Young Peyton had a very specific way of picking on a younger Eli


In the two-plus days since the Super Bowl, much has been said about Eli Manning’s blank stare after it became apparent that his brother, Peyton, would win a second Super Bowl ring. Two days before the Super Bowl, Eli shared some details of a time when Peyton’s actions were eliciting something other than blank stares from his kid brother.

During a Friday visit to PFT Live at the Super Bowl, I asked Eli to share details regarding some of the worst things his older brothers, Peyton and Cooper, did to him when they were young.

“You know they were pretty nice to me,” Eli said. “I think the biggest thing they did, mostly Peyton because you know Cooper is older than him, [Cooper] would pick on [Peyton]. So I come along, I’m gonna take it. So [Peyton] would pin me down, you know, put his knees on my arms. He’d just start knocking on my chest until I named at the the time the 28 teams in the NFL. So I got smart eventually I could rip those off pretty quickly. We went college divisions, different things and then if he just wanted to make me cry he’d say, ‘Name ten brands of cigarettes.’ I’m like, ‘I’m seven years old I haven’t started smoking cigarettes quite yet,’ but that’s when I’d just start yelling for mom.”

Until Sunday night, Eli had a leg up on Peyton with those two Super Bowl rings. And while Peyton insisted after the game that he and Eli don’t think in those terms, if they’re in any way normal, at some level it had at least crossed their minds. Eli’s story paints a picture of a very normal big brother/little brother relationship, and while as adults they undoubtedly support each other completely, the inner child who used to pin Eli down and knock on his chest surely is feeling relieved that they’re even, at least for now.

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  1. The only thing that was going through Eli’s head was the same thing for most of us: how could a QB that had one of the worst performances in modern SB history, in fact put his team in danger of losing everytime he passed rather than hand the ball off, win a SB

  2. Watch the video of Eli during SB when it became clear that Peyton would “win” — everyone else in the box is cheering and he looks like he wants to throw up. Peyton will probably pay him back by sending a few Guyer Institute pizzas to his house.

  3. Enough already. They are brothers. Sibling rivalry happens. And in the NFL, give them a break! Anyone who has brothers or sisters knows what it is like to compete with their siblings in all aspects of life, but in the end, you root for them and you are so very happy for them when they succeed. It’s family for Pete’s sake!

  4. “…the inner child who used to pin Eli down and knock on his chest surely is feeling relieved that they’re even, at least for now.”

    Not quite, there is that disparity in the SB MVP category

  5. THAT IS BULLYING!!!!!! I wonder what long term damage to Eli has been documented? I bet it destroyed his self esteem! He will be a failure for life, never accomplishing anything due to those reprehensible actions by his brother! BULLYING…OMG!!! His parents should have been JAILED for allowing that! DFS should have taken all the children and put them in foster care for this!

    At least that is the rhetoric today.

  6. Eli has never been one to wear his emotions on his sleeve. He was most likely thinking like a QB (he is a 2-time Superbowl champ, ya know) as in, “Will he go for 2?” “Did that seal the deal?” Etc. Or perhaps that expression was relief… he knows his older brother is one of the all-time greats.

    This is much ado about nothing.

  7. If you look at the expressions on the faces of the three Manning men in the clip mentioned: Archie, Cooper& Eli, the expression is the same! Cooper picks up his son and lets out a sigh of relief, but there is no smile on any of their faces. Each one has the look of a man suspended in time, waiting for confirmation of the win, afraid to jinx it by celebrating prematurely. The more invested you’ve been in a team, the more you understand it! Been there, done that, seen that!! A blank stare on your face, as you hold your breath, until you’re sure of the win!!!

  8. Peyton sitting on a 7-year old’s chest and making him name cigarette brands tells me that SNL United Way skit may have been more representative of his true personality than we thought… 😉

  9. I don’t this family is like that. I think they are both happy they have the success they do. They are very different personalities and players on the field. Comparisons would be pointless. if anyone would be jealous it would be Cooper who never really did anything. I don’t even get that vibe.

    It is pretty amazing that two brothers had so much success and are considered in the 30(??) of all time. The probabilities of that have to be astronomical.

  10. Will this story ever die? I understand the Manning brothers are superstars, but this obsession with Eli’s face is bizarre.

  11. All these comments about Eli’s SB wins vs Peyton’s SB wins……both QBs got wins based on the strength of the defenses their teams brought. The Giants pass-rush controlled both of those games and gave Brady nothing. The Pat’s D in those two games were mediocre units all year both times, and Eli only had to make a play or two in both games. He certainly wasn’t MVP material in either game IMO.

  12. Yeah, it reminds me of the This Is Sportscenter ad from awhile back where the Manning family was taking a tour of the facilities. Eli and Peyton were futzing with each other (and Archie shot them a dirty look). So the alleged sibling rivalry was pointed out way back when.

    Cooper’s face wasn’t all that stoic; I thought Archie’s face was just as blank as Eli’s.

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