Patriots in talks to bring back line coach Dante Scarnecchia

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Based on the beating Tom Brady took in the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots can use all the offensive line help they can find this offseason.

That might begin on the sidelines.

According to Mike Reiss of, longtime Patriots line coach Dante Scarnecchia and the Pats have had discussions about his returning to the coaching staff.

The 67-year-old Scarnecchia broached the subject with the team, hoping to return after a two-year retirement. He’s been around the team as a consultant, and advised during the scouting process the last two years.

The Patriots didn’t renew offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo’s contract, so there’s an opening.

The Patriots allowed 38 sacks this season, the third-most of his career. He was also hit 20 times by the Broncos in the AFC title game. They were also 30th in rushing.

Of course, unless Scarnecchia is also a faith-healer, the problems there are beyond coaching. They were hammered by injuries all year, going through five left tackles over the course of the year.

36 responses to “Patriots in talks to bring back line coach Dante Scarnecchia

  1. Arguably the league’s best positional coach, not OC/DC related.

    The guy was HAND PICKED to stay on board through 5-6 coaching changes, going back to the 1980s.

    He’s had, what, 5 different OLines in SBs in the cap era, 3 rings, 6 SB appearances as OL coach under 2 different coaches?

    That’s quite the resume.

    It’s how Pats fans always knew this guy would have a plug and play Guard, Center or RT, easily transitioning in if there was an injury.

    Scar makes it look easy.

    He also helps keeps costs down, because NE doesn’t need to go out and pay linemen a ton of money, because he’s so good.

  2. Excellent news! 🙂

    I assume he will also groom a successor to work with him and learn so he can transition back to retirement without a hitch.

  3. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, YES!

    Whatever the man wants….give him double.

    Googly had a lot of injuries to deal with last year, but in the AFCCG, that O-line looked absolutely bewildered.

  4. Sign Forte, put Brady back under Center more, and you won’t be seeing any “Offensive Line Problems”…The talent is good.

    You don’t win SBs with two very good Tackles, a good young Center and plug and play Guards, by accident.

    The flaw vs Denver was the approach. I still can’t believe they and Carolina didn’t run right at Von Miller and Ware more, early and often, to offset the fact he’s on that Chinese HGH Gomer was using.

  5. Best Oline coach in the league. Had he been with the Pats this year they might well have won the AFCC and the SB.

  6. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Feb 9, 2016 11:18 AM
    Gonna need more than a line coach to beat the Broncos.


    Luckily the Pats have more – a lot more. An improved o-line will make them nearly unbeatable, just like they were earlier in the season before the injuries started piling up. If the Pats are stay healthy, the Donkeys can start booking early tee times for January.

  7. Scar would be a welcomed sight on my annual pilgrimage to Patriots camp….He was missed last year.The Patriots have talent on the oline and its not as bad as people claim it is …bring in Forte or Miller ..Good news Indeed….

  8. Religion is for idiots:

    Denver beat the Pats twice this season, bith times at home.

    In the first game with the Pats missing key players on Defense and offense they took the Broncos to overtime. If Chris Harper doesn’t fumble a punt in that game we’re likely looking at a completely different world champion this morning.

    In the AFCCG in Denver and in spite of the Broncos defensive performance that day the Pats were a missed PAT away from going to overime again.

    The gap between success and failure between these two teams was a lot closer than you think.

    Props to Denver for winning it all but I don’t think the Pats are a million miles away from them at all.

  9. Oh please lord fix the O-line. I find it ironic that the Pats are known for finding weaknesses in opposing teams, yet they always seems to leave a glaring one visible on their side. If it isn’t a lack of running backs, it is the O-line, or receivers etc…
    Need solid depth…

  10. Pats were 10-0 before all the injuries mounted up, with 3 interior linemen as rookies.

    There is no way the greatest GM and Coach ever would put 3 rookies in front of Brady like that if they didn’t pass all the tests as rookies.

    So, the people babbling about needing even more interior linemen, are completely clueless.

    Very, very impressive years from Andrews, Jackson and Mason.

  11. I don’t think Bill is too excited about having to man up to beat Denver.

    They were a Gostkowski miss away from doing that – in Mile High.

  12. Gonna need more than a line coach to beat the Broncos.


    Nah, Broncos will implode. Manning will retire and that defense won’t be as good next year. The punks like Ward, Talib, Jackson, and Wolfe will start in fighting.

    They will miss the playoffs next year

  13. Denver done….They got so lucky that they faced an injury riddled Pats team in Denver, twice.

    It’s comical how all of this goes ignored.

    Denver won’t make the playoffs next year or quite possibly for years.

  14. He has been a Pats coach since ’82 under head coaches Ron Meyer, Raymond Berry, Rod Rust, Dick MacPherson, Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick. I challenge you to find another assistant coach to survive 7 head coaching changes; it just doesn’t happen. He is that good.

  15. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Feb 9, 2016 11:18 AM

    Gonna need more than a line coach to beat the Broncos.


    I might be able to agree with you if the Broncos can cheat the salary cap again this year with their defense.

    Also will depend on the effectiveness of the drug program.

  16. After watching the AFCCG, I thought the Patriots were in need of a talent infusion at OLine. But then I started thinking about all of the injuries. Then I saw the Panthers OLine in the Super Bowl. There is no question the Panthers OLine in the SB was light years better than New England’s. And the Panthers OLine looked lost in the SB on some plays. Its a compliment to Denver’s D.

    With that being said, I don’t think that the Patriots OLine is that far from being a competent unit if they bring back Dante to coach the line. After all, the lineman on the roster that “all suck”, were all chosen with Dante’s input the last 2 years. I think he can make them a strength of the team, rather than a weakness.

    Despite your hopes and dreams, the same dreams that turned into nightmares for 12 consecutive years, the Pats window isn’t closed yet. Everyone who knows football said that whoever was the home team in the AFCCG was going to win, and in this case it was Denver. there is no shame in coming up a few plays short on the road in Denver, the hardest place in the NFL to play. But I find it odd that the Patriots not winning the Super Bowl makes most of you happier than if your team actually did win. think about that, 1 fan base (Denver) can celebrate like they are champs, but yet there are 15+ fanbases celebrating along side them, simply because the Patriots didn’t win. Sad.

  17. Best Oline coach in the league. Had he been with the Pats this year they might well have won the AFCC and the SB.

    Playing the “if” game is for losers. Sure was fun to see a Shady Tom Brady get tossed around by the Broncs….still smiling.

  18. Getting back Solder is key. Rookies getting healthy and playing better in year two is key (Tre Jackson and Shaq Mason).

    Stork getting healthy and playing well is key.

    A really top talent Tackle in the draft would be good so that Vollmer can be replaced.

  19. Von Miller and the Broncos pass rush are gonna cost a number of people their jobs before it’s all said and done.

  20. .
    It had to kill Scarnecchia to watch the Patriots O line get beat repeatedly at Denver, yet make no meaningful adjustments.

  21. joker65 says:
    Feb 9, 2016 12:13 PM

    Gonna need more than a line coach to beat the Broncos.


    Nah, Broncos will implode. Manning will retire and that defense won’t be as good next year. The punks like Ward, Talib, Jackson, and Wolfe will start in fighting.

    They will miss the playoffs next year


    Denver D will be good again next year, just not quite as good most likely. Miller was in a year leading to Free Agency. That will be his best year. Cap issues will probably have an impact. Injury bug often gets a team sooner or later too.

    Losing Manning will make the offense more unpredictable (hard to say if it will be better or worse until Brock get’s more games under his belt).

    It’s not a guarantee they will win the division.

    As for beating Denver, they lost in overtime and then by 2 on the road. I like their chances in a rematch at least.

  22. The Broncos have an excellent defense but if Belichick had played his cards a little differently in the last few games they would have been playing the Broncos at the Razor instead of Denver and would have beat the Broncos and been in the Super bowl. You know they would have then hammered the Panthers to win their 5th. Should never have let home field slip away.

  23. I just learned that the Patriots have added Cole Popovich as an assistant offensive line coach. I can say without hesitation that this is a bad character hire. So often we hear of players being labeled with bad character. Usually that involves some sort of criminal behavior. That isn’t the case here, however, Cole Popovich is what I would consider a man of bad character, for what he has done to young men along the way towards getting himself promoted to this rank. This is not a man I would want my daughter to marry, which is inconsequential here, but more importantly, I would not want him on my working staff. He is an immoral man with regard to what he has done to other men, without cause. I think the Patriots will greatly regret this hire. I am sickened by this news. I had so hoped Dante would be back. I hope it’s not to work with this man. High profile names like Pat Hill will say nice things, but I have seen this man operate and I am disgusted by this hire. I want nothing but the best for the Patriots. It kills me to say I am questioning everything right now, since I heard about this hire. I used to have season tickets near where Robert Kraft sat. The hiring of Cole Popovich makes me so sick, I just want to vomit. I’m just shocked.

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