Rams announce over 56,000 deposits for season tickets

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The Rams started taking season ticket deposts on January 19 and more than 45,000 people put down $100 in a couple of days for the right to buy up to eight tickets for the team’s first season back in Los Angeles.

Their deposit drive continued through Monday and the team announced on Tuesday that more than 56,000 deposits were taken before they closed up that portion of their ticket sales effort.

“We are inspired by how enthusiastically NFL fans in Southern California have responded to the return of the Los Angeles Rams,” Rams Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President Kevin Demoff said in a statement. “We will reward their passion by providing a terrific game day experience at both the Coliseum this fall and ultimately in Inglewood. We can’t wait to welcome our fans on Sundays and become an integral part of the Greater Los Angeles community.”

The deposits, which are refundable, give holders the right to buy tickets at the Coliseum and season ticket holders will be at the front of the line when it’s time to start selling tickets for the Inglewood stadium that’s expected to be ready for the 2019 season.

33 responses to “Rams announce over 56,000 deposits for season tickets

  1. Keywords: “at the LA Coliseum,” which the team has already stated will be about the same price as they were in St Louis last year (one of the cheapest in the league). Call me when they start taking deposits on $10-50k PSL’s & season tickets that will probably START in the $1-2k/ea range at Kroenke World…

  2. I put my deposit down. I want to be there to yell at Cam as to what a sore loser he is. Who knows maybe Manning will be the QB next year.

  3. No one wants the Chargers here in LA. We certainly are not giving one single red cent of our taxpayer money to Spanos. Stay in San Diego where the Chargers belong, you greedy bastard.

  4. That’s more fans than the St. Louis version had all of 2015. Sorry STL, you’re a 1 trick pony, slow boring baseball is more your speed.

  5. middy84 says:
    Feb 9, 2016 4:30 PM

    I put my deposit down. I want to be there to yell at Cam as to what a sore loser he is. Who knows maybe Manning will be the QB next year.

    They don’t call it La La Land for nothing.

  6. 55,950 are from ticket agencies that hope they can resell them at 5x face value to the suckers

    50 are for actual fans.

  7. Doesn’t matter how many tickets they sell today it matters how many they are selling five years from today.

  8. thefatlazygamer says:
    Feb 9, 2016 5:05 PM
    After a couple 8-8 or worse seasons (aka the Jeff Fischer special), those will dry up.


    Maybe, but Kroenke and his team are hoping to sell a great game day experience, not just the prospect of a winning team. You can always go to the game to have fun and perhaps watch a really good visiting team. It’s very hard to have a playoff team year after year, especially without a top QB.

  9. as an old fart, I was just getting used to calling them st Louis rams, now they are la rams again, sorry st Louis but that sounds right

  10. The Lambs will continue to be 7-9 7-10 or 8-8 and they will continue to have 500 people at their stadium. They don’t have a “Kobe” so the fake look at me celebs wont go either. #nobodyhasitbetter

  11. Jbaxt: the St. Louis Rams had 419,220 fans attend home games in 2015. If you’re going to troll, at least get you’re facts straight. While that was last in the league, for a team that sucked and everybody knew was leaving, what do you expect.

  12. 12 years since the last winning season. Let’s see how many are at the games in 2028 if that stretch is equaled in L.A.

  13. mostly scammers buying up tickets to sell at premium on stub hub which the NFL gives stamp of approval.

  14. Savior, I suggest trolling. If you actually average 50k a game, and we all know that’s about 25k too high being that sponsors had $ to spend and wasted it on “business development”, then that just adds to the sorryness. They left because STL fans are bandwagon. Multiple fan bases have never even sniffed the SB and STL did it just 15 years ago? The franchises reward? Empty seats 5 years removed. Good riddance!

  15. 56,000 at $100 a piece in the Greater LA area after the announcement they were relocating well that’s truly amazing, Kevin you are doing unbelievable job

  16. Wow 56,000 deposits at $100 a pop in the Greater LA area that’s amazing amount sold for rabid football starved area. Mr Demoff you are an icon of product marketing

  17. 56,000 deposits and thy can buy up to 8 tickets. Does my math fail me or does the new stadium hold 448,000 people?. Since when can you over sell a stadium?

  18. I just hope for the LA fans that the Rams have more than four winning seasons over the next 21 years. I’ve seen some pretty bad football games over the past 12 years at the Dome.

  19. The LA Rams will win and win big now. The NFL will make sure of that. They have too much invested in LA. Long term? How are Kronke’s other teams doing? They needed them to lose in STL to make the move. Thus the worst record in NFL history over a 5 year stretch. This whole thing started in 2000. It all makes perfect sense now looking back. Enjoy it while you can LA. The long con job begins for the taxpayers.

  20. jbaxt says:
    Feb 9, 2016 4:50 PM
    That’s more fans than the St. Louis version had all of 2015. Sorry STL, you’re a 1 trick pony, slow boring baseball is more your speed.

    You make no sense. St. Louis had more fans show up last year than LA did in 1995 and Rams had crappy team for the last decade. Give it five years of under .500 and the Rams will regret a 2 billion dollar stadium when they had a really sweet deal in St. Louis with such a cheap lease

  21. jbaxt………Why are you taking shots at STL ? You should be ecstatic. You have the King of California , Demoff and a perpetual 6-10 ,7-9 team. Lets see how many of the 56,000 buy tickets when its time to buy a PSL. Oh ,forgot about PSLs ? You are new to this so I will explain. They are a little thing you have to purchase to make the King of California richer , I mean for the privilege to buy tickets. With a 20 million person population 56,000 deposits is outstanding. HA ! Gotta love new football fans. The King of California and the NFL have found a whole new bunch of people to get richer off of. Enjoy giving your money to the King who cares nothing about the fans or winning. ( See STL, Denver and England.) Hail to the King.

  22. The NFL made a wise decision by allowing the Rams to come back to LA . “Amen” it was not the Raiders and San Diego can keep the Chargers , we don’t need 2 teams in LA . It would be total Overkill

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