Malik Jackson: I’d love to stay, but it’s a business

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Broncos defensive end Malik Jackson scored the first touchdown of Super Bowl 50 when he fell on a fumble forced by Von Miller in the end zone to give Denver a 10-0 lead over the Panthers that they’d never relinquish on the way to a 24-10 win.

The Broncos celebrated that win in Denver on Tuesday, but the NFL doesn’t leave much time to linger in the moment. Free agency will be upon us before too much longer and Jackson is set to be one of the most productive players to hit the open market this offseason.

Broncos General Manager John Elway called holding onto Jackson a priority for the offseason, although the need to sign Miller and possibly quarterback Brock Osweiler may not leave much space for Jackson. During a Wednesday appearance on PFT Live, Jackson said he’d like to be back while acknowledging the business side of things may make that impossible.

“Oh yeah, I love it here man. I think I’m accustomed to living here,” Jackson said. “I’ve tried my past four years to get better and prove to Mr. Elway that I like it here with my play. You know it’s one thing about this this thing is it’s a business you know it doesn’t matter what you like or where you like it. It’s where you can feed your family and make enough money to feed your family. So for me it’s one of those things I would love to stay here and just kinda continue to start here with my boys. Continue this run with them and try to get another one with this defense but you know it is a business and I gotta feed my family so we’ll see what happens.”

Jackson said he’d be happy to get the franchise tag — “I would be making what fourteen or fifteen million in a year?” — in the event the Broncos are able to lock up Miller before the deadline to use the tag, which may be a long shot but it’s one that will remain in play for a few more weeks. If they can’t, Jackson should be the object of desire for several teams looking to fortify their defensive line this offseason.

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  1. I wish for the sake of common decency and not insulting the world’s intelligence that these clearly coveted free agents stop talking about the need to feed their families. We all know what capitalism is so by all means go to whatever team you and/or your agent want for however much you’re offered. But stop it. Just stop it. There are people who are ACTUALLY struggling to feed their families and won’t be signing an 8-figure contract anytime soon.

  2. Who needs to be “taught” to dive on a live football when a game is on the line? Who needs to be “taught” a sense of urgency? That’s like saying someone needs to be “taught” to pull their hand out of a fire.

  3. There isn’t a contract Denver could offer that would result in you having trouble feeding your family.

  4. Good luck feeding your family with only $8 million/year instead of $10/million! I will send prayers your way, Malik, so you can find a way to make it happen.

  5. Instead of the stupid & joke provoking “feeding the family” line (does that include child support when the athlete isn’t married to the mother?), players should point out that the only money they’re guaranteed to get is in the signing bonus & that teams routinely cut guys who have years to go on their contracts.

  6. Thanks for your help Malik but you’re already gone! Your comments speak volumes about your character. Chase the money and watch The Superbowl from home like the other former Broncos that over valued their their self worth.

  7. On the surface feed my family does seem silly but when you factor in how players often leave the game in their early 30s and will now need to live (if lucky) for 50 years with a significant different in income the scenario changes some.

    He played the first four years of his career for a total of $3 mil, market value is 5 years $53mil on the extension. If he was able to retain 70% of that (taxes, agents etc) he ends up with career earnings of $39.2 mil. He will be 31 when that contract ends. Since leaving school at 22 y/o and living to 80ish lets say roughly 60 years of adult life puts him in the $653k per year across his adult life. This is certainly enough to live comfortably but it only works with a bunch of assumptions about longevity and guarantees. I am just saying that looking at 8-10 mil per year sounds a lot bigger than it is across the balance of life.

  8. News flash Malik. You can take your kids to Sizzler every night, you don’t have to BUY the restaurant for the kids every night. SO sick of the “feed my family” line. Most of the guys spewing that are rocking 10lbs of gold around their necks and 20cts of diamonds in their ears. We get that it’s a business, but if you can’t achieve financial security with one contract, even at league minimum, then you don’t understand a thing about wealth and business management.

  9. What a classy, respectful guy and a heck of a find by Mr. Elway himself. As a Bronco’s fan, I sure love your logic about getting a Von deal done by March 9th so we can use the tag on Malik…..

    Question, is there any chance we can get DT and Clady to take the hometown discounts? Clady because of his injury prone-ness and DT b/c we’re paying him top 5 WR money and he did not perform like a top 5 WR? And with Manning’s salary freeing up, can you make those moves and manage to keep every starter on that Defense?

  10. “Can’t achieve financial security with one contract, even at league minimum”……mmmmmmmm, ok, do that math and tell me that sets you up for the rest of your life.

    “Feed your family” is short for ‘maximize this once in a lifetime opportunity’ and good for him. You take the discount for a ring after you’ve already made your money, and especially not if you already have one.

    Especially with the amount of money you have to put away for the visiting nurse who’s going to clean up all that drool and change your diaper after all the hits to the head.

    Make your money Malik.

  11. The Cardinals need to sign 6″5 DE Malik Jackson. Pairing him with 6″8 Calais Campbell , would give Arizona two of the best Elite 3-4 DE’s in the NFL who are both elite vs both the run and rushing the QB. This would make teams not able to double team Calais Campbell. If not Jackson then Wilkerson , signing either would give AZ the best 3-4 D-Line in the NFL.

    On top of having both Campbell n Jackson ( If they sign him) Arizona has a TON of other young talent on the line. AZ will be getting back 6″4 305 Pound DT/NT Corey Peters , who is a excellent pass rushing NT & very solid versus the run. Arizona got an ABSOLUTE STEAL in drafting 6″5 1/2 305 Pound 3-4 DE/NT Rodney Gunter who ranked as one of the best DT/NTs in the league as a rookie and will be that much better next season, with Peters back Gunter will go back to his natural position of 3-4 DE where he is an absolute pass rushing monster. 6″3 1/2 290 Pound Frostee Rucker is an Excellent DE as well who had 5 sacks this last year in just 400 snaps. 6″5 315 pound DE Ed Stinson is becoming very good , going into his 3rd season. Arizona has a ton of young talent on the D-Line and a signing like Jackson would just set it off and AZ can draft a top tier OLB in round 1 and another OLB in round 3 or 4.

  12. Maybe Malik should take a cut in pay to live a more fulfilling life where he doesn’t have to think about it.

  13. Bronco fan here. These comments and other comments that he makes speak volume he’s already noted I don’t need to buy a Powerball ticket I’m about to win my own lottery talking towards his new contract and then this and some other comments he’s Made.Thank You Malik for your service you have been great I wish you the best in your new bank account and hope you don’t fall into a deep depression when you land on a team that consistently can’t make the playoffs time and time again. And hope you can still have major success on a team that isn’t built with three or four other superstar pieces on the line because when you show up to a team in free agency like that they expect you to turn their whole team around and you will get nothing but Booed when you can’t do it all by you Self..

  14. That’s why you don’t see back to back anymore. Every SB champ loses players due to FA. Hard to stay on top…

    Unless you choose DEN’s tried and true “cheat the salary cap” approach again.

  15. If this guy played in NY, anywhere else on the eastern seaboard or Dallas, he’d already be a household name and and multi-all pro.

    He’s a beast against the run and pass and has the uncanny ability to further elevate his play at crucial moments.

    Somebody will pay him insane money, and he shouldn’t be faulted for taking it.

  16. Broncos fans have said about a lot of them; Orlando Franklin, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas…. They all got the money and their replacements got the hardware. Careful what ya wish for big fella.

  17. I love you Malik but at $14 million you won’t be a Denver Bronco. If you can “settle” for Derek Wolfe $$ you might be able to stay.

  18. No matter where he goes I guarantee you his numbers in stats plummet if he is not on the Broncos squad. I say that because it’s fairly easy to stand out and look very very impressive when you’re opponents guard You’re facing Is trying to help out their tackle try to stop the outside pass rushers on the outside from killing your quarterback allows perfect opportunity for somebody to push up through the middle.Not saying Malik not awesome he is but he benefits heavily from having Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware on the outside

  19. Go for the money, you’ve got a ring. The NFL will cut you so fast if you get any kind of injury your head will spin. Their is no loyalty in the NFL so you said it well when you call it a business. Get it while you can!

  20. I only made $1.54 million this year, and anybody knows you can’t feed a family on that. Even if they offered me $10 million, I’d have to think about my family and how to feed them. This is a business, you know? – Malik

  21. What a relief that Jackson will finally be able to feed his family. But does this mean we have a civic duty to create some kind of charitable fund to feed the families of all the players who’ll make less than he will next year?

  22. The man would look good in Colts speed blue. We get rid of Johnson and Cole and a few other bad contracts and we have some room to sign Malik or someone like him.

  23. I wonder if the Broncos could find a suitor for DT. Trade him and the 31st pick (lol Pats) and use that money to keep Malik. Technically, Malik should be signed for what Wolfe signed for. Wolfe was a 2nd rounder and is just as valuable if not more than Malik. Malik won’t have it as good as he as it in Denver. But like he said it’s a business and he must feed his family. Good luck, M Jack! Hope you’re in orange next year and the next four after that.

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