Goodell says extra point rule made the NFL more exciting in 2015

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says Year One of the new extra point rule was a success, and more rules tweaks are on the way.

Goodell said the new rule, which moved extra point kicks back 13 yards, is an example of the kinds of changes the league will continue to consider.

“From a competitive standpoint, this season, more games were decided by one score than ever in our history. That led to great competition and the average margin of victory lower than any time in our history. We’ll continue to try to make the game more exciting as we did this last year with the extra point,” Goodell said.

It is true that there were more two-point conversion attempts in 2015 than in 2014: NFL teams went 45-for-94 on two-point conversions in 2015 after going 28-for-58 in 2014. Most fans would agree that a two-point conversion is a more exciting play than an extra point, and so there was a little more excitement in that respect.

Extra points also became more difficult, with kickers converting on 94.2 percent in 2015 after converting on 99.3 percent in 2014. But not all fans buy the idea that more missed extra points translates to more excitement.

What would really be exciting is if the new rule led to some coach deciding to go for two as the default option after touchdowns. So far no coach has done that. Perhaps it will happen if the NFL moves extra points back another 10 or 15 yards.

57 responses to “Goodell says extra point rule made the NFL more exciting in 2015

  1. Wrong. It added a fluke element to the game. That’s exciting? To who? Maybe Goodell’s just happy that the “Belichick” rule actually cost New England a super bowl birth. I think that’s pretty funny, but I don’t think super bowls should be determined by kickers. Just my opinion.

  2. You don’t have to move the extra point any further back. Eventually some coach who knows he’s on the chopping block will start going for it every time and it will win some games.

  3. Hey Rog, congratulations. You finally did something right. Imagine the ingenious, creative mind you have to think of something so far out and inventive as to move the point after kick back 13 yards. WOW, guess that why pay you 44 million a year. Good for you Roger, keep up the good work!

  4. They should tweak it again by moving it back to the 20 yard line, but moving a 2 point try to the one yard line. So, you either kick a 37 yard fg for 1 point, or try for 2 points from the one yard line. That would give teams more incentive to go for 2, and thus, make it even more exciting.

  5. PEDton’s HGH shipments certainly made the Bronco games more exciting too. * SB

    Sorry, the cheater got caught. Deal with it. Lol.

  6. This guy is delusional and without a doubt the worst commissioner in NFL history. I don’t know how else to say it or how much more blatantly obvious it can be.

  7. What’s next? Longer FGs get more points? Missed FGs equal points for opponent? How about we focus on working with the NFLPA to start weeding some of these turds convicted of sexual and violent crimes out of the game.

  8. Yeah – Pat yourself on the back for what coaches had been suggesting for years

    Meanwhile you can’t figure out what a catch is, still think Ray Rice and Greg Hardy are “leaders” while Boy Scout Brady is slandered because you insist on refuting the laws of physics

    For the good of the game Roger, just retire

  9. with those conversion percentages ( I did the math)

    100 two point tries would get you 96 points
    100 one point tries would get you 94 points

    So the options are pretty much equally viable, thus it does add more strategy.

    You can go for two, for reasons other than desperation.

  10. Que in the Fan Boy Army. 3, 2, 1 “WE HATE GOODELL!”

    If you hate him so much why don’t you boycott his product? Tick tock!

  11. I liked the more difficult extra point. Impacted some games, which changed the strategies for both teams for the rest of the game. Can make it a bit more of a chess match.

  12. I can hardly contain my excitement that extra points went down 5%. The excitement completely makes up for the lack of coherent and sensible rule enforcement from crew to crew of officials and from Blandino talking out of both sides of his mouth all season.

  13. Going for 2 points as the default option may win a few games here and there, but I don’t think it will make a big difference in the outcome of most games. Moving the kick back another 10 yards might lower the success rate to 88% as opposed to 94% that it was in 2015. NFL kickers are deadly from anywhere inside the 50. If they’re not, then they don’t kick for long in the NFL.

  14. Your a dork goody!!!!! How about we go to one foot in for catches and stop all these freekin reviews. Reviews that take 5 minutes or in our terms, 15 commericals. How about we stop the words ‘upon further review’ and have e the refs just say ‘call upheld’ or ‘call reversed’. How about we put an end to the give passing of Cam and start calling taunting or celebrations pnealties. How about you start ejecting people for deliberately grabbing the face mask to prevent a score. How about two pers fouls and your out one entire game.

    Lots of needs goody to make the game safer and better for the fans.

  15. Overall it was a pretty down year and the only real surprises in terms of the final standings had more to do with injuries than anything else. Ol’ Roge has a very different idea of excitement than the rest of us

  16. “The extra point rule was an experiment and will be re-evaluated during the off-season”

    What Goodell would have said today if it had been Denver that lost due to a missed extra point instead of New England.

  17. why not have footballs randomly explode on impact when kicked? Now THAT would make the game more exciting!

  18. The Beichick PAT rue did spice up some games. I think I read somewhere blocks also went up. Now move the damn KO back where it was.

    There is NO more exciting pay than watching a guy take it to the house to answer the other teams score. KO’s suck now. I don’t think it makes a lick of difference player safety wise.

    Dog and pony show.

  19. Yeah, as a fan, I love meaningless plays that are automatic. Gives me a chance to take a leak. NOT!

  20. It would have been so boring if the AFC championship game had gone into overtime right? Much better to have it skewed & decided by an extra point.

    Even Papa John would have been happy about the game going into overtime…more opportunity to shill his crummy pizza.

  21. Ariani failing to realize that his kicker missed one from inside the new extra point distance in the playoffs, keep trolling buddy.

  22. Would have liked it more if they had not rejected the idea of allowing a team lined up for a 2 pointer to instead drop kick as an option (even if only to bag 1 point). The current/new rules sadly mean drop kicks (one of last remaining connections to rugby) will almost certainly never be seen in the NFL again.

  23. BroncosCheatedTheSalaryCap says:
    Feb 9, 2016 7:12 PM
    PEDton’s HGH shipments certainly made the Bronco games more exciting too. * SB

    Sorry, the cheater got caught. Deal with it. Lol.
    What games were you watching? And how exactly has he, at this very moment, been caught? The alleged shipments were while he was with the Colts.

    IF he was on HGH with the Broncos, don’t you think that his performance would have been more like Colts Johnny Unitas rather than the Chargers Johnny Unitas performance he put on this year?

  24. edelmanfanclub says:
    Feb 9, 2016 8:22 PM
    I’d take back the old PAT if it meant no more Goodell
    Not a fan of Goodell but you’re forgetting it was your coach who pushed for this change. Just sayin. Can’t exactly blame Goodell for something your coach pushed for.

  25. …….in a new rule Goodell will instituted in 2016 to make the game more exciting…….QB will no longer take direct snaps from center but hold the ball standing 15 feet back from center , while all WRs get a ruunning head start down the field. All defensive linemen will have to shout out 1 Mississippi. ..2 Mississippi. ..3 Mississippi BEFORE they rush the QB. The game is going be just awsome! …..thanks RODGER.

  26. Goodell could call a spade a spade but still since it came from his mouth I would both question the validity of his statement and wonder what he was trying to pull by saying it.

  27. Whenever I see a headline starting with “Goodell says…”, I no longer read the article. Goodell is a serial liar and an incompetent buffoon…no point in reading anything he says.

  28. You wanna get nuts. Let’s get nuts….

    30 yards for one point
    40 yards for two points (or whatever statistically would be near two point conversion success rate)
    60 yards for three points

    THAT would make extra points exciting

  29. Undoubtedly, there are a number of matters worthy of taking issue with – with Commissioner Goodell. However, he has hit on some strong moves (in my opinion).

    The way (unproven) rooks are compensated relative to (proven) vets has been dramatically altered to a merit-based system. Very good.

    The NFL logo got cooler.

    The eight divisions with four teams each, and the streamlined rotational scheduling format is very strong too.

    And late season match-ups are now strategically locked down with key intra-divisional brawls. Perfect.

    The 2 point conversion has also enhanced the game. Most of us would agree on that.

    And now, sliding out the extra point conversion has inarguably added an element of uncertainty (i.e., excitement) to the game. I dig it.

    Yeah – we can ALL agree that Roger hasn’t batted a thousand on all of his moves, and has whiffed badly on some of them. But he certainly does deserve legit credit for his strong moves that enhance the game.

  30. Fix the officiating, simplify the rulebook, call a catch a catch, and get rid of Blandino. All these things will have far more impact on exciting football than trying to gimmick the rules further.

  31. “why not have footballs randomly explode on impact when kicked? Now THAT would make the game more exciting!”

    I like it. How about whenever a deficit reaches 21+ points, the losing team’s defenders get to wield melee weapons (baseball bats, brass knuckles etc.) when the opposing offense is on the field?

    Think about the possible excitement! Even if it’s a blowout, there’s sure to be some excitement somewhere on that field. I think it would add a layer of strategy to the game too; make it more like a chess match.

    Seriously, would the Patriots want to extend their lead to 3 TD’s if the next time Brady is on the field Von Miller is chasing him down with a baseball bat in each hand? That would be terrifying AND exciting.

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