Wade Phillips: Too much dab will undo you

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Unlike many football coaches (and 68-year-olds), Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips has shown an affinity for social media.

Phillips has been a pretty active Twitter user in the last few years and his account has been an entertaining one to follow, particularly after the team wins a big game. Phillips had some fun after the Broncos beat the Packers in the regular season and he got in a shot at the Panthers a day after his defense overwhelmed Carolina in the Super Bowl.

“A little Dab with [sic] do you but too much Dab will undo you!” Phillips wrote.

During Super Bowl week, the Broncos got asked a lot about the Panthers’ penchant for celebrating big plays and pretty much went with the approach that it was the defense’s job to make sure that the offense had nothing to celebrate. Unlike the other teams to face the Panthers this season, they were actually able to do it and Phillips makes it pretty clear that they took a lot of satisfaction in doing it.

Phillips followed up the tweet a bit later with one that said his father always told him “you can have fun and win.” It’s a lot easier to have fun after you win, though, and Phillips was doing just that on Monday.

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  1. Really good to see such a good clean football club win the Lombardi this year. Such an update from last year when all the stories we got were about how much the winning team cheated to get there. Really seems like we’ve turned the page and I for one feel great.

  2. Looks like Wade Phillips is taking on the persona of his 20-something players. What is next rolling up to spring training in an Escalade with 22s blaring hip hop through a thunderous sound system?

  3. It’s a new era. A new culture. Phillips is embracing this new fun culture. Everyone’s having fun. Dancing, celebrating, coaches using twitter, it’s all fun stuff. Not everyone is going to like this new era of coaches tweeting and QBs dancing, but if you don’t want to see a QB dance, you have to stop him. If you don’t want to hear a coach tweeting, you have to beat him.

  4. Ha, nice way to rub it in. Cam is young. I am sure this wont be his last SB appearance. Wade Phillips sure had that D rocking but I gotta say, Carolina handed it to them in a lot of ways. The Denver D was already good and Carolina helped em out way too much. Bet they are looking at that loss and regretting a lot of plays and non plays…

  5. Sometime in the next few days, someone will coax Cam Newton out of his shell by telling him how great he is and have him read a carefully worded statement to the press.

    The guy is a great athlete but he brings this on himself with his immaturity.

  6. The Broncos are proving to be great sportsmen as well. What’s the old saying about two rights?

    Why in the hell are they so worried about Cam? They won the freaking Super Bowl, who gives a crap if the team you beat did the Dab during the season?

  7. Lmao! That’s AWESOME! Even the old man getting in on the fun. Kuddos to your defensive game planning Mr. Phillips.

  8. Exactly. If you do not want the opposing team to celebrate…shut them down..just like denver did. If you do not like the celebrations simply shut them down..now it is Denver’s chance to celebrate as the Panthers got their behinds handed to them.

  9. I imagine Wade chuckling the entire time he wrote that. One finger, one key stroke, one motion, one hand, etc. Took him 2-3 minutes, probably.

  10. He’s showing his age. I’ll show mine by explaining it to all the pups out there. It is from an old commercial for an old men’s hair dressing called Brylcream. “A little dab will do you.”

  11. the Panthers, in particular Camera Newton, have a big ol’ bull’s-eye on their back they aren’t ever getting rid of. Hope you Panther’s fans have enjoyed your fairytale season cause there won’t be another.

  12. Wade and his players deserve every bit of the credit for their Super Bowl win and NFL Championship.

    And Wade wins with a thousand times more class than Newton.

  13. Well said Wade.

    You celebrate after the clock reads 00. Not after every play…..

    TD celebrations are ok… if kept to a moderate level and only if you take the lead and or tie the score.

    Defensive celebrations when you score or when you intercept or you sack a QB or a big stop.
    Now to be clear here, patting each other on the head or fanny is the means of celebrations not running out into the open field and doing a dance…..

  14. And the redskins actually hired Joe Barry over Phillips. SMH

    Congrats Broncos, you’ve pretty much maid the moves I would have if I were a GM/owner.

  15. Denver celebrating by mocking the opponent- several examples –

    They played two awesome games.

    Time to act like professionals

  16. Great one liner ! You would think that perhaps Rivera would take “the dab” out of the playbook next season. Newton should know, no matter how good things are going, sooner or later there will be time to eat crow. Showing up other teams on national TV is always going to come back to bite you in the azz.

  17. Titans fan here. Trolling really? And it’s not just the Broncos coaching staff. I’ve always liked and respected the Broncos and their fans (going back to the late ’70s). And I don’t recall seeing, after their previous Super Bowl wins, the classless behavior we’re seeing now, especially from their defensive players, in response to this latest victory. Taking shots at the Panthers? Really?

    And the Super Bowl loss I most took to heart, when my Titans lost to the Rams, the Rams players sure as heck didn’t pour salt in the wound. I live in Charlotte, so I know there wasn’t bad blood between the Panthers and Broncos. What’s going on in that Denver locker room?

  18. If all you Panther fans don’t like it…tough. Cam Newton said all year that if you don’t like it then don’t let him score. They kept him from celebrating so now he gets to see it from the other side. Too bad.

    I do think it’s funny and I am old enough to get the joke in what he said. Good for Wade Philips to have a sense of humor. I’m also happy for him to get a ring. His dad was a true character.

  19. And Wade wins with a thousand times more class than Newton.

    Really, you call the constant preening and post-game taunting to be classy?

    Manning has handled himself well. The rest of the Broncos? Not so much.

  20. musicfootballprogramming says:
    Really, you call the constant preening and post-game taunting to be classy?

    Manning has handled himself well. The rest of the Broncos? Not so much.

    Cry me a river. It’s no different than all those teams who played when Manziel was actually on the field and flashed the money sign every time they made a good play. If you’re gonna do stuff like that don’t be surprised when it comes back to bite you. I think the only reason the Broncos did what they did was because Cam liked to rub everyone’s noses in it. They didn’t act like that when they played the Patriots. Cam brought this on himself and if he doesn’t like it, too bad.

  21. Wade Philips is awesome. Way better than the Cardinal’s DC, who is complete garbage. Don’t believe the hype, the Cardinals can’t stop people when it matters.

  22. Wade Phillips should be carefull that his mouth doesn’t write checks that Miller and Ware have to fill.. Pretty easy to coach a team with that level of talent.

  23. Panthers were Dabbing it up in the team photos before the SB. They thought they had this game in the bag and got kicked in the face! It’s karma time Panthers.

  24. There is no lack of respect for either side with the comments. I see no reason for anyone to be defensive. Mild level of smack found in almost every level of society today.

  25. Once honey badger got an injury he couldn’t just nap away, Arizona was completely different. Then Palmer hurt his thumb. Then they stopped feeding David Johnson carries, and WRs, except Larrold Fitz, dropped more passes. Then it all fell apart. If Arizona stayed healthy, which a lot teams can claim, then what if. At least Green Bay, New England, Indy, Baltimore, Seattle, Pittsburg, all crapped out too. Next year it’s back to the usual suspects (pun intended it’s the NFL) probably.

  26. Pats fans should be happy Brady finally admitted, himself, that he is not the GOAT.

    “Another one of my idols, Steve Young, who was one of the most gifted players to ever play. You look at Troy Aikman, the efficiency with the way he played. You look at Aaron Rodgers and the way that he’s playing and you can’t imagine another quarterback could play as flawlessly as a guy like Aaron Rodgers. Then you watch Russell Wilson play and you never could imagine someone could get out situations and make plays out of nothing like Russell Wilson. Then you watch Cam Newton play. You’re blown away by the different styles of all these different players that make this game so spectacular.”

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