Raiders move on from Nate Allen


The Raiders have plenty of money to spend in 2016. They’ll be spending none of it on safety Nate Allen.

Per a league source, Allen has been released after one season with the Raiders.

Signed as a free agent after five years with the Eagles, Allen appeared in five games with three starts last season, picking off one pass.

Allen signed a four-year, $23 million contract in 2015. With no signing bonus and a $4.9 million base salary that was due to become available on the third day of the 2016 league year, the Raiders walk away from Allen with no cap hit and no financial responsibility.

A vested veteran, Allen becomes a free agent immediately.

33 responses to “Raiders move on from Nate Allen

  1. Getting rid of Nate Allen was an obvious move. The need to get rid of D.J. Hayden – the worst CB in the league and the worst CB I’ve ever seen in Silver & Black (even worse than Larry Brown) is even more acute. Hopefully McKenzie swallows his pride about his 2013 1st rounder and Hayden is not a part of the 2016 Raiders training camp.

  2. At 7-9 last year, it appears the Raiders might finally be heading in the right direction. They have plenty of money to spend and they need to spend a lot of it.

  3. This guy was useless. Another wasted signing by Reggie.
    Now we just need to cut all his worthless draft picks like Hayden, Watson, Bergstrom, Thorpe, McGill…
    And his other wasted signings like Lofton, Helu, Taylore Mays

    Man, we need a new GM 😦

  4. “the Raiders walk away from Allen with no cap hit and no financial responsibility”.
    -Need I say more?
    Reggie is a home run GM and the genius is only beginning to be unveiled. We’ll be the envy of most teams and sticking it to old guard NFL under the guidance of Big Reggie.

  5. Raiders have what.. 10 picks along with big cap space? I can see signing two solid FAs (We won’t overpay on day 1 players) and then draft the rest. Leaving us room for Carr and Mack extensions.

  6. RM is a master at getting players and their agents to sign what amounts to 1 year prove it contracts with an option for the Raiders to keep them for 3 more years after the first.

    Don’t prove it? Out you go, without as much as cab fare.

  7. Thank god Denver got rid of Del Rio. Anybody check out what Wade Phillips did with Rio’s former players?

  8. Thanks for trying Nate and sorry it didn’t work out. Not being healthy was the demise. We need to go younger and faster at both safety positions. Cant wait to see Reggie and crew fill out the roster!

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pretty sad when your own teammate (Ray Ray) takes you out, and pretty much ends your career… doubt secondary, and LB will be off season priority

  10. Will be interested to see if they go after Weddle. Praying that Mario Edwards is alright, that will be a big loss if he cant come back. We’re gonna need all we can to keep up with Denver and KC defense

  11. skinnylegspeytonmanning says:
    Feb 9, 2016 7:00 PM

    Thank god Denver got rid of Del Rio. Anybody check out what Wade Phillips did with Rio’s former players?
    Or you could look at what Del Rio did while in Denver. In 2011, Denver’s defense was 24th. In Del Rio’s first year, 2012, it was 4th.

  12. Love these Raider fans calling there GM a “genuis” and the best GM in the league.At 7-9 and without a winning season In what seems like a decade I would be careful…..If 7-9 is something to celebrate then you should be thrilled with 8-8 next year

  13. Funny how Reggie (and anything Raiders) gets bashed for bad moves but he gets these guys to come and then cuts them with no cap hit when it doesn’t work out and he never gets any credit for his management of that. Nobody bats 1000 on talent acquisition and Allen had some injuries. Big Reg is doing an outstanding job.

    For the person who thinks Denver had the same players as when Del Rio was there, you obviously didn’t listen to all the talk about how Elway had to reshape the roster after the beat down by Seattle. Del Ro can coach. He’s new successful everywhere he’s been defensively.

  14. The Raiders need a LOT of help but Reggie is building the right way- through the draft- and that takes time. Carr, Mack, Cooper, etc. will sign huge extensions but they’ll have the cap space for it. And hopefully to rebuild the god-awful secondary. Yes, Hayden’s a bust but pretty much every pick in the top half of the first round that year flamed out so it was not just Reggie swinging and missing so much but rather one of the worst bunch of prospects we’ve seen in quite a while.


  15. This was the right move and, it turns out, even a better contract for the Raiders. Many other GMs would love to have that kind of news tag along with their own cuts – no cap hit, no financial responsibility.

    I’m no Reggie shill, but I have to admit he’s definitely growing into his position as a strong drafter and better contracts-guy.


  16. Raiders need to pocket that cash for future resignings.
    no need to waste money day 1 in FA.
    That’s not a winning recipe.

    Save money, get low end FA’s to compete with rookies.
    have they available funds for guys the prove themselves in YOUR scheme and system.

    Resigning home grown talent, and then, only then, reach out in FA for a major piece to put you over the top.

  17. How many more years does Carr get a free pass? He really hasn’t shown much except an occasional flash of potential. He has a rb, wr, decent ol. Will he ever be expected to produce or are the Raiders happy with living in the sub .500 cellar?

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