Panthers players yell “we love Cam,” Ron Rivera approves


As Panthers quarterback Cam Newton met with the media to provide more thoughtful and complete responses to reporters, some of his teammates were providing background noise via a three-word mantra: “We love Cam!”

Coach Ron Rivera was pleased to hear about the display.

“This was a very special group of young men that came together,” Rivera told reporters. “I hope we can carry that forward into the 2016 season and everybody remain focused on what the task is. I think that’s one of the things as I said earlier, we know who Cam is. We understand who the young man is and who he wants to be for us. And that’s more important to us. He’s really committed himself to being our franchise quarterback.

“The things that he does, you guys don’t see. You guys don’t get an opportunity to talk about the early mornings or the late afternoons, coming in on Tuesday on his own time and helping to come upstairs and sit down with Coach Shula and the other coaches and talk about what he likes in our game plan, what he sees, what he’s already seen on a Tuesday. Most players haven’t even looked at the opponent until Wednesday morning. So those are the things that his teammates appreciate. . . . I’m proud of the fact that they’re willing to stand up for him.”

Rivera also should be relieved a bit, because the gesture shows that, as Rivera embarks on an offseason that will consist of rebuilding Newton’s confidence, Rivera apparently won’t have to contend with a locker-room schism regarding the way Newton handled himself after the game and/or regarding his failure to dive on a key fumble late in the game.

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  1. No, what it means is that people try to tear this guy down more than anyone else in the league. If Brady or Manning had the season Cam just did, the world would be ending on the other end of the spectrum.

    He is the leader and his teammates love him. That’s really all that matters

  2. No, what it means is that people try to tear this guy down more than anyone else in the league. If Brady or Manning had the season Cam just did, the world would be ending on the other end of the spectrum.


    The difference is that in victory Cam is arrogant and selfish like, you know, rubbing a victory on Titan players, scoring a two-point conversion in a blowout when the game is done, taking victory selfies when the game still going on. I mean, he is not a bad person, but in victory he is arrogant and all about me, but in defeat he is silent and does not tak responsibility of his bad performance.

  3. And here come the excuses. It is what it is. Watch the tape. Cam saw the ball and deliberately jumped back as if it were a snake. Be a man and own it Cam!

    Cam the Sham. MVP. Really?

  4. It’s nice to hear that Newton is doing the same things that every starting quarterback in the NFL is doing. Maybe most players don’t look at the opponent until Wednesday morning, but all quarterbacks do. I don’t think Cam needs to be praised for that.

  5. Is anyone surprised? I was really hoping Cam would say something like, “After the game, I was incredibly disappointed in my performance, and of the performance of the entire team. Hearing the Broncos celebration in the back ground really drove that point home and I just couldn’t deal with it any more. I realize there are other ways to handle that moment, but I stand by my actions. If anyone in the media, or any fan was offended by those actions, I apologize.”

    I could buy that, and understand that. But the problem is, Cam is just being Cam again. He is doubling down on it. In his mind he didn’t make a mistake. He handled it the right way. And if you have a problem with it, then its your problem.

    Ultimately, his actions were evidence of why some people cant stand him. I’m just wondering how long before he decides that all the people criticizing him are just racist.

  6. This is becoming pathetic, just like grade school girls. No wonder they got stomped. Please PFT, we all know what kind of person Newton is, he is exposed. We will see less of him on tv since advertisers now know of his public perception, I ask you to do the same with stories about him. This story shows him and the Panthers have hit rock bottom.

  7. Of course his teammates will protect the big baby. If you don’t respect your audience you won’t get respect from your audience. Also having a very thin skin and no filter will bite you in the ass one day Scam.

  8. 1-year wonder. MVP award is a joke. In the Super Bowl the slightly above average Broncos exposed than for what they really were: a 9-7 team that had an incredibly weak schedule and every break in the book. They played above their heads the entire season and then got exposed as the collection of journeymen they are in the Super Bowl. When things go bad next year Cam will implode. Hope the trainers have a good supply of those towels he likes to put over his head.

  9. Ron Riveras like your drunk uncle who always tries to sneak you a shot in front of your mom.

    When you’re 6.

  10. Some else said it yesterday – first to celebrate when things are good, first to cover up with a towel when things go bad.

  11. ‘we love Cam’

    really? that’s how far down into kindergarten the Panthers have gotten, Cam is so needy, immature and unprofessional that he needs the rest of the team to do that?

    saw an interview about the fumble where he basically gave about 6 excuses about why it was bad to jump on the ball
    – I was looking for a rebound
    – my knee was in a funny position
    – I was out of position to do it
    – I thought the ball was going to squirt out

    and some others

    It all adds up to an extremely juvenile player who is fine humiliating the opponent and celebrating on every play over 5 yards, but needs a group hug every time something negative happens

  12. I am the parent of a milennial who drives me just nuts with bad decisions, she seemingly never learns from. Digs herself a bigger hole out of stubbornness, just like Cam is doing now. But I keep plugging along because I love her and she plugs along too.

    I can’t imagine being an NFL coach trying to manage over fifty of this age group. But there are wonderful qualities about them too. Being firm in their convictions and Not letting people push them around is a good thing in many situations. I could not deal with the media any better, and I am 60. And look at it in this positive light: Cam isn’t arrested, he doesn’t do drugs, he has a great job, and doesn’t live in his parents’ basement! It’ll work out.

  13. Since the Super Bowl I’ve heard nothing but other players and his coach making excuses for him but we haven’t heard anything from Cam that I know of. That pretty much says it all doesn’t it? When you have everyone tripping over themselves to make excuses for this guy it probably means he has a very fragile ego and they don’t want to hurt his feelings. They say when you have adversity is when you find out the true character of someone. Doesn’t say much for Cam does it.

  14. Dexx57 says:

    “For all the armchair qbs who criticize Newton how have You handled adversity in your lives?”

    I guarantee 99% of adults handle adversity much better than Cam Newton does! Thats is why everyone is criticizing him..

  15. Oh I don’t think Rivera needs to work on Cam’s confidence at all. He needs to work on Cam’s hubris. Cam is what’s getting between being a reliable elite QB and what he currently is, an erratic emotional wreck with immense talent and potential.

  16. Hey, it’s a dirty jobs but someone has got to do it.

    By the way, Camina, the drapes for your locker have arrived .

    Cam is one of those athletes who has been so gifted athletically he never had to really work at it. Now he has hit a wall and with no work ethic it will be interesting to see what he does.

    The greatest of all time, Jim Brown, played nine years and never missed a start. He led the league in rushing 8 of those 9 years. The 1 year &e had a sprained wrist and still rushed for like 980 yards coming in 2nd to Jim Taylor of Green Bay. In one 14 game season Jim Brown rushed for over a mile, 1,863 yards.

    Jim Brown was a better lacrosse player at Syracuse than he was a football player. He is still considered the greatest college lacrosse player of all time.

  17. dexx57 you think he handled adversity better than everyone else? What planet do you live on. When I have made mistakes or faced adversity I have always manned up and accepted responsibility for my actions. I was raised to own what I did. In Vietnam responsibility was everyday life. We screwed up and our brothers died. That is called being an adult and a man.

    The bottom line here is:
    Pampered people who have always had others make excuses for their shortcomings act like Camina Newton. She pouts and cries like a girl because she’said never had to face responsibility for her actions. And she is already 26 years old.

  18. “For all the armchair qbs who criticize Newton how have You handled adversity in your lives?”

    I dropped a banana on a crowded city bus this morning but dove in to get it before somebody slipped on it.

    I know the word “hero” is overused in our society, I’m just saying, I could have been trampled…

  19. “as Rivera embarks on an offseason that will consist of rebuilding Newton’s confidence”
    Interesting this is a recurring theme. The guy had an amazing year and won the MVP yet after a single bad game basically everybody is scared to death he’s going to fall apart. Says a lot about what people actually think about the guy. Even when Brady/Manning/etc were young before all the records were people worried after every bad game that they weren’t going to bounce back?

  20. When he comes in to tell another player that he likes Shula’s game plan? Ever heard of FaceTime? Russell Wilson inspires dying kids to keep fighting every Tuesday.

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