is basically a better version of Brock Osweiller. McGloin is a good game manager but can also make some down the field throws. If I’m the Broncos, Texans or any team that needs a QB I’m paying that guy instead of rolling the dice on a rookie

  11. After watching an inept Denver offense, led by a QB with no arm, win a Super Bowl with an historically great defense, I say give Jim Schwartz whatever resources he needs. Who cares if it’s Bradford or Foles?

  12. This has to be frustrating for some teams. You have a QB just good enough to not be a bust (RG3, Manziel), but is not good enough to take you to next level. To give Bradford $20 million is tantamount to highway robbery. They’re better off building a dominant defense ala the Broncos, Seattle, or Panthers. As we saw last night, a great defense will win you a Super Bowl.

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