Kwon Alexander: Bucs need more guys who can rush the quarterback

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The Buccaneers improved by four wins between 2014 and 2015 and while that wasn’t enough to allow coach Lovie Smith to keep his job, it was a sign that they hit on their decision to draft quarterback Jameis Winston with the first overall pick of last year’s draft.

Now they need to fill in other weak spots around the team so that they can continue to improve and make a return to the postseason for the first time since 2007. Linebacker Kwon Alexander has identified one area where he believes the team should be focused on this offseason.

“We need to get some more guys to, you know, to get some push on the quarterback,” Alexander said on WDAE, via “I think that’s what we’re going to be drafting this year, defensive ends. We had great defensive ends this year, but we need a little more help. So whoever we can get, you know, we’re going to need that pressure to get Cam [Newton] and, you know, try to get to the Super Bowl this season.”

Alexander’s mention of Newton makes sense since the Bucs are also in the NFC South and because of what we saw the Broncos pass rush do to the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Building a disruptive pass rush is hardly a new model for defensive success in the NFL, but that performance reinforced the point in a way that should lead to plenty of company for the Bucs in the search for help this offseason.

12 responses to “Kwon Alexander: Bucs need more guys who can rush the quarterback

  1. He might be a great player shortly but can’t be throwing your teammates under the bus… Bucs and Jag’s have a bright future! My Dolphins…… Smh

  2. .
    As a unit, the Bucs defense was poor. I have never seen a team give up more 3rd and 17 first downs in my life.

  3. Also, water is wet. Yes, every team wants a better pass rush, but I think of the four top DEs on the team last year, one was drafted in IIRC the 6th round, and the others were UDFAs. Pass rush is nonexistent in Tampa, which makes the bad secondary even worse. It looked like Jacques Smith might be the answer after he got a bunch of sacks the first few games, but then RTs realized all he had was an outside speed rush, and they just gently pushed him around the pocket on every snap, and he basically disappeared.

  4. A new scheme besides the Cover-2 used by Lovie will also help. My goodness, offenses are wide open these days and the Cover-2 was exposed repeatedly.

  5. Kid has a point…they play in the toughest QB division.

    Pick your poison, Cam/Brees/Matty Ice/ & now Jameis!

    All other divisions have maybe 1-2 franchise QB’s and the rest are 2nd or 3rd tier QB’s.

    Getting in the backfield has always been a priority, but more so in the nfc south w the level of qb play!

  6. Throwing teammates under the bus? Some of those guys won’t even be his teammates when the next season kicks off.

    So is saying that the Texans need a QB throwing Brian Hoyer under the bus? No, it’s stating the obvious. Brian Hoyer put himself under the bus by being a horrible QB. The Bucs defensive ends are in the same boat.

  7. Wouldn’t exactly throw Matty Ice or Jameis in the same group as Brees and Cam. Especially being neither one of them have done anything of substance yet. At least Drew was a Super Bowl MVP, a world champ, and holds numerous NFL records and Cam at least has a MVP award. Matty Ice??? Massive choke artist award? Jameis??? Unless there’s an award for stealing crab legs or something he hasn’t done much in the NFL either. And spare me the fact he broke Bucs rookie records for a QB, we all know the Bucs haven’t drafted a decent QB since Doug Williams and that was in the late 70’s (and don’t come at me with Dilfer either). Not to mention they screwed up letting Williams get away.

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