Magic Johnson recruits Peyton Manning to the Rams


The Rams reportedly are interested in adding quarterback Peyton Manning. Former Lakers star Magic Johnson clearly is interested in the Rams adding Peyton Manning.

Peyton and Magic appeared Wednesday on The Tonight Show, and Magic made a public pitch to get Peyton to L.A.

“I tried to talk somebody out of retirement and come to the Rams,” Johnson told Jimmy Fallon, while pointing over his shoulder to Manning. “I said, ‘Man, if you play again, come to the Rams.’ I was working on him backstage. I will even chip in some money.”

Manning sat quietly, laughing through it all as the rest of his face assumed the shade usually reserved for the middle of his forehead after taking off his helmet.

“Look, look, look,” Magic said. “He’s turning a few colors over here.”

“I’m getting embarrassed,” Peyton said.

“I want to cheer for him if he don’t retire as a Ram,” Johnson later said. “I got my recruiting hat on right now.”

No one knows what Peyton Manning will do in 2016, but we’ve all known for years that Peyton very much likes to be fully in control of every situation. And it’s hard to imagine Peyton walked into last night’s situation without being fully aware that Magic would bring up the subject on the air. It’s also hard to imagine that Peyton wouldn’t have done everything in his power to persuade Magic not to bring it up, if Peyton didn’t want to be put on the spot.

87 responses to “Magic Johnson recruits Peyton Manning to the Rams

  1. Manning has to know he is no longer capable of playing at the level required to compete in the NFL. Playing again would be a huge mistake. Lots of guys hung around one year too long. Manning shouldn’t make that mistake. Manning didn’t have it in 2015, he definitely won’t have it this year at 40.

  2. They’d need a wheelchair on the field! If not Peyton, how about Brett! He could play in his yellow blazer.

  3. Manning played like doggy doo in the super bowl, and was still given a win. Peyton should quit while he is ahead. 2 years of crap play would tarnish his legacy.

  4. I’m about 99.9% certain retirement was a result based thing. He has been great for the Broncos….if he doesn’t retire, he will be cut. The Broncos have to sign Osweiler. He hasn’t been here 4 years just to learn the trade off of Manning to go somewhere else.

  5. Emmanuel= tavon, bring back wes another year, and trade up for treadwell. All that plus gurley? That’s pretty dirty.
    Well if Peyton was in his prime. And welker. Oh and tavon isn’t as good as Emanuel, but it would be fun to see!!

  6. Chipping in money under the table would match the Broncos m.o. at least. But you might want to actually watch him in the SB first.

  7. I’m not a fan of Peyton because, well, I’m a Patriots fan so it’s sort of in my blood. But I do have a lot of respect for his game and what he brings to the game.

    That being said…..if Peyton wants to play, then maybe the Rams would be a better situation for him than the Broncos (not to be confused with a better chance of winning). So, I’d kind of like to see this happen, assuming that he intends to keep playing.

    And you never know… much would the league like to see a Manning-Brady Super Bowl?

  8. Nick Foles or Case Keenum are both currently better QBs than Manning.

    Magic is just trying to sell some jerseys to the Manning cult. They have a collective IQ of 80.

    Hopefully that noodle armed walking popup ad machine hangs them up. He is embarrassing to watch.

  9. I think Peyton is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play this game, but it’s time for him to retire. It was painfully obvious this year that he isn’t even close to being the same great quarterback he was, even just last year. I love Magic (I’m a diehard Raider, Laker and Dodger fan) but Magic is strictly recruiting the name. Peyton could come in and play decent for the Rams, but they’re more than a quarterback away from reaching the playoffs. If you’re Manning, with nothing left to prove, why come back and play for that? My opinion definitely doesn’t matter in this case, but I definitely think it’s time for Peyton to hang em up and go out on top.

  10. A) Peyton would be a fool not to retire. He’s 40 years old, just won a second Super Bowl, and has serious injury concerns.

    B) He’s not the QB he was a couple years ago. The team won in spite of him. That was a horribly played Super Bowl and he couldn’t even be called a game manager. Von Miller should’ve been on the show.

  11. Stop already…did you not see his lackluster performance in the SB.
    Maybe as a QB coach but definitely not as a starting QB.

  12. Manning is not going to Rams.. They play in NFC, They don’t have a great defense,They don’t have top WRs. Houston Texans have ALL that..
    I think he retires but if not he’s going to Texans

  13. What a horrible, horrible idea. He’s coming off what is arguably the worst season for a QB in NFL history, and does anyone think he’ll be BETTER next season – a year older, and with a laundry list of injuries? Does anyone in the NFL have any sense at all anymore??

  14. Manning would be a good QB coach, maybe HC someday, but his playing days are over. I don’t know his stats but any starting QB could’ve done what he did in the SB. On top of that, I’d say 30 could do better. I think Manning helped his team get the opening FG, that’s it. The rest was defensive field position and turnovers. I thought it was kind of sad and only made the SB more boring.

  15. just what no thinking football wants … being force fed another year of manning being carried by a great defense in a massive media market this time….. yuck plus another year of watching him fall on gthe ground to avoid sacks and throw wobbly ducks every week in the 4 PM tv slot .
    please peycheck no just retire sell lots of pizza & buicks use the cash to buy a team and don’t force us to watch anymore of that billy kilmeresque qb play.

  16. Peyton has a great opportunity to retire from playing a game which he dominated in his early years but has shown without a doubt he had very little left in the tank.

    As a Bills fan I was always excited to watch Peyton play. I can recall watching a Monday Night Football game 2 yrs ago when Gruden showed a drill Peyton himself put in for the week which was exactly what the defense ended up try using. Peyton slid away from pressure and threw a long gain.

    Great student of the game, never acted bigger than the game, respect it and go out on a high note

  17. Isnt this the exact same move that Joe Namath when he left Jets to start for the new Rams in 77’…..dude go drink those Budweisers you sell out hog

  18. Peyton Manning is barely good enough to be an NFL quarterback anymore,backups play better than him.his day has come and gone.

  19. It would be interesting seeing him with that defense and Gurley. He’d also have warm weather year round.

    Only drawback is it now takes him 15 minutes to undress, so he is slowing down dramatically.

  20. factman1000 says: Feb 11, 2016 8:45 AM

    Tampering!!! 1st and 4th rounder should due.

    Thinking the same thing as Peyton is still under contract and the Broncos would have to cut him, which is likely because of his salary. If it is clear the Rams put Magic up to it, then it might be tampering. If he is just an enthusiastic fan who is using his star power, it is probably ok.

    But it brings to light that other teams might try to get celebrities to do their tampering business for them to get around the rules. Bet it has worked before.

  21. Don’t want a repeat of the Namath fade for the Rams. Give a first to the Pats for Garropolo.

  22. Everybody cracks me up with the did you see his Super bowl performance, because if playing against the Panthers defense in the playoffs is your measuring stick then almost mvp Carson Palmer has to retire and Russell Wilson does as well because they both played as bad or worse “actually worse”then Peyton. Wilson got some statistics once Carolina let their foot off the gas. So let that stupid comment die, Peyton is old and needs to go but when healthy he is still better then 50% of QBs in the league.

  23. I don’t think so.

    That’s a punishing division. He has nothing to win going there.

    Unless he is like MJ, and wants to keep playing forever just because he loves the game, I don’t think it would make sense to risk his health and not have a legit shot to win even the division.

    Money isn’t going to be a problem for him. He will make John Gruden money out of the gate if he goes to the media and if he spends more time on his investments over the next few years he could be worth half a billion easily.

  24. Ha, ha, ha everybody has an opinion and advice for PFM.
    How funny is that I wonder how many of you take your own advice so if you think Peyton is interested in your advice you are out of your minds.
    Peyton will do what he wants to do and what is best for him and his family. This Rams rumor has been floating around for a while.

  25. This would only work IF the Rams upgraded their Offensive Line where they can protect him to give him time to pass and run block ro keep the defenses they face honest.

    The Rams do have a stout Defense.

    Now, this could succeed if only Fisher does not screw it up, get out of the way, and yield to Manning’s superiority.

  26. Magic is hilarious in how he just asserts himself into other people’s business and acts like he’s in some official capacity. He doesn’t work for the Rams and he no longer has any official ties to the Lakers, yet several times a year he’ll make statements as if he’s a spokesman for them.

  27. You only get one shot at retiring at the right time. And if this isn’t it, when would be?

    The Rams aren’t a Super Bowl contender no matter who you plug in as their QB and Peyton isn’t blind and has seen Jeff Fisher spinning his wheels. They could have the talent to contend and Fisher would still struggle to get them much above .500.

  28. To those who obviously haven’t been watching he was atrocious all season. So atrocious he was booed by Broncos. fans. His body has been telling him to retire for sometime hence the injuries. I’ve been a fan since the 90s i respect his decision regardless. As a true fan I have no desire to see him struggle again.

  29. If the Rams really want to make a splash, make Peyton a great offer on a 10 or 20% stake in the team. I think it would excite fans and clearly they need some new football minds there.

  30. Yes, Peyton likes to be in control of every situation. In fact, he made himself blush to feign embarrassment and modesty while onstage. This guy is unbelievable.

  31. I’m sure Manning would want to go to a team that refuses to take out a player that was picked up off of the field like a rag doll.

  32. Magic STILL has no idea of how to speak English even half-intelligently (main reason he lost his TV show)…would LOVE to see his GPA/courses from Michigan St! Without his LUCK of being born with athletic prowess, he would be a high school janitor, period.

  33. Why would Peyton want to end his career playing for the most overrated coach in the NFL, Jeff Fisher? Will this be the year the Rams breakout? Like they were supposed to last year, and the year before. Or is it another 7-9 record and more excuses why Fisher didn’t get the job done.

    Remember in the end the Titans, whose Super Bowl appearance Fisher still lives off of (and it took a Music City Miracle to help get him there) still finished a yard short of that Super Bowl victory. I doubt Fisher will ever get that close again.

    If you decide to come back Peyton, and I really hope you don’t not that it’s up to me, stay away from Fisher. The Rams failures would all be blamed on you, and not him.

  34. Paulrevereshorse, not every Patriots fan hates Peyton.

    I think Brady’s better but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Peyton or want him to fall flat on his face all the time.

    Respect to the dude for his accomplishments.

  35. Peyton has the 2 worst games for a winning QB in Super Bowl history…. He’s done if he doesn’t have an all time defense behind him.

  36. Crazy! Manning goes from the best QB in NFL in 2013 to the worst in 2015. You can’t make this stuff up.

  37. Payton won’t go to the rams for the simple reason of the reputation they have regarding intentionally trying to injure players, no matter if it is true or not.

    If Payton does anything in 2016, it will be as a coach or an executive.

    He is going to either go back to Indy, Tennessee or go home to the Saints.

  38. If the Texans can win the AFC South with a combination of Hoyer/Mallet/Weeden/Yates then having Manning a year or two might make sense while they develop a young QB. He’d learn more from Manning than the current QB’s.

    Gotta admit, there’s a little “stick it to the Colts” in my thinking. :o)

  39. Awesome way to circumvent the tampering rules. Have a local celebrity make the sales pitch on national TV. Now why didn’t Woody Johnson think of that first?

  40. I hate to say it, but I will. That HGH thing might have a say in what Manning decides too. Let’s face it. The stars all lined up for him to ride off into the sunset a winner. He’s far from a fool, obviously the opposite of one. Peyton, enjoy life after playing the game. As a Pats fan it was a blast hating on you because you were indeed so damned good. Best of luck in your next chosen career.

  41. Peyton Manning will 100% play for the Rams if the money is right. Look at his track record.
    The reason he won’t be with Denver is because they can’t honor his contract without killing their cap room.
    He’ll play if he’s healthy.
    I would too !

  42. Just what the Rams would need Magic as a GM and Peyton as their qb. With that combo you would be lucky to win 1 game. What a joke. Peyton just go ahead and retire and let the fake drama end.

  43. “Everybody cracks me up with the did you see his Super bowl performance,…”

    His SB performance was the exclamation point at the end of his Peyton-is-done regular season sentence. He finished the season rank 29th among starting QBs.

    Sorry if the reference was too obtuse for you.

  44. Let me get this straight…first you report that he changed “colors” because he was embarrassed and then turn around and suggest he was in on the Rams suggestion? So now players can blush on cue? This is horrible reporting on your part. Atrocious.

  45. This is BEYOND stupid.

    Manning has been TOAST since Nov of 2014, he was HORRIBLE this year, HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

    The Broncos defense carried him to this SB.

    Good Grief if he plays next year I doubt throws 10TD, more than likely 25INT’s. He cannot throw anything over 10 yards and his out pattern tosses are auto picks.

  46. Why would you want Manning? His past greatness means nothing now, as his body is falling apart. At most you’ll get 1 more season out of him. A season that could be invested in developing a young QB.

  47. Donkeys (Broncos) won because of Von Miller’s pass rush ability (augmented by doping). Once the other 31 teams in the NFL figure out how to block out Miller, their Super Bowl chances will greatly diminish. If Magic wants to sign Big Bro Manning to a 2-year $60M “guaranteed” contract, then go right ahead. Just remember that Manning is nearer to the apex of his decline.

  48. steves11 says:
    Feb 11, 2016 1:00 PM

    Peyton should retire NOW….before he embarrasses himself by hanging around too long. I’ve seen it happen with too many athletes.
    I’d say any neutral observer would say the embarrassing himself ship sailed after seeing the quality of his play this season. Yes he “won” a SB. There can’t be anybody who would make the case he had anything to do with that win. In reality he was the biggest threat to the Broncos of losing. That’s not a hater talking, it’s simply the truth. Kubiak spent the second half turtled up in his shell refusing to allow Manning to throw. Denver’s defense allowed that to happen. 194 total yards on offense, one for thirteen on third down, an interception and 2 fumbles is what Manning contributed. Of the 24 points scored there was a defensive score from inside the Panthers 5, a 4 yard drive following a recovered fumble and a field goal following a huge punt return on a very strange looking play. Hang em up Peyton. You’re smart enough and hopefully proud enough to know you’re physically unable to perform as a NFL QB anymore.

  49. ninerdynasty says:
    Feb 11, 2016 10:52 AM
    yes, Rams should sign him for $18 / mil / year.. =). the NFC West will thank you Rams. =)
    – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – –
    you mean similar to what the niners are paying Colin….

  50. factman1000 says:
    Feb 11, 2016 8:45 AM
    Tampering!!! 1st and 4th rounder should due.
    Only the Patriots would get blasted for a minor infraction like that. If it was the Jets-some couch change and a finger wag. The new LA team Fraudger is welcoming? Nothing

  51. Not too many qbs looked that great against the Panthers defense. What a bunch of ignorant commenters. Despite the so called play of Peyton, the Broncos won. Which goes to show you how fantasy football neans nothing in the real world. Peyton in his system and when healthy is still better than half the qbs in this league.

  52. Rams face Seahawks and Cardinals twice, the Panthers and the Patriots next year. If Peyton joins the Rams and takes them to the playoffs in their first year in L.A., with that schedule, at 40 years old, that would be among his greatest accomplishments.

  53. Manning would be better in Houston. Good chance they draft a RB with their 1st pick. I’m sure they would have taken Gurley if he was still on the board. A good defense and won the AFCS. He would get to stick it to Irsay twice also. The only problem is he can’t throw the deep ball to Hopkins.

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