Greg Jennings says Ryan Tannehill wants more freedom in offense

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Since being hired as the new Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase has spoken often about the need for quarterbacks to have the full support of their coaches.

That’s something that didn’t always appear to be the case for Ryan Tannehill in Miami when Joe Philbin was the head coach and Bill Lazor ran the offense. During an interview with the team’s website, wide receiver Greg Jennings said that Tannehill was “hand-held” by the previous coaching staff and that has hindered his growth as a player because he hasn’t been able to learn from mistakes he’s made in the past.

“Anytime you’re holding someone’s hand, you’re refusing to let them grow…,” Jennings said. “I’m going to speak for Ryan right now, which I typically don’t do. He wants some more freedom. He knows that he’s not been able to do the things that he really wants to do.”

For the right quarterback, being given more to do along with the knowledge that your coaches are confident you can do it can make a world of difference. The Dolphins may find out if Tannehill is the right quarterback under those conditions this season.

41 responses to “Greg Jennings says Ryan Tannehill wants more freedom in offense

  1. More freedom, less ability to change calls; it doesn’t matter, he’s terrible QB. 1 year starter at college made him 1st round pick? Typical dolphin draft. They’ve been awful since Dan was forced to hang them up.

  2. Been saying this all along, RT was handcuffed and overly protected by coaches. He was forced into conservative play by the HC/OC. Time to let him show his stuff for better or worse.

  3. Joe Philbin caused more damage to that organization then Jeff Ireland. That is no easy feat.

  4. Philbin should never be a HC again. Not really on the Tannehill bandwagon, but how do you expect him to lead the team when you make it known to the entire team that you don’t trust him. What makes even less sense is that despite their lack of trust, they kept on going pass heavy in games. There is no way this kind of thinking could ever be successful. I am pissed off at Philbin, and I am pissed off at Lazor for leaving us with a QB that is 5 years into his career and no one has any clue what kind of QB he is. and more so pissed off at Ross for not firing Philbin years ago.

  5. Is he the guy or not? I am a glass half full kind of guy, So I hope he is. But you can’t limit what a guy can do and expect him to show you what he is capable of. But with the NFL and Owners firing coaches every 2 years, you can’t blame coaches for playing it safe. I really hate having to defend Thill, and would like them to take his training wheels off.

  6. I would like to see him have the freedom to audible. Time to sink or swim. My concern is that there may be a very good reason that he wasn’t allowed to audible. He may be completely inept at reading defenses. So. Let’s find out.

  7. The coaches were married to their systems and their play calls. When they finally allowed audibles, they limited them to a single option. An either this play or that at option. The result was the QB at the line knowing neither would work or seeing a defensive vulnerability and not being able to do anything about it. The micromanaging was extreme and counterproductive. Hopefully Gase fixes that issue and Tannehill shines. If not they can move on in 2017. Getting that kid an O-line that isn’t historically bad might help a bit too.

  8. I have gradually lost faith in Tannehill, but I also want to see what he can do with freedom on offense.

    It is ridiculous to not allow a QB freedom when they touch the ball every single play.

  9. That permanent glazed over look in his eyes suggests that Tannehill is likely to see a short leash throughout his pro career.

  10. There are idiotic members of Miami’s media, notably Orlando Alzuguray (The Big O Show) who swore Tannehill didn’t audible because he wasn’t intelligent enough. People were constantly bringing up the possibility that there were restraints placed on him by the coaching staff. But no. The Big O swore up and down Tannehill wasn’t cerebral enough and then what do you know- all this information comes out.

    Orlando- you have NO CLUE what goes on. You think you do. But you don’t. You have an agenda against the guy because you’ve been crying for 4 years he was a bust, and you refuse to admit you were wrong. Point in case- the Big O cried all last year he couldn’t hit the deep ball, and after hitting the deep ball many times this year, he refuses to broach the subject.

  11. Miko has nothing to do with Thill…I hope the new coaching staff will get it done right with him, if not we will see a new QB soon. Bill

  12. Greg and Laura Tannehill must have made one hell of a breakfast spread for Greg.

    Thats the only way a guy looking to be targeted by his own QB for passes, would even think this coach killer needs more freedom.

  13. Mike Sherman allowed THill freedom and THill was very good pre-snap his first 2 years. It was when Sherman got fired and Lazor hired that the handcuffs were applied. That was also when Philbin wanted to draft Derek Carr instead of continuing forward with the guy he wanted 2 years earlier. What’s mind boggling is that after deciding he no longer wants Ryan, he essentially abandons the running game and puts the ball in Tannehills hands.

    Philbin caused far more damage than Jeff Ireland did and that is no easy feat.

  14. Philbin was hot dumpster juice. Never call plays at the nfl level. 4 years in Miami will only get him a job as a o-line coach. Lmao!
    Lazor first time call plays in nfl. Only can get a job as qb coach. Lol. Tannehill will be fine. When philbin got hire I didn’t hear players praising him. All you here from people about gase is smart, brilliant, creative. If is doesn’t work in Mia he will at least get a coordinator gig. You heard it here first tannehill will be fine. Maybe Mia fans should hold the defense to standard of tannehill. Get a B level o-line and a respectable defense then see what the qb can do. Must have forgot about the culpepper,lemon, henne days. Chill out people.

  15. Good QBs help get their coaches into the Hall of Fame. Bad QBs get their coaches fired. Adam Gase will be an ex-coach before you know it. The Dolphins’ owner is clueless.

  16. Excessive criticism of Joe Philbin on here. Philbin relied on his Offensive Coordinators, Mike Sherman and Bill Lazor who handcuffed Tannehill. It was Sherman and Lazor who called every play and insisted on Ryan following their scripts. It is just easy now to blame everything on old Joe.

  17. Jets fan here –

    Even if Tannehill isn’t a great QB, he still seems at least OK. At least Tier 2. He puts up respectable numbers.
    I sure wish the Jets had him instead of what they have now.

    For those saying to draft a new QB:

    1 – how many high draft picks will that take, considering the bust rate in QB picks.

    2 – how many years will it take to find your idea of a good QB?

    3 – what happens to the rest of the team in the mean time? Do you tread water for 4 more years?

    How about this – trade your entire draft class for a teams first round picks in 3 and 4 years. Then repeat that next year. Then in a few years you can have 3 #1 picks a year for a few years. Sure hope you find your QB.
    PS – your team will be 0-16 by then.

  18. Gregg hit the nail on the head in this interview, It’s all about coaching and all started by bringing in Mike Sherman his college coach they never took the training wheels off, in life you need to let the young QB make mistakes that’s how you learn and get better.People can say what they want about Ryan but you could put any QB in the League behind Miami’s O line and they would be carted off the field.

  19. Okay, so we have identified that the previous coaching staff would not let him be him. Got it. Lets do this kid a favor and get him some linemen that don’t turn into ghost blockers on Sunday… pro bowl guard Jahari Evens just got released from the Saints…ahem ahem.

  20. Greg finally learned his lesson and finally realized that the QB makes the receiver, not the other way around with the exception of a very few rare cases. He went from balls hitting him in the hands perfectly in stride from the best QB in the league to watching balls bounce in front of him, behind him, or over his head. He went from being a pro bowler to nothing. He and his loudmouthed sister hurt his career.

  21. Dolphins: drafting a college WR turned QB as a 1st rd pick and hiring his ex-HC as his OC will have us competing. If you complain that he’s subpar because he couldn’t run an NFL offense, we’ll just blame everybody from the OL to Ireland. To begin 2016 the Dlophins will be on their 3rd HC, 4th OC and still one of the worst offenses in the NFL, but the problem is obviously not the guy running the offense

    I hate being a Dolfan

  22. iammrbinky says:
    Feb 9, 2016 10:16 AM

    Mike Sherman allowed THill freedom and THill was very good pre-snap his first 2 years. It was when Sherman got fired and Lazor hired that the handcuffs were applied.

    One of the few logical intelligent comments made. Bravo!

  23. “There are idiotic members of Miami’s media, notably Orlando Alzuguray (The Big O Show) who swore Tannehill didn’t audible because he wasn’t intelligent enough…”

    How about we get rid of idiotic members of the media! Lets get rid of the “Big O” what a jerk. I refuse to listen to him. Wasn’t he fired once already? How was he ever able to crawl back into radio?

  24. There is a reason why two yrs ago all of the WR hated him, there is a reason why this yr the defense hated him….the kid is not a very good QB, he looks good at times but will never be more than a 500 QB……He’s a poor mans Tony Romo., put up nice stats (if you don’t watch the game) that make you think he has talent so the losing must be something else… isn’t, its the QB and the Dolphins will realize this in about 10 yrs……

  25. Not a Miami fan at all, but I thought Thill was the next superstar. He just needed time to develop. Then, for whatever reason, Miami floundered, for years…
    THill showed flashes of brilliance…just can’t decide if it was the team, or coaches that imploded. Whatever the case, I hope Miami hasn’t ruined THill. What is it, 5 years of futility can wear on a guy. As for talent, I see THill in the top third of QBs in the league.

  26. He wants more freedom but what all those coaches who have been fired since he was drafted found out..he is incapable. He does not process information quickly enough. He has no pocket awareness and his footwork in the pocket is atrocious. He stares down receivers and cannot go through his progressions. If he was mentally equipped to handle more he would have been given more by coaches. Gase is goind to come in there, watch tape, see how bad he is and the Dolphins will be drafting a QB early in the draft. If Gase hitches his wagon to Tannehill and fails to draft his own QB in this year’s draft, he won’t be long for this league as a HC.

  27. Philbin may not be HC material, but if memory serves correct he did a pretty good job with an offense and a QB named Aaron Rodgers.

  28. Wake up people qb is the least of problems. Miko grimes blazing tannehill while I watched Brent get lit up last year Brandon Marshall Sammy Watkins etc. stop crying about tannehill!!! O-line and defense was well below average last year. Denver won the Super Bowl INSPITE of Payton manning. Go look his numbers in the Super Bowl(Payton’s). I can list 45 other players on Mia roster worse than tannehill. We’re is the standard for the rest of the team. All I hear is a wine fest fan about tannehill. They act like this team is a qb away. Smh. WAKE UP and demand the rest of the team performs like you do tannehill.

  29. kurdishpats1 says:
    Feb 9, 2016 8:21 AM
    Wait, isn’t this the same Quarterback that yells at teammates for intercepting his passes in practice?
    Wait, are you still uninformed about what a “walk-through’ practice is?

  30. Philbin may not be HC material, but if memory serves correct he did a pretty good job with an offense and a QB named Aaron Rodgers.

    He had nothing to do with the development of Rodgers. That was a bill of goods sold to the Fins.

    Wait, isn’t this the same Quarterback that yells at teammates for intercepting his passes in practice?

    It was a WALK THREW. TROLL

    What does Jennings sister have to say about this?

    He has been here a full season I haven’t heard 1 thing from her or even her name in the media.

    GJ is/was a mentor for the most part to the other young WR. Looking at his stats he played every game but more than half was never thrown to. When he did get targeted it was for at the most 4 times for 74 yards in beating the pats the last game.

    T-hill has Landry as his security blanket. Parker can certainly bail him out. With so many holes to fill in and many players heading into impending free agency we shall see how it pans out.

  31. Hope must look like spot on the horizon. Don’t worry, I have pity for ya, Miami

  32. It’s been 4 years so far, lets stop acting like we’ve seen 5 years of tannehill yet. The first 3 he spent steadily improving, no one can debate that. He was a project from the start, but high upside. The 4th season plateaud and its not because of Ryan Tannehill. It’s because the team didnt get better.

    In this league you can not stay stagnant.

    Top Defensive player Wake out for year.
    Top Cornerback Brent Grimes one of the worst players on defense.
    Top FA LT Brandon Albert OUT for most of season or hurt.
    1st Round picks JuWann James, DeVante Parker, Dion Jones: NON FACTORS.
    Drafted Guards and Corners: NON FACTORS
    LB CORE: Average or worse.
    Top Paid TE: Drops balls all year.
    Top RB: Not allowed to run more than 10x, spelled by 5th round RB when playing well?

    UNDRAFTED kicker not trusted to kick FGs.

    Also let’s not pretend that the Miami Dolphins have been PLAGUED by HORRIBLE kicking for 5 years now, since Dan Carpenters awful last year with Miami, who has now lost nearly 10 games in that time span by 3 points or less with a missed field goal in the game.

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