Elway calls re-signing Danny Trevathan, Malik Jackson priorities

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Linebacker Von Miller said that he expects his contract discussions with the Broncos will be “a peaceful thing,” an outlook made easier by the fact that the team would likely use the franchise tag to secure Miller’s return for at least one more season if they can’t strike a deal by early March.

The tag probably won’t be an option with two other defensive starters headed for a free agency. Linebacker Danny Trevathan and defensive end Malik Jackson can both head elsewhere this offseason, but the Broncos say they want to keep both in Denver.

“They are all priorities,” Elway said, via the Denver Post. “Getting Derek Wolfe done was the first step, and we want to get Danny and Malik done. We want to try and keep the group together. But it’s a fluid process. We will talk to their representatives and see where we are at and get a feel for it.

With Miller and quarterback Brock Osweiler also up for deals, it could be tough to bring back both pieces of what Elway called a “historic” defense.

Jackson should be a popular target for other teams as comes off a strong season and Wolfe’s deal sets the framework for another contract that will be tough to fit into the puzzle. Trevathan won’t cost as much, but there would be other suitors on the open market for a player who’s been a starter on two AFC champs. That could price him out as well, all of which leaves plenty to watch in Denver beyond Miller and the quarterbacks this offseason.

13 responses to “Elway calls re-signing Danny Trevathan, Malik Jackson priorities

  1. In an ideal world, a lot of guys would restructure their deals to allow this team to stay together (Clady, Ware & honestly Demaryius big time).

    But, we live in the real world. I think they franchise Von, re-sign Malik but Trevathan is the odd man out. Really sucks but that’s how these things go.

  2. Malik will probably be the odd one out. Same thing happened last year with Knighton, and they have a lot more depth at D-line than at linebacker. Theyll need to address the D-line in the draft and free agency.

  3. Please Denver fans, don’t be like the Seahawk fans of a couple seasons back when they thought everyone would take a discount to stay with the team.

  4. Denver simply doesn’t have the cap room to do this. Its the price you pay when you are good. Unless you sign all your talent young and for a long time early.

  5. Broncos will be able to sign all their FA and be able to add more top notch players in free agency too.
    They cheated the salary cap to win Superbowls before, whats to stop them again?
    “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission.”
    Broncos are just as bad as the Patriots. Both cheated their way to Superbowl titles.

  6. At least one of them will choose the money, maybe both. Last offseason Julius Tomas, Orlando Franklin, Pot Roast, Rahim the dream Moore all did it. Broncos will be fine.

  7. Pssst – John – you could always cheat the salary cap. Probably even able to find someone in Denver who has experience in that area. But don’t let anyone find out, lest they consider you a cheater.

  8. I think Broncos cut Peyton if he doesn’t retire. Sign Brock and Von. Then trade D. Ware as Barrett and Ray both performed very well. I think they ask D. Thomas to restructure or trade him, he drops too many passes and too injury prone. They absolutely need to sign Jackson and Trevathan. Then they focus efforts on doing something about that horrible O-Line. They probably need to look at RB’s and a TE. If they keep that Defense mostly together and Brock plays like he did, they will be back in the playoffs. Go Broncos!

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