Giants add Martin Mayhew to front office

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After hiring Bob Quinn as their new General Manager last month, the Lions hired Matt Harriss away from the Giants to be their vice president of football administration.

That left the Giants with an opening in their front office in Harriss’ former role as their director of football operations. They filled it on Thursday by hiring Quinn’s predecessor in Detroit.

The Giants announced that Martin Mayhew will be their director of football operations/special projects. Mayhew was dismissed by the Lions last November after 15 years with the club and spoke with other teams about positions since the end of the regular season without landing a role.

According to the team, Mayhew will work with assistant G.M. Kevin Abrams on issues dealing with “the salary cap, CBA compliance and player contract negotiations.” He will also work on special projects as determined by General Manager Jerry Reese.

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  1. We’ve watched Mayhew bungle a lot of moved in Detroit for a long time but a s long as he isn’t given authority over final personnel or contract decisions, he can’t do too much damage.

  2. That is a good role for him… He inherited an abysmal cap situation in Detroit prior to the rookie wage scale after years of drafting in the top 5, and did an excellent job navigating it. Just don’t let him in the scouting room … talent evaluation is definitely his weak point.

  3. this guy gets a lot of grief mostly because he was under Millen. To be honest, he’s not a hall of fame GM but he also wasn’t a horrible GM. Some risks didn’t pan out, some did. He added a lot of talent to a team that had minimal talent when he took over. He scoured FA’s and we always seemed to land some good ones with him.

    I don’t completely fault him for the Lions being the Lions, but I also don’t blame him. He did more good than bad and got this team to a place where they should have been able to compete year in and year out for a playoff spot. I’ll take that after 0-16.

  4. “He will also work on special projects as determined by General Manager Jerry Reese.”

    Interestingly many Giants fans have determined that quite often Reese’s roster decisions may be viewed as very ‘special’ projects indeed.

  5. With all sincere and due respect to spartyfi, above, the mentality espoused mirrors that of ownership and shows exactly why the Fords have been perennial losers. For any organization aiming for consistent excellence, the baseline expectation for upper management must be something more than more hits than misses. For this particular situation, Millen’s reign resulted in complete environmental destruction
    with toxic soil, contaminated water and polluted air. Mayhew came in and did a credible job as the leader of the hazmat crew, making the environment livable again. Mayhew should not get credit for doing anymore than cleaning up the mess and building a program that was t an outright embarrassment. He had ample time to raise his team to the upper echelons and simply remained slightly below mediocre. In comparison to Millen, Mayhew seems exceptional, but, relative to his league wide peers, had only moderate skills. Not the worst in the league but not good enough for any organization serious about winning.

  6. I hate to say this, but if Martin was white, I’m wondering if Jerry would have hired him……
    Maybe the Rooney rule needs to go both ways now. Who else did they interview ?
    Things that make you go hmmmmmm

  7. Mayhew’s really good at finding defensive cast-offs from other teams who are now sitting on the mark-down rack.

    He’s much better at evaluating free-agents than draft picks, and better with the defensive side of the ball than offense, with the exception of the WR position (maybe kinda).

    His drafts weren’t great, more misses than hits. I’d limit his say in the war room on draft day.

    Something else worth noting is that during the Millen era, the Lions had multiple first round picks that were salary cap nightmares. Mayhew cleaned up that mess pretty well.

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