Dungy would take Harrison over Owens “every day of the week”

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Former coach Tony Dungy will be entering the Hall of Fame with one of his former players in Indianapolis, receiver Marvin Harrison. Appearing on Wednesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Dungy was asked whether his teams game planned to stop Owens, given the recent comments from former linebacker Jonathan Vilma that his team’s didn’t.

“It depends on where he was,” Dungy said. “There were some places where you knew he was gonna be a big factor.”

Dungy then offered a comparison of Owens and Harrison: “Terrell Owens was a great receiver but I’ll say this, if I’m going for Marvin Harrison or Terrell Owens I’m taking Marvin Harrison every day of the week. Just as productive, just as hard to defend and made his teams better. There still is to me a characteristic that goes into that. I’m not taking anything away from Terrell Owens’ ability but when you get traded or released five times in your prime and you’re a great player but teams are not re-signing you, that says something.”

Dungy’s comments mesh with the widespread belief that Owens didn’t make it over Harrison due to Owens’ disruptiveness. Presumably, Owens eventually will make it. But if the concerns about T.O. are significant, it could take a while.

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  1. He better say that, Dungy is the most overrated coach of all time, the Bucs won after he left, and he got carried by Peyton, Marvin, and Reggie in Indy. The fact he got in before Tom Flores and Jimmy Johnson is a joke

  2. I’m no fan of T.O. but I sure wouldn’t hold Marvin Harrison up as someone I’d rather have. Sure, he wasn’t disruptive on the sidelines, but T.O. didn’t kill a guy either.

  3. For hands and the locker room, I’d take Harrison. For off field issues and every other aspect of playing WR in the NFL, its TO and it isn’t even close.

  4. I wouldn’t T.O has the better stats, didn’t kill a guy, and didn’t have elite future hall of fame qb’s throwing to him either. T.O may have been a diva, but that’s about the worst you can say about him. Tony Dungy shouldn’t even be in the hall of fame Peyton, Reggie, Harrison, and the Colts defense carried him to a title. As much as I hate Peyton Manning he should have the same titles as Brady by now, but that clown Dungy messed up his prime.

  5. TO should have got in before Dungy. Who never should have made it. Dungy got a Medal of Honor for earning a bronze star.

  6. Ty Law put Harrison in his pocket every time he played the Patriots. He manhandled him for years so much so that the colts had to get the rules changed to compete with New England. After Law left and the rule changes Harrison finally found some success agenst the bully’s from Foxboro. Ty Law was one of the biggest reasons the Patriots shut down the greatest show on turf and held Manning and all his weapons in check. He belongs in the HOF and should have gotten in well before Tony Dungy.

  7. And any knowledgeable football fan would take Coryell or Flores over Dungy every day of the week and twice on Sunday

  8. To be honest. Never was an admirer in Dungy bye was a coach that was lucky enough to run a team that drafted a kid named Peyton Manning. Take Manning out of the equation and None of us would even remember who Tony Dungy was. Due to that fact he now has people’s ear. Prior to Indy and Peyton Manning Dungy was a crap coach in Tampa

  9. “He manhandled him for years so much so that the colts had to get the rules changed to compete with New England.”

    They didn’t have to get the rules changed. They had to get the already existing rules enforced more consistently. And yes, New England DBs got away with murder in the playoffs.

    Regardless, Marvin hated getting physical and shied away from contact against every DB, not just Law. Not sure I’ve ever seen an all time great player fade so much in the playoffs.

  10. I can’t believe all the support for TO on here. The guy dropped passes ALL THE TIME and was a back stabber in every locker room. He sold out just about every QB from Jeff Garcia to McNabb to Romo. Heck, even Carson Palmer wanted nothing to do with the organization because of TO. I never liked him even when he was on the Cowboys.

  11. A. New Rule: Stop asking interviewees whom they would choose when the other choice is someone they have been in the same organization with.

    It’s like asking Bill Polian if he would take Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

    B. Owens was in his prime in Buffalo? Chan Gailey’s opinion mattered when he did nothing there for 3 years?

    C. Then Eric Dickerson (4 teams in 12 years, 4 in 6.25 years (6 seasons and 4 games)), Fran Tarkenton (3 teams in 18 years), Rod Woodson (4 teams in 17 years), Deion Sanders (5 teams in 13 years) should all be out of the Hall of Fame.

    And 3 out of those 4 were 1st-Ballot HOFers while Tarkenton was a 3rd ballot.

  12. Politics… Tony Dungy before Tom Flores??? Tony should have just said he’d prefer Harrison, the obvious reasons left unsaid.

  13. TO was fantastic, but I would take a Harrison work ethic and intelligent play over a locker room cancer any day all day

  14. I have loved and watched pro football for 41 years. i can remember both T.O and marvin dominating certain games. they are both HOF worthy. the big difference as far as i am concerned is harrison (although having the luxury of playing with PM) still was great in a system that had alot of weapons and in the clutch. T.O always got pouty or became disinterested when he was not in the spot light. i lost alot of money because of marvin harrison.

  15. T.O. was a cancer on any team he played for. He also dropped a ton of passes. Harrison was a beast. Just ask Charles Woodson. He knows a little bit about covering wide receivers. It really isn’t a debate when you look at the whole picture.

  16. Dungy is not a HOF coach. Who cares what he thinks. He is a bigoted evangelical moron.

    Maybe if someone asked Dungy if Marvin Harrison was the Colts version of Aaron Hernandez he might shut his mouth and go preach to some Peyton sheeple.

  17. TO significantly helped improve every team he played for in his prime. The 49ers were a better team with him. The Eagles had one of their best seasons during the Andy Reid Era with TO, and the Coboys had one of their best seasons post Jimmy Johnson with TO. There is no doubt he helped improve teams on the field. There also is no doubt he was a narcissistic malcontent who didn’t just burn bridges but took a handful of c-4s to it. A guy with his skillet and work ethic should have had at least 2-3 more seasons in the league but teams were sick of him. They couldn’t ignore him when he was at an elite level but as soon as age caught up with him and he became a serviceable wr rather than elite well teams were like we can find plenty of serviceable receivers, without the baggage, and likely cheaper also.

    All said….I couldn’t stand him but his production easily screams 1st ballot HOFer.

  18. I always liked Dungy, but he got in way too easy for my taste. George Seifert won more Superbowls and had more wins but he won’t get in for the same reason’s that should have kept Dungy out. The team he took over was built by the previous regime, and already had talent. (Dungy/Seifert) were defensive minded, but both teams won because of their offense.

    You could argue that Seifert is more deserving as he at least help build the 49ers defense with Walsh.

    It’s all politics, and congrats to Dungy, but there are just as deserving coaches out there that will be ignored.

  19. Over the years I’ve really gotten the impression that Dungy is about as phony a lair and homer as anyone in the NFL.

    1. The reason Owens was ‘traded’ to the Eagles was for the NFL & 49ers to avoid their loss in Court over the FA deadline ambiguity (poorly negotiated by the NFL) in the CBA. As part of this ‘trade/settlement’ he got a new contract, but it was a pretty crappy contract considering he was a Top-3 WR.

    2. The release by the Eagles came after a bitter contract dispute when Owens’ changed agents. Owens was a Top-3 WR in the NFL playing on a fairly cheap contract. Owens was, by far, not the only player to be cut or released in his prime over a contract dispute with the Eagles. In fact, it seems to be fairly common compared to the rest of the NFL.

    3. The Cowboys signed Owens for 3-years, $25 million. He played 2006, 2007 & 2008.

    4. In 2009, he signed a one-year deal with Buffalo. He played the year.

    5. In 2010, he signed a one-year deal with Cincinnati. He played the year.

    6. In 2012 the Seahawks took a veteran-contract flyer on him, but let him go. So what?

    So, except the Eagles he was not cut or released by any team (except the Eagles as noted) until the Seahawks took a flyer on an over-the-hill player.

  20. truecowboyfan says:
    Feb 10, 2016 6:49 PM
    I can’t believe all the support for TO on here. The guy dropped passes ALL THE TIME and was a back stabber in every locker room. He sold out just about every QB from Jeff Garcia to McNabb to Romo. Heck, even Carson Palmer wanted nothing to do with the organization because of TO. I never liked him even when he was on the Cowboys.

    TO had a relatively high drop rate for a WR. But he absolutely the most dominant WR with the ball in his hands in the NFL. And he more than made up for it by using physical dominance to score far more TDs than most WRs.

    I mean, there’s a reason he’s #3 with receiing TDs despite his first five years of his career playing behind Jerry Rice. Unlike Harrison, 25 behind, who was always the #1 guy.

    First, TO was faster than hell. Even coming off injury and being ancient (in WR years) when he tried to make it with the Seahawks, he ran a 4.45 – 40.

    But to give you an idea how fast he was in prime, against the Rams, Jeff Garcia threw an INT at the Rams 20. The CB had a straight shot to the endzone and was bookin’ down the sideline. TO was on the 15-yard line on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE FIELD.

    He ran him down at the SF 20 and prevented a touchdown. And this wasn’t some nickle scrub 4.6 CB. This was a 4.4 starting CB.

    And he was the strongest, and one of the biggest, WRs in the NFL. Most safeties put fear into WRs, TO put fear into safeties.

    Because he was so big and strong he could take-on linebackers. When the 49ers came back against the Giants in the playoffs all those years ago, it was because of TO and the spark he gave the team when he caught a short-pass over the middle, grabbed the Giants’ middle-linebacker and rag-dolled his ass to the ground to sprint all the way to the endzone leaving all the Giants dbs in his wake.

    Yeah, TO was a pain-in-the-ass. But the fact is his drops were not so bad that they weren’t more than made up for by his other abilities.

  21. Y’all are WAYYY to sensitive. Dungy wasn’t saying TO shouldn’t be in the HOF, he was just saying his reasoning for having Marv over TO, which is completely valid. Everything Dungy said is fact. Those of you making pathetic allegations on this comment board about Harrison killing ppl are fools and ignorant. This dude ABSOLUTELY belongs in HOF. The dude put up 143 catches in 1 season, and had a decade+ of greatness. Good years for wr’s are consider 75+ catches and 1000 yards. Doing this was cake for Marv. You guys need to RELAX, TO will get in

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