Lynn Swann doesn’t see Megatron as a Hall of Famer


Former Steelers receiver Lynn Swann retired at age 30 with 336 catches for 5,462 yads and 51 touchdowns. But Swann says that Calvin Johnson, who’s expected to retire at the age of 30 with 731 catches for 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns, shouldn’t join him in the Hall of Fame.

“I would think that it would be difficult for Calvin Johnson at this point to be considered a Hall of Famer,” Swann told the Detroit News. “Calvin Johnson has an extreme amount of talent and ability, but when you start to look at his team, the success of his team and did he lift that team; he made them a little bit better, but at the end of the day, I’m not quite sure.”

That argument is, frankly, ridiculous. Swann is essentially saying that because he won four Super Bowl rings on a 1970s Steelers team that was among the most talented ever, he belongs in the Hall of Fame. But because Johnson suffered the fate of being drafted onto a team built by Matt Millen, he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

Super Bowl rings are a team accomplishment, and no one would dispute that Swann was on much, much better teams than Johnson. But the Hall of Fame is about individual accomplishment, and on that score Megatron easily beats Swann. Megatron owns the all-time NFL record for receiving yards in a season, led the league in receiving yards twice and led the league in catches and touchdowns once each. Swann never led the league in catches or yards and was only in the Top 5 in either category once, in 1977, when he was fourth in the league in receiving yards. Johnson was a first-team All-Pro three times; Swann was a first-team All-Pro once. Johnson was a six-time Pro Bowler; Swann was a three-time Pro Bowler.

But Swann harps on team accomplishments.

“Hard to say he’s going to be in the Hall of Fame when his team hasn’t gotten to a Super Bowl, and they don’t get a chance to get into the playoffs,” Swann said. “And that’s for a lot of guys across the board. If he had broken every passing record, like Danny Fouts, who didn’t win the Super Bowl, then yeah, I think there’s going to be consideration.”

Fouts didn’t actually break every passing record, but he and Swann are friends and former broadcasting colleagues, so apparently Swann is willing to bend the facts for a buddy. For Megatron, Swann would prefer to keep the Hall of Fame doors shut.

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  1. Lynn, if Megatron played in your era, on your team, they would have cut you and kept Calvin and Stallworth. Go home.

  2. It may be so unpopular as to be sacrilegious but I tend to agree. His numbers in today’s passing game; with his physical abilities and typically a solid #2 WR alongside him (Burleson, Tate, etc.) are not that special, particularly the 83 touchdowns. Class guy and phenomenal player but the Hall is supposed to be for the absolute cream of the crop, and WR HOF criteria has evolved along with the game and the rules.

  3. That’s just bizzarre and you wonder the motives behind it. There are guys who are questionable HOF’s and Swann is one of them, (Looking at you to, Namath) but Johnson definitely belongs there. He dominated his era, what does Swann think about Barry Sanders?

  4. I don’t agree with Swann, but not for the reasons you outlined, and Swann’s stats alone don’t tell his story.

    Swann was one of the guys who helped redefine the position and it would be amazing to see him play the game today. Decades before yoga, pilates, and all the other full body strength and flexibility stuff guys do now Swann was pioneering that thru ballet. Watching the acrobatics on display by him in the late 70s is just awesome to watch.

    Johnson had such a brief run, but it was a tremendous run.

  5. Megatron has put up better numbers in one season than Swann did in a career. Swann and Namath are in the Hall for what they did on the big stage not for the numbers they accumulated in their careers.

  6. Lynn Swann. Maybe a HOFer. Doesn’t make him right. Megatron absolutely destroys him in every category. Except of course Superbowl rings. Swann is almost saying “When you’ve got 2+ Superbowl rings you automatically get in the hall of fame! It’s like people debating how good a QB is by SB rings. Brock Osweiler has as many as Aaron Rodgers+on a more similar career parallell (in same draft class) Russell Wilson.
    I’d take Wilson or Rodgers over Osweiler to lead the champions 🙂 next year

  7. Swann is in because of his Super Bowls, not because of his individual numbers. A guy with those stats saying Calvin is not a Hall of Famer is ridiculous. Let’s just take out everyone that hasn’t won a Superbowl, ok Lynn?

  8. Anyone notice how tiny Swan was when he walked the Lombardi in. He’s not in Megatron’s league let alone Antonio Brown. Get out of here with that Fouts garbage too Swan.

  9. If Calvin gets in with his numbers at age 30. And 50 years down the line when people are looking at the HOF players. People will see Megatron’s numbers.. then look at Swan’s numbers, and basically laugh. But, if Johnson just plain doesn’t make it, it will basically just be an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing so Swann still looks pretty good.

  10. I remember seeing Lynn Swann at a HOF induction ceremony a few years ago and I asked him where he found the yellow jacket he was wearing. He wasn’t amused. Swann had a career that produced a short hightlight reel of a handful of exciting receptions, but seriously, he has no business judging if any other WR is a HOFer when he got in by team association. If he had the same numbers playing for, lets say, the Buffalo Bills through the 70’s he may not have even made it on the Bills Wall of Fame.

  11. I respectfully disagree just on numbers Johnson gets in ……dont know why Swann would say that but alot of great players that were on bad teams get in….Hall of Fame is individual honor ..not team

  12. Dude you don’t have to like his comments, but it’s bull crap to say Lynn Swann was anything but a great wide receiver. All you young guys out her talking about how he wouldn’t be anything today don’t understand if Lynn Swann played today he’d benefit from the same things that got Calvin where he is and would play just as good if not better in a wide receiver and pass friendly NFL. You forget, Lynn played in a league where the cornerbacks could just jack you up and fight you, where jumping on the pile and late hits were common. You’re talking crap about a guy who played in a much more violent and harsher version of the league and did it with finesse.

    You ain’t got to like what he said, but you got to show the main the respect he earned.

  13. Ok Lynn you make two highlight catches in a Super Bowl and you get into the hall of fame. You were NEVER a great receiver, you always went against the teams #2 cb and that was after teams stacked the box to stop Franco, then they went to Stallworth, then they went to you. Numbera don’t lie, you were pedestrian awed who happened to be on a great team. Keep your mouth shut and go back to your backgammon game.

  14. Anotther Steeler mouthing off about the glory days of PEDs. Sorry, your old, slow team got clownstomped by the Packers in what will be their last Superbowl in your lifetime. LOL.

  15. Megatron is going to be one of the Best WR’s to go into the hall. Sorry Lynn, your logic about not him not being worthy because of the lack of titles, smacks of the usual steeler stupidity.

  16. Why should Megatron be punished for the Lions ineptitude to surround him with talent? As if he chose to go there… Not like he could leave seeing as how they would’ve franchised him every single chance they got… Not to mention the 2 playoff games he played in he had over 300yds rec and 2td’s… Would Swann be a HOF’er if he weren’t surrounded by all that talent in Pittsburgh is the real question? Oh, and 9yrs in the NFL isn’t a short run seeing as how the avg “career” only last 2 1/2yrs!!

  17. Cliff Branch played on three super bowl winners and had better numbers than Swann and he is not getting a sniff. Why is that Swann? I guess if you are a Raider great from the 70’s you have to die to get in.

  18. Swann only showed up in the Super Bowl(s) with a couple of spectacular catches. Didn’t do a whole lot during the season(s). Calvin is in the HOF in my opinion.

  19. Loved Swann when he played but I recall his selection being a bit of a surprise given the shortness of his career and relatively small numbers. That was not an uncommon reaction and Swann undoubtedly is well aware of that. To have him come out with this sort of commentary makes you think he crossed paths with Megatron at some point and felt disrespected so he wants to try and settle the score.

  20. Johnson’s accomplishments can not be ignored. However, comparing Johnson’s career to Lynn Swann’s career, one should notice, Johnson was targeted 2x’s as much as Swann.
    Lynn Swann was on a team where talent was abundant. Therefore, the handling of the ball was spread around the offense. Johnson had to be the source of securing yardage in the air.
    I give a lot of credit to Johnson for staying healthy and being there for his team as many times as he was called on. However, in half as much work, Swann still beats Johnson on yards per reception. Not saying Johnson does not belong in The Pro Football Hall of Fame. Just pointing out, Swann has room to compare his career to Johnson’s by virtue of his work in fewer targets

  21. The overall number arguments are silly. Swann would have put up great numbers had he played the game the way it is today … A deserving Hofer.

    As far as Johnson goes i have to agree. Only once can i remember CJ being the best at his position. Not to say he hasn’t been good or anything. But, with Fitz, Brown, Moss, A. Johnson, D. Bryant and probably a few i am missing IMO have all played better than CJ during this era. That alone at least makes him wait to get in the HOF. All that being said i wouldn’t mind if he did get in because who knows what he does if he was on a team like the pats.

  22. Not to say Megatron, is or isn’t a HOF’r. However if he played in Swans day he’d be a TE. On the other hand Antonio Brown is Swan in today’s game because of how the passing game has evolved. Pitt was more of a running team back then as was basically everyone else. Due to the way the game was played and rules. Today on the other hand they are airing it like nobody’s business. To coincide with rules changes.

  23. This is quite comical. These old NFL players are out of touch and live a life of revisionist history. Calvin has more than double the production of Lynn Swann and they are retiring at the same age. Are they throwing the ball double the amount of time as they did in the 70’s…no. Was Lynn Swann bracketed/double covered on nearly every offensive snap…no. Hell, Julio Jones already has more yards and catches than Lynn Swann, and he has only been in the league for 5 years.

  24. It’s really sad that he feels the need to somehow diminish Calvin’s accomplishments in this way. Calvin absolutely belongs in the HOF- no question. Lynn, you have your rings, your gold jacket, let it be.

  25. ……kinda of a selfish comment Swan. Calvin Johnson may not have won a super bowl, but he was a GREAT WR and represented the city of Detroit proudly. Sometimes it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

  26. I’m from Pittsburgh (~10th generation) and Swann does NOT belong in the HOF. Only Stallworth.

    CJ is as good as they come and a better guy…

  27. Branch: 14seasons 501 receptions for 8,685 yards and 67 touchdowns.
    Swann: 9 seasons 334 receptions for 5,462 yards and 51 touchdowns.

  28. Swann should be quiet. How Swann was elected was a head scratcher then and head scratcher now.

    Megatron conservatively was the best receiver in the league five of his nine years. The other four are pretty great also

    Swann was never the best receiver on his own team. Fact is if Swann wasn’t on the Steelers he doesn’t get a whiff of the Hall Of Fame.

  29. I agree with duanethomas33, Swann is definitely one of the questionable members of the HOF whose overall body of work says…meh. Not only did people gameplan to stop Calvin Johnson, it didn’t matter – he was dominant, anyway.

    A guy, in Swann, with fewer catches and yards than Nate Burleson – yes, Nate Burleson a career #2 receiver – really shouldn’t be talking about who should be in the HOF and who shouldn’t. Add to the fact that he never have a single 1,000 yard season – not even a 900 yard season he needs to be quiet. Truth be told, Cliff Branch has a greater right to the HOF than Swann.

  30. If Megatron isn’t HOFer they may as well burn that mo’fo’ down. This coming from an extremely biased, green and yellow glasses wearing Packers fan.

  31. No the argument by Swann is not ridiculous! What IS ridiculous is that EVERYONE is now in consideration for the HOF when in fact it should be set aside for the greatest of the greatest. Calvin Johnson does indeed have great talent and has performed well. But he plays in an era where every team has receivers catching 80-100 passes and 1000+ yards a year. I am not saying Calvin should be left out. He is superb. But Stats mean very little when so many people put up big numbers every year. How did he perform in big games? Calvin hasn’t really had but a couple big games his whole career because his team has not been good. Swann was a star in 4 Super Bowls and was a great contributor to one of the greatest teams of all time. You cannot write the history of the NFL without the 1970s Steeler dynasty and Swann was a big part of that team’s excellence. If Johnson had not played in the NFL , one or two other guys in Detroit would have caught those 100 balls a year that Johnson caught and the team would still have been below average. I am not saying Calvin isn’t a supreme talent and a great producer, he has been. But the HOF is for all-time accomplishments and in this day and age where everyone puts up good receiving stats, it seems every retiring receiver is being considered. Calvin probably should be in just because he is a monster talent but stats alone mean little these days and Swann is not crazy for questioning it.

  32. Dan Marino actually went to a super bowl atleast. Megatron is an incredible talent…doesn’t translate into wins…he’s a 6’5 jump ball WR when CBs were all 5’10. Stats are inflated from today’s passing game.

  33. Lynn Swann would not be in the Hall of Fame had he not played for the Steelers. A few big catches does not an HoF career make. The commenter who referenced Joe Willie was spot on. He had one big moment (carried by his defense) and gets in with otherwise mediocre credentials. It’s too bad there isn’t some process for weeding out the undeserving who somehow slipped in to the hall.

  34. Football is a team sport. Super Bowl victories and appearances are the result of the collective team effort, the Hall of Fame is suppossed to recognise individual greatness, whether a player has 10 rings or 0 rings, thats not what they are recognizing, Rings help, but many great players got stuck on mediocre or bad team ( Barry Sanders, Bruce Smith, Dan Marino, Tim Brown, etc.) they are still all time great players despite their teams lack of success.

  35. More than anything else, the Hall comes down to the eyeball test. The Hall of Fame should be reserved for players that were the best of their craft for at least some time period. There were several years where Johnson was the BEST receiver in the NFL. Was barely an argument. I can’t say the same for Swann, I probably can’t say the same for Terrell Owens either, which is why I don’t think he should be a Hall of Famer.

  36. Swann also comes from an era when the team mattered.

    Do people realize the NFL/AFL back when Swann and Namath played does not resemble today’s NFL?

    Back then you could knock the crap out of the receiver, as long as you didn’t hold him or trip him, until the ball was in the air. There was no such thing as the 5 yard bump rule until 1978.

    Receivers also didn’t have gloves in which you simply stick out your hand and watch the ball stick to your glove. They had to use their hands.

    Roughing the passer usually had to be a good 3 second count in order to get called. These guys got the snot knocked out of them.

    All of this also makes Namath’s 4,000 passing season all the more special.

    Namath and Swann would have a field day in this day and age – especially given the advances in training, nutrition, medical breakthroughs, and rule changes.

    It’s ridiculous when people say Namath, Bradshaw or even Swann don’t belong in the HOF – it is two different games.

  37. I love Lynn Swann, but he’s an idiot based on that opinion. Calvin Johnson is a Hall of Famer, hands down.

  38. I guess it’s because of his athletic ability but I always thought Calvin Johnson could have done a lot more.

    For those trying to compare numbers:
    Lynn Swann played in an era in which 70 catches, 870 yards and 12 touchdowns led the NFL.

    Furthermore, in 1977, the leading receiver had 71 receptions.

    In 2015, seven receivers had more than 100 catches.

  39. Given his numbers — which pale in comparison to Stallworth’s — Swannee’s lucky *he’s* in the HoF.

    As for Mega…first ballot. Swannee couldn’t hold his jock.

  40. Not popular opinion but I agree. The guy put up big numbers on a bad team that had no other talent, no running game, no success. So what. Name one play or one game that Calvin Johnson did that transcended the sport.

  41. Hall of Fame. You can be one of the most famous players in the league without having the best stats. That’s how Swann got in. In the Super Bowls, or the big stage, he always seemed to make big plays, even if he wasn’t the one with the best stats during the season. People remembered him. Everyone knew who is was.

    I think hes wrong though. Johnson is a great receiver stuck on a mediocre team. Sort of like Barry Sanders, although Barry was one of the absolute best at RB

  42. Former Steelers receiver Lynn Swann retired at age 30 with 336 catches for 5,462 yads and 51 touchdowns. But Swann says that Calvin Johnson, who’s expected to retire at the age of 30 with 731 catches for 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns, shouldn’t join him in the Hall of Fame.

    Thats a rather myopic view right there. Swann played at a very, VERY different time.

    A time when the best quarterbacks had passer ratings in the low 70’s. Now, the worst QB each year is around the low-mid 80’s.

    I don’t support his view, but to open up the story like “guy who doesn’t belong thinks guy that’s way better doesn’t belong” isn’t really fair.

  43. It’s obvious if Swann didn’t play for the Steelers he wouldn’t even be considered for the HOF. Compare him with Harold Jackson, who caught more passes than anyone in the 70’s. Jackson’s career numbers dwarf Swann’s in all categories. And he didn’t have Stallworth to draw attention away from him or Bradshaw at QB. For several years his QB was Pat Haden, for crying out loud! But…..he didn’t win a Super Bowl. And using Swann’s logic, that’s why he’s not in the HOF.

  44. When I was kid playing backyard football, I always was Swann.

    Today’s kids don’t play backyard/sandlot football and even when they play Madden they do NOT choose Detroit just so they can be CJ.

    That, to me, is the difference.

    Swann played in a run-first era so that explains his stats; CJ plays in a pass-all-the-time era so that explains his stats.

    Just b/c your team passes 50 times per game, it’s easy to catch 10-12 balls for 100+ yds and 2-3 TDs. So to me, CJ’s stats mean nothing.

    Swann got few passes thrown his way b/c of the Steelers power run offense but when the pass came his way, Swann found ways to catch it.

  45. It’s easy for Swann to have that opinion when he played for teams that were stacked with All Pro and HOF talent all over the roster. Forget about being the best player on his own team…it’s very debatable whether Swann was even his team’s best WR.

    How many Pro Bowl and HOF-caliber players has Calvin Johnson played alongside?

  46. It is dumb for Swann to say it, given his own production and team situation. But he’s not wrong. Calvin needed another 2-3 years of good production before being worthy of induction.

    Maybe the best ever WR prospect, because of his combo of size, speed, route running, hands, catch radius, etc. But he needs to do it just a little longer and amass more numbers to really get into that upper tier.

  47. Using Swann’s logic – how about Troy Brown for the HOF? He has more receptions and yards than Swann and he won 3 Super Bowls with the Pats. I’m sure there are a endless examples of how stupid Swann’s opinion is.

  48. Swann is a classic case of born on third, thought he hit a triple. You were drafted by a team with one of the greatest defenses of all time, never had even 900 yards in a season, and had Bradshaw at QB and Stallworth – who was better – across from him (to those that would argue era, Largent went over 1100 four times late ’70s early ’80s, and Stallworth – the ballerina’s teammate – did it three times in that period). Lynn is blowhard and would have been a footnote on any other team in that era. Johnson has twice the talent and twice the numbers. Put him on a contender and he would have the rings, too. At least when Cris Carter said something this foolish he had real numbers to fall back on.

  49. Swann road the Steel curtains coat tails into the hall of fame during an era when receivers were just punching bags. Modern receivers would dominate those teams because they wouldn’t be run over which is why when Jerry Rice came into the league he was a big deal.

    Proof of this is Lynn Swann saying something stupid like this. Somewhere in the great beyond Deacon Jones and Jack Tatum heard that and said “we must have hit him too hard”.

    I wouldn’t call Johnson a first ballot hall of famer but saying he shouldn’t get in at all because he was on a team that didn’t win a title is ridiculous and a slap in the face to guys like Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Thurman Thomas and anyone else that had the talent to be good players on non championship winning teams over the ones whose teams didn’t have to depend on them.

  50. And a valid argument can be made that Jerome Bettis doesn’t deserve to be in the HOF, either. At least, not as soon as he was elected. I still can’t believe he got in over some of the other candidates so soon.
    I don’t think Calvin Johnson deserves to be in, either, but come on Swann, let’s be fair here.
    Arguably half of the Raiders in the Hall don’t belong there, either.

  51. What a stupid comment by Lynn Swann, a player I did have a lot of respect for

    He wants to compare eras? Saying today’s stats are skewed
    Well he is right that stats are skewed.
    So let’s compare Swann’s stats to someone in HIS era

    Swann played 10 seasons had: 336 catches for 5,462 yards, 51 TDs for a 16.3 average per catch

    WR#2 played 10 seasons from 1976-1985 (same era):
    Had 393 catches for 6,400 yards & 50 TDs w/a 16.3 average per catch and played in 1 Super Bowl

    WR#2… MN Vikings WR, Sammy White!!

    Now a solid WR in his time, but does ANYONE think Sammy White is a Hall of Fame WR??

    I got news for you, Lynn….the ONLY reason you are in the HOF is because of your team! If you put up the same stats for the Bears, Cardinals, Giants, Eagles, etc in that same era…you would NOT be in the HOF!

  52. Making the argument that Megatron belongs in the Hall of Fame isn’t that difficult. You *could* knock him on the fact that he didn’t make the players around him better (a negative most commonly applied to quarterbacks) and you could knock him for being on the only 0-16 team, but those are nit picks when you look at his overall career numbers. He ran as fast as the fastest guy on the field and was bigger than everyone but the lineman. That sort of thing is hard to ignore.

    Making the argument that Swann does not belong in the HOF does not take into account the era that he played in, the fact that the teams he played on he was not the main offensive weapon, and the fact that he revolutionized the way the position was trained for and played.

    If all you are interested in is stats then take into consideration that a comparison of yards per catch between Calvin Johnson and Lynn Swann, an accurate way to compare what they did with the ball when they got it, goes to Swann: 15.9 to 16.3.

  53. As a Steeler fan, it comes as disappointing that Swannie would take this position, and even worse that he’d go public with it.

    Many could argue Swann got into the Hall with less than stellar individual stats – and he was far from a shoo-in. So it comes off pretty rough to hear him put Megatron on blast.

    Megatron’s shortcomings have nothing to do with his own effort, skill or production. They are a function of pure chance. The same argument could be made about Swann being the beneficiary of pure chance.

    I hope Swannie diplomatically retracts this statement, and owns it too. Calvin was a great player, and should not be belittled — least of all for factors entirely outside of his control.

  54. I happen to agree with Swann. I’m lions fan but in the modern era 11’0000 yards and 83 TDs isn’t a hall of fame resume. He would need another 3-4 years of performing at a high level to be HOF worthy to me.

    Having said that, Lynn Swann should remember that the Steelers have more players in the HOF who don’t deserve it than any other organization in the league. Maybe ex-steelers should stay out of the who gets in the HOF debate

  55. Once in a generation physical specimen but no he does not belong in the HOF. Career was too short, and he got 20 targets a game for 4 seasons. Most receivers can get 1,000 yards on 20 targets for 16 weeks.

  56. Gimme a break, Swann made timely catches, but Swann wasn’t even the focal point of the offense. If roles were reversed Swann on Detroit definitely isn’t in the hall.

  57. Calvin should go into the Fantasy Football H.O.F. For those that don’t understand, the Fantasy Football season is finished every year before the actual playoffs roll around. Much like the Detroit Lions and Calvin Johnson.

  58. So many children on this site clearly never saw football in the 70s. Swann’s 70s stats are just as impressive as johnsons 2010s stats. Swann has 4 rings to boot.

  59. The 12-Year Itch:

    98 TD; 13,366 YDS; 13.1 AVG (over 12 years)

    OchoUno (T.O./Hall of Fame [However Long It Takes]):
    129 TD; 13,070 YDS; 14.9 AVG (over 12 years)

  60. I didn’t see Lynn Swann play. My dad and others tell me about him along with other players from the time.

    I think it’s unfair to compare the 2 players head to head because it’s a completely different era’s.

    C.J. needs to be compared to the players in his era. What he was able to accomplish in contrast to others along with team success.

    Megatron is one of my favorite players. He is one of the biggest, fastest, and athletic players the NFL has seen. I’m not sure how that translates into H.O.F. votes but time will tell.

  61. Megratron
    11,619 career receiving yards
    83 career touchdowns
    2 playoff appearances

    Terrell Owens
    15,934 receiving yards
    153 career touchdowns
    8 playoff appearances

    Not much to argue about

  62. If you look at what Megatron did and for how long, it is very hard to make the argument that he should be in the HOF. The guy will retire with only 7 seasons going over 1000 yards receiving. You can find a TON of guys who have at least as much, won nothing in their career and aren’t in the HOF.

  63. nflequalswwe says: Feb 10, 2016 8:34 AM

    It may be so unpopular as to be sacrilegious but I tend to agree. His numbers in today’s passing game; with his physical abilities and typically a solid #2 WR alongside him (Burleson, Tate, etc.) are not that special, particularly the 83 touchdowns. Class guy and phenomenal player but the Hall is supposed to be for the absolute cream of the crop, and WR HOF criteria has evolved along with the game and the rules.

    But Calvin Johnson has been considered the most dominant WR of his era even though it was a “passing era”. Ken Griffey Jr. played in a highly inflated offensive era and never played in a W.S. and only had a few playoff appearances, and yet he is still considered among the best of his time and all time. And to bring it back to football, how many different crappy QBs has Johnson had throwing to him, and yet he still dominated? He put up 1300rec yds and 12TDS on team that went 0-16. Swann was surrounded in HOF talent, Johnson was always the best on his team and always drew the most defensive attention and other teams STILL couldn’t shut him down. He deserves to be a lock even if he never plays again.

  64. What if AP never gets a ring? Does that mean he shouldn’t be considered going into the HOF? No switch comments, please. Only from a player’s accomplishments on the field perspective. By Swann’s logic, Trent Dilfer should get in on the first ballot because he was on the Ravens when the team won the SB.

  65. Swann’s numbers are not HOF numbers. He was elected into the HOF because of his “graceful” catches in big games, and he played nice with the media. That’s why the HOF voters threw him a bone and elected him into the HOF…period! Swann was an AVERAGE receiver at best.

  66. Lynn Swann’s career was defined by making leaping, spectacular catches….when it wasn’t required.

  67. You can’t compare receiving stats of today’s players with those who played in the 70s. Totally different game now. Swann’s stats don’t compare, but anyone who actually watched him play would recognize he was one of the best WRs of his era. Cliff Branch is another one who deserves to get in. Swann should keep his mouth shut though!

  68. Maybe if Megatron had the luck to play on a team with a HoF qb, rb, wr, dt, 2x lb, cb and coach, he would have a few titles too.

  69. Give me a break! The only reason Swann is in the HOF is because he made a couple of great plays in the Super Bowl. Megatron’s career has been much greater than Swann’s.

    Swann – Regular season 336 receptions, 51 TD’s.
    Playoffs 48 receptions, 9 TD’s.

    Johnson – Regular season 731 receptions 83 TD’s
    Playoffs 17 receptions 2 TD’s

    As you can see Megatron’s regular season stats dwarf that of Swann’s. It’s in the playoffs where Swann has a substantial lead. Swann played in 48 playoff games while Megatron only played in 2. Swann played in 116 regular season games while Megatron played in 135.

  70. On what basis would you put him in the Hall of fame? Because of his name?

    The lack of football knowledge on this blog is simply hilarious!

  71. HOF is basically… Who are the players the NFL should showcase in terms of individual talent in their respective era/generation? Those are the ones who belong in the HOF. I couldn’t imagine Megatron not being in there. Disappointing to hear Swann’s opinion.

  72. not everyone has the Steel Curtain defense. Swann’s stats definitely were not the reason they won 4 rings. He made some great plays in the games, but he wasn’t the reason they got to any. Shut up, he has twice the production. Swann was graceful, Calvin was dominant.

  73. Who are the most famous (as in “Hall of Fame”) athletes at a position in a given era?

    The most famous wide receiver over the last ten years is without a doubt Calvin Johnson.

    Case closed.

    Sorry, Lynn. You’re wrong.

  74. So…the reason the Steelers won was entirely because of Swann? Swann wouldn’t have had half his stats if he had played on a team with the record the Lions had. Apparently having a thoughtful brain isn’t a requirement to get into the Hall.

  75. This overuse of Superbowl/team success as a metric of player greatness gets so tired. Take the best player ever, at each position, put them on a bad team…they don’t make the playoffs. Even at QB, outside of maybe Manning in his prime, a single player won’t get a team to the post season. Even if they do, they’ll get embarrassed by a complete team eventually. There are over 30 players that contribute to team success. One player will not make a bad team good. The Lions were historically bad when Calvin was starting his career.

  76. Swanson chicken pot pie is trying to boost ratings for something.

    Hey Swan, if you’re on any team that has Calvin Johnson, you’re the number two option. End of story. If you’re on the same Lions team Johnson was on guess how many rings you have. Matter of fact, if you were on teams as bad as his have been we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Because your lifetime statistics would have made people forget you thirty years ago.

  77. Calvin Johnson put up 1300rec yds and 12TDS on team that went 0-16… with Dan Orlovsky, Jon Kitna and washed up Culpepper throwing to him.

    Let that sink in for a moment, Mr. Swann.

  78. “But Calvin Johnson has been considered the most dominant WR of his era even though it was a “passing era”
    No he has not. Randy Moss was way more dominant and much more of a threat. Look at even this past year. Nobody doubled him at all cause they didn’t need to. Same with the year before.

  79. As you can see Megatron’s regular season stats dwarf that of Swann’s. It’s in the playoffs where Swann has a substantial lead. Swann played in 48 playoff games while Megatron only played in 2. Swann played in 116 regular season games while Megatron played in 135.
    You’re also comparing very different era’s. QB’s didn’t pass for 4000 yards/season and for a WR to crack 1,000 was a special feat. Johnson played in an era where WR’s can’t be touched. Swan played in an era where they could be decapitated.

  80. i find this entire postulation preposterous.. since when does a nickname qualify for the HOF?…in other words does cam belong in the premature edabulation HOF?

  81. Someone needs to call the nurse because Swan has obviously stopped taking his Meds again.

    Swan has 2nd or 3rd WR stats in today’s game. He shouldn’t be allowed to even talk about the Hall of Fame more less in the Hall of Fame.

  82. So Swanny shouldn’t talk about this…but I always thought Swann is in the HOF because of him being acrobatic and short. That and making huge catches at the appropriate time.

  83. Swann for his career averaged 37 catches, 607 yards, six TDs. Megatron averaged 81-1291-9 – more than double the catches and yards. Yes, the era is different – those stats are misleading.

    How about these:
    Megatron played nine seasons, led the league in receptions once, yardage twice and TDs once. Swann led in TDs once – never led another category — those stats reflect the era in which each individually played.

    So do these:
    Swann in nine seasons went to three Pro Bowls and had one AP First Team honor. Johnson in nine seasons went to six Pro Bowls and had three AP 1st team.

    The argument about Swann showing up big in big games is relevant. Voters obviously thought it was enough. Johnson hasn’t played in many big games, but that’s obviously through no fault of his own.

    But when he did get to the playoffs, he produced. In 2011 WC game vs New Orleans he had 12 catches for 211 yards and two scores. Not his fault the defense gave up 45 points. He had 5-85 against Dallas last year too.

    To argue that Megatron should not be in the Hall because management was too inept to build something around him is absurd.

  84. I can’t believe Swan would make these comments. The only reason he is in the Hall Of Fame is because of that circus catch he made in the Super Bowl.
    Don’t get me wrong, the rules changes they’ve made to benefit QB’s and WR’s has made ordinary players stats seem like they were superstars. We all know that. And I wish they’d made it much harder to get into every Hall Of Fame. The criteria should be you had to dominate your era and not just by attaining big stats. When you played against top competition, you had to dominate them, too.
    I am a Packers fan and I have no reason to favor Calvin Johnson over anyone else for the Hall Of Fame. He has always been a class act and could dominate any player he played against. If guys like Swan are there, he should be there, too.
    But if I had my way, neither one of them would be in there. Because the Hall Of Fame should only induct the very best of the best. Electing guys who were very good is not good enough for me. The word “great” is thrown around so often today, it has lost its true meaning.
    Take Cam Newton, for instance. He had a very good year and deserved the MVP, though I would argue Tom Brady did more with less than he did.
    Newton’s completion percentage was 59.9%, he had 35 TD’s and 10 int’s, and he averaged 239.8 yards per game. Those are good numbers, and I realize he did not have a lot of talent around him. But they are not “great” numbers in today’s passing league.
    For example, Matthew Stafford’s passing numbers are almost as good as Newton’s, yet no one is saying he had a “great” year. His completion percentage was 67.2, he had 32 TD’s and 13 int’s, and he averaged 266.4 yards per game.
    Newton did run for almost 400 more yards than Stafford and scored 10 rushing TD’s, which gives him a huge edge over Stafford and everyone else.
    The point I’m making is, I’m not ready to call Newton a “great” QB because I still don’t see him as a great passer. He’s gotten way better, and should be even better if they get him some linemen and WR’s. But “great”? Not yet, in my view.
    And he certainly didn’t look great in the Super Bowl.

  85. Per Pro Football Reference, there are 26 WR/FL/SE/E in the HOF. Of them, Swann is 23rd, 25th, 24th, and 24th in Games/Rec/Yds/TDs. The players he rates ahead of played in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. He should probably just zip it when talking about who’s HOF worthy.

  86. Here’s the thing. Calvin’s numbers are “borderline” HOF numbers. Chad Johnson has 11,000 yards and no one is going to vote for him. That said, the HOF should be about how dominant a player was. Calvin was the best WR in the NFL for 6-7 years. He shouldn’t be punished because he retired at 30. Meanwhile, guys like “The Bus” and Hines Ward played well past their primes and padded their stats. Does anyone really think Ward in his prime was better than Calvin in his prime, or even Chad Johnson (who led the AFC in receiving 4 straight times?). Corey Dillon was better than the Bus, but Bettis gets in thanks to a few extra stat padding seasons. Don’t believe me? Check the stats. Dillon has the championship, a better YPC average and more yards per game. Why isn’t he in?

  87. Here are just some of the WR’s from Swann’s era who have more catches and yards who are NOT in the HOF:
    Harold Carmichael, Harold Jackson, Drew Pearson, Ken Burrough, Isaac Curtis, Mel Gray, Reggie Rucker, Haven Moses…

    By comparison, Lynn Swann had Rich Caster numbers:
    Swann: 336, 5462, 51
    Caster: 322, 5515, 45

  88. TB12RALLYCRY says:
    Feb 10, 2016 8:48 AM

    I respectfully disagree just on numbers Johnson gets in ……dont know why Swann would say that but alot of great players that were on bad teams get in….Hall of Fame is individual honor ..not team


    That isn’t true unfortunately. There are many WRs with better numbers that are not in yet that will need to go before him and some of those guys have Super Bowls. TO, Isaac Bruce, Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald. Tory Holt and Hines Ward are both ahead and they may never get in. Single season accolades don’t count for as much as career stats and playoff wins.

    If he retires now he might not get in.

  89. The fact that Lynn Swann is in the HOF while Cliff Branch is still excluded is a sad joke. And no this isn’t any anti-Steeler bias because I always thought that John Stallworth was a fantastic WR for Pittsburgh who was fearless and could do it all. Branch’s and Stallworth’s playing style and career numbers were very similar.

  90. Teddy BH20’s House of Noodles says: Feb 10, 2016 10:59 AM

    “But Calvin Johnson has been considered the most dominant WR of his era even though it was a “passing era”
    No he has not. Randy Moss was way more dominant and much more of a threat. Look at even this past year. Nobody doubled him at all cause they didn’t need to. Same with the year before.

    I disagree. Moss’ last truly dominant year was 2007 when Megatron was a rookie. Moss’ 2008 and 2009 were good, but Megatron was pretty even with him those years before Moss fell off a cliff and Johnson started his huge production years.
    And for a supposed “off” year for Johnson this year, and the Lions in general, he still pulled in 88rec, 1200yds and 9 TDS. And this is also the same player who had 1300rec yds and 12TDs on an 0-16 team with the likes of Kitna, Orlovsky and a washed up Culpepper throwing to him.

  91. Swann belongs to the Hall Of Shame for his stupid remarks. He didn’t make the team good, the team made him good. Swann is a joke compared to Megatron.

  92. Does Calvin Johnson hold any (let alone prominent) records at his position? If no — and he doesn’t have a Super Bowl Ring — then he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

    The Hall of Fame is not the Pro Bowl, you shouldn’t get in on fan favoritism or likability.

  93. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already. Lynn should thank his lucky stars he got in when he did because he isn’t worthy. Never was and never will be.

    Just shut up, Swann.

  94. Whatever. Megtron is a statistical machine on a lousy team and he is no Barry Sanders.

    Swann produced 1 TD for every 6.6 receptions and 107 yds

    Megatron produced 1 TD for every 8.8 receptions and 140 yds

  95. Swann may have gotten in because of his politics. I see he’s another football player from USC that has completely lost his mind. Using his logic, Cliff Branch getting into Canton should have been a no-brainer.

  96. T.O., Moss & Megatron are infinitely better than Swann. He should I be grateful for not having had to compete against them for a job.

    Another old Steeler who rode the gravy train of a dominant defense. Nothing new.

  97. Lynn Swann is ONLY in the Hall due to the overwhelming Steeler-bias FOR the Hall. Stats don’t match up, his body of work is weak and there were MANY receivers in his era who were outperformed him come gameday. He’s in for the weakest of reasons – team accomplishments and he wore the black and yellow.

    Soft player – Atkinson was bang-on with that assessment!


  98. John Stallworth was so much better then Lynn Swann! Yes Calvin Johnson is a HOF he also would have put up better numbers if he a better then Matt Stafford throwing him the ball.

  99. I suspect Johnson will receive strong consideration even on the first ballot though it’s perhaps arguable that he shouldn’t be granted that additional honor, but anyone on here who thinks Megatron won’t ever be inducted into the HOF is simply delusional because he will most definitely be enshrined at some point within the next ten years if his career is indeed complete at this point.

  100. People get too worked up about the HOF. I could care less about who’s in and who isn’t. The voting doesn’t make any sense, and each voter has their own criteria. I’ve watched enough football to know who I think are the best players of all time, and those are my HOFers. I don’t put much stock into who actually gets to Canton, because it’s gotten stupid. Same with baseball.

  101. inallsincerity says: Feb 10, 2016 11:50 AM

    Swann may have gotten in because of his politics. I see he’s another football player from USC that has completely lost his mind. Using his logic, Cliff Branch getting into Canton should have been a no-brainer.

    Yes, Cliff Branch…..totally forgot about him. Way better than Swann. There should be a petition remove Swann from the hall.

  102. I guess Lynn Swan is receiving money from the NFL for brain injuries.

    Pro Bowls:
    Calvin 6
    Swann 3

    All-Pro honors (first team):
    Calvin 3
    Swann 1

    Add in Calvin’s double the catches and yards v. Swann in both their 9-year careers to date, and it is a no-brainer, which must be why Swann feels he is actually capable to speak on the subject.

    Don’t worry Lynn, they are not going to give Calvin your jacket when he gets in…

  103. Lynn Swann’s Hall of Fame status is based on a small number of high profile catches in big games. And those catches put him on the cover of Sports Illustrated (which was the big deal at the time) and made him the most famous WR in the country.

    His stats are middling at best. Never had a 900-yard season, much less a 1000-yard season. And no, this wasn’t just a function of the times. As the prior commenter notes, Cliff Branch had much better stats during the same years. Stallworth had a much better career than Swann. Quite frankly, Lynn Swann is one of the very weakest players in the Hall.

    Megatron’s career is much more impressive. He only has one season where his receiving yards were less than Swann’s best. Or, to put it differently, his second-worst season was better than any season Swann ever had.

  104. Lynn Swann: age 30; 9 seasons; 336 catches; 5,462 yards; 51 touchdowns.
    Julio Jones: age 27; 5 seasons; 414 catches; 6,201 yards; 34 touchdown.

  105. Tony Hill and Drew Pearson have better numbers than Swann. They are not even mentioned in Hall of Fame talks. Not saying they should be, just saying in general.

  106. It is true you are a victim of your team. Ken Anderson and Ken Riley. Riley is 5th all time with 65 interceptions. Anderson was a league MVP and at the time of his retirment top 10 in many catageories.

  107. Swann just might be the greatest reach in the history of the Hall of Fame….his numbers clearly state he did not deserve it…i just think he got the sympathy vote for being clobbered time and time again from Tatum, and Atkinson.

  108. Swann’s AVERAGE year:

    37 catches, 606 yards and 6 TD’s……

    If I was that fool, I would be GRATEFUL to be the in Hall with those crap numbers….

  109. Yeah whatever Swanny. Just trying to justify your own joke appointment into the hall. Hey, look how good my team did. You rode the coattails of better players into the hall with decidedly average numbers. A dog wouldn’t even give you a sniff if you smelt like milkbones with those numbers.

  110. I think Calvin is a Hall Of Fame talent. Will he get in? Not sure if he retires now. The numbers WR’s are putting up these days and how the Hall voters seem hung up on that.

    Calvin can take over a game. And his influence on games is unquestioned. The problem in Detroit is that not enough talent to take advantage of the coverage that rolls to him.

    It would be a shame if he didn’t get in.
    As for Swan. He got in on his post season accomplishments. How good would he have been without Stallworth on the other side.

    I am surprised he is in the HOF.

  111. welcomehomelosangelesrams says:
    Feb 10, 2016 9:49 AM

    Using Swann’s logic – how about Troy Brown for the HOF? He has more receptions and yards than Swann and he won 3 Super Bowls with the Pats. I’m sure there are a endless examples of how stupid Swann’s opinion is.

    Great point! Troy Brown is severely underrated from those teams..

  112. You people are ridiculous. Swann said nothing about himself. He was asked if Calvin Johnson was a hall of famer. Playoff and more importantly Super Bowl success is a part of the picture when determining hall of famers.

    All he’s saying is that he’s borderline, and having played on terrible teams with no success in the post season is going to make it harder then if he had had success in the play-offs, or played on even moderately competitive teams.

    And it’s a valid point. Frankly I don’t think anyone who played on a winless team should be in the hall of fame.

  113. bradygirl12 says:
    Feb 10, 2016 8:57 AM

    I think Megatron absolutely belongs in the HOF,much more than other guys who are already there. Too many to mention…
    Tim Brown, Cris Carter, Marvin Harrison, James Lofton, Andre Reed AND John Stallworth for example…

  114. First, comparing stats between Swann and Johnson isn’t comparing apples to apples. The passing game was much different during the first half of Swann’s career, and for his entire career, he had to put up with head-hunters like Jack Tatum and George Atkinson. Back then, shots to the head of receivers was not only common, but standard practice for defensive backs.

    Second, that said, Swann spent only nine years in the NFL, and his statistics, despite the time period he played in, are not all that impressive. Swann is in the HOF because of his talent, and his performance in Super Bowls X and XIII. In reality, John Stallworth had a more impressive career.

    Calvin Johnson is a Hall of Fame receiver. The shame of it is that, if he retires now, it may take him 10-15 years of eligibility to get in. It’s not like Swann would have made the HOF easily without his SB rings.

  115. “Personally, I think he’s more interested in becoming an announcer” -Jack Tatum on Swann. lol

  116. If Swann didn’t have those catches in the Super Bowl he wouldn’t be in. He was soft and could be intimidated into being a non-factor. Cliff Branch is much more deserving than Swann.

  117. Gotta love LS and his toolbaggery. He was simply in the right place at the right time. If he were playing today on the Detroit Lions, there is no way his name would even be in the HOF discussion.

  118. Oh come on. We were all lucky to get a chance to watch this guy play, and he was always a classy guy. If he doesn’t get into the HOF it is a travesty.

  119. Are you kidding me? Did Lynn Swann take up dope smoking as a hobby when he retired? Lynn, man…drop the crack pipe and back away. The HOF is not about team accomplishments and never has been. It is certainly not Megatron’s fault that his GM couldn’t build a set of Lincoln Logs, far less a football team. Lest you forget this was the GM who drafted a receiver in the first round of 4 straight drafts when there were several other holes to fill on the Lions. I mean if we’re to use this logic then Barry Sanders doesn’t belong in the HOF either because the Lions didn’t play for a Super Bowl while he was there either. Calvin Johnson is a HOF’er to be sure…just because you were blessed to be on one of the greatest TEAMS ever assembled doesn’t give you some leg up on HOF status. If you look at Megatron’s numbers they blow yours away, and he didn’t even have the super powered ground game that you did to take pressure of you on the outside. I have always had the utmost respect for Swann, but this comment just makes him sound petty and jealous.

  120. I guess the sports therapists for PIT that got rings in that time belong in the hall of fame before anyone else with less then rings then they have.

  121. zerojonzer says: Feb 10, 2016 1:07 PM

    You people are ridiculous. Swann said nothing about himself. He was asked if Calvin Johnson was a hall of famer. Playoff and more importantly Super Bowl success is a part of the picture when determining hall of famers.

    All he’s saying is that he’s borderline, and having played on terrible teams with no success in the post season is going to make it harder then if he had had success in the play-offs, or played on even moderately competitive teams.

    And it’s a valid point. Frankly I don’t think anyone who played on a winless team should be in the hall of fame.


    Why can’t a great player on a bad team be a HOFer? Joe Thomas on Cleveland will also be a very strong HOF candidate when he is done. I think the degree of difficulty for being the main offensive force on a historically terrible team is higher than putting up nice numbers on a great team.

    Calvin Johnson put up 1300rec yds and 12TDS on team that went 0-16… with Dan Orlovsky, Jon Kitna and washed up Culpepper throwing to him. That is hard to do.

  122. Mr. Swann had a very good career, but I think that he benefitted greatly from being on a receiver tandem with John Stallworth & TV exposure.

    I have respect for Lynn Swann’s career, but not his opinion about Calvin Johnson’s HOF worthiness.

  123. So there were 9 guys from Swann’s team that went into the HOF. Fair to say they had some talent. Calvin’s team will likely have zero depending on how Suh does going forward. Regardless, if rings is the HOF qualifier in Swann’s mind, the obvious question is what the heck happened to the other 50-60 guys on his Steeler squads. Didn’t they “lift” up their teams too. Where is his advocacy all these years for Rocky Bleir for crying out loud. Unfortunate silly comment by Swann who I always kinda liked.

  124. I see this ALL the time about HOF voting, worthiness etc. It is the hall of FAME not the hall of great statistics. Learn to separate the two!!!! Swann = FAMOUS as a great football player who delivered FAMOUS plays (as defined as still being used as NFL marketing material 30 years down the road). I have no opinion yet on whether Johnson deserves to be in the HOF but if he ends his career we will have to see how his FAME holds up (not his statistics!!!!).

  125. Lynn Swann played the best in the biggest games: 16 playoff games, 9 touchdowns, including scores in each of the last three Super Bowls he played in. Compare that to the compilers who have gotten into the Hall recently: Tim Brown, 12 playoff games, 3 touchdowns. Marvin Harrison, 16 playoff games, 2 touchdowns. Give me the guy who shows up big in the biggest games over the guys who catch 12 against the Jags in September but go MIA in the playoffs every day of the week.

  126. Whats up with these old players STILL trying to justify their talent 30 years later?

    Someone seems a little threatened….

  127. Memory of Lynn Swann was his becoming invisible when the Raiders were on the field. #don’tthrowoverthemiddletome

    Never did crap against the Vikings either!

    Super Bowl IX:
    Zero catches, for Zero yards
    1 rush for -7 yards

    1976 Regular season:
    2 catches for 29 yards

  128. Lynn Swann: 4 Super Bowls, 3 touchdowns.

    every Minnesota Vikings player in the history of the franchise: 4 Super Bowls, 5 touchdowns.

  129. TebowedOutOfThePostSeasonAndNeverToReturn | Feb 10, 2016, 10:52 AM EST
    They should ask him if Big Ben belongs in the Halls of Justice.

    If they did his reply would be why should he is not a murder like Ray Lewis.

    Swann is entitled to his opinion right or wrong he played the game unlike most of the keyboard Cowboys posting on here. He played in a much tough game than the one played now, but most of you weren’t alive when he played so you can’t realistically understand where he is coming from.

  130. HoF votes should be based primarily upon individual production, both short-term and long-term.

    Not to discount championships- winning is an important stat.

    With respect to the HoF though, when there is a close call, leading your team to victory often can push borderline guys over the finish line.

    But it doesn’t carry them there.

  131. Winning the Super Bowl requires a total team effort.

    Getting in the H.O.F. is on an individual basis. They
    don’t put “teams” in the H.O.F.

    There is a lot of guys that played in SB’s but didn’t win
    one that should be in there. There’s also guys that didn’t
    even play in one that should be in there.

    That said, there’s guys in there only because of the
    “team” they played on. Lynn Swann is one of those

  132. Using this line of thinking, let’s remove from the HOF… Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Eric Dickerson, and many more elite players who never won a ring because they weren’t lucky as Swann was to play on great teams.

  133. Sorry, but I agree with Lynn Swann.

    The HOF is for the best of that era.

    Calvin Johnson has not been “the best” of the wide receivers in his years in the league. Was he top 3? Yes. Was he ever really the best? No.

    But I also feel that Howie Long shouldn’t be in the HOF for the same reasons.

    HOF is for the best; not the very good. What is going on now is that guys are being put in because of their likeability; and that isn’t right.

  134. Lynn has his panties bunched because he know that he was the 2nd best WR on his team. And it’s eating him up inside.
    In games where both of them played, Stallworth has half again as many 100 yd games as Swann.

  135. Not sure if Megatron should be allowed in but Swann should have never got in. He’s regular season numbers were GARBAGE and we would not be talking about him if he never made 2 spectacular catches in the post season. Stallworth was actually a better receiver.

  136. My personal opinion is that quitters don’t belong in the hall of fame.

    Both Barry Sanders and Johnson quit on the Lions.

    Barry Sanders is a Hall of Fame and despite what I think nothing will change that. To be fair Barry was more prolific than Calvin Johnson has ever been.

    Hate ever agreeing with a trashy roid-injected Steeler, but he’s right.

    Johnson would need more dominant seasons and he looks closer to a guy who would be cut than a guy going to the hall of fame. A big part of the blame is named MATHEW STAFFORD

  137. People can talk about comparing eras all they want, but the reality is that Swann played his entire career with a HOF qb and was still not particularly elite amongst his peers. 2nd best receiver on his team, 1 All-Pro team, stopped being effective at 28, completely done at 30.

    Great athlete (at least early on), but not a great football player. If we’re really being honest about who he is, he’s basically Flipper Anderson who happened to luck into playing on the dominant team of the decade.

    I’ll take Megatron over Swann 10 times out of 10.

  138. Swann…Overrated. Great receiver but he took advantage of a bad era and got in the All-Decades Team. Drew Pearson was better than him.

    He may be a HOFer but he’s arguably the least deserving guy in there.

  139. “finjim1020 says:
    Feb 10, 2016 8:31 AM
    Using that stupid logic Dan Marino shouldn’t have gotten in.”

    Marino made it because his stats are simply undeniable. Anybody that actually bothered looking into this HOF thing would know that. Calvin was one of the best receivers in the last decade, but if you stack up his numbers with the rest of the hall of famers that haven’t won more than 1 Superbowl it would be VERY difficult to make a case for CJ to get into the HOF. Randy Moss for instance had double the amount of touchdowns. What exactly is your argument that a guy with half as many touchdowns and no rings (or even any postseason success / impact on his team) deserves to be a LOCK for the Hall Of Fame? Talent is not the issue here, neither is size/speed. It’s about production, impact. Calvin just simply doesn’t cut it.

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