Report: Arrest warrants “imminent” in LeSean McCoy incident


Bills running back LeSean McCoy hasn’t been arrested yet in the wake of a reported altercation that sent a pair of off-duty police officers to the hospital. That could change, soon.

Mark Schwarz of ESPN reported near the top of the 5:00 a.m. ET SportsCenter (so much for me getting up at 5:55 a.m. ET for a 6:00 a.m. ET radio show) that arrest warrants are “imminent” in the case. Citing an unnamed official in the Philadelphia police department, Schwarz says McCoy was “definitely involved,” and that arrest warrants could surface in the next 24-48 hours.

The delay results from the high-profile nature of the case, and the involvement of police officers. Both have broken ribs, and one has an orbital fracture. Although they weren’t on duty and didn’t identify themselves as police officers, the system tends to operate a little more zealously when police officers are the victims of criminal conduct.

So McCoy and the Bills could soon be facing a major distraction in a season that reportedly includes a playoffs-or-bust mandate for coach Rex Ryan and G.M. Doug Whaley.

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  1. The Bills are an embarrassment to football, on and off the field. And Chip Kelly got it right regarding this clown.

  2. These twerps are pressing charges after getting in a punch up out at a bar…pathetic. No one said anything about these two being lady cops. (Although the lady cops are probably tougher so I shouldn’t say that.) I guess it not a good idea for McCoy to hang out in Phila anymore.

  3. Two off duty cops picked a fight with Lesean’s posse by way of trying to steal his champagne and then willing lost the altercation and did not immediately press charges so their lawyers could figure out how much money they could make with the right story.

  4. So the officers were off duty and didn’t identify themselves as cops as its now being reported. They were ordinary citizens who got into a fight in a club with a group of other guys. And this is a big deal why? Im curious to see if arrest warrants will be issued for ALL involved, including the off duty cops, however, I’m sure they will be no arrest warrants issued for the injured off duty cops, cant arrest one of their own. Although Shady probably will get some sort of suspension and rightfully so if true, I’m willing to bet there is more to this story and I’m sure the off duty cops weren’t totally innocent in this altercation.

  5. Not a true scumbag at the Pacman Jones-type level, but SO damn immature. He wishes he were still with the Eagles, and if he knew when to grow up, he still would be.

  6. Maybe the “victims” had it coming? I remember the days when you had to be able to back up what your mouth got you into. Now days, people can run their mouth and if someone shuts it for them, they go to the cops.

  7. Sounds like it was two on one and McCoy is the jerk? Then they got whooped and can’t just take the whooping they have to call all their cop buddies to get involved.

  8. “Cops are victims of criminal conduct”….Mike, how do we know the cops werent the criminals and not the victims?

  9. I always hate the off season, it’s so long.
    Thankfully we have this stuff to keep us entertained.

    Scenario A : play football and make make 10 million

    Scenario B: get arrested, make less

    What is Scenario B so appealing to so many players?

  10. Rex may want to start looking around for another running back, because the one he has might have other obligations for the next 12 to 18 months.

  11. As far as I am concerned, consistently referring to the victims as police officers does nothing but inflame emotion about the case.

    They weren’t on duty, they weren’t there in any official capacity, and they didn’t identify themselves. They were there as private citizens and got into a fight with other private citizens.

    Unless they incident was an unprovoked attack by McCoy and Brinkley and the others involved took no action other than defending themselves, the police should handle this like any bar fight:

    Arrest everyone involved, or arrest no one involved.

    But we know what the chances of that happening are.

  12. Not sticking up for MCCOy but this is going to get treated differently when he beat the crap out of a cop who wasnt on duty and did not acknowledge himself as such?

    Sounds to me like the “cops” may have bitten off more than they can chew and now that they got chumped, they are using their badge to protect themselves.

    If they were trying to play hero, then they would have mentioned they were cops, so I hope a probe goes into their role because they had to know he was LeSean McCoy.

    I guess cops often times forget they uphold the law, they dont make the law or live above it…

  13. Really missing Fred Jackson right about now. He never got involved with this crap.

    We will have to wait until the whole story comes out but things don’t sound good for LeSean at the moment. Hopefully Karlos Williams continues his development into a star and Gillislee can continue making the best of his new opportunities.

  14. SO the cops were off duty and in plain clothes and humble as always. Not aggressive towards Lesean who probably didnt start with 2 cops.
    Lets see how it unfolds before passing judgement.
    Aldon Smith’s last incident should have never happened but thats not the way the system works. Whats legal is always whats logical.

  15. So Chip gets rid of the criminal element among the Birds and gets canned. What does that say about the guys who sent him to San Francisco?

  16. Wonder how many of the commenters here have been on the wrong side of the law. The hate for police nowadays is disgusting and hypocritical especially when someone is done wrong the first people called are the cops. The way I read it, McCoy and crew took a bottle from the cops and then when confronted decided to be tough guys and beat up these two guys. McCoy’s involvement seems to be open to interpretation however he wont get any benefit of doubt because he’s always acted like a jerk

  17. To break someone’s ribs in a fight constitutes KICKING them when they are on the ground. Cop or no cop if you lay the boot to someone it is a felony. I know that most of you have never even been in a fight, so don’t act like you go clubbing and get into brawls.

  18. So, I read the report from the off duty police officers. At 2:30 am the 2 off duty officers bought four bottles of champagne and while standing there doing nothing wrong one of the four men walked up to them and took one of the bottles and a fight ensued where the two officers got severely beaten by four guys.

    Now either you believe that or you don’t.

    I don’t. Only Shady part of that was the cops story.

  19. I’m not a Shady fan but I have to admit there’s no evidence he did anything wrong. It takes two to fight and you never have a duty to walk away, maybe these two cops got what they deserved.

  20. All you fools saying if you assault a copy you deserve to be shot or arrested, open your eyes…

    read about the howard county police officer that tried to use his cop status to get his bro out of trouble in Baltimore City, and when it didnt work he started punching cops, including a female officer. Cops are human like everyone else, and if you don’t think they use their police status to get away w/stuff, you’re silly. Of course they were trying to fight McCoy, they know that worst case scenario, they will be let off the hook, he will be prosecuted, and then civil suits will follow. And people wonder why no one trusts police officers…

    and while were on the topic, why were off duty cops out at 2am drinking champagne in a club??? We yell at football players for doing it, wheres the backlash for the cops doing it?

  21. You people are plain stupid. It’s already fact according to security at the club that McCoy and his boys stomped the sh$% out of a guy 4 on 1. When security and the other off duty cop tried to break it up they too were assaulted. Ain’t no way some off duty cop approached 4 football players and just took their champagne bottle. Video of the incident shows one of McCoys boys using an empty bottle as a weapon.

  22. It is always best to break the law in the city where one plays, as opposed to where one once played. There’s a far greater chance of the charges being dropped should it even come to that. Of course, that would require Buffalo players to remain in Buffalo, even in February. Tough choice, winter in Buffalo, or incarceration.

  23. The most surprising thing in this page is the number of people using this to thump the chest of a failed head coach/abysmal general manager. Because one player getting in trouble in an of field incident excuses getting rid of your Pro Bowl WR, Pro Bowl RB, Pro Bowl guard, Pro Bowl QB (ok, Foles wasn’t that good) and saddling the Eagles with a injury prone mess at QB, who they might have to pay $20+ to be mediocre.

  24. I know a few Cops that would do this sort of thing.
    They are the biggest jerks and bullies in the world.
    One served papers to a Cancer patient a Widow (who would be dead in 3 months) and told her they would take her house if she didn’t pay the bill!
    They treat people like dirt and when someone stands up to them they hide behind their badge. Then the whole system stands behind them.

  25. It’s only a matter of time before LeSean blames this on the mother of his child, Chip Kelly, or some other reason why he’s really the victim here. Surely there must have been a reason why he was kicking a guy laying on the floor over who got served their champagne first. Seriously, these are Americas heroes ? Chip was a jerk and we’re glad he’s gone, but yeah he got this one right.

  26. These cops sound like babies. Get beat up, hide behind badge. I’ll wait for more details but as of right nowit sounds like they are abusing the system.

    Being cops you’d think they’d have the calmer head. Instead of the fractured one.

  27. Seriously, what’s with the Chip Kelly supporters here?

    It’s a stupid barfight, and Shady is going to deserve the suspension he has coming, but really, when has Shady blamed Chip for any of Shady’s own actions?

    Yeah, he was pissed at getting traded, and was the first (of many successive people) who have stated they had problems with Chip as a leader, but as far as I can remember he never blamed the man for his performance on the field or off it.

    Chip shed his best players, alienated the hell out of the ones he kept, brought in high priced free agents who in no way fit what he was trying to do, and had a dreadful draft. I’d still rather have Shady on my team, barfights and all.

  28. Imagine the fun Taco Bill could’ve had with this dolt or manziel? And the turd watch? Oh the good old days of PFT.

  29. I’m perfectly fine with getting rid of McCoy he’s a permanent distraction and could probably care less about making the playoffs as long as he gets his accolades. Karlos Williams averaged 5.6 yards a carry last year. Gillislee averaged 5.7 ypc…. and McCoy who had more touches than both of them combined averaged 4.4. Let’s give 10 million dollars to our LEAST EFFICIENT RUNNING BACK who’s a complete headcase.

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