NFLPA not commenting on new rule for incoming players

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The NFL has decided to implement a new rule that bars college players with a record of certain types of crimes from participating in the Scouting Combine, attending the draft, or appearing at any other league-sanctioned event before they are selected. Reached by email on Tuesday, the NFL Players Association had no comment on the new rule.

Implied in the lack of comment is that the NFL did’t consult with the union before unveiling the new rule. It’s potentially not required, given that incoming players aren’t members of the NFLPA. Still, the union was directly involved in the development of the rule that imposes a three-year post-high-school waiting period on players entering the draft, and that rule directly impacts players not yet in the league.

The bigger question is this: Does it make a difference if players convicted of domestic violence, sexual assault, or weapons offenses are banned from attending the Scouting Combine? Teams will still find out everything they need to know about the player, and teams will still draft talented players regardless of their personal history.

The only way to ever change that would be to tie draft-pick forfeitures on teams who give a player a second chance and who then fail to ensure that the player doesn’t get in trouble again. To be clear, I’m not saying the league should do it that way; instead, I’m saying that any other approach is window dressing and/or P.R. spit-and-polish.

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  1. How are they going to define “record of”? Just convictions? What if there was an arrest but no conviction or maybe no charges even filed? Or a Jameis Winston situation? And Aaron Hernandez would almost certainly have been unaffected by this sort of rule. This is just the NFL trying to look like they are doing something.

  2. Is the NFL anti 2nd amendment? Leaving your shotgun after duck hunting in your truck and then running up to school has gotten more than one person a “weapons conviction”. A little nuance before robbing a guy of his potential livelihood please.

  3. Why not just go on to what you really want?

    “If a player is accused by anyone of anything, ruin his career on the spot, no appeal.”

  4. Please. Let the justice system investigate, try & convict criminals.

    Let the NFL be a sports league.

    They wonder why they end up in these weird conundrums.

    If you need a PR clause, then make it COMPLETELY simple. Player will automatically be on Commissioner Excempt list when on TRIAL or CONVICTED for the following:
    -Murder, Attempted Murder or Manslaughter 1
    -Sexual or Domestic Assualt
    -Drug Trafficing (drug lord stuff…..not user-related crimes)

    Automatic Suspension for CONVICTIONS to lesser crimes, like assault, sexual battery & etc.

    Its so stupid that EVERY SINGLE ARREST leads to this sort of “conversation.” Sick of it.

  5. the league will be sued for ‘restraint of trade ‘ right of the bat .
    mike , please , stop with the loss of draft picks idea.

  6. News Flash: They aren’t in the union yet, so the NFL PA can’t do anything…not that they want to anyway and not that they have any say over a League function (the Combine).

  7. The Union will back this 100%. Members of the union are veterans; the union will back anything that will protect its members jobs and paychecks.

  8. thestrategyexpert says:
    Feb 9, 2016 10:40 AM

    Another option would be for the league, or individual teams with initiative, to encourage/implement new programs/procedures geared towards personal/financial coaching/mentorship.

    Nooo, that would be too easy and logical.
    Much better to give a kid a few million and drop him in the deep end of the pool.

  9. I see this as another arbitrary Goodell move that allows the slimy , hypocrites running the league to apply it only when they feel a guy who screwed up in college might go to a team the league office has a grudge against.

    It will never be applied in any sort of fair way or across the board. It will be applied selectively when Goodell and his cronies feel like it.

  10. I’m sure glad I am old enough to have watched and enjoyed NFL football before Goodell.

    He has single-handedly sucked the life out of the greatest sport ever.

  11. There are tens of thousands of companies that won’t hire felons or people convicted of certain crimes. Why are you cry babies picking on the NFL when it chooses to handle hiring the same way? Thousands of people on here voice their opinion for the NFL to do something to those guys who break the law. A few of you seem to think that everyone under the sun should be able to play in the NFL regardless of their background, let the courts handle that stuff you say. The courts did handle it and they found the person guilty. The NFL is a business just like the rest of those tens of thousands companies, they have the right to hire whom they want. If they don’t want to hire felons and people guilty of a certain crimes good for them.

  12. Ya’ll forget that Lord Obama has decreed that the feds will not “discriminate” against felons when they apply for federal jobs by not checking their criminal records.

    I fully expect De Smith and the NFLPA to use this, and other labor laws “right to work” etc as tools in a lawsuit against the NFL.
    The media will side with the criminal players….oops sorry….”victims of the evil capitalist NFL keeping them down” of course.

    In the end the NFL cannot win, if they hire known criminals from the college ranks, they get ripped and sued.
    If the NFL refuses to hire criminals from the college ranks, they get ripped and sued.

    The NFL is doing the right thing, advancing the personal responsibility agenda. Something that the left (aka media) abhors and will fight against.

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