Jerry Jones hates not being a Super Bowl participant


The Dallas Cowboys appeared in eight of the first 30 Super Bowls. They’ve appeared in none of the last 20. And that drives owner/G.M. Jerry Jones crazy.

“I hate it,” Jones said over the weekend at the NFL Honors ceremony, via the Dallas Morning News. “I scream in my pillow when I go home at night when we’re here. I want [the Dallas Cowboys] to be here so bad, but it’s filling my bucket up so we can go.”

Still, experiencing the Super Bowl makes Jones want to get back even more.

It’s inspirational,” Jones said. ” It makes you want to just empty your bucket to get in here and have this kind of experience. We feel that way. It’s deliberate.”

For 2016, the Cowboys once again have hope, and it starts with the ability of quarterback Tomy Romo to have a big year.

“Candidly, I’m just counting on Tony to come back and have some of the greatest years, if not the best years, of his career,” Jones said. “We want to make sure that we’ve got him the supporting cast. . . . We tried to do it this year. We didn’t get here. We’ll keep trying to get it done.”

Along with the other 31 teams. And all of them are currently 0-0, with seven months to get ready for the chase to win the 51st Super Bowl trophy to be awarded by the league.

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  1. Build the defense now. Romo has never had the luxury of an excellent defense. Even when they were in the playoffs, they still had a 16 or 17th ranked defense. I would love to see him with a top 5 defense.

  2. Hey Jerrah, if you want the Cowboys to get to the Super Bowl, first you have to fire Jerry Jones.

  3. All Jerrah needs to do is look in the mirror to figure out why teams like the bill, Browns and bengals have been better than a hot mess team like the cowboys for the past 2 decades

  4. “We want to make sure that we’ve got (Romo) the supporting cast. . .”

    So they’re assuming more broken bones. Seems reasonable.

  5. This dude is as delusional as his fan base. They went to 8 Super Bowls because they didn’t have him as the GM. 5 of which were before owned the team. This franchise will not move forward until Jerry moves on and I don’t think that will happen until Jerry moves on into the after life.

  6. I guess the next step if for the NFL to have a per-determined Super Bowl like the WWE does. They could have Dallas-vs-Pittsburgh every year.

  7. Jerry Jones is all about Jerry Jones. His agenda items:

    1 – Expand the playoffs (so Cowboys can make it)
    2 – Deflategate (so Cowboys no longer most hated)
    3 – Look the other way on domestic violence issues (to sign good players in hopes of getting into playoffs). Return to #1.

  8. As a Giants fan, I hope Jerry Jones never realizes that the sole cause of the Cowboys’ failure falls squarely on his shoulders. One day he’ll realize he needs to just be an owner and leave the football operations to someone that… oh, I don’t know…. actually knows something about football. And I hope that day never comes.

  9. Filling his bucket…emptying his bucket…the only bucket we can be sure of is his ‘GM’ is a bucket of spit

  10. That’s one of the reasons Jones supported the NFL’s great fraud (aka: Deflategate). Guys like Jones can not compete on a level playing field so they use their influence to tip the scales. Not only can Jones not win anymore, he is always looking in the rear-view mirror to see what franchises are gaining ground on “America’s Team” in stature and value. For Jones, Deflategate was his way of keeping Kraft (his friend) and the Patriots at bay.

    Think about it. Owners were willing to smear one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL to maintain their status, real and perceived. Every hater that slams Brady gives guys like Jones a boost.

  11. I heard that Peyton Manning could step right in to a GM role today if he wanted, and I scoffed.

    But then again, Manning would likely be much better at the job than the Cowboys’ current GM, so now I’m thinking the idea isn’t so far-fetched anymore…

  12. It all goes back to management

    Dallas ….Landry and company
    Pittsburgh… Noll structure
    SF… Walsh, Seifert and Eddie D
    Minn….. Bud Grant
    Buff…. Marv Levy and Polian
    Oakland…. Madden
    Miami…. Shula
    GB…. Structure
    NE…. Belicheck structure
    Wash…..Gibbs structure
    Denver… Management structure

    There is a pattern to for failures

    Detroit, Cleveland, Cinn…..

    It’s all about structure and coaching

  13. Listening to Jer talk football is akin to listening to a discourse on dining manners from Jeffrey Dahmer.
    No, I take that back. Dahmer would be better informed on his subject.

  14. I’m not a Cowboys fan, not a Jerry Jones fan, but the Cowboys came mighty close two years ago, and then Romo got hurt last year. I think they got royally screwed on Dez Bryant’s catch. They might have won the super bowl if that was ruled a catch. Dallas is a lot closer than some of us think. Romo needs to be healthy and have a good draft and The Cowboys are right there. Romo was playing just about as good as any QB in the league when he went down.

  15. Jerry hates it, I love it. He has zero ability as a GM. Until he learns what steinbrenner did, to leave football operations in the hands of football people, he won’t be at the super bowl unless it’s as a spectator. From the way he fired Landry, I hope he never learns.

  16. Hey Jerry we will trade you AP for 3 1st rounders and a couple of your OL starters. I think that will do it for you.

    Always hated the Cowboys. Jerry for GM forever.

  17. LOL @ HTTR. One of the few franchises in a sadder state.

    Meanwhile, @ Jerruh….20 years of nothing. What’s the common denominator?

  18. I think the empty bucket is sitting on top of Jerry’s shoulders. As long as he puts himself in charge of all the decisions being made in Dallas,he will be screaming into that pillow for a long time. The days of wearing the helmet with the star on it with pride are no longer. This team will be a hot mess until he steps down. Btw,Jerry,Tony Romo isn’t fresh out of college. He’s beaten down and fragile.

  19. The Cowboys downhill slide has continued ever since Jones’ ego couldn’t handle all the attention Coach Jimmy J was receiving.

  20. Behavior is indicative of either old age or psychotic obsessive disorder. People like him need to learn that you can’t buy success. Just relax and enjoy what life you have left.

  21. Face it Jerry…

    The Denver Broncos are now America’s Team and have been for quite some time.

    Pretty much since you took over as GM in fact.

    If you want your Cowboys at the Super Bowl buy them all a ticket and host a tailgate party for them because that is the only way you’re getting there.

  22. Just keep doing what you are doing, Jerrah, and you will die still crying in your pillow.

  23. Jerrah needs to resign as GM and hire a real but good GM to run the Team. Then the chances of another Super Bowl run improves. The 4-11 record for 2015 is the Cowboys’ worst season since a 1-15 showing in 1989, the year Jerrah bought the team. The Cowboys have only had 3 seasons in their 56 years of football where they won fewer than 4 games – 1960, 1988, and 1989. Think about that for just a moment. That means this is the 4th worst season in Cowboys’ history and all three of the seasons below it are the epitome of “rock bottom”. The year the franchise was born, the year Tom Landry was shown the door, and the year Jimmy and Jerry took over and tried to clean everything out and start over. This is why we need a good HC and GM.

  24. Every Cowboy wants to ride the bronc or bull until the buzzer goes off but it takes talent and good luck same as football but that is a lot bigger and more technically complicated. I feel that if every coach taught their people visualization and had more people seeing themselves catching the passes, completing the passes, running the long touch downs or controlling the line of scrimmage, stopping the other teams passing and running and seeing themselves intercepting they would be doing a lot more of it than just practicing the game physically I also think players could see themselves more protect health wise as a team and be physically better. Go ahead and laugh if you want to but I practiced mentally protecting the team in 2014 but I didn’t in 2015 this was only me doing it and judge the difference for yourself.

  25. Jerry rode the first teams to Super Bowls. His incompetence is the reason for the last 20. That’s just fine with me. I wonder how many years Jerry would have put up with himself, or been fired for lack of production!

  26. I really just don’t believe that he truly thinks he has a real “HC”… what he has is a yes man.

    He’s about making money, fans and winning are secondary. He will do what he has to to continue raking it in…

    I’m a cowboys fan but I tell the other cowboys fans the same thing… he’s a liar. Quit listening to what he says and pay attention to what he does. They rarely are the same thing…

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